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Whether you’re hoping to catch up on past films or are looking for some quality movies to watch without spending much money, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pored over IMDB's list of top 100 movies and hunted down which Australian streaming services currently offer them, saving you the hassle of searching through them yourself. In the event a movie isn't available on any Aussie streaming services, we've listed rental and purchase options to ensure you don't miss out.

Ranking and listTitleGenreDescriptionIMDB RatingWhere to Stream or Purchase
1Shawshank RedemptionCrime, DramaImprisoned over a number of years, two men become unlikely friends in this Oscar-winning tale.9.2Netflix
2The GodfatherCrime, DramaThe story of “The Godfather / Don Corleone” (Marlon Brando) of an organised crime ring in America as he passes his legacy onto his youngest son (Al Pacino).9.2Foxtel Now
3The Godfather: Part IICrime, DramaThe sequel to the award-winning original, The Godfather II follows Don Corleone as he journeys from Nevada to Cuba and ascends to his position as head of the family.9.1Foxtel Now
4The Dark KnightAction, Crime, DramaAn epic part of the Batman series sees Heath Ledger as an incomparable Joker causing chaos across Gotham City.9.0Netflix
5Pulp FictionCrime, DramaPossibly one of Quentin Tarantino's finest films, Pulp Fiction has it all from mob hit men to bandits and that unforgettable dance scene between John Travolta and Uma Thurman.8.9Netflix
6Schindler’s ListBiography, Drama, HistoryThe heartwarmingly true story of Oskar Schindler as he endeavours to hide and save his Jewish factory workers in World War II Poland.8.9Netflix
712 Angry MenDramaOne man sitting on a jury of 12 just might sway the group of men.8.9Netflix
8The Good, the Bad and the UglyWesternBounty hunters form an alliance against a third in a bid to find buried gold.8.9Stan
9The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingAdventure, FantasyThe final installment in the fantastical Lord of the Rings trilogy tale brings the World of Men against Sauron’s army.8.9Stan
10Fight ClubDramaA cult classic that cannot be overlooked. Just remember: what happens in fight club, stays in fight club. Or so the story goes.8.9Foxtel Now
11The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingAdventure, FantasyThe first in the LOTR trilogy follows the journey of Frodo, a hobbit, and his eight companions of men, wizards, dwarves and elves as they travel to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring.8.8Stan
12Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes BackAction, Adventure, FantasyLuke Skywalker trains to become a Jedi with Master Yoda after the rebels are overpowered.8.8iTunes
13Forrest GumpDrama, RomanceInteresting lives are nothing compared to Forrest Gump’s, which is riddled with love and some of the world’s most historical moments.Foxtel Now
14InceptionAction, Mystery, Sci-FiOne of Christopher Nolan’s finest films involving dream-sharing technology to implant (incept) ideas into others minds.8.8Netflix
15One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestDramaAn enthralling tale of patients in a mental institution as they take on the dastardly Head Nurse Ratched.8.7PlayStation Store
16The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersAdventure, FantasyIn part 2 of the LOTR trilogy Sam and Frodo gain the door of Mordor while the fellowship takes a stand to Sauron’s ally.8.7Stan
17GoodfellasBiography, Crime, DramaA group of men work their way through the mob hierarchy.8.7Microsoft Store
18The MatrixAction, Sci-FiIn a futuristic world, one man (Neo) quickly realises the truth about our existence - and the role he must play to save us. There is life outside The Matrix.8.7Stan
19Star Wars: Episode IV - A New HopeAction, Adventure, FantasyLuke Skywalker attempts to save Princess Leia from Darth Vader while protecting the universe from The Empire.8.7iTunes
20Seven SamuraiDramaSeven unemployed samurai are recruited to defend a village under attack.8.7Dendy Direct
21City of GodCrime, DramaAfter growing up in a rough Rio de Janeiro neighbourhood, two boys lives lead in very different directions.8.7Netflix
22Se7enDrama, Mystery, ThrillerTwo detectives search for a killer who chooses his victims by the seven deadly sins.8.7Foxtel Now
