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Tech expert Angus Kidman latest hire as prepares for global expansion

  • Lifehacker Editor and Tech Expert Angus Kidman to join team
  • Mr Kidman will be Editor in Chief
  • Latest hire is part of’s rapid growth – headcount has grown by 39% in 2015 alone

June 4, 2015, SYDNEY – One of Australia’s biggest comparison sites is celebrating their latest in a string of hires, securing renowned tech and publishing expert Angus Kidman as in-house Editor in Chief.


Mr Kidman joins’s Sydney office on July 6, after a seven-year term as Editor of Australia’s fifth-largest tech website Lifehacker Australia, owned by Allure Media.

Fred Schebesta, Director at, said Mr Kidman’s expertise in the online space is a key component of the company’s aggressive growth strategy.With 21 years of writing and editing experience, Mr Kidman has held numerous roles predominantly within the Tech and IT niches, including Editor in Chief of APC magazine, and has worked as a freelancer for every major tech publication in Australia.

“Angus is at the forefront of tech and social commentary. His editorial work has continually answered key questions in social and tech topics, and that reflects’s aim to provide Australians with the best answers possible.

“Our conversations with people coming to our site will be enhanced by Angus’ skills and analytical insights. He’s a key component to the string of hires across our specialisations – we’ve seen 39 percent team growth in 2015 alone – and he will be crucial to our expansion into the US market later this year.”

Mr Kidman said is the perfect platform to continue his mission to answer the questions Australians are actually asking, through genuine insights and helpful information.

“I’ve always focused on helping people solve real problems, and pursues that ambitious goal.

“I’m looking forward to working with the content teams, leading industry discussion topics and continually asking, ‘is this helpful?’ and ‘is this realistic?’. It’s rare to have the ability to do that in Australia.”


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