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Queensland leads Australia’s population growth

  • New research by reveals fastest and slowest growing areas in Australia
  • Queensland home to three fastest growing areas in Australia by number of people
  • Perth the clear winner in terms of percentage growth, more than doubling population since 2004

AUGUST 20, 2015, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Queensland has topped the charts for the fastest areas in Australia, claiming the top three spots out of 563 local government areas across the country, according to new research by, one of Australia’s biggest comparison websites.

Brisbane was found to be the fastest-growing area in Australia, increasing by almost 200,000 people from 2004 to 2014, followed by the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay which boosted their population by 122,062 and 104,250, respectively. Queensland also claimed ninth place on the list, with the Sunshine Coast growing by almost 60,000 people over the decade of study. Money Expert Michelle Hutchison said it’s no surprise that Queensland is home to the country’s fastest-growing regions.

“This new analysis into population growth across the nation gives us an insight into lifestyle patterns of Australians as well as those migrating to or working in Australia. Out of the total 563 areas across Australia, 413 experienced an increase of population, while 145 regions declined.

“More people are venturing north of the nation, which indicates that lifestyle is becoming a key factor when considering where to live. As well as boasting an enviable coastal lifestyle and warmer weather than other parts of the country, Queensland remains an affordable property pocket where buyers can get great value for money.

“With property prices rising 18.4 percent in Sydney and 11.5 percent in Melbourne in the last 12 months, these markets are now unaffordable to many. Compared to Brisbane, it saw just 3.9 percent growth. Therefore, some buyers are being forced to explore other options when looking to purchase property – this could include crossing borders and setting up home in areas where they may not have previously considered.”

Victoria also fared well in the study, claiming four spots in the top ten fastest-growing areas by number of people in the past decade. Wyndham grew by 97,926 people (fourth place), Casey by 76,769 people (sixth), Whittlesea by 63,270 (seventh), and Melton rounding out the top ten with 58,532 new people calling the area home.

Blacktown was New South Wales’ fastest-growing area and sole entry in the top ten, gaining almost 61,000 people in the past decade and scraping in at eighth place on the list.

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However, on the other end of the scale, Gannawarra in Victoria was the local government area to experience the slowest population growth, dropping by almost 1,400 people between 2004 and 2014. In fact, Victoria made up the bulk of the slowest growth areas, with seven of the bottom ten being Victorian areas experiencing a steady decrease in population.

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When it came to the highest-growing area by percentage growth, Perth was the clear winner, more than doubling its population – 20,762 in 2014, up from 9,892 in 2004, equivalent to a 110 percent increase.

Victoria and Western Australia made up the entire top ten areas in terms of percentage growth, the most significant change of these states belonging to Wyndham in Victoria which almost doubled its population between 2004 and 2014, adding 97,926 extra people.

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Small Western Australian towns made up the bulk of the slowest growing areas in Australia by percentage growth, claiming nine of the ten places.

Small Western Australian towns made up the bulk of the slowest growing areas in Australia by percentage growth, claiming nine of the ten places.

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The fastest growing area for the following states by number of people in the past decade:

NSW: Blacktown, population increase: 60,990

VIC: Wyndham, population increase: 97,926

QLD: Brisbane, population increase: 196,852

SA: Salisbury, population increase: 19,715

WA: Wanneroo, population increase: 85,632

TAS: Kingborough, population increase: 4,847

NT: Darwin, population increase: 13,681
Click here for an interactive map of the 563 local government areas

For an analysis of your local state including fastest and slowest growing areas by number of people, plus fastest and slowest growing areas by percentage growth, please contact us.

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