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Australians put cars, gambling and love lives before their money!

  • Personal Finance least searched out of 8 online industries in Australia
  • Real Estate most popular industry, with more than 52 million average monthly visits
  • Australians need to set their priorities to save more money!

June 29, 2015, SYDNEY – When it comes to weighing up information online, Australians care more about cars, gambling and dating than saving money, according to new research from, one of Australia’s largest comparison websites1.

An analysis of Hitwise search traffic data for the eight major online comparison industries in Australia revealed that Personal Finance is the least searched industry, attracting just under three million average monthly visits this year (January-May 2015). research, which involved analysing the traffic for three leading websites in each category, also found that visitors were 18-times more likely to search for Real Estate, making it the most popular industry and averaging almost 53 million monthly visits. This was followed by Jobs, which saw Australians searching 15-times more than personal finance with 43.6 million monthly visits, while Cars and gambling were search seven-times more.
IndustryAv 2015 monthly visitsMore searches than Personal Finance

Real Estate 52,951,447 18x
Jobs 43,596,399 15x
Cars 19,808,301 7x
Gambling 21,345,608 7x
Hotels 14,200,314 5x
Dating 13,900,094 5x
Flights 11,609,845 4x
Personal Finance 2,870,624 1x

source:, Hitwise

Michelle Hutchison, Money Expert at, says the findings are alarming.

“These results are disappointing, especially when you consider the potential savings that Australians can make by using financial comparison websites. For example, comparing home loans and switching to a better deal can save you tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, over your loan term.

“Buying a property is probably the biggest purchase in your lifetime, so it perplexes me that people are not making the effort to do more cost-savings research in this area online. Comparing home loans is just as important, if not more than comparing property online.

“Even Flights and Hotel industries both attract more searches than Personal Finance, despite cost savings may be minimal in this space compared to banking products.

“My advice: be proactive, get online and compare your finance options so you can make a better informed decision for your personal situation – and your wallet.”

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1Experian Hitwise since 2013

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