Pokemon Go: Pokemon locations around Brisbane

Information verified correct on March 28th, 2017

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Want to become the best Pokemon trainer in Brisbane? Start with this list of Pokemon locations

[UPDATED 23 February 2017] While the exact whereabouts of any given Pokemon may change, these locations hint at the locations Pokemon tend to spawn. Aiming for all of Eevee's evolutions? Head to Central train station. What about a Jynx? You'll find that in Maze. What about a Pikachu? We even have his location!

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PokedexSpritePokemon nameLocationTypeTypeEgg & Candy info
#001BulbasaurNew Farm/Chermside/Narangba/South Brisbane/West End/Milton/pelican park Redcliffe, Brisbane Airport, Henderson Park, Browns PlainsGrassPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#002IvysaurChermside, Fortitude Valley (near A&C)/ Forest LakeGrassPoison25 Bulbasaur Candy
#003VenusaurGrassPoison100 Bulbasaur Candy
#004CharmanderYarrabilbaFireHatches from 2km egg
#005CharmeleonBrisbane City, Edward Street.Fire25 Charmander Candy
#006CharizardLA Bar/Spring Hill, BrisbaneFireFlying100 Charmander Candy
#007SquirtleNorth Lakes, along Copeland Drive/Narangba, Brisbane AirportWaterHatches from 2km egg
#008WartortleDaisy Hill / John Paul College / WestlakeWater25 Squirtle Candy
#009BlastoiseWater100 Squirtle Candy
#010CaterpieWest End/CBD/Narangba/YarrabilbaBugHatches from 2km egg
#011MetapodYarrabilbaBug12 Caterpie Candy
#012ButterfreeBugFlying50 Caterpie Candy
#013WeedleWest End/CBD/Ashgrove/Narangba/Holland Park/EverywhereBugPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#014KakunaFortitude ValleyBugPoison25 Weedle Candy
#015BeedrillCBD Brisbane.BugPoison50 Weedle Candy
#016PidgeyEverywhereNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#017PidgeottoAuchenflower/Milton/Toowong/CBD/Narangba/JimboombaNormalFlying12 Pidgey Candy
#018PidgeotNormalFlying50 Pidgey Candy
#019RattataEverywhereNormalHatches from 2km egg
#020RaticateEverywhereNormal25 Rattata Candy
#021SpearowAuchenflower/Toowong/West End/NarangbaNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#022FearowFortitude Valley/Riverside / DFO JindaleeNormalFlying50 Spearow Candy
#023EkansNarangba/Holland Park/ Jamboree/ Jindalee States School/ YarrailbaPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#024ArbokSouth BankPoison50 Ekans Candy
#025PikachuLake Eden (North Lakes)/ WestlakeElectricHatches from 2km egg
#026RaichuElectric50 Pikachu Candy
#027SandshrewToowong / Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens / Logan VillageGroundHatches from 5km egg and 10km egg
#028SandslashGround50 Sandshrew Candy
#029Nidoran♀Toowong / Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens / CBD / CrestmeadPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#030NidorinaToowong / JindaleePoison25 Nidoran (F) Candy
#031NidoqueenPoisonGround100 Nidoran (F) Candy
#032Nidoran♂Toowong / Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens/Narangba / CBDPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#033NidorinoToowongPoison25 Nidoran (M) Candy
#034NidokingCBD (Riverside Ferry Terminal)PoisonGround100 Nidoran (M) Candy
#035ClefairyMt Cootha / Indooroopilly / Holland Park, Brisbane CBDNormalHatches from 2km egg
#036ClefableIKEA LoganNormal50 Clefairy Candy
#037VulpixIndooroopilly, Brisbane/CBD, Nundah / JimboombaFireHatches from 5km egg
#038NinetalesFire50 Vulpix Candy
