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The complete list of SBS On Demand TV shows

SBS On Demand is a free catch-up service that streams some of the best television shows from around the world and we've got the full list of what's streaming here.

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This table was last updated on 14 Apr 2021. There are 749 TV shows in the SBS library.
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TV Show NameYear of releaseGenresWatch it
12 Monkeys2020DramaWatch now
24 Hours In Emergency2012DocumentaryWatch now
24 Hours In Police Custody2020DocumentaryWatch now
28 Up2020DocumentaryWatch now
30 Years Of Flickerfest2021FilmWatch now
49 Up2020DocumentaryWatch now
56 Up2020DocumentaryWatch now
60 Days In2019DocumentaryWatch now
63 Up2020DocumentaryWatch now
8 Days2019DramaWatch now
8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown2020EntertainmentWatch now
A World Of Calm2020DocumentaryWatch now
ABC World News Tonight2020International NewsWatch now
APTN National News Weekend Edition2020International NewsWatch now
Abandoned2019DocumentaryWatch now
Abandoned Engineering2021DocumentaryWatch now
Abandoned Places2021DocumentaryWatch now
Adam Liaw's Road Trip For Good2021FoodWatch now
Addicted Australia2020DocumentaryWatch now
Addicted Australia (Chinese)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Addicted Australia (Vietnamese)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Adult Material2020DramaWatch now
African News2015International NewsWatch now
Agatha Christie's Criminal Games2019DramaWatch now
Agent2020DramaWatch now
Agent Hamilton2020DramaWatch now
Ainsley Eats The Streets2021FoodWatch now
Alone2020DocumentaryWatch now
American Boyband2017EntertainmentWatch now
American Runestone: A Viking Mystery2021DocumentaryWatch now
Amsterdam Vice2020DramaWatch now
An Ordinary Woman2019DramaWatch now
Ancient Aliens2020DocumentaryWatch now
Ancient Invisible Cities2021DocumentaryWatch now
Anthem Sessions2017EntertainmentWatch now
Apnea2020DramaWatch now
Aquarius2020DramaWatch now
Arabic News Dubai TV2015International NewsWatch now
Arabic News F242017International NewsWatch now
Armenian News2015International NewsWatch now
Around The Traps2015EntertainmentWatch now
Art + Soul2021ArtsWatch now
Aruanas2020DramaWatch now
Asia Unplated With Diana Chan2020FoodWatch now
Asia's Next Top Model2021EntertainmentWatch now
Asylum City2019DramaWatch now
Atlanta2020DramaWatch now
Aussie Bush Tales2019ChildrensWatch now
Australia Come Fly With Me2020DocumentaryWatch now
Australia Come Fly With Me (Arabic)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Australia Come Fly With Me (Chinese)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Australia In Colour2021DocumentaryWatch now
Australia In Colour (Arabic)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Australia In Colour (Chinese)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Australia In Colour (Hindi)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Australia In Colour (Korean)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Australia In Colour (Vietnamese)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Australian Beach Volleyball Tour 20212021SportWatch now
Awake2021DramaWatch now
Awaken2014News and Current AffairsWatch now
BBC News2020International NewsWatch now
Back In The Soviet Bloc2019DocumentaryWatch now
Back To Life2019ComedyWatch now
Backstrom2021DramaWatch now
Bad Banks2020DramaWatch now
Baghdad Central2020DramaWatch now
Bake With Anna Olson2020FoodWatch now
Balls Deep2016DocumentaryWatch now
Bamay2021DocumentaryWatch now
Bananas2019FactualWatch now
Bangla News2015International NewsWatch now
Basketball: NBA2019SportWatch now
Basketball: NBL1970SportWatch now
