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Mobile phone comparison launches to help millions of Australians find better

  • Market-leading mobile phone comparison launches in Australia
  • Growing issue for Australians: should I buy outright or contract?
  • Australians set to save hundreds – even thousands – of dollars by choosing the right plans

October 29, 2015, Sydney, Australia – One of Australia’s biggest comparison websites has today launched a market-leading mobile phone comparison (, to help Australians compare the thousands of mobile phone options in the market. compares virtually every mobile phone plan on the market including over 220 contracts and SIM-only deals, 27 carriers as well as 35 mobile phone handsets. More upgrades to the search engine will also be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Angus Kidman, Tech Expert and Editor in Chief at, is heading up the comparison, with newly appointed Telco Editor Alex Kidman, who was a former Editor of Gizmodo and CNET – both award-winning veteran journalists.

Angus Kidman says it’s the first time Australians can directly compare contract and outright deals side-by-side.

“We created a direct comparison of whether it's cheaper to buy a phone on a 24-month contract, or buy outright and then pay for a month-to-month plan over two years, after finding that this was one of the biggest issues facing Australian mobile phone users.

“Our research shows that Australia ranks the third highest for online searches of mobile phone comparisons, behind the UK and India. It is one of the biggest issues talked about on online forums and Australians searching for mobile phones on has more than tripled since the beginning of the year.

“With over 31 million active mobile phone plans held by Australians, it’s very exciting to be able to help solve this problem and make it easier to sift through the thousands of mobile phone options for so many Australians.”

Another key feature of is the ability to compare mobile phone plans for up to four different handsets simultaneously.

“This feature is particularly helpful for those who aren't sure of which storage size phone they should get, as this can greatly impact on the overall cost of contracts as well as purchasing the phone outright.

“It’s also the only phone comparison website in Australia where you can compare up to four handsets at a time,” says Angus Kidman.

Australians can potentially save hundreds – even thousands – of dollars by choosing the right type of phone and plan that suits their needs, according to research compiled by For instance, the difference between SIM-only plans for 1GB of monthly data is over $80 per month, or almost $1,000 over one year, ranging from $17.90 with Dodo and up to $100 per month with Telstra.

Bigger data SIM-only deals range from $60 per month for Virgin Mobile with 10GB of monthly data, and up to $80 per month for Optus but with 15GB per month.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 7.39.18 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 7.43.19 AM

Comparing some of the latest mobile phones by SIM-only deals and contracts, some of the differences in cost are hundreds of dollars. For instance, the cheapest deals for the Apple iPhone 6s Plus 128GB phone for plans with at least 3GB of data per month is $1,920 total cost over 24 months with a Virgin Mobile contract, compared to $2,277.75 over 24 months with a Kogan SIM (buying the phone outright for $1,529 RRP) – a difference of $357.75 over two years.

For the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB phone, the difference between the cheapest contract and SIM-only deal with at least 3GB of monthly data is $85.75. Purchasing the handset for $1,449 (RRP), and a SIM-only plan for $29.95 per month from Kogan would cost $2,197.75 over two years. Compared to the cheapest 24-month contract with Optus, it would cost a minimum $2,112 over two years.

“The amount of money that some people are paying for their mobile is phenomenal and a real waste, especially if they use more data than their plan allocates or have too much data than they need,” says Angus Kidman.

“When comparing contracts versus outright, it’s also important to consider the flexibility with a SIM-only plan. Most of the time it will work out cheaper to buy a phone outright – unless you are a super heavy data user – and then you have the option to move around plans if your circumstances change or a better deal comes along. It’s difficult to do this when you’re locked into a contract for two years.

“What’s really important is understanding what you need from your mobile phone and then finding the option that works best for you.”

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