Presto Sci-Fi | The Top 6 Science Fictions Flicks You Can Stream For Free

Giant insects, naked cyborgs and a Scarlett Johansson OS — isn’t sci-fi just the best?

The fantastic thing about the recent flood of streaming services is that each is competing for your love by adding your favourite movies — new and old — to their libraries. We compared the top 3 streaming services side-by-side, and though they had plenty of content on their servers, it was more often than not a mixed-bag of both genre and niche. To save you sifting through the sea of movie titles on Presto Sci-fi, we’ve dug up the top 6 Sci-fi movies to satisfy your nerdy needs.

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Starship Troopers


Cast: Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, NPH and Clancy Brown (otherwise known as Mr Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants)

Possibly one of the pioneers of the so-bad-it’s-good sub-genre (which would eventually spawn Sharknado), Starship Troopers follows the adventures of a galactic Federation in their quest to colonise new planets. Along the way, our meathead marines butt heads with a violent insectoid species known simply as “Bugs” — honestly, it’s hard to tell which species is more braindead, the insectoids or the humans.

Surprisingly, Starship Troopers was nominated for an Oscar when it released, thanks to the superb special effects used (courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic vet, Phil Tippett) to create the terrifying Arachnids.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 09.45.52 7.2

Watch if…  I would say hungover, but there’s enough gore to turn even the strongest stomachs

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Cast: Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Rose Byrne and Cliff Curtis (who is a) awesome and b) set to star in this year’s Fear The Walking Dead)

This British Sci-Fi film shares the same director as Trainspotting and 28 Days Later (Danny Boyle), stars the brilliant Cillian Murphy, and tells a space-paranoia story akin to Event Horizon (also available on Presto) — what could go wrong? Due to poor marketing that made the sci-fi/thriller/slasher flick look like a cheap Armageddon rip-off, Sunshine performed rather poorly for its theatrical run, making $32,017,803 of its $40,000,000 budget so it’s no wonder if this one flew under your radar, too.

Sure, it does have its problems, but if you ignore the very questionable science behind reigniting the sun with a nuclear fission bomb, Sunshine’s under-appreciated sci-fi story offers non-stop suspense and a stellar-as-always performance from our favourite Scarecrow, Cillian Murphy.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 09.45.527.3

Watch ifIt’s an especially miserable winter’s day

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The Fifth Element


Cast: Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Chris Tucker, Gary Oldman

The Fifth Element is one of those movies that  is hard to recommend — Is it as mind-blowingly awesome as I remember, or is my judgement clouded by optimism and nostalgia? It’s never an easy judgement to make, (heads up, Jurassic Park 3 and Spiderman 3? Rubbish). Honestly though, The Fifth Element holds up. Everything that made it the gratuitous sci-fi romp that it was will still keep you entertained from beginning to end. Yes, Gary Oldman’s villain is nowhere near as menacing as you remember and yes, you will find it hard to sit through Chris Tucker’s over-the-top Ruby Rhod. But that’s all part of the fun. Bruce Willis as a cabby and Milla Jovovich as a...humanoid, killing-machine, Leeloo, still make for an entertaining duo — and the practical effects will have you cursing today’s CGI bonanzas.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 09.45.52 7.6

Watch if“Mul-ti pass”

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The Terminator


Cast: Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn and Real-Life Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before you’re let down by Terminator Genisys (which is set to star Daenerys Targaryen and Aussies, Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney, as John Connor and Kyle Reese, respectively), why not relive the classic that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name?

Admittedly, it’s hard to go back to a time when Arnie’s T-800 is the bad guy and Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor is a damsel, but one thing’s for sure, the franchise has never regained the blood-pumping intensity of the first film. In Judgement Day, Arnie’s Terminator has enough brute force to fight back against the villain, but in Terminator, the two protagonists are severely underpowered, making for a thrilling ride, beginning to end.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 09.45.52 8.1

Watch if You’re planning on blowing forty bucks for you and a hot date to go see Genisys

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Escape From L.A


Cast: Kurt Russell, Pam Grier, Steve Buscemi and Bruce Campbell (disguised by some very creepy makeup)

If you’ve ever played a Metal Gear Solid (MGS) game and immediately fallen in love with the wacky, over-the-top action, then Escape From L.A is for you. The creator of MGS, Hideo Kojima (a known film buff), has cited Escape From New York and its sequel — Escape From LA — as huge inspirations for the stealth-espionage series. Metal Gear’s gruff protagonist, Solid Snake, bears the same eyepatch and moniker as Kurt Russell's all-out action hero, Snake Plissken (and in MG2, Snake even goes by the codename Plissken).