Basketball: SBS Courtside2019SportWatch now
Beautiful Baking with Juliet Sear2021FoodWatch now
Beerland2019EntertainmentWatch now
Before We Die2020DramaWatch now
Beforeigners2021DramaWatch now
Below The Surface2019DramaWatch now
Beowulf2021DramaWatch now
Big Ben: The World's Most Famous Clock2019DocumentaryWatch now
Big Fat Quiz Of The Year2020ComedyWatch now
Big Mob Brekky2020News and Current AffairsWatch now
Big Night Out2017DocumentaryWatch now
Black Market2016DocumentaryWatch now
Black Market: Dispatches2017DocumentaryWatch now
Blackout2021DramaWatch now
Blinded2019DramaWatch now
Blue Murder2019DramaWatch now
Born To Cook: Jack Stein Downunder2020FoodWatch now
Bosch2016DramaWatch now
Bosnian News1970International NewsWatch now
Box 212020DramaWatch now
Boxing For Palm Island2021DocumentaryWatch now
Brexit Stage Left2017DocumentaryWatch now
Briarpatch2020DramaWatch now
Britain's Most Historic Towns2021FactualWatch now
Broadchurch2019DramaWatch now
Brooklyn Nine-Nine2016ComedyWatch now
Bullets2019DramaWatch now
Bushwhacked!2015ChildrensWatch now
Butterfly2019DramaWatch now
Cacciatore: The Hunter2021DramaWatch now
Cadel Evans Conquering Le Tour2020SportWatch now
Call Me Bruna2018DramaWatch now
Cardinal2020DramaWatch now
Celebrity Mastermind2020EntertainmentWatch now
Celtics / Lakers: Best Of Enemies2021DocumentaryWatch now
Cheese Slices2020FoodWatch now
Cheyenne And Lola2021DramaWatch now
Child Genius Australia2019EntertainmentWatch now
Child Genius Australia (Chinese)2019EntertainmentWatch now
Cocaine: Britain's Epidemic2018DocumentaryWatch now
Cold Justice2017DocumentaryWatch now
Colony2020DramaWatch now
Colour Theory Underground2017ArtsWatch now
Come Dine With Me UK2020FoodWatch now
Commandos2020DramaWatch now
Continuum2020DramaWatch now
Cook Like An Italian With Silvia Colloca2021FoodWatch now
Cook's Pantry with Matt Sinclair2021FoodWatch now
Cooking Hawaiian Style2021FoodWatch now
Cooking Up A Fortune2021FoodWatch now
Coronavirus Explained2020FactualWatch now
Country Music2020DocumentaryWatch now
Couples Therapy2020DocumentaryWatch now
Coyote's Crazy Smart Science Show2019ChildrensWatch now
Croatian News2015International NewsWatch now
Cruising With Jane McDonald2020FactualWatch now
Cry Wolf2021DramaWatch now
Cults And Extreme Belief2020DocumentaryWatch now
Cyberwar2017DocumentaryWatch now
Cycling: Criterium Du Dauphine2018SportWatch now
Cycling: Fleche-Wallone2019SportWatch now
Cycling: Gent-Wevelgem Race2021SportWatch now
Cycling: Giro Rosa 20202020SportWatch now
Cycling: Incycle2020SportWatch now
Cycling: La Vuelta 2017 Highlights2017SportWatch now
Cycling: La Vuelta 2018 Highlights2018SportWatch now
Cycling: La Vuelta 2019 Highlights2019SportWatch now
Cycling: La Vuelta 2019 Live2019SportWatch now
Cycling: La Vuelta 20202020SportWatch now
Cycling: Liege-Bastogne-Liege2019SportWatch now
Cycling: Paris-Nice2018SportWatch now
Cycling: Paris-Roubaix2019SportWatch now
Cycling: Tour Of California2015SportWatch now
Cycling: Tour Of California Stage 12019SportWatch now
Cycling: Tour Of Flanders2019SportWatch now
Cycling: Tour Of Provence2020SportWatch now
Cycling: Tour of Hungary2019SportWatch now
Cycling: Volta A Catalunya2019SportWatch now
DNA2020DramaWatch now
DW English News2020International NewsWatch now
DW German News2020International NewsWatch now
Danny's House2019EntertainmentWatch now
Dark Matter2020DramaWatch now
Dark Science2016FactualWatch now
Dark Side Of The Ring2019FactualWatch now
Darkness: Those Who Kill2019DramaWatch now
Das Boot2018DramaWatch now
Dateline2010News and Current AffairsWatch now
Dateline (Arabic)2020News and Current AffairsWatch now
Dateline (Chinese)2020News and Current AffairsWatch now
Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish2021EntertainmentWatch now
Dead Set On Life2017DocumentaryWatch now
