Pokémon GO: Pokémon locations around Melbourne

Information verified correct on March 25th, 2017

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Want to own all the other trainers in Melbourne? Start with our guide on Pokemon locations throughout the area.

[UPDATED: 23 February 2017] Here you'll find Pokemon hiding places, such as the Ponyta mulling about in Cremorne, or the Tangela holed up in Preston. Whatever Pokemon you haven't caught yet, check the table below to find their habitats. Oh, and did I mention we know where Pikachu is?

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Latest Pokémon Go news

PokedexSpritePokemon nameLocationTypeTypeEgg & Candy info
#001BulbasaurQueens ParkGrassPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#002IvysaurBridge Inn Hotel (Doreen), Shrine of Remembrance East sideGrassPoison25 Bulbasaur Candy
#003VenusaurSpencer Street (end of Flinders Street), Swanston Street EB games, Hawksburn Train Station (Luxton Road), Greensborough War Memorial, University of MelbourneGrassPoison100 Bulbasaur Candy
#004CharmanderSandringham Station, Vermont Tennis Club, Lalor (Childs Road), Boronia (Kleinert Reserve), Collingwood Station, Craigieburn Golf Course (very common), Narre South Lions Football ClubFireHatches from 2km egg
#005CharmeleonHighpoint outside David Jones carparkFire25 Charmander Candy
#006CharizardParliament House occasionally (has been spotted around numerous well-known landmark)FireFlying100 Charmander Candy
#007SquirtleUniversity of Melbourne (uncommon), Berwick SpringsWaterHatches from 2km egg
#008WartortleHollad Park Kensington, Southbank, Queens Park (Moonee Ponds), Gladstone Park School fieldWater25 Squirtle Candy
#009BlastoiseFitzroy North, Box Hill Town Hall, Trinity Grammar School chapel, RMITWater100 Squirtle Candy
#010CaterpieCarlton Gardens, Queens way, Wellington St, Pascoe vale,BugHatches from 2km egg
#011MetapodCavell St, Odonell gardens, MaribyrnongBug12 Caterpie Candy
#012ButterfreeHollad Park Kensington, Southbank, Queens Park (Moonee Ponds), Gladstone Park School field, University of MelbourneBugFlying50 Caterpie Candy
#013WeedleCarlton Gardens, Windsor, Maving road, Burwood East, Queens way, Wellington StBugPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#014KakunaRingwood East,York St. (Airport West)BugPoison25 Weedle Candy
#015BeedrillCarlton Gardens, Flagstaff GardensBugPoison50 Weedle Candy
#016PidgeyRichmond, Burwood East, Lonsdale Street, CraigieburnNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#017PidgeottoEpping, Burwood East, Glenroy, Frankston PierNormalFlying12 Pidgey Candy
#018PidgeotWhittlesea, Burwood East, Craigieburn, Box Hill CentralNormalFlying50 Pidgey Candy
#019RattataAlmost everywhereNormalHatches from 2km egg
#020RaticateBurwood, Louise St, Frankston PierNormal25 Rattata Candy
#021SpearowBurwood, Park at St Kilda, West Footscray, Doncaster ShoppingtownNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#022FearowPacker Park (Carnegie) Box Hill StationNormalFlying50 Spearow Candy
#023EkansFawkner, Carnegie, Craigieburn, MeltonPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#024ArbokPacker Park (Carnegie), BalwynPoison50 Ekans Candy
#025PikachuMelbourne Central, Kew East, Marriott Waters Cranbourne, Cherry Lake Altona, Coate Park (Alphington)ElectricHatches from 2km egg
#026RaichuElectric50 Pikachu Candy
#027SandshrewFrankston Beach, Boronia (Knox Bike Track), Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, Doncaster Shoppingtown, Eastland Shopping Centre, Franklin St's ALDIGroundHatches from 5km egg and 10km egg
