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Full list of Queensland State of Origin players

We've collated a list of every Queensland State of Origin player ever, where they were born and how much they've contributed to the team.

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There has been over 199 rugby league players who have represented Queensland in the State of Origin since 1980. Below finder has produced a list of all players who have been chosen to debut for the mighty maroons. If you a die hard cane toad, we've also got an analysis of every single performance by a Queensland State of Origin player. To find out who played the best games for Queensland, find all the data here.

List of every QLD State of Origin player in history

NameRookie YearClub on DebutPlace of BirthSeriesWinning SeriesGamesWinning GamesPoints
Adam Mogg2006Canberra RaidersQLD, Australia112212
Adrian Brunker1992Newcastle KnightsQLD, Australia20312
Adrian Lam1995Sydney RoostersPapua New Guinea5114516
Adrian Vowles1994Gold Coast ChargersQLD, Australia10100
Aidan Guerra2014Sydney RoostersQLD, Australia431058
Alan Cann1996Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia10100
Alan McIndoe1988Illawarra SteelersQLD, Australia329712
Alan Smith1980North Sydney BearsQLD, Australia11110
Allan Langer1987Ipswich JetsQLD, Australia126341741
Andrew Gee1990Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia821764
Andrew McCullouch2018Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia10310
Anthony Milford2017Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia21200
Antonio Kaufusi2007Melbourne StormMatahau11110
Arthur Beetson1980Parramatta EelsQLD, Australia11110
Ashley Harrison2005South Sydney RabbitohsQLD, Australia7615100
Ben Hannant2008Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia551298
Ben Hunt2017Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia31630
Ben Ikin1995Gold Coast ChargersQLD, Australia6217812
Ben Ross2004Penrith PanthersQLD, Australia20620
Ben Te'o2012Brisbane BroncosNew Zealand32740
Billy Moore1992North Sydney BearsNSW, Australia611778
Billy Slater2004Melbourne StormQLD, Australia118311948
Bob Kellaway1982Past BrothersQLD, Australia22200
Bob Lindner1984Souths Logan MagpiesQLD*, Australia105251328
Brad Backer1980Eastern Suburbs TigersQLD, Australia33333
Brad Meyers2001Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia11320
Brad Tessmann1983Souths Logan MagpiesQLD, Australia21520
Brad Thorn1996Brisbane BroncosNew Zealand511114
Brent Tate2002Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia95231120
Brett Dallas1993Canterbury-Bankstown BulldogsQLD, Australia4110516
Brett French1983Wynnum Manly SeagullsQLD, Australia43854
Bruce Astill1983Souths Logan MagpiesQLD, Australia22220
Bruce Walker1982Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia11100
Bryan Niebling1983Fortitude Valley DiehardsQLD, Australia43954
Cameron Munster2017Melbourne StormQLD, Australia31630
Cameron Smith2003Melbourne StormQLD, Australia1511422658
Carl Webb2001Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia641268
Casey McGuire2005Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia10210
Cavill Heugh1985Eastern Suburbs TigersQLD, Australia20310
Chris Beattie2001Cronulla-Sutherland SharksQLD, Australia21320
Chris Close1980Redcliffe DolphinsQLD, Australia64956
Chris Flannery2002Sydney RoostersNSW, Australia511050
Chris McKenna1999Cronulla-Sutherland SharksQLD, Australia30720
Chris McQueen2013South Sydney RabbitohsQLD, Australia21520
Chris Phelan1981Souths Logan MagpiesN/A, Ireland22210
Chris Walker2001Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia216316
Clinton O'Brien1997South Queensland CrushersQLD, Australia10210
Clinton Schifcofske2002Canberra RaidersQLD, Australia21214
Coen Hess2017North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia21530
Colin Scott1980Eastern Suburbs TigersQLD, Australia8618108
Cooper Cronk2010Melbourne StormQLD, Australia87221514
Corey Oates2016Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia327412
Corey Parker2004Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia8519110
Craig Greenhill1996Cronulla-Sutherland SharksNSW, Australia30610
Craig Smith1997Illawarra SteelersNew Zealand10310
Craig Teevan1995South Queensland CrushersQLD, Australia11330
Dale Shearer1985Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia104261166
Dallas Johnson2006Melbourne StormQLD, Australia441284
Daly Cherry-Evans2013Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia42954
Dan Stains1989Cronulla-Sutherland SharksQLD, Australia21420
Dane Carlaw2001Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia6213416
Dane Gagai2015Newcastle KnightsQLD, Australia5312744
Dane Nielsen2011Melbourne StormQLD, Australia22320
Daniel Wagon2001Parramatta EelsQLD, Australia11320