Escape From LA (1996) is the sequel is to 1981’s Escape From New York, but don’t worry if you missed the first one, because there’s barely any continuity here (lucky, ‘cause these streaming services have a bad habit of streaming sequels and leaving out the originals).

Escape from L.A. is too preposterous to be a good film”

- Christopher Harris, Globe and Mail

This sequel garnered far less favourable reviews than the original, but it was panned for all the reasons that make it ridiculously entertaining — a shear wave of absurdity crashing for 100 minutes straight.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 09.45.525.6

Watch if... You need another reason to get excited for Metal Gear Solid V

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Cast: Only the coolest actors in Hollywood– Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Rooney Mara, Chris Pratt, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader

2014’s Her is not your typical sci-fi. There are no aliens, no plans for world domination, in fact there’s no action to be found at all. Instead, Her sets itself in the not-too-distant future where headset-free Hololens is a commonplace lounge room gadget and Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of achieving technological singularity.

In this touching story, Phoenix’s character, a down-in-the-dumps writer, Theodore, implements a new operating system in his house known as “Samantha” (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). What starts off as a playful friendship (that slowly helps Ted get over his recent separation) between the writer and Samantha, eventually flourishes into something much more beautiful. You could strip away all the sci-fi aspects and this would still make for a gripping love story, but the futuristic angle and hints of techno-paranoia help reinforce deeper themes of cultural and personal acceptance.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 09.45.52 8.0

Watch ifYou need a lesson in moving on (and if you want to see a potty-mouthed creature throw insults at Joaquin Phoenix — it’s quite entertaining)