#028SandslashFlagstaff Gardens, CollingwoodGround50 Sandshrew Candy
#029Nidoran♀DFO Moorabbin, Carnegie, Maribyrnong, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, City, Lilydale LakePoisonHatches from 5km egg
#030NidorinaCnr Punt Road and Alexandra AvenuePoison25 Nidoran (F) Candy
#031NidoqueenBalwynPoisonGround100 Nidoran (F) Candy
#032Nidoran♂DFO Moorabbin, Maribyrnong, Clayton library, Uni Melb (Royal Parade), City, Lilydale LakePoisonHatches from 5km egg
#033NidorinoFlagstaff GardensPoison25 Nidoran (M) Candy
#034NidokingSt Kilda Beach, Botanical Gardens, Cnr of Russell Street/Collins Street, Altona PierPoisonGround100 Nidoran (M) Candy
#035ClefairyMacLeod station, High street (Preston), Deakin Uni Burwood, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, North Balwyn, Southbank Promenade, Batman Park - at dusk is best, Flagstaff, Princes Park, Coles Fountain/Parliament Gardens, Lilydale LakeNormalHatches from 2km egg
#036ClefableUrsa Street Balwyn North, Flagstaff GardensNormal50 Clefairy Candy
#037VulpixVermont Tennis Club, Sydney Rd x Blyth Street (Brunswick), St. Kilda BeachFireHatches from 5km egg
#038NinetalesMCGFire50 Vulpix Candy
#039JigglypuffKensington, Sunshine Railway Station, Frankston Beach, Bamford Ave, Melbourne Star, State Library, Parkmore Shopping Centre, The Pines Shopping Centre (near Aldi)NormalHatches from 2km egg
#040WigglytuffKenmore Close (Hoppers Crossing)Normal50 Jigglypuff Candy
#041Zubat(Come to Doncaster Shoppingtown for 95% of them in the nearby tab)PoisonFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#042GolbatPacker Park (Carnegie), Pascoe vale, Melbourne City, Deakin UniversityPoisonFlying50 Zubat Candy
#043OddishRosanna Parklands, Oakleigh Station, Batman Park, Swanston St x Lonsdale St, North Melbourne (Parkville)GrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#044GloomTottenhamGrassPoison25 Oddish Candy
#045VileplumeGrassPoison100 Oddish Candy
#046ParasRosanna Parklands, Sunshine west, Frankston Beach, Craigieburn, Carnegie station, Southern Cross, MeltonBugGrassHatches from 5km egg
#047ParasectBox HillBugGrass50 Paras Candy
#048VenonatNorth Melbourne, Carlton North, Maving road, Huntingdale station, Glen Waverly shopping centre, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, Airport West ALDIBugPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#049VenomothBox Hill town hall (once)BugPoison50 Venonat Candy
#050DiglettPacker Park (Carnegie), Flinders walk along the Yarra river, Doncaster ShoppingtownGroundHatches from 5km egg
#051DugtrioGround50 Diglett Candy
#052MeowthMelton McDonalds, Epping shopping centre, Centro West shopping centre, Pascoe vale on the train, Broadmeadows train, flinder Station, Albion St x Syd Rd (Brunswick)-rare, Powlett Reserve in East Melbourne, Knox Westfield, MeltonNormal
#053PersianSky High (Mount Dandenong)Normal50 Meowth Candy
#054PsyduckPort Melbourne, Nunawading Basketball Stadium, Frankston Beach, Maribyrnong river, Yarra walk along yarra river, Fitzroy Gardens, Southbank, Lilydale LakeWaterHatches from 5km egg
#055GolduckDeakin Uni (Burwood), Southbank, Footscray ParkWater50 Psyduck Candy
#056MankeyBourke Street (Vodafone), MeltonFightingHatches from 5km egg
#057PrimeapeFlagstaff GardensFighting50 Mankey Candy
#058GrowlitheBox Hill, Werribee Plaza, Richmond, MCG, Southern Cross, MeltonFireHatches from 5km egg
