Pokemon Go: Pokemon locations around Perth

Information verified correct on March 24th, 2017

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Want to catch all that Perth has to offer? This list of Pokemon locations across Perth will help you do exactly that.

[UPDATED 23 February 2017] Did you know Scythers hang around Butler train station? What about that Ponyta in the Supreme Court Gardens? We even have Pikachu's location!

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PokedexSpritePokemon nameTypeTypeEgg & Candy info
#001BulbasaurMatilda Bay Reserve, Morley Galleria, Rockingham Shopping Centre, Port Kennedy Memorial Park, Talara Park, Hillary's Boat Harbour, Wally Jones Park, Rockingham City Shopping Centre, Floreat Beach CarparkGrassPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#002IvysaurGrassPoison25 Bulbasaur Candy
#003VenusaurGrassPoison100 Bulbasaur Candy
#004CharmanderShafto Lane, Grantham Selby Park, Esplanade Fremantle, University of Notre DameFireHatches from 2km egg
#005CharmeleonFire25 Charmander Candy
#006CharizardFireFlying100 Charmander Candy
#007SquirtleMawson Park, St George's Cathedral, Meadowvale Shopping Centre, Wrigley Seabrook Reserve, Woolworths Bull Creek Shopping Centre, Kenwick Train StationWaterHatches from 2km egg
#008WartortleWater25 Squirtle Candy
#009BlastoiseWater100 Squirtle Candy
#010CaterpieRottnest Island, Woolworths Ballajura Central, Bus Interchange West Swan Road before Reid HighwayBugHatches from 2km egg
#011MetapodBug12 Caterpie Candy
#012ButterfreeBugFlying50 Caterpie Candy
#013WeedleBugPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#015BeedrillBugPoison50 Weedle Candy
#016PidgeyRockingham StationNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#017PidgeottoNormalFlying12 Pidgey Candy
#018PidgeotButler Train Station, Riseley street, Scarborough Beach, near Manning St RoundaboutNormalFlying50 Pidgey Candy
#019RattataNormalHatches from 2km egg
#020RaticateNormal25 Rattata Candy
#021SpearowNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#022FearowBirkett st Dianella, New Park Shopping CentreNormalFlying50 Spearow Candy
#023EkansPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#024ArbokPoison50 Ekans Candy
#025PikachuWestern Power Plant, Behind Target, Meadow Springs Drive, Meadow SpringsElectricHatches from 2km egg
#026RaichuElectric50 Pikachu Candy
#027SandshrewAlexander Heights Park, Duncraig Public Library, Antz CoffeeGroundHatches from 5km egg and 10km egg
#028SandslashGround50 Sandshrew Candy
#029Nidoran♀PoisonHatches from 5km egg
#030NidorinaPoison25 Nidoran (F) Candy
#031NidoqueenPoisonGround100 Nidoran (F) Candy
#032Nidoran♂PoisonHatches from 5km egg
#033NidorinoPoison25 Nidoran (M) Candy
#034NidokingPoisonGround100 Nidoran (M) Candy
#035ClefairyBell Tower, Hume OvalNormalHatches from 2km egg
#036ClefableNormal50 Clefairy Candy
#037VulpixFireHatches from 5km egg
#038NinetalesFire50 Vulpix Candy
#039JigglypuffHighView Park, UWA lawn in front of Winthrop Hall, Ontario Grove, Carine Open Space, Bassendean Shopping CentreNormalHatches from 2km egg
#040WigglytuffNormal50 Jigglypuff Candy
#041ZubatPoisonFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#042GolbatPoisonFlying50 Zubat Candy
#043OddishForrest Chase, Josephine ParkGrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#044GloomGrassPoison25 Oddish Candy
#045VileplumeGrassPoison100 Oddish Candy
#046ParasBugGrassHatches from 5km egg
#047ParasectBugGrass50 Paras Candy
#048VenonatLangley Park (east side), Broadway Fair Shopping CentreBugPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#049VenomothUniversity Hall, Claremont Train Station, Officeworks (Malaga), Langley Park (east side), Broadway Fair Shopping CentreBugPoison50 Venonat Candy
#050DiglettGroundHatches from 5km egg
#051DugtrioGround50 Diglett Candy
#052MeowthAlexander Heights, Centrepoint Church Campus, Royal Street East Perth, near the ABC building, Scitech, Mandurah Quay MarinaNormal
#053PersianNormal50 Meowth Candy
#054PsyduckWaterHatches from 5km egg
#055GolduckWater50 Psyduck Candy
#056MankeyYokine Reserve (Main carpark and surrounding areas), Ray White Real EstateFightingHatches from 5km egg
#057PrimeapeFighting50 Mankey Candy
#058GrowlitheHay St (David Jones), Floreat Forum Shopping CentreFireHatches from 5km egg
#059ArcanineFire50 Growlithe Candy
#060PoliwagDianella Open Space, Altone Road X Reid Hwy , Garden Business Complex Osbourne ParkWaterHatches from 5km egg
#061PoliwhirlWater25 Poliwag Candy
#062PoliwrathWaterFighting100 Poliwag Candy
#063AbraOckley Square, Gnanagra drive reserve Pokestop, Garden City Shopping Centre, Mount Lawley Beaufort st Carpark (with the big letters), Forrestfield - Buggles on Apricot Street, Totterdell Park , Cornel Parade (Edith Cowan University)PsychicHatches from 5km egg
#064KadabraPsychic25 Abra Candy
#065AlakazamPsychic100 Abra Candy
#066MachopFightingHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#067MachokeFighting25 Machop Candy
#068MachampFighting100 Machop Candy
#069BellsproutNorth Metropolitan Tafe East Perth, Cockburn Station, Gnangara Drive reserve PokestopGrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#070WeepinbellGrassPoison25 Bellsprout Candy
