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Don’t get caught up in the smartwatch frenzy without comparing your options!

  • 800,000 Australians planning to buy Apple Watch with pre-sales from 5pm today AEST
  • launches most comprehensive comparison of wearables:
  • Important to compare: not all apps are available and not all phones are compatible!

April 10, 2015, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA –, one of Australia’s largest comparison websites1, has launched Australia’s most comprehensive analysis of wearable technology devices, and is calling for consumers to compare the details ahead of the hotly anticipated introduction of the latest player, the Apple Watch. Pre-orders on the Apple Watch will be available globally from today (5.01pm AEST Friday April 10, 2015).

The Apple Watch joins almost 300 wearable technology devices in a growing market that’s set to be worth US$8.7 billion (A$11.3 billion) globally this year2. And Australians are also buying into the frenzy, with 4.2 percent of Australian adults – an estimated 800,000 people – intending to buy the Apple Watch right now3.

Michelle Hutchison, Money Expert at, said restrictions on available apps will be a big consideration for consumers when deciding which wearable device they should buy.

“With some 370,000 smartwatches sold here in 2014, Australians are certainly warming to adopting wearable devices, with the market poised to exceed $400 million by 20184. The arrival of the Apple Watch is set to grow the smartwatch market by at least 50 percent this year alone.

“Three-quarters (75 percent) of Australians – almost 17 million people – use smart phones, with over half (52 percent) of our digital time spent on mobile devices. Most of this time (85 percent) is spent on apps, with the average number of apps per smartphone hovering around 27, according to a US study5.

“But when it comes to apps, some people may be disappointed to find out that their favourite apps aren’t accessible on a smartwatch.”

The comparison found that just three of the top 10 most popular apps will be available on the Apple Watch (Facebook, Gmail and Instagram) while three are available on Android wearables (Google Play, Google Maps and Facebook Messenger).

Top smartphone apps of 2014 and availability on Apple and Android watches

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 4.33.54 pm, Nielsen

Of the 515 apps compared on the Apple Watch will have more apps available (313) than Android wear (211) and more apps are expected to be released when the Apple Watch goes on sale on April 24.

“It’s also important for people to know if their mobile is compatible as we’ve found that out of the top 34 smartwatch and fitness trackers on by market share, there’s a huge difference in which wearables are compatible with different phones.

“For instance, you need to have an iPhone 5 or above and the latest version of iOS 8 installed to use the Apple Watch and Android phones won’t work with this watch. The same goes for Android wearables, which don’t work with iPhones.

“The Samsung Galaxy S3 and above (S3, S4, S5 and S6) are compatible with all non-Apple wearables on the market (33 of the 34 wearables compared), whereas if you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 the number of options is reduced to eight. The iPhone 4 has the lowest number of options, only being compatible with the Pebble Watch and Pebble Steel SmartWatch. While HTC One M7 and M8 can be compatible with 28 wearable devices.

“If you’re thinking about buying a wearable or smartwatch, make sure you compare which apps are available and check if your phone is compatible otherwise you may end up with a very expensive, dumb smartwatch.”

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