#059ArcanineFire50 Growlithe Candy
#060PoliwagKensington, Frankston Beach, West Footscray, Lonsdale Street, Ascot Vale, Oak Park, Anstey Station (Brunswick), Southbank Promenade, Batman Park, Mornington PierWaterHatches from 5km egg
#061PoliwhirlWest Footscray, Cnr Balcombe Road and Reserve Road Beaumaris, Queens Park (Moonee Ponds), Hastings PierWater25 Poliwag Candy
#062PoliwrathTrinity Grammar SChool Chapel, Coburg - Sydney Rd / Bakers RdWaterFighting100 Poliwag Candy
#063AbraMernda, Glen Iris Train Station, Craigieburn fairways, Victoria Gardens off High Street, Beaumaris Library on Reserve Road, New York City, Camberwell Junction, Flagstaff, Melton, Flinders St StationPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#064KadabraChua Quang Minh = That Marib Riv Temple, Caufield stationPsychic25 Abra Candy
#065AlakazamUpper West Side ApartmentPsychic100 Abra Candy
#066MachopMooroolbark, Wandana Crescent, Berwick main middle carpark, Flagstaff, Greenvale - Hermitage DrFightingHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#067MachokeSpencer St.Fighting25 Machop Candy
#068MachampBotanical Gardens, Deakin Uni (Burwood)Fighting100 Machop Candy
#069BellsproutMaribyrnong, Essendon, Craigieburn train station, Rushall station, Blackburn, University of Melbourne, Karkarook ParkGrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#070WeepinbellCarlton Gardens, Pascoe Vale, Adventure Playground ElthamGrassPoison25 Bellsprout Candy
#071VictreebelLilydale lakeGrassPoison100 Bellsprout Candy
#072TentacoolCrown Casino, Altona beach, McCracken Ave, CBD, Mornington Pier, St Kilda BeachWaterPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#073TentacruelMaribyrnong River, Yarra River, Lilydale LakeWaterPoison50 Tentacool Candy
#074GeodudeSouth Yarra station (whilst on the train), Melton (common)RockGroundHatches from 2km egg
#075GravelerSunshine Bus Station, The Olsen Hotel (South Yarra), Willison station (Camberwell), Immigration Museum Melb.RockGround25 Geodude Candy
#076GolemRockGround100 Geodude Candy
#077PonytaCremorne Altona Beach, Brunswick - Sydney Road, Melton, Hastings Pier, Roxburgh Park - Donald Cameron DrFireHatches from 5km egg
#078RapidashFire50 Ponyta Candy
#079SlowpokeCarlton Gardens, Sandringham Beach, Frankston Beach, Maribyrnong river, Yarra Walk, Federation Square, Footscray ParkWaterPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#080SlowbroCarlton Gardens, Sandringham Beach, Frankston Beach, Maribyrnong river, Yarra Walk, SouthbankWaterPsychic50 Slowpoke Candy
#081MagnemiteAround Sandringham Primary School, Frankston (Bayside Shopping Centre)ElectricSteelHatches from 2km and 5km eggs
#082MagnetonAround Sandringham Primary SchoolElectricSteel50 Magnemite Candy
#083Farfetch'dASIA EXCLUSIVE (or egg?)NormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#084DoduoQueens Park (Moonee Ponds), Fitzroy, Carlton North, Maving Rd, Frankston Beach, West Footscray, Tottenham, Hawthorn, Aspendale, Mordialloc, Preston, North RichmondNormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#085DodrioFrankston Beach, Hawthorn, Blackburn North, Box Hill Town Hall, Queens Park (Moonee Ponds)NormalFlying50 Doduo Candy
#086SeelYarra River (along Fed Square and Crown), Frankston Beach, Burwood Hwy (near Deakin/HJ's), Mornington PierWaterHatches from 5km egg
#087DewgongWaterIce50 Seel Candy
#088GrimerQueen's Park Essendon, box hill centralPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#089MukDoncaster Shoppingtown (rare, I caught it at night?), Upfield Train StationPoison50 Grimer Candy