Deep Water2020DramaWatch now
Delia's How To Cook2020FoodWatch now
Deliver Us2020DramaWatch now
Departure2020DramaWatch now
Derby Girl2021DramaWatch now
Destination Flavour2019FoodWatch now
Destination Flavour China2020FoodWatch now
Destination Flavour China (Chinese)2020FoodWatch now
Destination Flavour Down Under2019FoodWatch now
Destination Flavour Japan2020FoodWatch now
Destination Flavour Scandinavia2019FoodWatch now
Destination Flavour Singapore2020FoodWatch now
Detective Chinatown2021DramaWatch now
Deutsche Welle English News2017International NewsWatch now
Difficult People2020ComedyWatch now
Dignity2021DramaWatch now
Donal's Asian Baking Adventure2021FoodWatch now
Donal's Kitchen Hero2020FoodWatch now
Donal's Kitchen Hero: Feast2021FoodWatch now
Donkmaster2020EntertainmentWatch now
Dopesick Nation2019FactualWatch now
Dublin Murders2020DramaWatch now
Dutch News2015International NewsWatch now
Dynamo: Magician Impossible2020EntertainmentWatch now
Earthworks2019DocumentaryWatch now
East West 1012019DramaWatch now
Elizabeth2018DocumentaryWatch now
Elizabeth I And Her Enemies2021DocumentaryWatch now
Elvis Presley: The Searcher2021DocumentaryWatch now
Epicly Later'd2018DocumentaryWatch now
Escaping Polygamy2020DocumentaryWatch now
Escobar Exposed2019DocumentaryWatch now
Every Family Has A Secret2020DocumentaryWatch now
Every Family Has A Secret (Arabic)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Every Family Has A Secret (Chinese)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Exit2020DramaWatch now
Express Yourself2016ComedyWatch now
F-ck That's Delicious2017FoodWatch now
FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015: Semi Final 12015SportWatch now
FIFA Women's World Cup 20152015SportWatch now
Face To Face2020DramaWatch now
False Flag2020DramaWatch now
Family Rules2018EntertainmentWatch now
Fear Itself With Alex Lee2020DocumentaryWatch now
Fear The Walking Dead2020DramaWatch now
Filipino News2015International NewsWatch now
Filthy Rich And Homeless2017DocumentaryWatch now
Filthy Rich And Homeless (Arabic)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Filthy Rich And Homeless (Chinese)2020DocumentaryWatch now
First Australians2020DocumentaryWatch now
First Australians (Arabic)2021DocumentaryWatch now
First Australians (Chinese)2021DocumentaryWatch now
First Australians (Hindi)2021DocumentaryWatch now
First Australians (Korean)2021DocumentaryWatch now
First Australians (Vietnamese)2021DocumentaryWatch now
First Contact2014DocumentaryWatch now
First Nations Bedtime Stories2021ChildrensWatch now
Flintoff's Great British Road Trip2021FoodWatch now
Flophouse2017DocumentaryWatch now
Follow The Money2020DramaWatch now
Food Safari2017FoodWatch now
Football 2020: Diego Maradona2020SportWatch now
For Life2021DramaWatch now
For The Love Of Bread2021FoodWatch now
Forged In Fire2020DocumentaryWatch now
Forged In Fire Latin America2021DocumentaryWatch now
Fortitude2020DramaWatch now
Fraggle Rock2021ChildrensWatch now
France 24 International News2019International NewsWatch now
French Food Safari2021FoodWatch now
French News First Edition2019International NewsWatch now
French News Second Edition2019International NewsWatch now
Fringe Nation: Extremists In America2021DocumentaryWatch now
From Sand to Celluloid2019DramaWatch now
Front Up2019EntertainmentWatch now
Fubar Age of Computer2017ComedyWatch now
Funny How2017ComedyWatch now
Future Man2020ComedyWatch now
Garma2019News and Current AffairsWatch now
Gaycation2019DocumentaryWatch now
George Clarke's Shed Of The Year2020DocumentaryWatch now
German News2017International NewsWatch now
Gigantes2019DramaWatch now
Gino's Italian Escape2019FoodWatch now
Go Back To Where You Came From2012DocumentaryWatch now
Going Places with Ernie Dingo2018DocumentaryWatch now
