Today’s trending Reddit stocks

Here are some of the most mentioned stocks on Reddit in the past 24 hours.

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What shares are trending on Reddit right now?

RankLogo CodeStock Mentions 24-hour mentions changeUpvotes Latest close price 3-month price chart
1 SPYSPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust 289 26%2,237 $424.185
2GameStop logo GMEGameStop 178 -23%804 $167.12
3Tesla logo TSLATesla 141 31%557 $1009.01
4Alibaba logo BABAAlibaba 140 65%1,285 $123.65
5AMC Entertainment logo AMCAMC Entertainment 125 39%558 $28.79
6Chewy logo CHWYChewy 101 49%624 $85.57
7 QQQInvesco QQQ ETF 86 121%416 $361.01
8DocuSign logo DOCUDocuSign 85 -44%442 $143.88
9Vinco Ventures logo BBIGVinco Ventures 74 429%494 $6.32
10Ardelyx logo ARDXArdelyx 68 74%406 $7.89
11NVIDIA logo NVDANVIDIA 68 -18%212 $300.37
12Digital World Acquisition logo DWACDigital World Acquisition 67 31%301 $43.81
13 ARKKARK Investment Management LLC - ARK Innovation ETF 61 56%1,676 $94.95
14AMD logo AMDAMD 56 -22%130 $139.06
15Microsoft logo MSFTMicrosoft 49 -36%154 $326.19
16Apple logo AAPLApple 47 -6%241 $165.32
17Pioneer Power Solutions logo PPSIPioneer Power Solutions 44 132%343 $5.05
18Parsley Energy logo PEParsley Energy 44 -19%154 N/A
19Palantir logo PLTRPalantir 41 -16%303 $21.71
20 LGVNLongeveron 40 N/A160 $7.47
21 DIDIDiDi 37 61%280 $12.03
22DTE Energy logo DTEDTE Energy 35 59%81 $114.19
23PayPal logo PYPLPayPal 32 78%341 $184.86
24Meta (Facebook) logo FBMeta (Facebook) 31 19%189 $317.87
25Chemours logo CCChemours 30 30%85 $34.57
26DraftKings logo DKNGDraftKings 29 32%317 $47.85
27BlackBerry logo BBBlackBerry 29 81%55 $8.94
28 VTIVanguard Total Stock Market ETF 26 -10%58 $229.05
29NIO logo NIONIO 26 86%237 $32.34
30 UVXYProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF 24 300%149 $23.21
31lululemon athletica logo LULUlululemon athletica 23 10%125 $423.54
32 YOUCLEAR Secure 23 -32%161 $42.2
33 VOOVanguard S&P 500 ETF 23 10%92 $416.57
34Pintec Technology logo PTPintec Technology 22 175%124 $1.01
35Moderna logo MRNAModerna 20 122%95 $265.33
36ContextLogic ( logo WISHContextLogic ( 19 -46%59 $3.61
37C3 AI logo AIC3 AI 19 -42%40 $59.19
38Allstate logo ALLAllstate 18 64%295 $109.78
39Robinhood logo HOODRobinhood 17 N/A72 $21.9
40Clover Health Investments logo CLOVClover Health Investments 17 70%36 $9.27
41Cortexyme logo CRTXCortexyme 16 -41%75 $50.86
42Zoom logo ZMZoom 16 N/A49 $220.21
43Pluralsight logo PSPluralsight 15 -6%157 N/A
44Amazon logo AMZNAmazon 15 -21%56 $3427.37
45Marathon Digital Holdings logo MARAMarathon Digital Holdings 14 -39%28 $54.68
46Progenity logo PROGProgenity 14 -50%20 $3.03
47Peloton logo PTONPeloton 14 -22%137 $118.05
48SP Plus Corporation logo SPSP Plus Corporation 14 -18%363 $30.79
