Pokemon Go: Pokemon locations around Canberra

Information verified correct on March 26th, 2017

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Want to catch them all in Canberra? We've compiled a comprehensive list of Pokemon locations so you can do exactly that.

[UPDATED 23 February 2017] After a Pikachu? Hit up Aldi in the city, or Mawson Oval. What about an Omanyte? Head to Belconnen Lake. What about a Zubat? Just kidding, No one wants another Zubat. Just after Pikachu? Here's where to find him.

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PokedexSpritePokemon nameLocationTypeTypeEgg & Candy info
#001BulbasaurLake Tuggeranong, Belconnen Lake, Questacon, City (Bunda St, City Walk, Glebe Park), Lyneham, Murrumbateman Village, Turner, Deakin (rarely), Bonner, Barton, Kingston, Wanniassa, ANU (LF Crisp Building)GrassPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#002IvysaurWoden CIT, Civic (City Walk, King O'Malleys), O'Connor Shops, Yass, Telstra Tower, Telopea Park, National MuseumGrassPoison25 Bulbasaur Candy
#003VenusaurCivic (Bus Interchange), Questacon/NLA, Gordon Adventure Park (rare)GrassPoison100 Bulbasaur Candy
#004CharmanderAinslie, Bonner Oval, Red Hill Shops, Telstra Tower, Gordon ParkFireHatches from 2km egg
#005CharmeleonKaleen ShopsFire25 Charmander Candy
#006CharizardLanyon, Mt. MajuraFireFlying100 Charmander Candy
#007SquirtleAdelaide Avenue (near Parliament House), Lake Tuggeranong, Campbell Park, COC/DFO, City, Eddison Park, National Zoo, National Museum, Hyatt Hotel, Questacon, Majura, ANU (Kingsley Pl - Rare)WaterHatches from 2km egg
#008WartortleLake Ginninderra, Fyshwick (Capital Mens Club), Franklin, NgunnawalWater25 Squirtle Candy
#009BlastoiseCivic (Bus Interchange Platform 9) (rare), New Acton (Near Palace Cinema)Water100 Squirtle Candy
#010CaterpieEverywhereBugHatches from 2km egg
#011MetapodCivic bus interchangeBug12 Caterpie Candy
#012ButterfreeNgunnawal (Mirrabei Drive), Hawker Gardens,BugFlying50 Caterpie Candy
#013WeedleEverywhereBugPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#014KakunaCity (Glebe Park), QuestaconBugPoison25 Weedle Candy
#015BeedrillCCC Greenway, Braidwood, Botanic GardensBugPoison50 Weedle Candy
#016PidgeyEverywhereNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#017PidgeottoThe Canberra Centre, Mawson shops, Murrumbateman Village, City, Bonner, Kingston Foreshore, Manuka (outside Coles), BruceNormalFlying12 Pidgey Candy
#018PidgeotBonner, Manuka, Bungendore, CharnwoodNormalFlying50 Pidgey Candy
#019RattataEverywhereNormalHatches from 2km egg
#020RaticateLake Ginninderra, Kingston Foreshore, ANU campusNormal25 Rattata Candy
#021SpearowEverywhereNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#022FearowBase of Mount Ainslie, Manuka Shops, Scullin Shops, top of red hill between the redhill sign gym and other gym, Ngunnawal, BruceNormalFlying50 Spearow Candy
#023EkansEverywherePoisonHatches from 5km egg
#024ArbokBonner, Black Mountain, National MuseumPoison50 Ekans Candy
#025PikachuAldi (City) , Weston C reek Post Shop, Learmonth Drive (Kambah), Club Lime in Tuggeranong, Lyneham Wetlands, Mawson Oval, Australian War MemorialElectricHatches from 2km egg
#026RaichuChisholmElectric50 Pikachu Candy
#027SandshrewNorthbourne Avenue (Haig Park East), Lake Tuggeranong, Old Parliament house, Black Mountain Trail, Canberra CentreGroundHatches from 5km egg and 10km egg