Going Places with Ernie Dingo (Arabic)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Going Places with Ernie Dingo (Chinese)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Going Places with Ernie Dingo (Hindi)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Going Places with Ernie Dingo (Korean)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Going Places with Ernie Dingo (Vietnamese)2021DocumentaryWatch now
Gok Cooks Chinese2021FoodWatch now
Gomorrah2020DramaWatch now
Gourmet Farmer2019FoodWatch now
Gourmet Farmer Afloat2015FoodWatch now
Great Australian Railway Journeys2021Watch now
Great British Railway Journeys2019DocumentaryWatch now
Great Continental Railway Journeys2015DocumentaryWatch now
Great Indian Railway Journeys2021DocumentaryWatch now
Greek News2017International NewsWatch now
Greek News from Cyprus2015International NewsWatch now
Guerrilla2019DramaWatch now
Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure2021FoodWatch now
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia2017DocumentaryWatch now
Happy Endings2020ComedyWatch now
Harvest2015FoodWatch now
Hate Thy Neighbour2017DocumentaryWatch now
Hayden Quinn's South Africa2021FoodWatch now
Hernan2020DramaWatch now
Heston's Fantastical Food2021FoodWatch now
Heston's Feasts2012FoodWatch now
Hierro2019DramaWatch now
High School Mums2021DocumentaryWatch now
Hillary2020FactualWatch now
Hindi News2015International NewsWatch now
Historic House Rescue2021DocumentaryWatch now
Hitler's Last Year2021DocumentaryWatch now
Hoarders2020DocumentaryWatch now
Hollywood Love Story With Paris Hilton2018DocumentaryWatch now
Home Ground2019DramaWatch now
Homecoming Queens2018DramaWatch now
Hong Kong News2017International NewsWatch now
Housos2021ComedyWatch now
How Mad Are You2019DocumentaryWatch now
How Mad Are You (Arabic)2019DocumentaryWatch now
How Mad Are You (Chinese)2018DocumentaryWatch now
How Sex Changed The World2021DocumentaryWatch now
How To Cook Like Heston2020FoodWatch now
How To Rob A Bank2020EntertainmentWatch now
Huang's World2017FoodWatch now
Hungarian News2015International NewsWatch now
Hungry Ghosts2020DramaWatch now
Hungry Ghosts (Arabic)2020DramaWatch now
Hungry Ghosts (Chinese)2020DramaWatch now
Hungry Ghosts (Vietnamese)2020DramaWatch now
Hunt For The Trump Tapes2018FactualWatch now
Hunting Aotearoa2016DocumentaryWatch now
Hunting Hitler2020DocumentaryWatch now
Hunting Nazi Treasure2021DocumentaryWatch now
Hustle2020DocumentaryWatch now
I Am...2020DocumentaryWatch now
ISU Figure Skating2017SportWatch now
If You Are The One2015EntertainmentWatch now
Impossible Engineering2021DocumentaryWatch now
Ina Loves Porno2020DocumentaryWatch now
Indonesian News2019International NewsWatch now
Inside The Orient Express2021DocumentaryWatch now
Insight2010News and Current AffairsWatch now
Insight (Chinese)2019News and Current AffairsWatch now
Inspector Rojas: In Cold Blood2019DramaWatch now
Instant Noodles Diary2021FoodWatch now
Invisible Heroes2020DramaWatch now
Irish Weather2020International NewsWatch now
Island Feast With Peter Kuruvita2021FoodWatch now
It's Suppertime2018FoodWatch now
Italian News2016International NewsWatch now
James Cameron's Story Of Science Fiction2020DocumentaryWatch now
Jamie's Ultimate Veg2021FoodWatch now
Japanese News2016International NewsWatch now
Jasper And Errol's First Time2019EntertainmentWatch now
Jimmy Shu's Taste Of The Territory2020FoodWatch now
Joint Venture2020DramaWatch now
Jungletown2017DocumentaryWatch now
Kagagi, The Raven2019ChildrensWatch now
Karena And Kasey's Foreign Flavours2021FoodWatch now
Karla Grant Presents2019DocumentaryWatch now
Kieler Street2021DramaWatch now
Killjoys2020DramaWatch now
King Of The Road2017DocumentaryWatch now
Kolchak: The Night Stalker2020DramaWatch now