49 PTPIPetros Pharmaceuticals 13 86%56 $2.19
50 SOFISoFi 13 -38%67 $21.67
51 IWMBlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. - BTC iShares Russell 2000 13 8%35 $225.16
52Gartner logo ITGartner 13 -24%58 $307.42
53Antero Resources logo ARAntero Resources 13 -28%30 $15.22
54 TQQQProShares Trust - ProShares UltraPro QQQ 13 -54%143 $153.59
55 LFGArchaea Energy 12 100%74 $18.83
56Viela Bio logo VIEViela Bio 12 33%727 N/A
57Lucid Motors logo LCIDLucid Motors 12 -40%125 $21.03
58Weight Watchers logo WWWeight Watchers 12 N/A56 $30.74
59Toronto Dominion Bank logo TDToronto Dominion Bank 12 -48%51 $74.02
60MongoDB logo MDBMongoDB 11 -61%27 $429.34
61Coupa logo COUPCoupa 11 N/A141 $217
62 QYLDGlobal X Funds - Global X NASDAQ 100 Covered Call ETF 11 450%11 $22.21
63 RIVNRivian 11 83%77 $116.78
64ViacomCBS logo VIACViacomCBS 11 1,000%49 $31.12
65Alphabet (Google) logo GOOGAlphabet (Google) 11 -39%30 $2891.01
66Pfizer logo PFEPfizer 11 83%30 $51.48
67Square logo SQSquare 11 -35%34 $225.14
68Intel logo INTCIntel 11 22%25 $50.99
69 ATERAterian 10 11%19 $4.59
70 UPWheels Up 10 233%82 $4.33
71 ISIronSource 10 -67%52 $11.51
72Dow logo DOWDow 10 233%36 $53.88
73MSC Industrial Direct logo MSMMSC Industrial Direct 10 150%70 $82.05
74Antero Midstream logo AMAntero Midstream 10 -41%123 $10.45
75Navistar logo NAVNavistar 10 25%39 $44.5
76Phunware logo PHUNPhunware 9 -40%30 $1.1
77Activision Blizzard logo ATVIActivision Blizzard 9 200%142 $62.38
78Everest Re logo REEverest Re 9 200%42 $251.55
79Mastercard logo MAMastercard 9 -40%112 $333.33
80 SQQQProShares Trust - ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ 9 80%37 $8.47
81Southwest Airlines logo LUVSouthwest Airlines 8 700%225 $45.56
82Desktop Metal logo DMDesktop Metal 8 14%50 $12.53
83Twitter logo TWTRTwitter 8 14%26 $44.47
84BlackLine logo BLBlackLine 8 -33%12 $104.515
85Osisko Gold Royalties logo OROsisko Gold Royalties 8 -11%35 $11.83
86Walt Disney logo DISWalt Disney 8 -50%108 $150.37
87iQIYI logo IQiQIYI 8 -27%34 $4.99
88 GTLBGitLab 7 250%10 $89.16
89 DIASSgA Active Trust - SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF 7 600%24 $352.79
90 ARKGARK Investment Management LLC - ARK Genomic Revolution ETF 7 40%123 $59.26
91 YANGDirexion Shares ETF Trust - Direxion Daily FTSE China Bear 3X Shares 7 -50%18 $19.1
92DoorDash logo DASHDoorDash 7 600%23 $161.54
93 DNAGinkgo Bioworks 7 40%23 $13.95
94SmileDirectClub logo SDCSmileDirectClub 7 40%13 $7.82
95Ubiquiti logo UIUbiquiti 7 75%79 $311.03
96Roku logo ROKURoku 7 -13%20 $210.16
97Editas Medicine logo EDITEditas Medicine 7 N/A18 $54.9
98Eversource Energy logo ESEversource Energy 7 -30%30 $86.14
99Riot Blockchain logo RIOTRiot Blockchain 7 -50%12 $34.33
100Adobe logo ADBEAdobe 6 50%21 $622.04