#090ShellderSouth Melbourne BeachWaterHatches from 5km egg
#091CloysterWaterIce50 Shellder Candy
#092GastlyDeakin Uni, State Library (at night), Southern Cross Station, Caulfield ParkGhostPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#093HaunterNear South Yarra Tennis ClubGhostPoison25 Ghastly Candy
#094GengarGhostPoison100 Ghastly Candy
#095OnixEast Beaumaris Concourse, Flagstaff, Craigieburn, CampbellfieldRockGroundHatches from 10km egg
#096DrowzeePunt Rd, 3a/16 tram to St Kilda, South Melbourne, Albert Park LakePsychicHatches from 5km egg
#097HypnoPsychic50 Drowzee Candy
#098KrabbyMaving road, Epping (uncommon?), Burwood, Pascoe Vale, State Library, North melbourneWaterHatches from 5km egg
#099KinglerEdwardes Lake Park, Flinders Street StationWater50 Krabby Candy
#100VoltorbAround Sandringham Primary School, Frankston Beach, Hastings Pier (common), CoolarooElectricHatches from 5km egg
#101ElectrodeBeaumarisElectric50 Voltorb Candy
#102ExeggcuteAltona North, Frankston Beach, Ruffey Lake Park (The Boulevard Playground) Doncaster (Heaps), Glenbervie, Sydney Rd x Phoenix St (Brunswick), Queens Park (Moonee Ponds), Elsternwick ParkGrassPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#103ExeggutorMordialloc Beach Carpark, Hays Paddock, Richmond, Royal Botanic GardensGrassPsychic50 Exeggcute Candy
#104CuboneRuffey Lake Park (The Boulevard Playground) Doncaster, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, Beaumaris Library, Queens Park (Moonee Ponds), HastingsGroundHatches from 5km egg
#105MarowakGround50 Cubone Candy
#106HitmonleeFitzroy North (up towards Holden St) Lilydale, Swansea Rd, Botanical Gardens (Williamstown), Garden City Reserve (Port Melbourne)FightingHatches from 10km egg
#107HitmonchanOutside Building 154, University of Melbourne (Masson Road Side)(seems like a spawn spot)FightingHatches from 10km egg
#108LickitungFed Square, Melbourne Polytechnic (Fairfield Campus), Ruthven Reserve - PrestonNormalHatches from 5km egg
#109KoffingEpping, Burwood East, Lonsdale Street QV, Box Hill station, Melbourne State Library, Fountain Gate, Airport West AldiPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#110WeezingEssendon, Melbourne State Library, Frankston Pier, box hill centralPoison50 Koffing Candy
#111RhyhornRosanna Parklands, High Street Kew (near McDonalds), Robertson Reserve (Williamstown), Flagstaff Gardens, Craigieburn Golf CourseGroundRockHatches from 5km egg
#112RhydonTrinity Grammar School chapelGroundRock50 Rhyhorn Candy
#113ChanseyNormalHatches from 10km egg
#114TangelaPreston, Moreland Rd x Sydney Rd (Brunswick) South Melbourne Market, State Library, Flagstaff GardensGrassHatches from 5km egg
#115KangaskhanPrincess Park (Parkville), West Footscray football oval, Croydon, Donvale Reserve, Doncaster Gardens Primary School, Southern Cross Station, Brimbank Park (Keilor)NormalHatches from 5km egg
#116HorseaKingsbury, Frankston Beach, Pakenham, West Footscray, Tottenham, Altona beach, Doncaster Shoppingtown (Near the bus stands), Ringwood (Mullum Mullum Trail), CBD, North Richmond Station, Mickleham Rd (Tulla/Gladstone ParK)WaterHatches from 5km egg
#117SeadraCanterbury Road (Kilsyth)Water50 Horsea Candy
#118GoldeenFrankston Beach, Burwood East, West Footscray, Tottenham, Altona beach, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, Melbourne Central - Myers walkway, Doncaster ShoppingtownWaterHatches from 5km egg
#119SeakingSouthbankWater50 Goldeen Candy
