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Boxing Day sales start early: Make sure you have the right credit card

  • Several retailers starting Boxing Day sales early online:
  • $27 BILLION expected to be spent on credit cards this month
  • Best credit cards for different shoppers this sale season!

December 24, 2014, Sydney, Australia – With some retailers starting their Boxing Day Sales early, Australia’s biggest credit card comparison website has revealed the best credit cards for the December-January sales.

Several major retailers including David Jones, Rebel, Kogan and Microsoft have pushed forward their Boxing Day sales by enticing shoppers to get in early with online discounts. A comparison of retailers, where to shop, Boxing Day sales in each city and store hours, as well as online coupon codes can be found here:

Australians are expected to spend $27 billion in December alone on their credit cards, according to forecast of Reserve Bank data. This follows a record $26 billion of credit card transactions in December 2013. analysed over 300 credit cards and found the best cards for different summer spenders.

Michelle Hutchison, Money Expert at, said many cardholders could save even more money this sale season by using the right credit card.

“We’re seeing more people than ever shopping for a new credit card to take advantage of the sale season. But with over 300 credit cards on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the best for your spending habits.

“So we’ve compiled a list of the best credit cards for different shoppers to help people make the most of the sale season.

Sales Splurgers: If you're planning to splurge this sale season and pay it off later, then you should compare cards with no interest on new purchases to save on interest while you’re paying off your debt slowly. There are 52 cards offering 0% interest on all of your Christmas shopping for up to 15 months so you can pay it off slowly without the interest sting.’s top 3 credit cards for Sales Splurgers

Credit cardNo. of months with 0% interest on new purchasesAnnual fee
NAB Low Rate Credit Card15$59
Citibank Rewards Platinum Credit Card15$199
Bankwest Breeze MasterCard*13$59

Source:, ranked by longest term at 0% on new purchases then lowest annual fee

*Exclusive deal with

Just in case I run out of money: If your credit card is just a backup plan but you’ll pay it back when the bill arrives if you end up using it, look for cards with no annual fees. These cards often come with higher interest rates but it won't matter if you pay it off on time.’s top 3 credit cards for ‘just in case I run out of money’

Credit CardOngoing purchase rateAnnual fee
ME Bank Low Rate Credit Card9.99%$0
Horizon Credit Union Visa Credit Card12.95%$0
Bank Australia Visa Credit Card13.14%$0

Source:, based on credit cards with no annual fee, ranked by lowest ongoing purchase rate

Big Spenders: A rewards program could be a good idea if this season is one of your many shopping expeditions of the year. Look for cards with the highest points per dollar and complimentary services to make your spending go further. There are also lots of cards with bonus points of up to 80,000 free points on sign up, but watch out for the annual fees, which can be high on these cards as well as high interest rates.’s top 3 credit cards for Big Spenders

Credit cardBonus pointsAnnual feeOngoing purchase rate
American Express Platinum Card80,000$1,200NA*
Citibank Prestige Card70,000$70020.74%
Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card60,000$28920.74%

Source:, credit cards ranked by bonus points on signup

*Not publicly available

Rewards Points Hunters: If you love to be rewarded for your shopping but you’re far from a millionaire, then you should look at the cheapest cards that will give you some value back in rewards points. Compare rewards cards with the lowest annual fees to get the most bang for your buck. But make sure you pay off the balance in full each month or the annual fee and interest could outweigh any return on the rewards points.’s top 3 credit cards for rewards points hunters

Credit cardPoints per dollarPurchase rateAnnual fee
HSBC Platinum Credit CardVisa/ Mastercard: 119.99%$0
American Express Qantas Discovery CardAmerican express: 120.74$0
Coles No Annual fee MastercardVisa/ Mastercard: 0.517.99%$0

Source:, ranked by lowest annual fee then highest points per dollar

Overseas Travellers and Online Shoppers: if you're planning an overseas trip soon or doing some shopping online from international retailers, it's worth looking into cards with no overseas fees like currency conversion and transaction fees. There are also prepaid travel cards where you can load up to 10 different currencies and lock in the exchange rate before you leave. This can be handy if you're going somewhere and you think the dollar will fall when you're there.’s top 3 credit cards for overseas travellers & online shoppers

Credit cardCurrency conversion feeAnnual feePurchase rate
Bankwest Zero Platinum MasterCard0%$017.99%
GE Money 28 Degrees Platinum0%$020.99%
Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card0%$9912.24% (0% for 13 months on new purchases*)

Source:, ranked by lowest currency conversion fee and lowest purchase rate

*Exclusive deal with

Already Carrying Credit Card Debt: For those who already have a debt or finish their shopping with a big dent in their card, it would be worth checking out balance transfer cards. There are now 112 cards currently offering no interest for up to 18 months if you transfer your old debt to one of these cards. Just ensure you pay off the debt during the promotional period as some cards will revert to much higher interest rates of up to 21.99 percent.’s top 3 credit cards for those already with debt

Credit cardBalance transfer rate and returnRevert rateAnnual fee
Bankwest More MasterCard0% for 18 months19.99%$70
Citibank Rewards Classic Credit Card0% for 18 months21.74%$89
ANZ Low Rate Credit Card0% for 16 months13.49%$58

Source:, ranked by lowest balance transfer rate, then longest term, revert rate then annual fee.


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