23The Usual SuspectsCrime, Drama, ThrillerThe survivor of a multi-million dollar heist that ends in a massacre convinces the feds of the existence of a mythic crime lord proving that “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”8.6Foxtel Now
24The Silence of the LambsDrama, Mystery, ThrillerClarice Starling, an FBI cadet, enlists the aid of the cannibalistic killer Hannibal to track down a killer who’s flaying his victims.8.6Foxtel Now
25It’s a Wonderful LifeDrama, Family, FantasyPossibly the most classic Christmas movie: an angel shows a frustrated businessman what life would have been like without him.8.6Netflix
26InterstellarAdventure, Sci-FiAs the human race is threatened by a deadly Dust Bowl, space explorers must search for an alternate planet to save humanity.8.6Foxtel Now
27LéonCrime, Drama, ThrillerA 12-year-old Matalie Portman (in her first Oscar winning role) is taken by an assassin (Jean Reno) and they form an unusual relationship.8.6Stan
28Life is BeautifulComedy, Drama, RomanceIn a Holocaust concentration camp, a Jewish man protects his son from the harsh reality by using humour and imagination.8.6Netflix
29Once Upon a Time in the WestWesternA fundamental film in any Clint Eastwood collection as he joins forces with a desperado to protect a woman from an assassin.8.6Microsoft Store
30CasablancaDrama, Romance, WarPenning the quote “Here’s looking at you, kid,” Casablanca is the romantic tale of two Americans in unoccupied Africa during World War II.8.6Foxtel Now
31American History XCrime, DramaIn modern-day America, a reformed neo-Nazi (Ed Norton) protects his brother (Ed Furlong) from following his footsteps.8.6Netflix
32Saving Private RyanAction, Drama, WarDetermined to bring at least one son home, Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) embarks on a mission to retrieve a lost paratrooper (Matt Damon) from behind enemy lines.8.6Amazon Prime Video
33Spirited AwayAnimation, Adventure, FamilyStudio Gibli’s magic returns with the tale of 10-year-old girl who enters a world ruled by witches, spirits and gods where humans become beasts.8.6Amazon DVD
34City LightsComedy, Drama, RomanceCharlie Chaplin (a.k.a. the tramp) falls in love with a flower girl and tries to help her with her medical expenses.8.6SBS On Demand
35Raiders of the Lost ArkAction, AdventureAdventurer Indiana Jones helps the US government to find the Ark of the Covenant8.6Amazon Prime Video
36PsychoHorror, Mystery, ThrillerAlfred Hitchcock’s thrilling tale of a secretary on the run who checks into a remote motel run by a questionable young man.8.6Netflix
37Rear WindowMystery, ThrillerAfter injuring his leg, a man (Jimmy Stewart) peeping through his neighbour’s windows becomes convinced a murder has been committed.8.6Amazon Prime Video
38Untouchable (a.k.a. The Intouchables)Biography, Comedy, DramaA beautiful memoir of an aristocratic quadriplegic who hires a man from a rough community to become his carer only to form an unlikely bond that will last a lifetime.8.6Netflix
39Modern TimesComedy, DramaStruggling in the modern industrial society, a tramp (Charlie Chaplin) is helped by a homeless young woman.8.6SBS On Demand
40WhiplashDrama, MusicAn instructor at a music conservatory will stop at nothing to see a student’s potential when a young drummer enrolls.8.6Netflix
41The Green MileCrime, Drama, FantasyStephen King’s brand of fantasy/horror leans closer toward fantasy when a man on death row convicted of child murder and rape reveals his unique gift.8.5Amazon Prime Video
42Terminator 2: Judgement DayAction, Sci-FiHe will be back. The Terminator returns to protect John Connor (the future leader of the rebels against the machines) after a more advanced cyborg is sent to terminate him.8.5Microsoft Store
43The PianistBiography, Drama, WarA Jewish pianist struggles as the Warsaw ghetto is destroyed in World War II.8.5Netflix
44MementoMystery, ThrillerStruggling with short-term memory loss, Leonard (Guy Pearce) creates a system to help him solve his wife’s murder.8.5OzGameShop
45Mad Mad: Fury RoadAction, Adventure, Sci-FiIn a post-apocalyptic world, two rebels try to restore order.8.5Netflix
46The DepartedCrime, Drama, ThrillerWhile infiltrating a South Boston Irish gang, an undercover cop and mole in the police try to identify each other.8.5Foxtel Now