#120StaryuWindsor, Kingsbury, Doreen, Carnegie, near Ashburton Station, Box Hill, Pakenham, Altona beach, Craigieburn, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, State Library Southbank Promenade, Queen Park Moonee PondsWaterHatches from 5km egg
#121StarmieBatman Park, Puckle StreetWaterPsychic50 Staryu Candy
#122Mr. MimePsychicHatches from 5km egg
#123ScytherEpping, Packer Park Carnegie, Just before St Kilda esplanade, Beaumaris Library, Sydney Rd near North Brunswick Post Office, Rockley Park (South Yarra), Yulong (Bundoora), Roxburgh Park - off Aitken Blvd / Somerton RdBugFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#124JynxNorth of Macleod StationIcePsychicHatches from 10km egg
#125ElectabuzzCiti Power Richmond, Box Hill shopsElectric
#126MagmarVictoria Road Reserve, Eastern Fwy (Chandler Off ramp Outbound), Como Park North (South Yarra), Fitzroy Gardens, Westerfolds ParkFireHatches from 10km egg
#127PinsirMelbourne Zoo, Frankston Beach, Wattle Glen, Maribyrnong, Craigieburn, Coburg, Beaumaris Library, Victoria St (North Richmond), Queens Park (Moonee Ponds), Berwick, OakleighBugHatches from 10km egg
#128TaurosNormalHatches from 2km egg
#129MagikarpPort Melbourne, Sandringham Beach, Frankston Beach, Southbank, Maribyrnong River, Docklands, all creeks/rivers and near oceans, Queen Park (Moonee Ponds), Carrum PierWaterHatches from 2km egg
#130GyaradosBeaumaris, Trinity Grammar school chapel, CrownWaterFlying400 Magikarp Candy
#131LaprasAltonaWaterIceHatches from 10km egg
#132DittoNormalHatches from 2km egg
#133EeveeSouthbank, Cairnlea, Carlton Gardens, Craigieburn train station, Flagstaff Gardens (common), Lilydale Lake, Pakenham lakeside, Albion Street-Brunswick (Next to Warr Park), Treasury Gardens, Boronia Station, Frankston pierNormalHatches from 10km egg
#134VaporeonParkville campus water features (night), Southbank,Water25 Eevee Candy
#135JolteonOnce at Doncaster Shoppingtown (It ran)Electric25 Eevee Candy
#136FlareonRoxburgh Park - Hunter Ave (once)Fire25 Eevee Candy
#137PorygonBurwood, Melbourne State Library, Seven Seeds CafeNormalHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#138OmanyteSt Kilda Beach, Fawkner Park, Como Park North, Hastings Pier, Patterson LakesRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#139OmastarSt Kilda BeachRockWater50 Omanyte Candy
#140KabutoAlong Maribyrnong River, Queens Parade (Ashwood), St Kilda Beach near RepublicaRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#141KabutopsRockWater50 Kabuto Candy
#142AerodactylDoncaster Westfield, Ringwood East, BurwoodRockFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#143SnorlaxCrown, Parkville, North Melbourne(Royal Park)NormalHatches from 10km egg
#144ArticunoLocked to Team Mystic ( Possible Event)IceFlyingTeam Mystic
#145ZapdosLocked to Team Instinct ( Possible Event)ElectricFlyingTeam Instinct
#146MoltresLocked to Team Valor ( Possible Event)FireFlyingTeam Valor
#147DratiniCarlton Gardens, Lilydale Lake, Frankston Beach, Maribyrnong River, Altona Beach, Deakin Uni Burwood, Mordialloc beach, South Bank, Monash University (Clayton) casey fields, Footscray ParkDragonHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#148DragonairCrown Casino, Maribyrnong River, Hastings Pier, Frankston PierDragon25 Dratini Candy
#149DragoniteFlagStaff Gardens Lilydale LakeDragonFlying100 Dratini Candy
#150MewtwoEvent specific – Calendar eventsPsychicUnknown
#151MewEvent specific – Calendar eventsPsychicUnknown