Koori Knockout2017SportWatch now
Korean News2015International NewsWatch now
Kriol Kitchen2014FoodWatch now
LIVE 2018: FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup Semi Final2018SportWatch now
LIVE 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup2019SportWatch now
LIVE FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup2019SportWatch now
La Jauria2020DramaWatch now
La Unidad2021DramaWatch now
La Vuelta a Espana 2014 Highlights2014SportWatch now
Laetitia2021DramaWatch now
Last Chance High2018DocumentaryWatch now
Late Nite Eats2020FoodWatch now
Lee Lin Chin's Fashionista2018EntertainmentWatch now
Letterkenny2019ComedyWatch now
Letters and Numbers2019EntertainmentWatch now
Lidia's Italy2021FoodWatch now
Lidia's Kitchen2021FoodWatch now
Life Drawing UK2020EntertainmentWatch now
Limetown2021DramaWatch now
Little J and Big Cuz2017ChildrensWatch now
Living Black2012News and Current AffairsWatch now
Living On The Veg2021FoodWatch now
London's Super Tunnel2017DocumentaryWatch now
Lost Gold Of World War II2020DocumentaryWatch now
Low Winter Sun2020DramaWatch now
Luke Nguyen's Food Trail2019FoodWatch now
Luke Nguyen's France2019FoodWatch now
Luke Nguyen's Greater Mekong2019FoodWatch now
Luke Nguyen's Railway Vietnam2019FoodWatch now
Luke Nguyen's Railway Vietnam (Vietnamese)2021FoodWatch now
Luke Nguyen's Street Food Asia2020FoodWatch now
Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom2019FoodWatch now
Luke Nguyen's Vietnam2019FoodWatch now
M - The City Hunts A Murderer2019DramaWatch now
Macedonian News2015International NewsWatch now
Made In Italy2020DramaWatch now
Maltese News2015International NewsWatch now
Marry Me Marry My Family2020DocumentaryWatch now
Marry Me Marry My Family (Arabic)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Marry Me Marry My Family (Chinese)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Martha Bakes2020FoodWatch now
Martial Universe2020DramaWatch now
Mary And Mike2019DramaWatch now
Mary Berry's Absolute Favourites2021FoodWatch now
Mary Berry's Foolproof Cooking2021FoodWatch now
Masantonio2021DramaWatch now
Mastermind2019EntertainmentWatch now
Medici2019DramaWatch now
Medicine Or Myth?2019DocumentaryWatch now
Michael Mosley: Into The Mind2021DocumentaryWatch now
Michael Mosley: Make Me...2020DocumentaryWatch now
Michael Mosley: Trust Me, I'm A Doctor2015DocumentaryWatch now
Michael Mosley: What's My Diagnosis?2021DocumentaryWatch now
Michael Palin In North Korea2021DocumentaryWatch now
Michela's Tuscan Kitchen2021FoodWatch now
Midnight Sun2020DramaWatch now
Miguel's Tropical Kitchen2021FoodWatch now
Mirage2020DramaWatch now
Miss S2021DramaWatch now
Molly And Cara2019FilmWatch now
Molly Of Denali2020ChildrensWatch now
Monogamish2020DramaWatch now
Monsters Of Many Worlds2019FilmWatch now
Monty Python's Flying Circus2019ComedyWatch now
Moscow Noir2019DramaWatch now
Most Expensivest2017DocumentaryWatch now
Motherboard2019DocumentaryWatch now
Motor Sport: Dakar Rally2012SportWatch now
Motor Sport: Dakar Rally 20142014SportWatch now
Move It Mob Style2015EducationWatch now
Mr Mercedes2021DramaWatch now
Mr Tachyon On The Edge Of Science2019DocumentaryWatch now
Mums Make Porn2021DocumentaryWatch now
Munchies Guide To2019FactualWatch now
My House2018DocumentaryWatch now
My Restaurant In India2019FoodWatch now
Mystery Diners2017FoodWatch now
Mythical Beasts Unearthed2021DocumentaryWatch now
NAIDOC Awards2018Special EventsWatch now
NBL Overtime2021SportWatch now
NITV News2015News and Current AffairsWatch now
NITV News Specials2019News and Current AffairsWatch now
NITV News: Nula2019News and Current AffairsWatch now
NRL Rookie2020SportWatch now
Naked2020DramaWatch now
Nations Without Borders2016DocumentaryWatch now
Natural Wines With Clovis2018FoodWatch now