#039JigglypuffBrisbane CBD, West End/Narangba/NundahNormalHatches from 2km egg
#040WigglytuffNormal50 Jigglypuff Candy
#041ZubatEverywherePoisonFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#042GolbatAuchenflower / Holland ParkPoisonFlying50 Zubat Candy
#043OddishToowong - along coronation driveGrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#044GloomDaisy Hill / John Paul College / YarrabilbaGrassPoison25 Oddish Candy
#045VileplumeGrassPoison100 Oddish Candy
#046ParasBrisbane CBD/Fortitude Valley, Toowong / Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens / Narangba / YarrabilbaBugGrassHatches from 5km egg
#047ParasectNarangba/South BankBugGrass50 Paras Candy
#048VenonatCBD/Narangba / JimboombaBugPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#049VenomothBugPoison50 Venonat Candy
#050DiglettWest End, UQGroundHatches from 5km egg
#051DugtrioGround50 Diglett Candy
#052MeowthToowong - along coronation drive/Narangba; NundahNormal
#053PersianToowong - along coronation driveNormal50 Meowth Candy
#054PsyduckNarangba, Fortitude Valley (Story Bridge), Milton/Auchenflower (Coronation Drive)WaterHatches from 5km egg
#055GolduckWater50 Psyduck Candy
#056MankeyHolland Park/ CBDFightingHatches from 5km egg
#057PrimeapeFighting50 Mankey Candy
#058GrowlitheCBD, Brisbane/ Rocks Riverside Park/ JindaleeFireHatches from 5km egg
#059ArcanineFire50 Growlithe Candy
#060PoliwagNarangba / South Bank, New Farm (New Farm Park)WaterHatches from 5km egg
#061PoliwhirlWater25 Poliwag Candy
#062PoliwrathWaterFighting100 Poliwag Candy
#063AbraNarangba/ Newmarket/ Jindalee/ Forest Lake / JimboombaPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#064KadabraPsychic25 Abra Candy
#065AlakazamPsychic100 Abra Candy
#066MachopLogan / Tanah Merah / NewstedFightingHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#067MachokeWest End/Auchenflower/CBDFighting25 Machop Candy
#068MachampFighting100 Machop Candy
#069BellsproutNarangba / South Bank / Fortitude Valley / MunrubenGrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#070WeepinbellGrassPoison25 Bellsprout Candy
#071VictreebelGrassPoison100 Bellsprout Candy
#072TentacoolNarangba / South Bank / Fortitude Valley (Story Bridge)WaterPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#073TentacruelFortitude Valley (Story Bridge)WaterPoison50 Tentacool Candy
#074GeodudeRockGroundHatches from 2km egg
#075GravelerRockGround25 Geodude Candy
#076GolemRockGround100 Geodude Candy
#077PonytaWest End/ToowongFireHatches from 5km egg
#078RapidashFire50 Ponyta Candy
#079SlowpokeFortitude Valley (Story Bridge), Milton (Coronation Drive)WaterPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#080SlowbroFortitude Valley (Story Bridge)WaterPsychic50 Slowpoke Candy
#081MagnemiteElectricSteelHatches from 2km and 5km eggs
#082MagnetonElectricSteel50 Magnemite Candy
#083Farfetch'dNormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#084DoduoAshgrove/Narangba, New Farm (New Farm Park)/Tarragindi (S E Fwy Bikeway) / Almost EverywhereNormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#085DodrioFortitude Valley/New Farm/Tarragindi (S E Fwy Bikeway)NormalFlying50 Doduo Candy
#086SeelWaterHatches from 5km egg
#087DewgongToowong - along coronation driveWaterIce50 Seel Candy
#088GrimerYarrabilbaPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#089MukPoison50 Grimer Candy
#090ShellderWaterHatches from 5km egg
#091CloysterAuchenflowerWaterIce50 Shellder Candy