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Where to find Pikachu in Melbourne

Our current sources tell us Pikachu is in Melbourne Central, Kew East, Marriott Waters Cranbourne, Cherry Lake Altona and around Coate Park (Alphington).. Stay safe, and happy hunting!

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61 Responses to Pokémon GO: Pokémon locations around Melbourne

  1. Default Gravatar
    Harry | March 19, 2017

    Hi just letting you guys know that eevee hatches out of 5km eggs not 10km eggs

  2. Default Gravatar
    Akiochaa | December 31, 2016

    I just started yesterday, but I found a Ditto disguised as a Zubat in Balwyn near woolworths.

  3. Default Gravatar
    Jake | November 19, 2016

    Poliwrath can be found in Box Hill

  4. Default Gravatar
    Nick | November 6, 2016

    I would just like to add a few locations. Koffing can be found around the Williamstown Hall and Williamstown Library.

    In Tarneit, around Tarneit P-9 college, you can find Hitmonchan and Lee, Omanyte, Pikachu, Magmar and Tarneit Gardens is home to an exceptional amount of Growlithes. Not sure if you want to include them on the list but I have caught something close to 50 Growlithes and Arcanines at Tarneit Gardens and I caught about 12 Koffings tonight at Williamstown Hall without any lures or incense.

    • Default Gravatar
      Nick | November 6, 2016

      Another thing to add, Electric Pokemon have been known to spawn around school, universities and educational buildings.

    • Staff
      Jason | November 6, 2016

      Hi Nick,

      Thank you for the heads-up.

      This information that you gave would greatly help those Pokemon trainers who are also looking for those mentioned Pokemon, especially Pikachu.
      Happy hunting.


  5. Default Gravatar
    vindason | October 29, 2016

    Where can I find Snorlax?

    • Staff
      Jason | October 29, 2016

      Hi Vindason.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      You may find Snorlax around these locations: Crown, Parkville, North Melbourne (Royal Park), along Ann Street, Lang Street and Altona beach

      I hope this helps.


    • Default Gravatar
      Jess | November 30, 2016

      Snorlax has been a regular appearance along Watton St Werribee

    • Default Gravatar
      LT | December 28, 2016

      I play pokemon all the time in Werribee and have never seen a Snorlax in Watton street. Only ever seen 1 in Synott Street near the Corner of Duncans Road. Whereabouts in Watton Street have you seen them?

  6. Default Gravatar
    Lauren | October 25, 2016

    I saw a few Pikachu hanging around Croydon car park near the Park and train station.

  7. Default Gravatar
    Azgard | September 7, 2016

    I caught 3 and saw 2 more Omanyte in Treasury Gardens.

  8. Default Gravatar
    Azgard | September 7, 2016

    Caught 3 and saw 2 more Omanyte in Treasury Garden near Fitzroy Gardens.

  9. Default Gravatar
    Lily | September 4, 2016

    I found Dratini at St Bede’s College right outside it near Mentone Hotel

  10. Default Gravatar
    Dawn | September 2, 2016

    I’m after dragonite in western suburbs. Any ideas where to find them.in the wild need advice please thank u

    • Staff
      Chester | September 2, 2016

      Hello Dawn,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Currently we are informed that you may find a Dragonite in FlagStaff Gardens Lilydale Lake. I hope this helps.


Ask a question