Danny Moore1995Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia21430
Danny Nutley2005Cronulla-Sutherland SharksQLD, Australia10100
Darius Boyd2008Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia109281968
Darren Fritz1994Illawarra SteelersQLD, Australia10310
Darren Lockyer1998Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia137361982
Darren Smith1992Canterbury-Bankstown BulldogsQLD, Australia822298
Darryl Brohman1983Penrith PanthersQLD, Australia21210
Dave Brown1983Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia421054
Dave Taylor2010South Sydney RabbitohsQLD, Australia43850
David Fifita2019Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia10210
David Stagg2006Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia11100
Dylan Napa2017Sydney RoostersQLD, Australia31730
Felise Kaufusi2018Melbourne StormNew Zealand20520
Gary Belcher1986Canberra RaidersQLD, Australia6316948
Gary Coyne1989Canberra RaidersQLD, Australia421060
Gary Larson1991North Sydney BearsQLD, Australia8324110
Gary Smith1987Past BrothersNSW, Australia11100
Gavin Allen1991Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia32850
Gavin Cooper2016North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia32638
Gavin Jones1983Eastern Suburbs TigersQLD, Australia21410
Gene Miles1982Wynnum Manly SeagullsQLD, Australia76201323
Gorden Tallis1994St. George DragonsQLD, Australia7217516
Grant Rix1986Fortitude Valley DiehardsQLD, Australia10100
Greg Conescu1981Norths DevilsQLD, Australia7520118
Greg Dowling1984Wynnum Manly SeagullsQLD, Australia4211516
Greg Holben1982Eastern Suburbs TigersQLD*, Australia11110
Greg Inglis2006Melbourne StormNSW, Australia1211321972
Greg Oliphant1980Balmain TigersQLD, Australia11110
Greg Quinn1982St. George DragonsQLD, Australia11110
Ian French1985Wynnum Manly SeagullsQLD, Australia3110312
Israel Folau2008Melbourne StormNSW, Australia338728
Jacob Lillyman2006North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia871490
Jai Arrow2018Gold Coast TitansQLD, Australia20420
Jamie Goddard1997Gold Coast ChargersQLD, Australia21420
Jason Hetherington1998Canterbury-Bankstown BulldogsQLD, Australia31820
Jason Smith1994Canterbury-Bankstown BulldogsQLD, Australia721665
Jarrod Wallace2017Gold Coast TitansQLD, Australia31630
Jeremy Schloss1997Gold Coast ChargersQLD, Australia10310
Jharal Yow Yeh2011Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia11328
Joe Kilroy1988Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia11224
Joe Ofahengaue2019Brisbane BroncosAuckland, New Zealand10110
John Buttigieg2001North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia21324
John Dowling1982St. George DragonsNSW, Australia11320
John Doyle2001North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia21324
John Ribot1982Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia438410
Johnathan Thurston2005North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia13113724220
Johnny Lang1980Sydney RoostersQLD, Australia11110
Josh Hannay2003North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia21228
Josh McGuire2015Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia531370
Josh Papalii2013Canberra RaidersNew Zealand741494
Julian O'Neill1993Brisbane BroncosNSW, Australia5010326
Justin Hodges2002Sydney RoostersQLD, Australia128241322
Justin O'Neill2016North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia22420
Karmichael Hunt2006Brisbane BroncosNew Zealand441070
Kalyn Ponga2018Newcastle KnightsQLD, Australia20316
Kerry Boustead1980Sydney RoostersQLD, Australia336419
Kevin Campion2001New Zealand WarriorsQLD, Australia21420
Kevin Walters1989Canberra RaidersQLD, Australia93221012
Les Kiss1986North Sydney BearsQLD, Australia204012
Lote Tuqiri2001Brisbane BroncosFiji216328
Mal Meninga1980Souths Logan MagpiesQLD, Australia1373215161
Mark Coyne1990St. George DragonsQLD, Australia7119716
Mark Hohn1993Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia31950
Mark Murray1981Norths DevilsQLD, Australia641584
Martin Bella1987North Sydney BearsQLD, Australia8421130
Martin Lang1998Cronulla-Sutherland SharksQLD, Australia31820
Mat Rogers1999Cronulla-Sutherland SharksNSW, Australia205137
Matt Ballin2010Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia11110
Matt Gillett2012Brisbane BroncosNSW, Australia7519118
Matt Sing1995Penrith PanthersQLD, Australia92241020
Matthew Bowen2003North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia5210316
Matthew Scott2006North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia9622134
Michael Crocker2003Sydney RoostersNSW, Australia5213612
Michael Hagan1989Newcastle KnightsQLD, Australia21540
Michael Hancock1989Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia6214720
Mike McLean1991Newcastle KnightsQLD, Australia21530
Michael Morgan2015North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia531174