Needles And Pins2019DocumentaryWatch now
Nepali News2015International NewsWatch now
New Caledonian News2021News and Current AffairsWatch now
New Girl2019ComedyWatch now
Nirvanna The Band The Show2017ComedyWatch now
No Man's Land2021DramaWatch now
Noisey1970DocumentaryWatch now
Nouvelles Nationales d'APTN2020International NewsWatch now
Nudes2020DramaWatch now
Nuts And Bolts2018FactualWatch now
Off The Grid With Pio2021FactualWatch now
Oliver's Twist2021FoodWatch now
On Country Kitchen2019FoodWatch now
On Death Row: The Pablo Ibar Story2020DramaWatch now
On The Ropes2020DramaWatch now
On The Ropes (Arabic)2019ArtsWatch now
On The Ropes (Chinese)2020DramaWatch now
One Star Reviews2020EntertainmentWatch now
Our Boys2020DramaWatch now
Our Stories2016DocumentaryWatch now
Outlander2016DramaWatch now
Outlier2021DramaWatch now
Outsider: World's Weirdest Films2017DocumentaryWatch now
Over The Black Dot2017EntertainmentWatch now
PBS Newshour2015International NewsWatch now
Pacific Games 20152016SportWatch now
Pacific Island Food Revolution2021FoodWatch now
Palisa Anderson's Water Heart Food2021FoodWatch now
Partisan2021DramaWatch now
Party Of Five2020DramaWatch now
Pati's Mexican Table2018FoodWatch now
Patriot Brains2021EntertainmentWatch now
Payday2017DocumentaryWatch now
Pecan Summer2017FactualWatch now
Perspective Shift2019DocumentaryWatch now
Peter Kuruvita's Coastal Kitchen2020FoodWatch now
Petra2020DramaWatch now
Planet Expedition2020DocumentaryWatch now
Plat Du Tour2020FoodWatch now
Poh & Co.2020FoodWatch now
Poh & Co. Bitesize2021FoodWatch now
Police Custody2015DocumentaryWatch now
Polish News2015International NewsWatch now
Portillo's Greatest Railway Journeys2020DocumentaryWatch now
Portuguese News2015International NewsWatch now
Possessions2021DramaWatch now
Post Radical2018FactualWatch now
Project Blue Book2019DramaWatch now
Pros And Cons2019DramaWatch now
Public Enemy2019DramaWatch now
Punjabi News2015International NewsWatch now
Punk2020DocumentaryWatch now
Queer For Short2018FilmWatch now
Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet2021FoodWatch now
Rachel Allen: Coastal Cookery2021FoodWatch now
Rachel Khoo's Cosmopolitan Cook2021FoodWatch now
Railways Of The Western Front2020DocumentaryWatch now
Ready Steady Cook UK2020FoodWatch now
Reprisal2020DramaWatch now
Reunions2020DramaWatch now
Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey2021FoodWatch now
Rick Stein's Food Heroes2020FoodWatch now
Rick Stein's French Odyssey2021FoodWatch now
Rick Stein's Fruits Of The Sea2021FoodWatch now
Rick Stein's Seafood Odyssey2021FoodWatch now
Rick Stein's Spain2021FoodWatch now
Rick Stein: From Venice To Istanbul2021FoodWatch now
Rise2019DocumentaryWatch now
Rise Up2021DocumentaryWatch now
Rivals2017DocumentaryWatch now
Riviera2020DramaWatch now
Robbie Hood2019ComedyWatch now
RocKwiz2006EntertainmentWatch now
Romanian News2015International NewsWatch now
Romulus2021DramaWatch now
Rum: The Thirsty Road2018FactualWatch now
Russian News2015International NewsWatch now
SBS World News2012News and Current AffairsWatch now
SS-GB2021DramaWatch now
Safe Harbour2020DramaWatch now
Sanctuary2020DramaWatch now
Savages2020DramaWatch now
Save Me2020DramaWatch now
Scientology And The Aftermath2020DocumentaryWatch now
Scottish News2020News and Current AffairsWatch now
Scottish Weather2020News and Current AffairsWatch now
Secret History Of Comics2020DocumentaryWatch now
Secret Scotland2021DocumentaryWatch now
Secrets Of America's Shadow Government2021DocumentaryWatch now
Secrets Of Our Cities2020DocumentaryWatch now
Secrets Of Our Cities (Arabic)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Secrets Of Our Cities (Chinese)2020DocumentaryWatch now
Secrets of Britain2020DocumentaryWatch now
Seizure2020DramaWatch now