#028SandslashGround50 Sandshrew Candy
#029Nidoran♀Manuka, City (Glebe Park), Bonner, Turner, Lake Burley Griffin, Kambah, Mount Ainslie, National Museum, Curtin, MacgregorPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#030NidorinaCCC Greenway, MurrumbatemanPoison25 Nidoran (F) Candy
#031NidoqueenCivic (Near King O'Malleys) And Mt.MajuraPoisonGround100 Nidoran (F) Candy
#032Nidoran♂Manuka, Watson Pottery, City (Glebe Park), Bonner, Turner, Botanical Gardens, Kambah, Mount Ainslie, Forrest/Barton (Sydney avenue)PoisonHatches from 5km egg
#033NidorinoKingston Railway Station, Botanical GardensPoison25 Nidoran (M) Candy
#034NidokingMt Ainslie, Majura Road (Simpsons Farm)PoisonGround100 Nidoran (M) Candy
#035ClefairyBonner, Lyneham, Farrer (farrer shops, near the pokestop), Mount Ainslie, Botanical Gardens, O'Connor (near Black Mountain), Lyons, Ainslie shops (by the gym), Gordon Pond, Australian War Memorial, Melba Shops, Black MountainNormalHatches from 2km egg
#036ClefableLake Tuggeranong, Yarralumla (Near the lake), Lyons Primary SchoolNormal50 Clefairy Candy
#037VulpixFyshwick (Newcastle Street), Murrumbateman Village, Questacon, ANU Lena lodge, BraddonFireHatches from 5km egg
#038NinetalesCanberra Centre ColesFire50 Vulpix Candy
#039JigglypuffANU (Sullivans Creek Rd), UC, Civic (Glebe Park, Hellenic Club, Fenner Hall), outside Westfield Woden, Lake Burley Griffin (Yacht Club), Belconnen park (north of the mall), National Museum, Ngunnawal ,Club Lime TuggeranongNormalHatches from 2km egg
#040WigglytuffNormal50 Jigglypuff Candy
#041ZubatToo many places. Waaay too many placesPoisonFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#042GolbatAlso too many places. Waaay too many placesPoisonFlying50 Zubat Candy
#043OddishAnywhere near grassy areas, Civic, Bonner, National Museum, QuestaconGrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#044GloomRose Garden (Old Parliament House), Bonner, near Lake TuggeranongGrassPoison25 Oddish Candy
#045VileplumeOutside Department of Finance (near Old Parliament House - at night), LanyonGrassPoison100 Oddish Candy
#046ParasAnywhere near grassy areas, Civic, Bonner, Wanniassa, Questacon, New MacgregorBugGrassHatches from 5km egg
#047ParasectNew MacGregor, Refshauge CresBugGrass50 Paras Candy
#048VenonatLake Tuggeranong, Lanyon Market Place, Nishi Building NewActon, Duffy, Bonner, Murrumbateman, Mount Ainslie, CISAC, National Museum, GungahlinBugPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#049VenomothCooleman Court, Civic, Cook, Mawson Playing FieldsBugPoison50 Venonat Candy
#050DiglettUC, Parkes (High Court)GroundHatches from 5km egg
#051DugtrioBlack Mountain Tower TrailsGround50 Diglett Candy
#052MeowthGiralang, William Slim Dr, Russell, Kaleen, Queanbeyan (Yass Rd, Sutton Rd), ANU (Dickson Road), Ainslie Shops, Gold Creek (O'hanlon Place), Civic, Canberra Stadium, Ngunnawal, Canberra AirportNormal
#053PersianNormal50 Meowth Candy
#054PsyduckAnywhere near waterWaterHatches from 5km egg
#055GolduckKingston Foreshore, ANU, National Museum, Lake Burleigh Griffin, QuestaconWater50 Psyduck Candy
#056MankeyNational Zoo, Red Hill, Parliament House, Conder (Box Hill Ave), Botanical Gardens, Isabella PlainsFightingHatches from 5km egg
#057PrimeapeNear Olympus st LyonsFighting50 Mankey Candy
