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Australia’s top health resolutions for 2017

  • reveals Australians’ top health goals for the next 12 months
  • 64.6% of Aussie women planning a health kick in 2017
  • Practical ways to keep your health goals on track

3 January 2017, Sydney, Australia – While Australia is one of the fattest countries in the world, the majority of Aussies are planning a health kick in 2017, according to, the nation’s most visited comparison website. surveyed 2,026 Australians on their goals for the year ahead, with 58.5% planning to ‘get healthy’ in 2017.

The research revealed the top health priority for 2017 is to cut out sugar, chocolate and sweets. On top of this goal, one in three Aussies planning a health kick in 2017 will be starting a diet (33.1%), and one in four (24.9%) will be hitting the gym.

Bessie Hassan, Money Expert at, says with 63.4% of Australians overweight or obese – the equivalent of 11.2 million adults, it’s a positive sign that so many Aussies are planning to get their health back on track in 2017.

“Getting fit and healthy doesn’t need to involve expensive gyms or forking out all your money on superfoods,” says Ms Hassan. “For those on a budget, consider taking up a relatively cheap outdoor activity such as running or swimming, and buying your fresh produce in bulk.”

More tips for starting your health kick without breaking the bank:

  • Thinking about joining a gym or taking up yoga? You may be able to claim a rebate or a discount through your private health provider. Gym memberships can often be claimed under extras cover if it’s to treat an existing medical condition but you’ll need a referral from your GP.
  • Depending on your level of cover, you also may be eligible to claim on weight loss programs and surgeries through your private health fund. For example, HIF approved providers include Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Michelle Bridges' 12 Week Body Transformation Program.
  • Have a chat to your GP, especially if you’re hoping to drop more than just a few kilos. Medicare covers some weight reduction programs and procedures if you meet certain criteria.
  • Compare gym memberships online. You should also shop around for a gym that is affordable and suits your needs, there’s no point paying for a gym that offers classes if you know you won’t use them.
  • Getting fit can even save you money. Many health and life insurance brands will offer discounts and incentives to members using fitness trackers and wearables. Apple Watch has just released a global activity tracker program, and Qantas Assure members can earn bonus frequent flyer points by tracking their daily steps using the Qantas Assure app

Ms Hassan said Australians planning to ditch bad habits will not only boost their health but also their bank accounts, given the rising cost of healthcare.

“Australians should be encouraged by the fact that not only does getting healthy not have to be expensive but they can also save money at the same time,” said Ms Hassan.

“For example, research shows that 14.5% or 2.6 million Australian adults smoke tobacco daily. By giving up smoking not only will you save money usually spent on cigarettes but you could also halve your life insurance premium.”

The survey showed Aussie women are more conscious of improving their health, with 64.6% setting a health goal for 2017, compared to 52% of Aussie men.

1Cut out chocolate / sugar / sweets
2Start a diet
3Get back to the gym
4Start an activity like yoga
5Quit or reduce smoking


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