#071VictreebelGrassPoison100 Bellsprout Candy
#072TentacoolWaterPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#073TentacruelWaterPoison50 Tentacool Candy
#074GeodudeSupreme Court Gardens, Mandala HallRockGroundHatches from 2km egg
#075GravelerRockGround25 Geodude Candy
#076GolemRockGround100 Geodude Candy
#077PonytaFireHatches from 5km egg
#078RapidashFire50 Ponyta Candy
#079SlowpokeWaterPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#080SlowbroWaterPsychic50 Slowpoke Candy
#081MagnemiteElectricSteelHatches from 2km and 5km eggs
#082MagnetonElectricSteel50 Magnemite Candy
#083Farfetch'dNormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#084DoduoWaikiki Foreshore park, Rockingham, Cnr Blackburn St/Albany Hwy MaddingtonNormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#085DodrioNormalFlying50 Doduo Candy
#086SeelWaterHatches from 5km egg
#087DewgongWaterIce50 Seel Candy
#088GrimerPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#089MukPoison50 Grimer Candy
#090ShellderWaterHatches from 5km egg
#091CloysterWaterIce50 Shellder Candy
#092GastlyMurdoch University, Bush Court, Hay St Mall, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Victoria Gardens, Claisebrook Cove, Woolworths Waikiki VillageGhostPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#093HaunterCurtin University, Rockingham ForeshoreGhostPoison25 Ghastly Candy
#094GengarGhostPoison100 Ghastly Candy
#095OnixRockGroundHatches from 10km egg
#096DrowzeePsychicHatches from 5km egg
#097HypnoPsychic50 Drowzee Candy
#098KrabbyWaterHatches from 5km egg
#099KinglerMinnawarra Park, Armadale., Coventry Market Village, MorleyWater50 Krabby Candy
#100VoltorbElectricHatches from 5km egg
#101ElectrodeElectric50 Voltorb Candy
#102ExeggcuteGrassPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#103ExeggutorGrassPsychic50 Exeggcute Candy
#104CuboneCape Perron / Point Perron, South Perth Foreshore (Hurlingham Road Meadowvale terrace), Ellenbrook Bus Interchange, Bullsbrook IGAGroundHatches from 5km egg
#105MarowakGround50 Cubone Candy
#106HitmonleeFightingHatches from 10km egg
#107HitmonchanFightingHatches from 10km egg
#108LickitungLangley Park, Hyde ParkNormalHatches from 5km egg
#109KoffingWilliam Street Northbridge (Newcastle Intersection), Dan Murphys, Hyde ParkPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#110WeezingPoison50 Koffing Candy
#111RhyhornGroundRockHatches from 5km egg
#112RhydonGroundRock50 Rhyhorn Candy
#113ChanseyNormalHatches from 10km egg
#114TangelaGrassHatches from 5km egg
#115KangaskhanNguyen Phat supermarket Girrawheen, Fantasy Park, Rand Ave, RockinghamNormalHatches from 5km egg
#116HorseaWaterHatches from 5km egg
#117SeadraWater50 Horsea Candy
#118GoldeenPiccadilly Arcade, Perth CBD, Claremont Quarter, Ellenbrook Post BoxWaterHatches from 5km egg
#119SeakingWater50 Goldeen Candy
#120StaryuWaterHatches from 5km egg
#121StarmieWaterPsychic50 Staryu Candy
#122Mr. MimePsychicHatches from 5km egg
#123ScytherLeederville Train Station (Leederville Side), Leederville Skate Park, Near Bayswater HalfpipeBugFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#124JynxIcePsychicHatches from 10km egg
#125ElectabuzzEast Perth Riverfront, by Arden St, Queens GardensElectric
#126MagmarFloreat, Taylor Rd IGA Nedlands, Cnr Corner of Cambridge and Marlow Street, wembley, Puma service station ComoFireHatches from 10km egg
#127PinsirCannington Train Station (Sevenoaks St), Hurlingham Road, South Perth, Little Rush LakeBugHatches from 10km egg
#128TaurosNormalHatches from 2km egg
#129MagikarpAlley between Tilford Pl & Compton Way, Morley, Elizabeth QuayWaterHatches from 2km egg
#130GyaradosWaterFlying400 Magikarp Candy
#131LaprasWaterIceHatches from 10km egg
#132DittoNormalHatches from 2km egg
#133EeveeBrookfield Place, RAC building, West Perth, Shields Crescent, Booragoon, Atomic Expresso , Mends St, Rockingham Foreshore Reserve, Port Kennedy Memorial Park fc tv, Baldivis Shopping centre / Stockland Baldivis, Carousel Foodcourt, University Hall, Nedlands, Cnr Winthrop and Stirling Hwy, Kingsway Indoor Stadium, Currambine McDonalds, Shelley Bridge, Marri Grove PS, Olive FarmNormalHatches from 10km egg
#134VaporeonWater25 Eevee Candy
#135JolteonElectric25 Eevee Candy
#136FlareonFire25 Eevee Candy
#137PorygonKingFisher Park, Strange Grains Gluten Free Bakery Leederville, Herdsman FreshNormalHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#138OmanyteRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#139OmastarRockWater50 Omanyte Candy
#140KabutoRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#141KabutopsRockWater50 Kabuto Candy
#142AerodactylRockFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#143SnorlaxNormalHatches from 10km egg
#144ArticunoIceFlyingTeam Mystic
#145ZapdosElectricFlyingTeam Instinct
#146MoltresFireFlyingTeam Valor
#147DratiniFleming Reserve, Ocean Keys Boulevard, Clarkson, Cockburn Gateways Shopping Centre, Rotary park, esplanade, Mangles Bay, Rockingham, Scarborough Beach Carpark, Brighton Rd End, Aveley Park, Sandon Park, City BeachDragonHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#148DragonairDragon25 Dratini Candy
#149DragoniteDragonFlying100 Dratini Candy