Serbian News2015International NewsWatch now
Sex In The World's Cities2021DocumentaryWatch now
Sex Right Now2020DocumentaryWatch now
Sexplora2019DocumentaryWatch now
Shadow Lines2020DramaWatch now
Shadow Trackers2019DocumentaryWatch now
Shadowplay2021DramaWatch now
Shadowplay (Arabic)2021DramaWatch now
Shadowplay (Chinese)2021DramaWatch now
Shortland Street2021DramaWatch now
Shrill2019ComedyWatch now
Shut Eye2020DramaWatch now
Slutever2018DocumentaryWatch now
Small Business Secrets2016News and Current AffairsWatch now
Softball: SA Premier League2021SportWatch now
Somali News2014International NewsWatch now
Sourced2021FoodWatch now
Spanish News2015International NewsWatch now
Speedweek2018SportWatch now
Spiral2019DramaWatch now
Spooks2020DramaWatch now
Sportswoman2021SportWatch now
Spring Tide2021DramaWatch now
Sri Lankan Sinhalese News2015International NewsWatch now
Stan Lee's Lucky Man2020DramaWatch now
Stanley2021DramaWatch now
State Of Happiness2021DramaWatch now
States Of Undress2019DocumentaryWatch now
Stella Blomkvist2021DramaWatch now
Stories From Home2016DocumentaryWatch now
Stories From Norway: The Musical!2020ComedyWatch now
Stories From The Golf2003ComedyWatch now
Struggle Street2015DocumentaryWatch now
Sunshine2020DramaWatch now
Superbike World Championship2020Watch now
Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras 20212021EntertainmentWatch now
Sydney Harbour Patrol2021DocumentaryWatch now
Sydney's Super Tunnel2021DocumentaryWatch now
Taboo2019DramaWatch now
Taiwanese News2020International NewsWatch now
Takeshi's Castle Indonesia2020EntertainmentWatch now
Tales From River Cottage2021FoodWatch now
Tamil News2015International NewsWatch now
Taskmaster2020EntertainmentWatch now
Taskmaster Norway2021EntertainmentWatch now
Taste Le Tour With Gabriel Gate2015FoodWatch now
Taste The Nation With Padma Lakshmi2021FoodWatch now
Tattoo Age2017DocumentaryWatch now
Te Ao2020International NewsWatch now
Team Chocolate2020DramaWatch now
Temple2019DramaWatch now
Tennis: US Open 20202020Sport (LIVE ALL)Watch now
Terror2017DocumentaryWatch now
Thai News2015International NewsWatch now
Thalu2020ChildrensWatch now
The A Word2020DramaWatch now
The Attache2020DramaWatch now
The Beach2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Big Family Cooking Showdown2020FoodWatch now
The Bike Lane2015SportWatch now
The Blitz: Britain On Fire2021DocumentaryWatch now
The Bridge2018DramaWatch now
The Bridge (USA)2019DramaWatch now
The Bureau2017DramaWatch now
The Carmichael Show2020ComedyWatch now
The Casketeers2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Cellar Door: New Zealand2021FoodWatch now
The Chefs' Line2020FoodWatch now
The Clinton Affair2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Cook And The Chef2020FoodWatch now
The Cook Up With Adam Liaw2021FoodWatch now
The Crimson Rivers2019DramaWatch now
The Curse Of Oak Island2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Devil You Know2020FactualWatch now
The Eagle2021DramaWatch now
The Fall2020DramaWatch now
The Family Law2020ComedyWatch now
The Family Law (Chinese)2017ComedyWatch now
The Feed2018News and Current AffairsWatch now
The Feed (UK)2020DramaWatch now
The Fourth Estate: The NY Times and Trump2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Good Girl's Guide To Kinky Sex2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Great Plague2021DocumentaryWatch now
The Handmaid's Tale2017DramaWatch now
The Head2020DramaWatch now
The Hot Zone2020DramaWatch now
The Hunting2019DramaWatch now
The Hunting (Arabic)2019DramaWatch now
The Hunting (Chinese)2019DramaWatch now
The Ice Cream Show2019DocumentaryWatch now
The Inner Circle2021DramaWatch now
The Insight Audition Tapes2021ComedyWatch now
The Investigation2020DramaWatch now