To generate this list, we've aggregated trending stock information from Reddit's most active subs, including r/WSB, r/stocks, r/investing and r/ShortSqueeze.

Why does Reddit have any impact on the stock market?

At the start of 2021, Reddit cemented itself as a key trading indicator for many seasoned and institutional investors around the world. This was because GameStop, a US-based video game retailer, spiked over 700% during a frenzied few days at the end of January.

GameStop sky-rocketed around 8,000% over six months. The stock became a piece in a rather complicated financial power struggle puzzle between a major hedge fund, Melvin Capital, and a group of internet investors who congregated on Reddit. GameStop became the subject of what's known as 'short selling', a process in which professional investors borrow shares of stock to sell them and then buy them back at a later date, allowing them to make a profit if the stock price goes down. In simple terms, short-selling is a bet that the company will fail, with infinite loss potential.

Long story short, Reddit investors found an opportunity to make some money by aggressively buying GameStop shares, which resulted in an internet pile on, with everyone from Elon Musk to Wolf of Wall Street's Jordan Belfort wading into the debate and hype. A boom of coverage of the now infamous subreddit r/WallStreetBets made sure the frenzy continued through January.

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How to find trending stocks on Reddit

We've compiled some of the trending Reddit stocks above to give you some inspiration, but if you'd like to take a look at Reddit yourself, here's how you can find trending stocks on Reddit:

  1. Go to investing subreddits. Some examples are r/WallStreetBets, r/Stocks, r/Investing and r/PennyStocks. If you're looking for specific categories, like dividend stocks, you can search for other subreddits.
  2. Sort the posts. You can do this with the "hot", "new" and "top" buttons above the posts and choose a time period to sort by.
  3. Read the discussions. You can find out what people are talking about and read their research to find out why the stock is trending.
  4. Do your own research. Before you dive in and invest, look into the stock yourself and weigh up the risks involved.

Does Reddit matter to ordinary investors?

The GameStop scenario tells us that, yes, it does. For example during the frenzy, brokerages were forced to suspend trading of certain stocks, and even caused outages of entire apps. This was due to the intense strain put on the infrastructure of brokerages and trading apps, many of which received unprecedented volumes of trades and new sign ups.

The GameStop affair has also caused a lasting shift in the analysis conducted by institutions. The internet has empowered retail investors, the combined force of which now matched institutions when it comes to buying power and volume. This changed the dynamics of investing somewhat, you'd think in favour of the little guy - though it remains to be seen if retail investor success has eaten into the profits of the big guns on Wall Street.

Reddit stocks list

Reddit has provided some of the most dramatic investing stories since the start of 2020, the most famous of those being the GameStop frenzy. Some of the most commonly talked about stocks include GameStop, AMC Entertainment, Tesla and BlackBerry.

Is Reddit a reliable place to research stocks?

The internet has been used for talking about stocks and investments since its inception. Reddit is just the latest evolution of that. There are some advantages to researching stocks on Reddit, as well as some things you should watch out for.


  • Anonymised forums can provide protection and create an unbiased environment which allows fruitful discussions to thrive. For example, it's not unheard of for genuine employees at companies to participate and share genuine insight which can help readers achieve higher gains.
  • Reddit's used globally. You can get access to insight no matter what time it is, whether you're an early bird, up at the brink of dawn, or a night owl that prefers late night stock searching.
  • The voting system helps you filter discussions. This is great for filtering out some of the nonsense and getting straight to the good stuff.

Things to watch out for:

  • It can be difficult to verify the authority of posters. This means that you don't really ever know the credibility of anyone in these forums, and should use insight from several sources when researching.
  • There's a tendency for groupthink. This means that you don't get a balanced discussion.
  • Some of these stocks can be riskier Sometimes stocks like pink sheet stocks are mentioned, which are riskier. Stocks can become riskier once they've taken off a bit, as they can become very volatile.

Like any form of research, Reddit offers some things you can't get elsewhere, but should probably just form a part of your overall research process - as opposed to being the start and end of your digging.

This article offers general information about investing and the stock market, but should not be construed as personal investment advice. It has been provided without consideration of your personal circumstances or objectives. It should not be interpreted as an inducement, invitation or recommendation relating to any of the products listed or referred to. The value of investments can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invested, so your capital is at risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. If you're not sure which investments are right for you, please get financial advice. The author holds no positions in any share mentioned.

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