#058GrowlitheACU, Watson, Dickson, Fyshwick Markets, Arboretum, Calwell, Black Mountain, Karabar, next to Narrabundah Golf Course, Wanniassa Shops, College Sto, Australian War Memorial, Weston McDonald's, Gold creekFireHatches from 5km egg
#059ArcanineBlack Mountain, Mt. MajuraFire50 Growlithe Candy
#060PoliwagErindale Shops, Questacon, Civic (Glebe Park & London Cct), Deakin, Bonner, Murrumbateman Village, National Museum, Belconnen, WanniassaWaterHatches from 5km egg
#061PoliwhirlCivic, Woden Skate Park, next to Narrabundah Golf Course, AIATSIS, Wanniassa, Majura Park Shopping Centre, LynehamWater25 Poliwag Candy
#062PoliwrathDeakin, Braddon, WatsonWaterFighting100 Poliwag Candy
#063AbraLake Tuggeranong, Belconnen Lake, Questacon, City (Bunda St, City Walk, Glebe Park), Lyneham, Turner, Deakin (rarely), Murrumbateman village (rarely), Hawker ( belconnen high School ), O'Connor, Ngunnawal (Rarely)PsychicHatches from 5km egg
#064KadabraFlynn (Spalding St)Psychic25 Abra Candy
#065AlakazamPsychic100 Abra Candy
#066MachopMount Ainslie, Black Mountain Trails, Deakin, National Museum, Cooleman Ridge Nature Reserve (Kambah)FightingHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#067MachokeCooleman Court, ForrestFighting25 Machop Candy
#068MachampParliament HouseFighting100 Machop Candy
#069BellsproutAnywhere near grassy areas, Civic (Glebe Park & London Cct), Bonner, Wanniassa, AirportGrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#070WeepinbellLake Tuggeranong, Isabella Plains, John Knight ParkGrassPoison25 Bellsprout Candy
#071VictreebelGrassPoison100 Bellsprout Candy
#072TentacoolAnywhere near water, also CivicWaterPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#073TentacruelAnywhere near waterWaterPoison50 Tentacool Candy
#074GeodudeRed Hill, Chisholm (Proctor Street)RockGroundHatches from 2km egg
#075GravelerRed HillRockGround25 Geodude Candy
#076GolemCCC GreenwayRockGround100 Geodude Candy
#077PonytaLake Tuggeranong, Narrabundah (near the golf course), Dickson Wetlands, Lanyon Market Place, city, Murrumbateman village, Bonner, Yarralumla (near Adelaide Ave exit), Karabar, Kambah (Allchin Cct), Fyshwick, Bruce (Near CISAC)FireHatches from 5km egg
#078RapidashCanberra AirportFire50 Ponyta Candy
#079SlowpokeLake Tuggeranong, O'Connor shops, Mount Ainslie, Belconnen lake, Lake Burley Griffin, QuestaconWaterPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#080SlowbroNational Museum of Australia, Belconnen Lake, Questacon, Franklin, Lake TuggeranongWaterPsychic50 Slowpoke Candy
#081MagnemiteQueanbeyan (Henderson Rd)ElectricSteelHatches from 2km and 5km eggs
#082MagnetonElectricSteel50 Magnemite Candy
#083Farfetch'dNormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#084DoduoEverywhereNormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#085DodrioEverywhereNormalFlying50 Doduo Candy
#086Seelnational zooWaterHatches from 5km egg
#087DewgongWaterIce50 Seel Candy
#088GrimerQBN park near waterfall pool, Arboretum, Ainslie Footy Club, Foreshore near Questacon, Mawson Shops, Civic, QuestaconPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#089MukLake TuggeranongPoison50 Grimer Candy
#090ShellderReconciliation Pl, Lake Ginninderra (Southside bike path), LynehamWaterHatches from 5km egg
#091CloysterWaterIce50 Shellder Candy
#092GastlyAppear at night - Civic, Sky Zone Belconnen, foreshore near Questacon, Kippax, National Museum, Edison park (never caught but says its close), Wanniassa, AIS cafeGhostPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#093HaunterCooleman Court, Watson, Appear at night - Civic, Wilshire St Dickson, Belconnen Bus InterchangeGhostPoison25 Ghastly Candy