Mitch Brennan1981South Sydney RabbitohsQLD, Australia334311
Moses Mbye2019Wests TigersQLD, Australia10210
Nate Myles2006Canterbury-Bankstown BulldogsQLD, Australia121132214
Nathan Fien2001North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia11100
Neil Tierney1997Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia10310
Neville Costigan2007Canberra RaidersPapua New Guinea33650
Norm Carr1981Wests PanthersNSW, Australia33440
Owen Cunningham1996Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia10100
Paul Bowman2000North Queensland CowboysNSW, Australia511248
Paul Green1999North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia31724
Paul Hauff1991Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia11324
Paul Khan1981Cronulla-Sutherland SharksQLD, Australia22430
Paul McCabe1981South Sydney RabbitohsQLD, Australia32530
Paul Vautin1982Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia8622157
Peter Jackson1986Souths Logan MagpiesQLD, Australia74171010
Peter Ryan1998Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia11220
Petero Civoniceva2001Brisbane BroncosFiji12833194
PJ Marsh2002New Zealand WarriorsQLD, Australia31410
Rhys Wesser2004Penrith PanthersQLD, Australia21420
Robbie O'Davis1995Newcastle KnightsNSW, Australia621266
Rod Morris1980Balmain TigersQLD, Australia33440
Rod Reddy1980St. George DragonsQLD, Australia11110
Rohan Hancock1980Toowoomba WattlesQLD, Australia33543
Ross Henrick1981Norths DevilsQLD, Australia33310
Russell Bawden2000Melbourne StormQLD, Australia21300
Sam Backo1988Canberra RaidersQLD, Australia327612
Sam Thaiday2006Brisbane BroncosNSW, Australia1110292012
Scott Prince2004Wests TigersQLD, Australia21536
Scott Sattler2003Penrith PanthersNSW, Australia10100
Scott Tronc1988Western Suburbs MagpiesQLD, Australia11110
Shane Webcke1998Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia722184
Shannon Hegarty2003Sydney RoostersQLD, Australia10310
Shaun Berrigan2002Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia521578
Steve Jackson1990Western Suburbs MagpiesQLD, Australia41944
Steve Renouf1991Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia621148
Steve Stacey1983Eastern Suburbs TigersQLD, Australia11224
Steve Walters1990Canberra RaidersQLD, Australia611454
Steven Bell2006Manly-Warringah Sea EaglesQLD, Australia22538
Steven Price1998Canterbury-Bankstown BulldogsQLD, Australia11528158
Stuart Kelly1997Parramatta EelsQLD, Australia10310
Terry Butler1983Wynnum Manly SeagullsQLD, Australia11100
Tim Glasby2017Melbourne StormQLD, Australia31430
Terry Cook1995South Queensland CrushersQLD, Australia11330
Tonie Carroll1998Brisbane BroncosNew Zealand831874
Tony Currie1984Wests PanthersQLD, Australia65151112
Tony Hearn1995North Sydney BearsACT, Australia31730
Travis Norton2002Canterbury-Bankstown BulldogsQLD, Australia30520
Trevor Gillmeister1987Sydney RoostersQLD, Australia9423140
Ty Williams2005North Queensland CowboysQLD, Australia10314
Valentine Holmes2017Cronulla SharksQLD, Australia215344
Wally Fullerton-Smith1983Redcliffe DolphinsQLD, Australia531280
Wally Lewis1980Fortitude Valley DiehardsQLD, Australia129311930
Wayne Bartrim1995St. George DragonsNSW, Australia429522
Wendell Sailor1996Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia521454
Will Chambers2014Melbourne StormNT, Australia6312716
Willie Carne1990Brisbane BroncosQLD, Australia6112526
Willie Tonga2004Canterbury-Bankstown BulldogsACT, Australia438612
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Did you know?

Arthur Beetson was the first player to be assigned a number on the Queensland State of Origin team and was the first captain.

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4 Responses

    Default Gravatar
    AlanMay 30, 2017

    how many Smiths played for Queensland in the state of origin

      Avatarfinder Customer Care
      DeeMay 31, 2017Staff

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your question.

      Cameron Smith appeared for Queensland in the State of Origin for 38 times from 2003-2016.


    Default Gravatar
    StephenMay 24, 2017

    I need to find a list of what current club teams the selected state of origin players are from so I can put in my footy tips.
    Thanks for any help

      Avatarfinder Customer Care
      RenchMay 29, 2017Staff

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Are you looking for the full list of all State of Origin 2017 players? I’m afraid we may not have that information available at the moment. Once we have it, we will definitely feature it on our page.

      So far, the list of players we’ve collated from QLD is listed on this page. You can also check our list of NSW players on our website.

      Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us out again.


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