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The 7 types of puffer jackets celebrities are loving

The winter trend of the year is here and it's safe to say these A-list celebs are loving it.

The popular 80s and 90s jacket is back and better than ever. Puffer jackets were a trend back in the good old days and like every trend, has been recycled for some more time in the lime light.

These jackets are not only perfect for winter in order to keep warm but also are the perfect fashion piece to style up your outfit.

Seen on the style queens like Kendall Jenner, Hayley Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid and Rihanna, you really can't go wrong with this coat, no matter what style you choose!

The classic puffer jacket

Let's start simple. The classic puffer jacket that presents the seamed style we all know and love. The oversize type of puffer jacket is definitely the one trending this season and Hayley Baldwin seems to quite like it too!

The crop puffer jacket

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods rock these cropped puffer jackets and are great if you prefer jackets on the shorter side. These work especially great if you are petite or on the shorter side.

The patent puffer jacket

One of our favourite things in fashion is when you mix two trends in one! Patent, a shiny type of fabric, is trending this winter and a patent puffer jacket is everything we need and more!

Black Cropped Vinyl Puffer Jacket
Black Cropped Vinyl Puffer Jacket


SUPPLY & DEMAND Padded Boxy Puffer Jacket
SUPPLY & DEMAND Padded Boxy Puffer Jacket

JD Sports

The puffer vest

A different take on the puffer jacket - the vest option is great for transeasonal weather. Can't decide if it's hot or cold? A puffer vest has you covered for however the weather decides to turn out/

The coloured puffer jacket

Want to make a statement? The coloured puffer jacket is everywhere right now and good news, there is so many options to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for a sweet bright blue or a fiery red - this trend is seriously fun!

The textured jacket

If you want more out of your puffer jacket, this is the trend to know about. Puffer jackets are so popular that now you can find styles with texture - as in some extra warmth. We are talking about the 'teddy' look, fur and velvet so you can never complain about the cold again.

The full-length puffer jacket

Last but most definitely not least, is the full-length puffer jacket. This bad boy is for those hard-core winter months where you simple need to brave the cold. It doesn't have to be unfashionable though as shown by Rihanna who makes this full length coat look sleek and sexy!

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