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Shoes. They're one of those things that you just can't help but go a little crazy for. There's a reason why some ladies have wardrobes filled with them, they're cute, they always fit, and sometimes they can really 'make' an outfit. Heels, wedges, stilettos, runners, flats, you name it and one of these shoe shops will have it. And at a bargain price so you CAN afford that extra cute pair of heels to brighten your day. Not that you weren't going to buy it, anyway.

What are shoe coupon codes?

Coupon codes are one of those fantastic inventions that help you save. It's like having a special 'in' to an extra special 'sale'. Consider it VIP access to cheaper prices. has heaps of shoe coupons so you'll never have to pay too much to make your feet look and feel great.


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Your feet are essential to your fitness and general health. It is important that you buy quality shoes to make sure your feet are cared for in the best possible way. Shoppers who understand what kind of feet they have are more effective in sourcing the perfect shoes.

Best places to buy shoes

How to buy running shoes

Worn-out or tight fitting shoes are a major reason for injury. If you need to stay fit, healthy, and injury-free, then you need to buy an ideal pair of running shoes. Below are tips that you can follow to buy the best pair you need.

  • Know your size. You might think you know the size of your feet, but the truth is that you need to measure every time you purchase new shoes. Walking into a physical store and asking the sales assistant to measure your feet is a great way to find the right size.
  • Thumb space. Most people end up buying a pair of running shoes that is bigger than their feet. The additional space allows the feet to move forward with every stride. Any time you are wearing shoes ensure you have a thumb space between the end of the tip of the shoe and the big toe. You may try out shoes on each foot and take them for a test on a treadmill, run around the shop or on the sidewalk.
  • Spend a little bit more for the best pair. While running shoes are quite expensive, it’s worth the price.
  • Replace shoes. Training shoes need to be replaced after a period of 500 to 800 kilometres, so if you jogging for 2 kilometres everyday day, then a good pair of running shoes can last you about 7 months. Remember the date you purchased them and mark it in your calendar.
  • Don’t be a trendsetter. When it comes to running shoes, opt for its quality and how it fits your feet rather than how it looks, or the brand of the shoe.

In case you are not sure of your foot type, check out an old shoe and take note of the pattern before it was worn out. You may be able to tell if the impact was felt on the heel, on the outside of the shoe, or on the inward part of the shoe. These details will help you choose the best running, skate or tennis shoes for your feet.

Nike Free Trainer 5.0 Men's Running Shoes

Nike Free Trainer 5.0 Men's Running Shoes from rebel

This men's running shoes offer an adaptive, supportive fit and lightweight flexibility for comfort and natural movement.

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Many runners, together with those aspiring to be runners, may not know how to buy the perfect running shoes. Runners have different types of feet; some have special kinds of feet that need shoes that can work for them, and some don’t. Here are the different kinds of feet and what type of running shoes are best for those types;

  • Flat feet. For people with flat feet, their feet may roll to the inward. This is known as overpronation and may cause different kinds of injuries. Sportsmen with this kind of feet are likely to have flexible feet, and so they find that skate shoes, running shoes or tennis shoes – which have firm soles and offer motion control – are perfect for their feet. You may look for the words ‘stability’ and ‘motion control’ in the product description. Some flat-footed runners may need customised shoes that correct foot issues, also known as orthotics.
  • High arched feet. Those who have a high arched foot need to put on a padded running shoe, skate shoe or tennis shoe. A high arched foot is usually supinated and rigid. Supinated feet will roll inward while moving with speed. This kind of foot is usually unable to absorb shock well and therefore cushioned shoes with soft midsoles will absorb shock and add stability. For these kinds of feet, you need to look for running shoes that are flexible and have a soft midsole which absorbs shock. It is advisable to look for words like ‘cushioned’ or ‘flexible’ in the product description.
  • Normal feet. The normal feet have normal sized arch and have little or no motion control challenges. A normal foot can land on the outside then roll inward, and that should absorb the shock slightly. The standard shoe is perfect for standard foot because it offers support, has good cushioning and also durable.

