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Aussies’ Wi-Fi woes: The first-world problem driving us nuts

  • 4.7 million Aussies are immediately frustrated when their home Wi-Fi drops out
  • 24% have never reviewed their broadband plan
  • shares tips on how to get the best value from your broadband

18 September 2017, Sydney, Australia – New research by, the site that compares virtually everything, finds that Aussies have a short fuse when it comes to Internet outages.

The nationwide survey of 1,987 respondents reveals that one in four (25%) Aussies – equivalent to 4.7 million people – get immediately annoyed when their home connection drops out.

A further 24% reach boiling point within 30 minutes of being offline, while it takes 12% an hour to become frustrated.

Alex Kidman, Tech Expert at, doesn’t blame Aussies for losing their cool.

“There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch the latest episode of your favourite Netflix series only to be hit with the dreaded buffer spinning wheel,” he says.

“The average broadband plan on costs $80 a month. When you’re paying that much for Internet you’d hope it would be reliable.”

These outages can cause disruptions and a loss of productivity that is bound to get on the nerves of many Aussies.

“The Internet has afforded many Aussies the opportunity to work remotely, but an unreliable connection can make this frustrating if not actually impossible.”

According to another recent survey a staggering 3 million Aussies (24%) have never reviewed their home broadband plan, letting it automatically renew each year.

“It’s quite astonishing to see so many Aussies falling victim to the lazy tax. Not only are they potentially missing out on better deals, but they could be also be overlooking better connections and speeds, all by not considering their options.”

“Whether you tolerate dropouts or not, if it’s a frequent occurrence you should rethink your choice of provider.”

The research shows outages don’t irritate everyone: over a quarter (27%) of Australians admit they aren’t bothered by them.

Unsurprisingly Baby Boomers get the least annoyed with 36% not bothered at all when their connection goes down, in comparison to 26% of Gen X and 19% of Gen Y.

“The Internet has become so engrained in our everyday lives it’s hard to think just 15 years ago we all had dial up modems and it took ten minutes to load one page. Now we get very uncomfortable if a web page takes longer to load than just a few seconds.” Mr Kidman says.

“Most of us can remember a time without the Internet, but it’s now something we simply can’t live without.”

How to make sure you’re getting the best value from your broadband

  • Consider your plan length

A 24-month plan may be cheaper, but it will restrict your flexibility if you decide you’re not satisfied or you need to relocate and switch providers. It can sometimes be better to pay that little extra more to find the best connection. This way you can bounce between different internet providers before finally settling with one you’re 100% happy with.

  • Keep a record of issues

According to Australian Consumer Law, you’re eligible to claim for compensation if you experience an Internet outage. But you need to keep note of the days that your Internet is unusable and then you can request that your bills be reduced accordingly.

  • Compare your options regularly

More and more Internet Service Providers are entering the market, this means more competitive prices and plans for you to pick from. Make sure you shop around and compare plans frequently if you really want to ensure you’re on the best deal possible.

  • Don’t be afraid to make a complaint

Don’t forget, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) is there as a safety net. If you have any issues negotiating with your Internet Service Provider you can reach out and contact them.


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