#094GengarGhostPoison100 Ghastly Candy
#095OnixBlack mountain tower; Hotel Realm - Barton; VB,Canberra Outlet, Barton/Forrest (Sydney Avenue)RockGroundHatches from 10km egg
#096DrowzeeANU, UC, Bruce - Cafe Momo, Turner, AmarooPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#097HypnoMajura Park, Old Parliament House, MacquariePsychic50 Drowzee Candy
#098KrabbyAnywhere near water, Civic, Franklin, Mitchell, Kippax OvalsWaterHatches from 5km egg
#099KinglerLake Burley Griffin, Commonwealth Bridge, Civic (Reload), Woden WestfieldWater50 Krabby Candy
#100VoltorbOld Parliament House, Majura Park, Lena Karmel LodgeElectricHatches from 5km egg
#101ElectrodeQuestaconElectric50 Voltorb Candy
#102ExeggcuteCivic, Belconnen, Gungahlin, Murrumbateman, Latham Shop, Kambah, Wanniassa,GrassPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#103ExeggutorRed Hill, HoltGrassPsychic50 Exeggcute Candy
#104CuboneMount Ainslie, Bonner near nature reserve (at night), near Red Hill shops (at night), Giralang (at night), BraddonGroundHatches from 5km egg
#105MarowakLyons (Near oval), Emu Bank (Closer to the mall)Ground50 Cubone Candy
#106HitmonleeOld Parliament House Rose Gdn, Civic (Glebe Park), National Library, Bonner, Ngunnawal, Bonython Dodecahedron, Each side of Lake Burleigh GriffinFightingHatches from 10km egg
#107HitmonchanBotanical Gardens, Telstra Tower, Weston McDonald'sFightingHatches from 10km egg
#108LickitungSpotted in Murrumbateman (rare spawn), rare spawn at night in bonner, GungahlinNormalHatches from 5km egg
#109KoffingAppear at night - Civic (Glebe Park), Turner, Weston Creek (car park), Bonner, Mitchell (near shop)PoisonHatches from 5km egg
#110Weezingnear Gundaroo drive in Gungahlin, Civic (London Cct)Poison50 Koffing Candy
#111RhyhornAinslie shops, Red Hill, Bonner, QBN Park, Lake Burley Griffin, Kambah, Westfield BelconnenGroundRockHatches from 5km egg
#112Rhydonwalkway under the bridge just before the roundabout between florey drive and ginninderra driveGroundRock50 Ryhorn Candy
#113ChanseyCalvary hospital, ChapmanNormalHatches from 10km egg
#114TangelaAnywhere near grassy areas, Civic (Glebe Park), Botanical gardens, Wanniassa, John Knight ParkGrassHatches from 5km egg
#115KangaskhanRed Hill, Mount Ainslie (top of tyson st), Coolibah Cres O'ConnorNormalHatches from 5km egg
#116HorseaRussell, Civic, CCC Greenway, Yerrabi Park, Cooma, Gungahlin, National Museum, Kingston ForeshoreWaterHatches from 5km egg
#117SeadraANU library, FarrerWater50 Horsea Candy
#118GoldeenRussell, Civic, Questacon, that alleyway near oporto in Gungahlin, Belconnen, Lake Burley GriffinWaterHatches from 5km egg
#119SeakingMount Ainslie, Mcdonald's TuggeranongWater50 Goldeen Candy
#120StaryuLake Tuggeranong, Cooleman Court, Russell, Lyneham, Civic, Belconnen (Lake Ginninderra paths), Murrumbateman Village, Lake Burley Griffin, Gungahlin, AISWaterHatches from 5km egg
#121StarmieOld Parliament House, near Red Hill shopsWaterPsychic50 Staryu Candy
#122Mr. MimeCharnwood shops during daytime.PsychicHatches from 5km egg
#123ScytherCivic (Reload), ANU Campus, Franklin (Mullangarri Grasslands Trail), Lake Tuggeranong, waterfront in front of Questacon; Anytime Fitness Charnwood; O'Connor parksBugFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#124JynxYowani golf club, Lyneham, Woden Police Station, Lake Burley GriffinIcePsychicHatches from 10km egg
