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Spend analytics is here!


Finder app analytics

Want to know where your money really goes? You asked, we delivered.

I'm super excited to show you this brand new feature in the Finder app that will give you even more power to keep track of your money!

Do you often wonder where all your money is going? Do you wish you knew exactly where your cash goes after a big weekend? Are you scared to see how much you actually spent on Uber Eats last month?

Our members wanted a way to be able to see where their money really goes. So we built Spend analytics.

Make sure you've updated to our newest version 3.3.1 as the Finder app now includes detailed breakdowns on every dollar you spend across your connected transactions, savings and credit card accounts. It displays all of your spending information on easy-to-navigate graphics. Leave it all to the app's automatic categorisation that will allow you to see exactly what portion of your money is being spent where.

Finder app analytics

The app gives you some options on how you want to view your transactions. You can choose to view by category – such as travel, groceries and rent – or by the specific merchant you shop at such as Uber, Coles or Woolworths. Or if you want the more traditional banking view you can view by recent transactions as well.

Finder app analytics

Finder analytics

You can switch between showing your spending in dollar figures or to a percentage of your total balance. The bar graphs view can also be changed between daily, weekly and monthly views. And on the rare occasion if a transaction is categorised incorrectly, it can easily be fixed by recategorising it yourself for a single transaction or all similar ones. To do this, simply click into the transaction, go to the category sub-menu and choose which transaction category you want to move it to.

The Finder app is aiming to be the most comprehensive finance app in Australia thanks to these powerful features and innovative technology. And we don't plan on stopping there! Our incredible team is continuing to work on more groundbreaking features that give you the most complete picture of your money possible, all in the one app.

We hope you like this new feature. Let us know what you think, we'd love to hear your feedback.

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Want to take control of your money? The Finder app can help.

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  • Free credit score. We'll update your credit score automatically every month for free.
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  • Compare products easier. From energy providers to mobile plans, our app makes it even easier for you to compare products across 100+ categories.

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