How to submit a Medicare claim using your phone without needing to visit a branch

Medicare has released a new mobile app called medicare Express Plus which takes the pain out of submitting medicare claims.

More often than not you can submit a medicare claim automatically when you provide your GP or other practitioners with your medicare details or if they have access to the HiCAPS system it’s a fast and painless process. myGov also allows you to make online claims however some claims can't be made online. If you're unable to use any of these methods, the only option up until now has been to visit the branch to make the claim. Medicare have released a new app called medicare Express Plus which allows you to complete a medicare claim using your smartphone. The app has more features than even the myGov website so it’s well worth installing on your phone if you have to make regular medicare claims that you normally would have to do in branch.

Here’s a look at the steps to processing the claim on the app.

Note: This took me a total of 4 minutes to complete.
1) Download the app via iTunes or Android
medicare-express-plus-12) Once you've setup the app you can create a PIN Number which you will need to use every time you open the app. medicare-express-plus-23) After logging in you will be presented with a main screen. To submit a claim press the 'Claim' icon found in the top left. medicare-express-plus-34) During this stage you will need to make sure you have the invoice from the practitioner available for you to take a photo of. medicare-express-plus-45) Here is an example of the invoice I took a photo of. Once you've taken a clear photo click 'Use Photo'. medicare-express-plus-56) After submitting the photo you will need to enter some details from your invoice. The claim number and the amount will be on your invoice and you can enter those in to the corresponding fields. medicare-express-plus-7 7) After entering in the claim details you need to choose the relevant patient attached to your medicare card from the patient's list.medicare-express-plus-88) Choose whether you have paid in full or if you have not paid in full. In this example, I chose 'I have paid in full'. medicare-express-plus-9 9) Next, enter the provider number.

10) On this Claim screen you will need to enter the service details, specifying the date of your visit to the practitioner which will be on your invoice.

11) After you have confirmed all those details you will be on the final confirmation screen. Confirm all the details are correct then press 'Submit'. medicare-express-plus-1112) Before being able to proceed you will need to press 'I Accept' which will mean you agree with the declaration.medicare-express-plus-1213) After pressing accept your claim will be processed immediately and you are given a reference ID for your claim.medicare-express-plus-13

In review

We found the process very easy to use and much more intuitive than using the myGov website. The other great thing is you can do this on the go, without having to wait until you go home. So if you have your phone on you, you can take a photo of your invoice straight away after your visit to your practitioner without risking forgetting to make the claim when you return home. There are some other features built into the app which I found useful including reviewing your claim history, replacing your card and checking your immunisation record. You can also open your 'Digital Wallet' which has a virtual version of your medicare card stored which saves you carrying your medicare card around and jamming up your wallet. The app is well worth downloading - it's saved me loads of time and makes processing claims much more efficient for me.

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