Flat feet

Reebok Skyscape Women's Running Shoes

Reebok Skyscape Women's Running Shoes from rebel

These shoes feature a unique moulded upper with foam to maintain softness, and Skyspring technology to help support your feet for all-day comfort.

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High arched feet

Nike Zoom Structure 18 Women's Running Shoes

Nike Zoom Structure 18 Women's Running Shoes from rebel

This women's running shoes provides cushioning and support without any added weight.

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Normal feet

How to buy the best shoes for toddlers

Baby shoes need to be breathable, comfortable and supportive to help the healthy growth of feet. The shoe also needs to be strong to withstand the demands of a curious and energetic child. Here's how you can choose the best shoes for toddlers;

  • Measure your child’s feet. First, visit a shoe store with a kids’ department, or a shop that focuses primarily on children’s shoes. Let an expert measure your child’s feet prior to buying the shoes. Always remember that kids’ feet grow very fast, and so you need to re-measure the child’s feet every three months to record the development.
  • Use your thumb. Ensure your child’s one big toe does not bump up against the inside of his or her shoe. The perfect footwear for the little one must allow for a thumb’s size between the tip of the shoe and his or her toe.
  • Measure while standing. Your kid needs to stand while measuring shoes. Check the toes, so they do not curl under.
  • Not too big. Do not be tempted to buy large shoes to look out for a couple of extra months of wearing it. Shoes that are too big are difficult to walk in, unless there is a situation where one foot is larger than the other to favour the larger one.
  • Check the treads. Stay away from treads that are smooth to prevent the child from sliding. Also, keep away from shoe soles which have deep grooves that can catch on the edge of a rug thereby causing the baby to fall.
  • Avoid hand-me-downs. Except if you are sure a pair of pre-worn shoes have not been used for a long time. Shoes tend to conform to the wearer’s feet quickly and might not fit another child’s feet perfectly, and that may cause discomfort to a child.
  • Check the material. Check out the shoes that are made of leather, cloth or canvas instead of plastic or rubber. Good quality of porous material will allow free circulation of air in and out of the shoes. They also allow the child to walk comfortably since they are flexible. You can try to bend shoes in your hand with little effort to determine the flexibility of the shoe.
  • The toddler can choose. One to two year olds may not really care about the shoes they wear. To make a good choice, you can try to look for some options that could be suitable and allow the child select from among those.

Buying the best schools shoes for your kids

For most people, buying the best school shoes for their children is very challenging. The shelves are full of shoes of different styles. Here are some tips you can consider when shopping for school shoes for your child that will help make the task much easier than you can imagine.

  • Let the child choose. Most parents find themselves buying one pair of shoes after another. The important thing to look at is if your kid will actually put on the shoes you are intending to buy. Just like a grown-up, every child's style is different, and so it's important they have the kind of school shoes they want. Allowing the child participate in the selection, regardless of how young he or she is, will help make sure the wearer loves it. In case there is a dress code at school, then you can be sure to check if the selected pair of shoes will fit within the guidelines.
  • Check for the toe wiggle. In case you are not sure if the new school shoes fit perfectly or not, simply pay attention to the toe wiggle. Your kid should be able to move his or her toe easily and freely. There shouldn't be bulges from the toes, as this may cause discomfort to the child.
  • Avoid hand-me-downs and slip-ons. It’s advisable to buy a new pair of school shoes because a worn shoe will have molded to another child's shape of the feet and may cause problems for your kid's feet. On the other hand, podiatrists recommend buckle-up or lace-up shoes for school-children, as opposed to slip-ons.
  • Buy shoes in the late afternoons. As you plan to buy your child school shoes, keep in mind that it's good to go for shopping during the late afternoon, because feet generally get swell up a bit towards the end of the day. By so doing, you’ll ensure that the shoe fits comfortably.

How to buy the best high heels and women's shoes

A lot of women prefer shoes that are trendy and also those that can enhance their height. Some find high heeled shoes elegant, as they can be worn with wedding dresses, trousers, or evening gowns. High heeled shoes are considered classy in the world of finance, giving their legs an appealing look. Here’s how to buy the best heels and walk in them with ease.