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies on Presto

TitleRelease DateIMDB ScoreGenreDescriptionDirectorRunning Time
Ender's Game20136.7SciFi & FantasyA boy is recruited in the fight against aliens. Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Asa Butterfield & Abigail Breslin star in this sci fi adventure based on Orson Scott Card’s acclaimed novel.Gavin Hood109
Return To Halloweentown20065.8SciFi & FantasyAgainst her mother's wishes, Marnie goes to college at Halloweentown's Witch Uni. It is not what she expected though - magic is forbidden on campus and she becomes the target of an evil conspiracy.David Jackson, David S. Jackson84
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn20127.2SciFi & FantasyPeace is shattered by insurrectionists causing a galaxy-spanning civil war. Cadet Lasky is forced to fight for survival, finding assistance from a mysterious ally - a mythic, armoured super-soldier.Stewart Hendler79
Mission To Mars20005.5SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureWhen a mysterious disaster hits the first manned mission to Mars a rescue team is launched to bring back any survivors. Director Brian De Palma's sci-fi adventure stars Tim Robbins and Gary Sinise.Brian De Palma108
Starship Troopers19977.2SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureIn this sci-fi adventure, fire-spitting, brain-sucking bugs attack Earth and wipe Buenos Aires off the map. Four troopers come to the rescue by travelling to a distant galaxy for the final showdown.Paul Verhoeven124
Species19955.8SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureA creature with alien DNA adopts the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men and bear offspring that will destroy mankind.Roger Donaldson104
Stargate19947.0SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureOn a desert planet on the far side of the universe, two men must battle a powerful alien Sun God. At stake: the freedom of an ancient civilisation from slavery and any chance of ever getting home.Roland Emmerich116
X-Men 220037.5SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureFollowing a shocking attack on the President, the X-Men must stand united with their deadliest enemies to combat a menace that threatens every mutant on the planet - and possibly all of mankind.Bryan Singer128
Sunshine20077.3SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureIt is the year 2057, the Sun is dying and mankind faces extinction. Earth's last hope lies with a crew whose mission it is to deliver a nuclear device designed to reignite the fading sun.. But disaster strikes everywhere in this superb blend of doomsday thriller and thoughtful sci-fi starring Rose Byrne.Danny Boyle103
Serenity20058.0SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureA space western set in 2517. When the renegade crew hide a psychic fugitive on their spaceship a battle breaks out with a ruthless regime who will destroy anything to get her back. Nathan Fillion stars.Joss Whedon114
X-Men20007.4SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureIn a world where humans and mutant freaks fear each other, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) takes on the forces of darkness to stop a war. Halle Berry and Patrick Stewart also feature in this superhero adventure.Bryan Singer100
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen20035.8SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureQuatermain's league members are staunch individualists: outcasts with chequered pasts and singular gifts - both blessing and curse. Now they must work as a team for the very hope of civilisation.Stephen Norrington, Steve Norrington105
Escape From L.A.19965.6SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureSnake Plissken is back in John Carpenter's long-awaited sequel to Escape From New York, injected with a virus that will kill him in 10 hours flat unless he is successful in his latest quest.John Carpenter96
The Warrior's Way20106.3SciFi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure(2010) Jang Dong-Gun, Kate Bosworth. In this visually dazzling modern martial arts adventure, the world's greatest swordsman abandons his warrior clan to start a new life in the US Badlands, taking his clan's sworn enemy with him.Sngmoo Lee96
Impostor20016.2SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureSet in 2079, a top-secret government weapons designer is arrested by a government organisation on suspicion of being an alien android and a nationwide hunt is on for the walking time bomb.Gary Fleder91
Thor: The Dark World20137.1SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureChris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins star in a special effects blockbuster. This time Thor embarks on a perilous journey to save the universe and rescue his Earthly love.Alan Taylor107
Divergent20146.8SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureIn a world where people are divided into distinct factions based on human virtues, a Divergent, who is told will never fit in, discovers a conspiracy by a faction leader to destroy all Divergents.Neil Burger134
Captain America: The Winter Soldier20147.8SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureWhen a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague comes under attack, Captain America struggles to expose an ever-widening conspiracy while fighting off assailants sent to silence him at every turn.Joe Russo, Anthony Russo130
Soldier19985.9SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureA veteran soldier of numerous galactic conflicts dumped on a remote garbage planet must rise to defend his adopted home against a new breed of engineered soldiers unmatched in battle expertise.Paul W.S. Anderson94
The Crow: City Of Angels19964.5SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureAfter a brutal attack by an evil drug cartel, the murder victim is brought back to life by a mysterious crow. With the help of a beautiful woman named Sarah, he exacts revenge on his killers one by one.Tim Pope82