#125ElectabuzzCivic (Fountain), Old Parliament House, Scullin, Queanbeyan (Yass Rd), Museum, Shanghai Dumpling HouseElectric
#126MagmarCivic, National Museum, Belconnen surrounds, Kingston Foreshore, Ainslie, Telstra tower, Questacon, Wanniassa Shops, Arboretum, Lyneham (at night), Botanic GardensFireHatches from 10km egg
#127PinsirWestfield Bus Station, Queanbeyan Main Street. Lake Tuggeranong, South LynehamBugHatches from 10km egg
#128TaurosMajura ParkNormalHatches from 2km egg
#129MagikarpO'Connor parks near water, Lake Tuggeranong, Lake Burley Griffin, Parliament House, Lake GinninderraWaterHatches from 2km egg
#130GyaradosLake Tuggeranong, ANU unicourt bridge(rare)WaterFlying400 Magikarp Candy
#131LaprasGood Hope, Lake Tuggeranong (very rare spawn)WaterIceHatches from 10km egg
#132Dittocurrently unavailable to spawnNormalHatches from 2km egg
#133EeveeEverywhere (uncommon), Lake Tuggeranong (common), Narrabundah (common)NormalHatches from 10km egg
#134VaporeonFountain outside Canberra Centre, Lake GWater25 Eevee Candy
#135JolteonCalwell (Were St)Electric25 Eevee Candy
#136FlareonKingston (cnr Howitt & Dawes)Fire25 Eevee Candy
#137PorygonCivic, Maccas in the city, Lyneham shops, Bunnings,NormalHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#138OmanyteRussell, Lake Ginninderra, O'Conor Wetlands, National Museum of Australia, Lake Tuggeranong, Glebe ParkRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#139OmastarNew Acton, lake tuggersRockWater50 Omanyte Candy
#140KabutoCivic (London Cct), Questacon, Lake GinninderraRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#141KabutopsGlebe Park at nightRockWater50 Kabuto Candy
#142AerodactylFadden (Holy Family Primary School), Botanical Gardens, Birds Exhibit @ Zoo, Deakin, Mt Ainslie, Telstra TowerRockFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#143SnorlaxSpotted in Murrumbateman (rare spawn), rare spawn at night in bonner, GungahlinNormalHatches from 10km egg
#144ArticunoThese are event only pokemon. Each color will be locked to your team colour.IceFlyingTeam Mystic
#145ZapdosThese are event only pokemon. Each color will be locked to your team colour.ElectricFlyingTeam Instinct
#146MoltresThese are event only pokemon. Each color will be locked to your team colour.FireFlyingTeam Valor
#147DratiniAnywhere near water, Lake Burley Griffin (Commonwealth Park especially), Lake Tuggeranong, UC, Kaleen, Kingston, Lake Ginninderra , Sully's, Along yamba dr near Curtin (on the side with the storm drain), Ainslie (Corroboree Park)DragonHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#148DragonairLake Tuggeranong, Turner, Sydney Park near lake, Lake Ginninderra, Pine IslandDragon25 Dratini Candy
#149DragoniteLake Tuggeranong, Turner, Sydney Park near lake, Lake Ginninderra, Pine Island, O'connorDragonFlying100 Dratini Candy
#150MewtwoThese are event only pokemon.PsychicUnknown
#151MewThese are event only pokemon.PsychicUnknown

Video game finder (13)

Where to find a Pikachu in Canberra

The locations of Pikachu in Canberra include Aldi (City) , Weston Creek Post Shop, Learmonth Drive (Kambah), Club Lime in Tuggeranong, Lyneham Wetlands, Mawson Oval and the Australian War Memorial. Good luck and happy hunting!

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