  • Check the height of the heels. The higher the shoes, the more pressure put onto your feet. To try the shoes, you can stand up tall with your knees straight and lift your body onto your toes. The reason behind this is to help you know if you can put on this kind of shoe. If you are not able to lift your heels, then the shoes are extremely high and cannot be put on comfortably.
  • Get ready for the wiggle test. All you need to do is ensure that the toes have sufficient space that you'd be able to move them around. Forcing your feet in a pair of shoes that fails this test can give you all kinds of problems such as blisters, bunions and much more. Normally, most pointy-toed shoes fail this test; therefore, keep away from them whenever possible.
  • Buy high heels which allow your feet to breathe. This does not imply that you need a size bigger; you just need to find heels that are made from material that let air pass in and out. Generally, you should avoid shoes made of plastic and instead go for shoes made of leather.
  • Check the design. You do not have to sacrifice design for comfort. Also, you do not need to be putting on wedges throughout your lifetime, you can buy a pair of heels which have a thicker heel, and you will be good to go. They might not be as comfy as wedges, but they are much more comfortable compared to stilettos.
Evil Eye Leather Mix Chelsea Ankle Boots

Evil Eye Leather Mix Chelsea Ankle Boots from ASOS

These boots feature a matte faux leather and suede upper, square toe shape and a high block heel.

View details
Saltwater Sandals Original SWS

Saltwater Sandals Original SWS from THE ICONIC

These sandals feature three interlocking straps across the front, a slender ankle strap, and a buckle fastening on the side.

View details
Spurr - Shelby Stitch Ballet Flats

Spurr - Shelby Stitch Ballet Flats from THE ICONIC

A staple piece for every lady's wardrobe plus ballet flats will never go out of style.

View details

How to buy mens shoes

There is a substantial difference between brands and designs, even though it is not always very clear to the average consumer. Many times men end up purchasing uncomfortable, low cost, or even extremely classy shoes. The same amount of money can be used to buy a pair of shoes that is executive and long lasting.

  • Think about your wardrobe. When considering the style of shoes to buy, the man should reflect on which outfit they will be putting on. Acquiring a pair that has similar colours to your outfits ensures easy mix and match. Men's magazines are a good source of inspiration for the latest styles of men's shoes.
  • Price is another factor to look at. You will also find varying prices on each pair of shoe. It may not be a good idea to go for the cheapest, as the quality may be compromised. It may be a great investment to buy the relatively expensive ones because they are durable.
  • You can easily be influenced by current fashion trends. Even though this is an exciting way to dress, remember that what looks great when seen on the advertisements may not necessarily be the same for you.
  • The material it’s made out of. The quality of the material used to make the men shoes is also a factor to look at. Some shoes are made from low quality material that cannot endure water or harsh weather, and also tarnish the appearance within no time. Additionally, some plastic materials gives off an embarrassing odour once exposed to the sun or even when the feet gets hot. It is great to choose a material which is weather - friendly to the feet and also durable. Generally the best material to go for is the leather.
Polo Ralph Lauren Hanford Leather Trainers

Polo Ralph Lauren Hanford Leather Trainers from ASOS

These shoes feature a 100% real leather uppers, has lace up fastening, a signature branding embroidery to sides and has a durable sole.

View details
Derby Shoes in Leather

Derby Shoes in Leather from ASOS

These formal shoes feature a 100% leather upper, a smooth matte finish, a lace-up fastening, a durable, flat sole and a low heel.

View details
Dune Classic Lace Up Boots

Dune Classic Lace Up Boots from Topman

These ankle boots feature a leather with dual lace front. It is 100% leather.

View details
House Of Hounds Howie Navy Rafia Saddle Derby Shoes

House Of Hounds Howie Navy Rafia Saddle Derby Shoes from Topman

These classic Derby shoes have had a seasonal update with the addition of a contrast white sole, and upper weave detailing.

View details

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