47Apocalypse NowDrama, WarA captain is sent on a mission to Cambodia during the Vietnam war to kill a colonel who has set himself up with a local tribe.8.5Foxtel Now
48GladiatorAction, DramaBetrayed by his family, a Roman general becomes a gladiator in Rome to seek revenge.8.5Foxtel Now
49Sunset BoulevardDrama, Film-NoirA screenplay is written by a hack for a former, now-obscure silent film star seeking to reboot her career.8.5Foxtel Now
50Dr Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombComedy, WarA war room full of generals and politicians try and stop a nuclear war triggered by an insane general.8.5Microsoft Store
51Back to the FutureAdventure, Comedy, RomanceAfter accidentally being sent back in time, a young man (Marty McFly) begins to alter the future and must get things back to normal in order to still exist.8.5Netflix
52AlienHorror, Sci-FiA space vessel receives a distress call from a distant planet, where they end up with an unexpected additional passenger.8.5Microsoft Store
53The PrestigeDrama, Mystery, ThrillerTwo magicians compete against each other to become the ultimate illusionist.8.5Netflix
54The Lion KingAnimation, Adventure, DramaAfter a lion cub’s father dies, thinking the death was his fault, the young lion abandons his home and meets a cast of characters along his way.8.5Foxtel Now
55The Lives of OthersDrama, ThrillerIn 1980s East Berlin, a police agent doing surveillance finds himself being increasingly interested in the lives he’s observing.8.5OzGameShop
56The Great DictatorComedy, Drama, WarCharlie Chaplin’s loose commentary on Hitler; a dictator tries to expand his territory while a barber tries to avoid the regime.8.5Amazon DVD
57Cinema ParadisoComedy, DramaA filmmaker recollects his life and remembers his deep love with the movies and his projectionist friend.8.5Amazon Prime Video
58The ShiningHorrorOne of Stephen’s King’s more chilling novels, after a family visits an isolate hotel during winter an evil spirit emerges to possess the father figure. “Here’s… Johnny!”8.5Microsoft Store
59Django UnchainedWesternA German bounty hunter and an ex-slave set out to rescue the former slave’s wife from a Mississippi plantation owner.8.5Microsoft Store
60Paths of GloryDrama, WarSuperior officers make an example of soldiers who refuse to take on an impossible attack.8.5Stan
61The Dark Knight RisesAction, ThrillerThe Dark Knight returns from exile to save Gotham City from a terrorist with the help of catwoman.8.5Netflix
62American BeautyDrama, RomanceA middle-aged, sexually frustrated man (Kevin Spacey) becomes infatuated by his daughter’s best friend.8.4Foxtel Now
63WALL-EAnimation, Adventure, FamilyDisney’s WALL-E is a garbage-collecting robot who goes on a space adventure that determines the fate of humankind.8.4iTunes
64Grave of FirefliesAnimation, Drama, WarA sister and brother fight starvation and disease in Japan in World War II after they are rendered orphans.8.4iTunes
65AliensAction, Adventure, Sci-FiThe sequel to the 1979 film finds the empty planet now colonised, but contact has now been lost.8.4iTunes
66North by NorthwestAdventure, Mystery, ThrillerA group of spies mistake a New York advertising executive for a government agent and begin to pursue him.8.4Microsoft Store
67Citizen KaneDrama, MysteryReporters scramble after the death of a publishing tycoon in Orson Welles’ most infamous film.8.4iTunes
68VertigoMystery, Romance, ThrillerAs a detective investigates his friend’s wife he soon becomes obsessed with her. Another Hitchcock fave starring Jimmy Stewart.8.5Microsoft Store
69Old BoyDrama, Mystery, ThrillerA man imprisoned for 15 years is released and is given just five days to find his captor.8.4Amazon Prime Video
70Princess MononokeAnimation, Adventure, FantasyTrying to cure her curse, Ashitaka finds himself within a war between forest gods and miners.8.4Amazon DVD
71Das BootAdventure, Drama, WarA look into the world of a German World War II U-boat.8.4Netflix
72MCrime, Drama, ThrillerCriminals help the police capture a child-murderer in Germany.8.4Amazon DVD
73AmélieComedy, RomanceThe quirky story of an innocent and naive girl discovering love and helping those around her in Paris.8.4Foxtel Now
74Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the JediAction, Adventure, FantasyThe final episode in the original trilogy of Star Wars films sees the rebels attempt to destroy the second Death Star.8.4Microsoft Store
75Once Upon a Time in AmericaCrime, DramaReturning to New York’s Lower East Side after 30 years, a former gangster must confront his old life.8.4Foxtel Now
76Toy Story 3Animation, Adventure, Comedy15 years after the first Toy Story, Andy is growing up and his beloved toys are being cast aside. But after accidentally being sent to daycare where toys are ruled by a purple teddy bear, they must battle to escape and return home to their owner.8.4iTunes
77Reservoir DogsCrime, DramaThieves start to wonder if one of their own is a police informant after a jewel heist goes terribly wrong. (For all those fans out there, cue music: Stuck in the Middle with You).8.4Microsoft Store
78Witness for the ProsecutionCrime, Drama, MysteryA man suspected of murdering an elderly friend employs an aging barrister as his attorney.8.4iTunes
79BraveheartAction, Biography, DramaScotsman William Wallace leads a revolt against the English.8.4Netflix
80A Clockwork OrangeCrime, Drama, Sci-FiIn the near future, a jailed young man volunteers for an experimental therapy to help solve society’s criminal problem.8.4Microsoft Store
81Double IndemnityCrime, Drama, Film-NoirA man is talked into a murder/fraud scheme.8.4Microsoft Store
82Taxi DriverCrime, DramaAfter fighting in the Vietnam War, a mentally unstable veteran finds work as a night-time taxi driver in New York City but gets more than he planned for after he meets campaign worker, Betsy.8.4Stan
83Requiem for a DreamDramaFour drug-addicted people’s “realities” fall apart as they become further addicts.8.4iTunes
84To Kill a MockingbirdDramaA lawyer in the South defends a black man against a rape charge in the Depression-era South.8.4Netflix
85Lawrence of ArabiaAdventure, Biography, DramaThe epic adventure of a controversial British military man during wartime service.8.4Netflix
86Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindDrama, Romance, Sci-FiAfter breaking up, a couple undergoes a treatment to remove all memories of each other from their lives. But does it work?8.4Stan
87Full Metal JacketDrama, WarThe effects of the Vietnam war are seen by a US marine during boot camp training in Hue.8.4Netflix
88Bicycle ThievesDramaAfter a bike that’s vital for a man’s job is stolen and he and his son go in search of it.8.4iTunes
89The StingComedy, Crime, DramaA young con artist tries to win a fortune from a criminal banker.8.4Foxtel Now
90Singin’ in the RainComedy, Musical, RomanceThe cast and production company of a silent film studio transition into talking pictures.8.4Foxtel Now
91AmadeusBiography, Drama, MusicThe life story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart told by Antonio Salieri, his rival who was later contained in an insane asylum.8.4iTunes
92Monty Python and the Holy GrailAdventure, Comedy, FantasyIf there’s one Monty Python flick to tickle your ears and your funny bones, it’s The Holy Grail. King Arthur and his knights take a hilarious quest for the grail.8.3Amazon DVD
93SnatchComedy, CrimeAn unconventional blend of jewellers, promoters, bookmakers and gangsters fight for a priceless stolen diamond.8.3Netflix
942001: A Space OdysseyMystery, Sci-FiAfter finding a mysterious object on the Moon, with the help of an intelligent computer, a quest is set to discover what the object is and how it got there.8.3Microsoft Store
95RashomonCrime, Drama, MysteryA horrible crime and its aftermath is recalled from various viewpoints.8.3Amazon Prime
96For a Few More DollarsWesternTwo bounty hunters join forces to track down an outlaw.8.3Netflix
97All About EveDramaA woman finds her way into the company of a stage actress and her circle of friends.8.3Foxtel Now
98L.A. ConfidentialCrime, Drama, MysteryThree very different policemen investigate multiple murders in 1950s Los Angeles.8.3Amazon Prime Video
99The KidComedy, Drama, FamilyThe Tramp (Chaplin) takes an abandoned child under his wing.8.3SBS On Demand
100The ApartmentComedy, Drama, RomanceIn hopes of moving up at work, a man (Jack Lemmon) agrees to allow executives to use his apartment for their extramarital affairs.8.3Foxtel Now

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