Robocop 219905.7SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureWhen Detroit's descent into chaos is further compounded by a police department strike and a new designer drug called Nuke, only Robocop can stop the mayhem.Irvin Kershner111
Robocop 319933.9SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureRobocop joins forces with a renegade band of freedom fighters when a ruthless corporation begins kicking families out of their homes to clear space for a profitable new real estate project.Fred Dekker100
Judge Dredd19955.4SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureIn a dystopian future time, Judge Dredd is the most resolute and feared law enforcer of them all. But in a sinister plot to overthrow the government, Dredd is framed for murder.Danny Cannon92
The Terminator19848.1SciFi & Fantasy, Action & AdventureJames Cameron's sci-fi smash begins in 2029. As machines rout the last vestiges of humanity, a cyborg assassin (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent back from the future to kill the resistance leader's mother.James Cameron102
Titan A.E.20006.6SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyA young human named Cale holds the key to defeating the Drej, a vicious alien race who have destroyed the Earth, as he sets out to find the long lost Titan, a gigantic spaceship.Don Bluth, Gary Goldman91
Quest For Camelot19986.1SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & Family(1998) Jessalyn Gilsig, Cary Elwes. An adventurous girl, a young blind hermit and a goofy two headed dragon race to find the lost sword Excalibur to save King Arthur and Camelot from disaster.Bronson Pinchot, Bryan White82
Fantasia19407.8SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyWitness the special wonder of Mickey Mouse as the mischievous Sorcerer's Apprentice and see the music come to life and hear the pictures burst into song in Walt Disney's innovative Fantasia!Deems Taylor, Hugh Douglas119
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas19937.9SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyBored with the same annual routine, the beloved Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, Jack Skellington, finds a new purpose in life when he accidentally stumbles upon the entryway to Christmastown.Henry Selick73
Atlantis: Milo's Return20034.9SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyFrom the dusty deserts of the Southwest to the icy heights of the Nordic mountains, the team's newest quest sets them against gigantic sea monsters, spectacular spirits and powerful legends.Victor Cook, Toby Shelton77
Atlantis: The Lost Empire20016.8SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyA young adventurer leads a group of daredevils to find the elusive undersea kingdom known as Atlantis, but what they find there defies their expectations.Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise91
Kaena: The Prophecy20036.2SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureA rebellious, high-spirited teenage girl defies the High Priest and ancestral beliefs to take the perilous journey through Axis and discover what dark secrets lie beyond the clouds.Chris Delaporte, Pascal Pinon87
Encino Man19925.6SciFi & Fantasy, ComedyTwo high school buddies dig up a frozen caveman in their backyard! Thinking that he?s their ticket to being cool, the plan backfires when the newcomer turns everyday life upside down.Les Mayfield84
Vampire Academy20145.6SciFi & Fantasy, Comedy, Action & AdventureAt the vampire academy, school really sucks! This is the action-packed and hilarious tale of a girl who must protect her best friend, a vampire princess, from evil bloodsuckers.Mark Waters100
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind19777.7SciFi & Fantasy, DramaAfter an encounter with UFOs, a line worker feels undeniably drawn to an isolated area in the wilderness where something spectacular is about to happen.Steven Spielberg131
A.I. Artificial Intelligence20017.1SciFi & Fantasy, DramaDirected by Steven Spielberg. A highly advanced robotic boy longs to become 'perfect' so that he can regain the love of his human mother.Steven Spielberg139
Robocop19877.5SciFi & Fantasy, Drama, Action & AdventureWhen a good Detroit cop gets blown away, scientists piece him back together as a crime-fighting cyborg. As a machine, he cleans up the streets but is tormented by nightmares of his own humanity.Paul Verhoeven98
The Fifth Element19977.6SciFi & Fantasy, Drama, Action & AdventureA cabbie picks up the fare of a lifetime: a perfect beauty, a perfect being, a perfect weapon. Together they must save the world. Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich star in an outrageous sci-fi adventure.Luc Besson120
Dragonheart19966.4SciFi & Fantasy, Drama, Action & AdventureLong ago, when majestic fire-breathers soared through the skies, there lived a knight who would come face-to-face and heart-to-heart with the most remarkable creature that ever existed.Rob Cohen98
Babylon A.D.20085.6SciFi & Fantasy, Drama, Action & AdventureA mercenary (Vin Diesel) takes a woman from Russia to America unaware that a cult is using her to spawn a genetically modified, post-apocalyptic messiah. Gerard Depardieu and Charlotte Rampling co-star.Mathieu Kassovitz86
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro20146.9SciFi & Fantasy, Drama, Action & AdventureSpider-Man's greatest battle begins when an evil corporation attempts world domination by sending out an army of super villains to crush Peter Parker.Marc Webb135
Being John Malkovich19997.8SciFi & Fantasy, Drama, ComedyThis amazingly imaginative comedy directed by Spike Jonze stars John Cusack as the depressed Craig Schwartz who sells tickets to people so they can enter a portal into actor John Malkovich's mind.Spike Jonze108
Space Station 7620144.9SciFi & Fantasy, Drama, ComedyThis groovy, oddball, all-star space comedy tracks the misadventures of lonely individuals aboard a 70s space station, and the shockwaves resulting from the arrival of a beautiful stranger.Jack Plotnick91
