Shopping Express | Everything you need to know about the one-stop tech shop

Cheap technology and unique deals make Shopping Express a worthy contender in the online retail space.

Don't be fooled by the nondescript name: Shopping Express is far from just another generic online retailer. Its focus is solely on providing Aussies with deals on the latest and greatest technology across a wide range of brands and categories. Foremost among these categories is PC hardware, with Shopping Express stocking everything you could need to build, upgrade or repair a modern computer.

What does Shopping Express sell?

While Shopping Express bills itself as a one-stop shop for all the latest consumer technology, its catalogue skews heavily towards computer tech. PC parts and accessories are its bread and butter, with a side order of mobile devices, smart home products and a garnish of general gadgetry.

The bulk of products for sale at Shopping Express fall into the following categories:

  • Networking
  • Monitors
  • Pre-built PCs
  • Laptops
  • Peripherals
  • Audio devices

Key purchasing information

Does Shopping Express have a physical store I can visit?

No. Shopping Express is currently an online-only retailer.

What's the difference between the Shopping Express website and the Shopping Express eBay store?

Along with its regular website, Shopping Express operates an eBay storefront where it sells many of the same products. While the stock for both stores comes from the same warehouse, there are a few key differences between the two online destinations. First, the eBay store only sells a portion of the products featured on the Shopping Express website. Second, pricing often differs between the two, with one or the other proving cheaper at various times. Because of this, it's important to check both before placing your order.

Finally, the eBay store is occasionally eligible for eBay promotion coupons which can save you quite a bit off RRP.

What is Epic Hour?

Shopping Express distinguishes itself from other Australian computer retailers by running two regular promotions that thrifty consumers will find quite appealing. The first is Epic Hour, which is a three-hour block of deals that kicks off every Sunday night. Each hour a new product goes on sale at a steeply discounted price, but stock is often limited so you'll want to act fast to beat other bargain hunters.

What is the Trifecta special?

The second popular promotion that Shopping Express is known for is the Trifecta. Occurring less frequently than Epic Hour, the Trifecta features three categories of products from which you can pick one item each. The price for each Trifecta is fixed, and depending on the specific items you choose, you can often save hundreds of dollars off what you'd pay for them individually.

What payment methods does Shopping Express accept?

Shopping Express accepts payments via PayPal and bank deposit. Credit card payments must be made through PayPal's secure gateway.

Shipping and returns

Like most online retailers, Shopping Express offers delivery Australia wide. Shipping is typically handled by Australia Post, but some orders may be given to courier services like Couriers Please and Fastway if the need arises.

How much does Shopping Express charge for delivery?

Conveniently, Shopping Express charges the same fee for delivery regardless of whether shipping is handled through Australia Post or a courier service. This boils delivery costs down to two key factors: the size and weight of your order, and your address. For small items shipping to metro addresses, delivery is typically in the $9 range. If you want insurance cover on your order, you'll be looking at around $14.95.

Heavier items like fully built PCs will set you back quite a bit more, albeit not as much as some retailers. Insured and non-insured deliveries for bulky purchases tend to cost around $29.95.

How long does Shopping Express take to deliver?

Before your order gets on its way, it must be processed by Shopping Express. This stage is known as dispatch time and typically takes around 24 hours for most in-stock items.

Once your order has been dispatched, the actual delivery process begins. Delivery time can vary from product to product, but Shopping Express provides the following estimates based on your address:

  • Sydney: 1-2 business days
  • NSW/ACT: 1-3 business days
  • VIC: 2-5 business days
  • QLD: 2-5 business days
  • SA: 3-5 business days
  • WA: 3-6 business days
  • NT: 4-6 business days
  • TAS: 3-6 business days

Does Shopping Express offer in-store pick-up?

No. Shopping Express does not currently operate any physical stores and as such does not offer in-store pick-up. However, it does plan on adding this option in the future.

What is Shopping Express's return policy?

Shopping Express accepts returns for faulty items, but there are a few conditions you'll want to be aware of. If you receive a faulty item, you'll first need to contact the manufacturer directly and obtain a case or reference number for your warranty application. You'll then need to email this number along with your invoice and a description of the fault to From there, Shopping Express will contact you with further information on how to proceed.

It's important that you contact the manufacturer as soon as you notice the fault, since Shopping Express specifies a DOA (dead on arrival) period of seven days after delivery. So long as you submit your claim within this time, you'll be eligible for an exchange or refund and Shopping Express will cover any shipping costs involved. Outside of that seven-day period, you may only be entitled to have the faulty item repaired, and you'll have to pay shipping costs yourself.

Can I return a product if I change my mind?

Should you change your mind about a purchase from Shopping Express, you can return it provided it's still in brand new condition and sealed in its original packaging. If you've opened the packaging, Shopping Express may charge a restocking fee of 15% of the product's price.

Does Shopping Express ship internationally?

No. Shopping Express currently delivers within Australia only.

Shopping Express review round-up

Soliciting feedback from friends and family when shopping at a new retailer is always useful, and with the advent of online shopping, it's easier than ever to see what other people think about the stores they frequent. Below you'll find a summary of feedback other Aussies have given Shopping Express on sites like Product Review, Google and eBay.

This should give you an indication of the kind of shopping experience you can expect from Shopping Express, though it's worth keeping in mind that these ratings aren't necessarily representative of the average Shopping Express customer. Online reviews tend to skew either very negative or very positive, since it generally takes an extreme emotional reaction for someone to bother writing a review – people are rarely compelled to write a review after a by-the-books shopping experience.

Product Review

Average rating: 2.6
Number of reviews: 163

Google Reviews

Average rating: 2.7
Number of reviews: 26


Average rating: 99.7% positive
Number of reviews: 11,838

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