The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross2020ArtsWatch now
The Kennedys2021DocumentaryWatch now
The Killing2020DramaWatch now
The Last Man On Earth2019ComedyWatch now
The Last Shot2017DocumentaryWatch now
The Last Wave2019DramaWatch now
The Last Year Of Television2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Lawyer2020DramaWatch now
The Lesbian Guide To Straight Sex2021FactualWatch now
The Little Drummer Girl2021DramaWatch now
The Logan Project2017DocumentaryWatch now
The Longest Day In Chang'an2020DramaWatch now
The Minister2020DramaWatch now
The New Pope2020DramaWatch now
The Night Manager2021DramaWatch now
The Orville2018ComedyWatch now
The Pier2019DramaWatch now
The Pizza Show2018FoodWatch now
The Plague2018DramaWatch now
The Point2017News and Current AffairsWatch now
The Point Specials1970News and Current AffairsWatch now
The Principal2020DramaWatch now
The Red Line2019DramaWatch now
The Red Shadows2019DramaWatch now
The Royals And The Tabloids2021DocumentaryWatch now
The Royals In Wartime2021DocumentaryWatch now
The Salisbury Poisonings2020DramaWatch now
The Secret History Of World War II2021DocumentaryWatch now
The Secret Life Of Lighthouses2021DocumentaryWatch now
The Sister2020DramaWatch now
The Sleepers2021DramaWatch now
The Story Of The Songs2021DocumentaryWatch now
The Swiping Game: What Is Yellow Fever?2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Swiping Game: What Is Yellow Fever? (Chinese)2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Tailings2021DramaWatch now
The Tailings (Arabic)2021DramaWatch now
The Tailings (Chinese)2021DramaWatch now
The Tailings (Hindi)2021DramaWatch now
The Tailings (Korean)2021DramaWatch now
The Tailings (Vietnamese)2021DramaWatch now
The Tesla Files2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Therapist2017DocumentaryWatch now
The Tunnel2019DramaWatch now
The Twelve2019DramaWatch now
The Vietnam War2020DocumentaryWatch now
The Whole Table2021DocumentaryWatch now
The World's Busiest Stations2021DocumentaryWatch now
The Wrestlers2019DocumentaryWatch now
The X-Files2019DramaWatch now
The Young Pope2019DramaWatch now
This Week with George Stephanopoulos2019International NewsWatch now
Through The Wormhole2019DocumentaryWatch now
Tin Star2019DramaWatch now
Tony Robinson's History Of Britain2021DocumentaryWatch now
Tony Robinson: Britain's Ancient Tracks2020DocumentaryWatch now
Top Of The Shop With Tom Kerridge2021FoodWatch now
Tour De France 2014: Daily Updates2014SportWatch now
Tour De France 2014: Extended Stage Highlights2014SportWatch now
Tour De France 20152015SportWatch now
Tour De France 20162016SportWatch now
Tour De France 20172017SportWatch now
Tour De France 20192019SportWatch now
Tour De France 20202020SportWatch now
Tour de France 20182018SportWatch now
Transplant2020DramaWatch now
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Atlanta and The Handsmaid Tale are widely accepted as two of the best television shows to debut over the last few years and they both aired exclusively on SBS On Demand when they launched in Australia.

What the SBS On Demand app lacks in features, it makes up for with an eye for quality content. Browse the list of television shows below and you're bound to find one of the "next big things" in television. After you're done with shows you can also explore movies on SBS On Demand.

And if the free to air service isn't up to scratch, don't be alarmed. Australia has streaming services galore. While almost everyone is familiar with Netflix they aren't the only streaming giant around. There's also global services Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+ or local services like Stan, 10 All Access and Foxtel, so there's something for everyone.

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