#092GastlyCoronat / JimboombaGhostPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#093HaunterForest LakeGhostPoison25 Ghastly Candy
#094GengarNarangba/ CBD / Yarrabilba/YatalaGhostPoison100 Ghastly Candy
#095OnixRockGroundHatches from 10km egg
#096DrowzeeAnnerley (S E Fwy Bikeway)/Greenslopes (S E Fwy Bikeway)PsychicHatches from 5km egg
#097HypnoPsychic50 Drowzee Candy
#098KrabbyFortitude Valley, Moggill / Logan VillageWaterHatches from 5km egg
#099KinglerFortitude ValleyWater50 Krabby Candy
#100VoltorbMilton, BrisbaneElectricHatches from 5km egg
#101ElectrodeElectric50 Voltorb Candy
#102ExeggcuteNarangba/ Fortitude Valley/ New FarmGrassPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#103ExeggutorGrassPsychic50 Exeggcute Candy
#104CuboneAuchenflowerGroundHatches from 5km egg
#105MarowakGround50 Cubone Candy
#106HitmonleeRoma St ParklandsFightingHatches from 10km egg
#107HitmonchanCBD (Riverside Ferry Terminal)FightingHatches from 10km egg
#108LickitungNormalHatches from 5km egg
#109KoffingUQPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#110WeezingTaringa, Brisbane.Poison50 Koffing Candy
#111RhyhornBrisbane CBD, Logan / Tanah Merah/NarangbaGroundRockHatches from 5km egg
#112RhydonCBDGroundRock50 Rhyhorn Candy
#113ChanseyNormalHatches from 10km egg
#114TangelaBrunswick St/NarangbaGrassHatches from 5km egg
#115KangaskhanNormalHatches from 5km egg
#116HorseaFortitude Valley/New Farm, NarangbaWaterHatches from 5km egg
#117SeadraIndooroopilly, Brisbane.Water50 Horsea Candy
#118GoldeenMoggill, New FarmWaterHatches from 5km egg
#119SeakingSouthbank (Bris)/ CBDWater50 Goldeen Candy
#120StaryuNarangba/ CBD/ Fortitude ValleyWaterHatches from 5km egg
#121StarmieWaterPsychic50 Staryu Candy
#122Mr. MimePsychicHatches from 5km egg
#123ScytherMilton/St Johns Wood/ Middle ParkBugFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#124JynxMazeIcePsychicHatches from 10km egg
#126MagmarKelvin Grove Urban Village / Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens / South BankFireHatches from 10km egg
#127PinsirWest End/Milton/Toowong/Narangba/New Farm (New Farm Park)BugHatches from 10km egg
#128TaurosNormalHatches from 2km egg
#129MagikarpToowong/Milton - along coronation drive/Narangba/ Fortitude Valley/Any water, New Farm Riverwalk Pokéstop / WestlakeWaterHatches from 2km egg
#130GyaradosWaterFlying400 Magikarp Candy
#131LaprasWaterIceHatches from 10km egg
#132DittoMy BasementNormalHatches from 2km egg
#133EeveeBrisbane CBD (Central Train Station), Toowong/Milton, Centenary Park (Fortitude Valley)/Narangba/South BrisbaneNormalHatches from 10km egg
#134VaporeonWater25 Eevee Candy
#135JolteonElectric25 Eevee Candy
#136FlareonFire25 Eevee Candy
#137PorygonNormalHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#138OmanyteRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#139OmastarRockWater50 Omanyte Candy
#140KabutoWest End/South BankRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#141KabutopsRockWater50 Kabuto Candy
#142AerodactylHolland ParkRockFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#143SnorlaxNormalHatches from 10km egg
#144ArticunoIceFlyingTeam Mystic
#145ZapdosElectricFlyingTeam Instinct
#146MoltresMy MixtapeFireFlyingTeam Valor
#147DratiniSedgley Park, Alderley, South Bank, Sydney St Ferry Stop (New Farm) Lake Eden (North Lakes)DragonHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#148DragonairDragon25 Dratini Candy
#149DragoniteDragonFlying100 Dratini Candy
#150MewtwoSpecial EventPsychicUnknown
#151MewSpecial EventPsychicUnknown