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Where to find Pikachu in Perth

We've currently got a spotting of Pikachu near the Western Power Plant, Behind Target, Meadow Springs Drive and Meadow Springs. Makes sense, given his attraction to electricity. Good luck, and stay safe!

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22 Responses to Pokemon Go: Pokemon locations around Perth

  1. Default Gravatar
    moisty | December 20, 2016

    I found a Ditto at Bunnings in Cannington

  2. Default Gravatar
    :) | September 21, 2016

    Today I got Slowbro and Porygon at Scarborough

  3. Default Gravatar
    Drizzle | August 30, 2016

    Bunnings Balcatta is crawling with Pokemon including pikachu and kangaskhan

  4. Default Gravatar
    :) | August 28, 2016

    Herdsman Lake – Dratinis

  5. Default Gravatar
    Prawnz | August 25, 2016

    Meowth – Joondalup Lakeside Shopping

  6. Default Gravatar
    Kappa | August 20, 2016

    Cottesloe is very good for Pokemon.
    I found: Jynx, Dragonair and more :)

  7. Default Gravatar
    | August 18, 2016

    Hey guys was hoping someone may know where a Bulbasaur nest location is north of the river in perth WA. And possibly a Squirtle one too. trying to evolve the 3 starter pokemon.

    there is a charmander nest at Macdonald Park which is along Marmion Highway near Whitfords shopping centre. usually there will be 1-3 charmanders every hour. sometimes it could be longer than 1hr but i live nearby and when i can be bothered i head down there and i usually find one.
    I know it is a nest because when pokevision was up and running sometimes 3 would spawn within 5min of each other. thanks in advance

  8. Default Gravatar
    Kappa | August 17, 2016

    I found clefairies at kings park

  9. Default Gravatar
    Triggywiggy9 | July 30, 2016

    Pikachu, Jiggly puffs, Abras regularly spawn along Whitehaven drive in Burns Beach. Also uncommon Pokemon like Magnemite, Magmar and Porygon pop up on a daily bases on the corner of Picnic Parade and Reef view Rise in Burns Beach. These 3 along with Wigglytuff, Starmie, Electabuzz, and Tentacruel also pop up frequently at the beach side park opposite Discovery Circuit in Iluka.

  10. Default Gravatar
    PokemonPerth2 | July 28, 2016

    There are tones of Hitmonlee’s at kings park. They like to hangout with a view =]

Ask a question