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Suitcases & Luggage retail award

Best Rated Suitcases & Luggage Brand: Antler

According to surveyed luggage users, Antler is the best rated luggage brand in Australia. 90% of surveyed customers recommend the brand, giving it the highest overall score. The British company has been designing and making luggage for over 100 years and received high ratings for build quality, stability and durability.

Quick facts about suitcases and luggage

  • Expect to pay between $100 and $300 for a decent suitcase.
  • Backpacks and duffle bags are the most lightweight options.
  • Make sure to check airline regulations before buying any new luggage for a trip.

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Updated February 28th, 2020
Name Product Capacity Dimensions Product More info
Antler Juno 2 80cm Suitcase
131/139 Litres
80(H) x 54(W) x 33(D) cm
Antler Juno Deluxe 56cm Suitcase
42/46 Litres
56(H) x 35(W) x 25(D) cm
Antler Juno Camber 68cm Suitcase
73/80 Litres
68(H) x 46(W) x 28(D) cm
Antler Juno Camber 56cm Suitcase
42/46 Litres
56(H) x 35(W) x 25(D) cm
Antler Juno 2 55cm Suitcase
40/43 Litres
56(H) x 35(W) x 23(D) cm