Where to find Pikachu in Brisbane

The current locations we have for Pikachu are Lake Eden (North Lakes) and Westlake. Good luck!

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14 Responses to Pokemon Go: Pokemon locations around Brisbane

  1. Default Gravatar
    Lionelhutz3 | December 16, 2016

    Abra spawn and charmander spawn at bulimba Park and dog area. Been happening all week with porygon even appearing.

  2. Default Gravatar
    RogueHanna | September 15, 2016


    Very eager to catch the pokemon Ditto in Brisbane. You mentioned catching Ditto ‘in your basement’ can you be more specific in which Brisbane suburb that it spawns in or was it a once off?

    • Staff
      Anndy | September 28, 2016

      Hi Rogue,

      Thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately, we don’t have available locations for ‘Ditto’ now.


    • Default Gravatar
      Don | November 28, 2016

      Found ditto at Sunnybank plaza with rattata transformed to ditto. Keep in mind I have 385+ coins. I was shock when it came.

  3. Default Gravatar
    gorgaaa | September 7, 2016

    Nidoran♀/Nidorino – Fortitude Valley, Centenary Park
    Clefairy – West End, corner Vulture St & Browning St
    Oddish – CBD Anzac Square
    Psyduck – South Bank
    Mankey – Norman Park (possibly a one off)
    Abra/Kadabra – CBD, right after you get off Victoria Bridge from South Bank
    Slowpoke – South Bank
    Exeggcute – South Bank
    Jinx – QUT Botanic Gardens
    Electabuzz – hatched out of 10km egg
    Magikarp – South Bank
    Eevee – CBD corner Adelaide St & Queen St
    Porygon – Morningside (possibly one off)
    Kabutops – Fortitude Valley (possibly one off)
    Dragonair – Norman Park (possibly a one off)

  4. Default Gravatar
    astroASMR | September 3, 2016

    botanical garden is a CONFIRMED [jinx] nest
    due to the “pokemon migration” a few days ago it has turned into
    a [Magmar nest] as there were no jinx anymore and only Magmar , this is confirmed on the ‘silph road’ website

  5. Default Gravatar
    | August 22, 2016

    Kangaskhan, I just found moment ago at Jindalee State School, Jindalee, QLD

    • Default Gravatar
      astroASMR | September 3, 2016

      to the poster who mentioned “Kangaskhan”, its true he is a region (country) specific pokemon, but he no longer is rare, due to the update he can be found in the city and in suburban areas

  6. Default Gravatar
    PokeLoco | August 21, 2016

    Pikachu spawn point: New Farm Bowls Club. They spawn at anytime of the day.

    Lickitung spawns in New Farm Park, near where the play equipment is. Only seen it spawn here once.

    Magmar spawn seen in Gray St, New Farm. Only seen a single spawn here.

    • Staff
      Chester | August 21, 2016

      Hello Pokeloco,

      Thanks for the update on the current location of pokemons in Brisbane area. We will have this confirmed and added in our pokemon page. We appreciate you sharing.


  7. Default Gravatar
    Ghost1e77 | August 1, 2016

    I found heaps of Pikachus at Forest lake . I’ve only caught them at night as well and both times I went it was after 9pm hope that helps some ppl

    • Default Gravatar
      Meatball | August 6, 2016

      Found a Porygon in South Bank around South Bank 3 Ferry Wharf Terminal.

    • Default Gravatar
      Harry | August 11, 2016

      Pinsir spawn at wakerley park, runcorn. if u put a lure on the pokestop underneath the sign u will get tonnes. Me and my mate caught 2 in 20 mins

    • Default Gravatar
      Eddie | August 16, 2016

      Got a Pikachu and Voltorb at Redcliffe Jetty.

      Growlithe in Caboolture.

Ask a question