Mimic19975.9SciFi & Fantasy, HorrorA genetically modified insect created to combat a roach-borne epidemic that was killing thousands of children begins to alter the balance of nature, tipping the scales in favour of the insects. Electrifying thriller starring Mira Sorvino, Charles S. Dutton and Josh Brolin.Guillermo del Toro101
Event Horizon19976.7SciFi & Fantasy, HorrorA rescue mission to an abandoned spaceship turns out to be a close encounter of the most evil kind.Paul W.S. Anderson92
Ghost In The Machine19934.3SciFi & Fantasy, HorrorIn this sci-fi thriller, the Address Book killer is transformed into a deadly computer virus after his car careers off a highway, but he's not going anywhere until the names on his list are dead.Rachel Talalay91
Mimic 220014.5SciFi & Fantasy, HorrorA teacher's school is infested with giant mutant cockroaches. It's off to the races as the teacher, a detective and her students are trapped inside the school as the creature hunts them down.Jean de Segonzac78
Mimic 3: Sentinel20034.4SciFi & Fantasy, HorrorWhen residents of his apartment building begin to disappear, Marvin comes to believe the unthinkable: the mutant breed of giant carnivorous insects that once plagued society are back.J.T. Petty73
The Scorpion King20025.5SciFi & Fantasy, Horror, Action & AdventureThe ruler of wicked Gomorrah, who relies on a sorcerer's visions, lays waste to the tribes of the desert. The survivors hire an assassin to kill the sorcerer ? who turns out to be a beautiful woman.Charles Russell, Chuck Russell87
Aliens vs Predator: Requiem20074.7SciFi & Fantasy, Horror, Action & AdventureAfter a horrifying Alien crash landing near a small Colorado town, it's an all-out battle to the death with no rules, no mercy, and hundreds of innocent people caught in the crossfire.Colin Strause, Greg Strause90
I, Frankenstein20145.1SciFi & Fantasy, Horror, Action & AdventureSet in a dystopic present where vigilant gargoyles and ferocious demons battle for ultimate power, both sides race to discover the secret to Frankenstein's creation Adam's immortality.Stuart Beattie89
The Witches Of Eastwick19876.5SciFi & Fantasy, Horror, ComedyThree modern-day "witches" yearn for Mr Right in a quaint New England town. Is the arrival of a wealthy and irresistible Daryl Van Horne a coincidence, or the women's unconscious sorcery at work?George Miller113
Knights Of Badassdom20135.7SciFi & Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Action & AdventureA must-see for all the geeks-at-heart, this is a freaky tale about three role-playing friends who, whilst in the woods re-enacting the Middle Ages, conjure up a demon from the pits of hell.Joe Lynch85
Peter Pan20037.4SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & FamilyDiscover the magic and adventure of J.M. Barrie's reimagined timeless tale, telling the story of Wendy, John and Michael Darling, who are whisked off to Neverland by the eternally youthful Peter Pan.Freddie Popplewell, Geoffrey Palmer108
The Last Mimzy20076.3SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & FamilyTwo children find Mimzy - a magical stuffed rabbit which gives the children exceptional power to move objects with their mind and solve complex equations - which attracts the FBI's attention.Robert Shaye92
Bridge To Terabithia20077.2SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureTwo children find the secret kingdom of Terabithia, where they reign supreme among giants, ogres and other strange creatures. Uplifting fantasy-adventure about the power of imagination and friendship.Gabor Csupo91
Flight Of The Navigator19866.9SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & Adventure(1986) Joey Cramer, Paul Reubens. After a mystifying disappearance aboard a spectacular, futuristic spacecraft, a boy returns to earth possessing vast, undiscovered knowledge about the farthest reaches of the universe.Randal Kleiser
The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising20074.8SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureA young time-traveller is the last in a line of warriors who have spent their lives fighting evil. Alexander Ludwig and Ian McShane star in an adaptation of The Dark Is Rising, a fantasy book series.David L. Cunningham94
The Rocketeer19916.4SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureThe discovery of a top-secret jetpack hurls test pilot Cliff Secord into a daring adventure of mystery, suspense and intrigue as he encounters an assortment of ruthless villains.Joe Johnston104
Tall Tale19955.8SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureSummoned by the imagination of a young boy, Pecos Bill, the gun-slinging, tornado-riding cowboy legend, sets out to help the lad save the family farm from a greedy land-grabber.Jeremiah S. Chechik92
Pixel Perfect20045.9SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, ComedyTechno-wiz Roscoe sees his friend's band the Zettabytes floundering because they don't have the right image, so he uses computer technology to craft singer Loretta Modern - a perfect rockin' hologram.Mark A.Z. Dippe86
My Favorite Martian19994.9SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, ComedyThis hilarious adventure begins when an ambitious TV reporter, Tim O'Hara, stumbles upon a Martian who has just crash on Earth, giving him the story of the millennium.Donald Petrie89
Geppetto20005.4SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, ComedyA lonely woodcarver only wants a son to complete his life; but after the Blue Fairy grants him his wish and brings Pinocchio to life, he discovers how difficult it is to raise a child.Tom Moore84
The Devil And Max Devlin19815.0SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, ComedyWhen a ruthless landlord is struck by a bus, he meets a diabolical soul manager with an offer to return to life on earth if he can convince three innocent people to sign their souls over to the devil.Steven Hilliard Stern91
Unidentified Flying Oddball19795.1SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Comedy, Action & AdventureAn astronaut and his robot companion accidentally fly backwards in time and end up prisoners at the court of King Arthur.Russ Mayberry89
The Illusionist20067.6SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, DramaThe opposite worlds of reality and illusion crash in a face-off between a 19th century magician and the policeman sworn to expose him. Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel and Rufus Sewell star.Neil Burger, Bob Yari104
The Box20095.6SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerMarried couple Cameron Diaz and James Marsden are in the crosshairs of a terrible moral dilemma after a mysterious stranger (Frank Langella) offers them $1 million to commit a simple but shocking act.Richard Kelly110
28 Weeks Later20077.0SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerThe U.S. Army steps in to help repatriate Mainland Britain, but one of the returning refugees carries a terrible secret that threatens to reignite the deadly explosion of bloodlust, carnage and chaos.Juan Carlos Fresnadillo96
The Prophecy19956.6SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerFed up with God giving all of his attention to humans, the angel Gabriel decides to stage a coup and enlists the help of a recently deceased and inhumanly malevolent army general.Gregory Widen93
The Butterfly Effect 220064.4SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaA young man meddles with the past to try and alter the future. But he soon discovers that his leaps through time have dire consequences in the present. Eric Lively stars in this sci-fi thriller sequel.John R. Leonetti88
The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations20095.6SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaA young man who can time travel attempts to solve his girlfriend's mysterious death. But is that causing the death of many others? Chris Carmack (The O.C.) and Rachel Miner star in a third thriller.Seth Grossman90
Push20096.1SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, ThrillerA group of Americans with superhuman abilities fight a government agency trying to steal their powers and create an army of psychic warriors. Sci-fi thriller starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning.Paul McGuigan107
Europa Report20136.5SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, ThrillerWhen unmanned probes suggest that a hidden ocean could exist underneath Europa's icy surface and may contain single-celled life, six of the best astronauts are sent on a malfunctioning mission.Sebastian Cordero86
Below20026.2SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, ThrillerThe American submarine USS Tiger Shark picks up three survivors from a downed British hospital ship, but the unexpected visitors seem to spark a series of chilling, otherworldly occurrences.David Twohy101
I, Robot20047.1SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureIn 2035 technology and robots are a trusted part of life. When that trust is broken only one man sees the real danger ahead: Will Smith, a technophobic cop out to stop robots from ruling the world.Alex Proyas110
Cypher20026.9SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA computer programmer who turns to corporate espionage is caught in a spiral where even his own identity is put in doubt. Paranoia drives this hi-tech cyber thriller with Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu.Vincenzo Natali95
Species II19984.2SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureIn the sequel to Species, an astronaut recently returned from a mission discovers a dangerous link between Eve, a clone made from the original alien-human hybrid, Sil, and himself.Peter Medak89
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer20075.7SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureIn the second instalment of this popular live-action series, the Fantastic Four meet their greatest challenge yet as the Silver Surfer comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction.Tim Story88
Independence Day19966.9SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA blockbuster with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum leading the last stand of the human race on July 4, Independence Day, after giant alien spacecraft invade Earth and destroy Washington, New York and LA.Roland Emmerich138
Escape Plan20136.8SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureAction heroes Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger reunite in this tense thriller about two men who devise a daring plan to break out of the world’s most secret and secure prison.Mikael Hafstrom111
The Butterfly Effect20047.7SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaAshton Kutcher, playing a young man trying to dig up childhood memories, finds a technique that allows him to travel back in time. He finds he is able to change history - with unexpected consequences.Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber109
Splash19846.2SciFi & Fantasy, Romance, ComedyComplications arise when a workaholic falls in love with a gorgeous woman, unaware she's a mermaid. This comedy made stars of Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah and John Candy, and a top director of Ron Howard.Ron Howard105
Kate & Leopold20016.3SciFi & Fantasy, Romance, ComedyRomance ignites when a rip in time entwines a 19th century bachelor and a 21st century woman. Star-crossed lovers Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman discover that passion and chivalry never go out of style.James Mangold113
Her20138.0SciFi & Fantasy, Romance, DramaDuring the final stages of divorce a lonely writer discovers the perfect partner is his computer's artificially intelligent operating system. Heartbroken after the end of a relationship, a writer becomes intrigued and falls for a new, advanced operating system - a bright, female voice, who is insightful and surprisingly funny. A unique, powerful tale.Spike Jonze121
The Day After Tomorrow20046.4SciFi & Fantasy, Thriller, Action & AdventureDennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal battle climate chaos as Earth is ravaged by natural disasters. Stunning special effects from the director of Independence Day bring to life the storm to end all storms.Roland Emmerich118
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