Pokemon Go: Pokemon locations around Adelaide

Information verified correct on March 26th, 2017

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Want to be Adelaide's best Pokemon Trainer? Here's the list of locations to catch them all.

[UPDATED 23 February 2017] While Pokemon spawning locations are somewhat unexpected, they do tend to pop up in certain habitats repeatedly. Want an Abra? Head to Flinders Park. What about a Charmander? Broadview will do it for you. We even know Pikachu's location!

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PokedexSpritePokemon nameLocationTypeTypeEgg & Candy info
#001BulbasaurBlackwood, Seaview Downs, Happy Valley, Mitchell Park, Highgate, Aberfoyle Park, Morphett Vale, Panorama, Flagstaff Hill, , Woodville South, Belair, Banksia Park, Oakden, Paradise (Thorndon Park),Klemzig, Gawler (Pioneer Park), Elizabeth East (Wetlands Midway Road),, ,GrassPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#002IvysaurBlackwood, Adelaide OvalGrassPoison25 Bulbasaur Candy
#003VenusaurSemaphore, Fairview Park, ,GrassPoison100 Bulbasaur Candy
#004CharmanderBlackwood, Seaford Rise, Mitchell Park, Clovelly Park, Aberfoyle Park, Glenelg, Seaford, Thebarton (near Ice Arena), Flinders Park, Brompton, Woodville Gardens(rare), , Royston Park,Norwood, Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide Uni Nth Tce Campus, Brougham GardensFireHatches from 2km egg
#005CharmeleonOld Noarlunga, Brompton, Glenelg North, Adelaide University (North Terrace)Fire25 Charmander Candy
#006CharizardSeaford, Don't remember where but norwood area, Semaphore Jetty (Rare), , Burnside, Convention center, grenfell st, Tusmore parkFireFlying100 Charmander Candy
#007SquirtleMitchell Park, Happy Valley, Morphett Vale, Aberfoyle Park, Flagstaff Hill, Oaklands park (river catchment), Glenelg, Thebarton (near Ice Arena), Largs Bay Esplanade, Semaphore, , Norwood, Botanic Gardens, Torrens Lake (Between King William St and Frome Rd, uncommon)WaterHatches from 2km egg
#008WartortleMorphettvilleWater25 Squirtle Candy
#009BlastoiseAberfoyle Park, SemaphoreWater100 Squirtle Candy
#010CaterpieBlackwood, Happy Valley, O'Halloran Hill, Aberfoyle Park, Panorama, Flagstaff Hill, Grange, , , Victoria SquareBugHatches from 2km egg
#011MetapodSemaphore, UnderdaleBug12 Caterpie Candy
#012ButterfreeOaklands Park (rare), Waymouth St (Rare)BugFlying50 Caterpie Candy
#013WeedleBlackwood, Reynella, Aberfoyle Park, Panorama, Flagstaff Hill, Semaphore, Semaphore South, , Magill (Penfold Park), Burnside, Gloria Jeans Coffee on Hindley Street, Adelaide Uni Nth Tce Campus, Victoria SquareBugPoisonHatches from 2km egg
#014KakunaSemaphore, Victoria SquareBugPoison25 Weedle Candy
#015BeedrillSemaphoreBugPoison50 Weedle Candy
#016PidgeyBlackwood, Clovelly Park, Marion (Shopping Centre), St Marys, Panorama, Flagstaff Hill, Brompton/Bowden, Richmond, Adelaide Airport, Glenelg, Woodville Gardens, Munno Para West, , Adelaide University (North Terrace, farm), Rundle Mall, NorwoodNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#017PidgeottoMarion, Clovelly Park, Panorama, Oaklands (Aquatic Centre), Richmond, Woodville Gardens, , , Light SquareNormalFlying12 Pidgey Candy
#018PidgeotHilton, Glenelg Reserve (uncommon), Munno Para West, , Victoria SquareNormalFlying50 Pidgey Candy
#019RattataBlackwood, Marion (Shopping Centre), Clovelly Park, Panorama, Flagstaff Hill, Brompton, Ridleyton, Richmond, Hilton, Adelaide Airport, Woodville Gardens, Hindmarsh, Salisbury, Munno Para West, Most places (nocturnal), CBDNormalHatches from 2km egg
#020RaticatePort Willunga, Aberfoyle Park, , Salisbury, , Victoria SquareNormal25 Rattata Candy
#021SpearowBlackwood, Aldinga Beach, Panorama, Flagstaff Hill, Oaklands Park, Brompton, Richmond, Hilton, Woodville Gardens, Elizabeth, Dulwich, Glenside, King William Street, Light Square, West TceNormalFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#022FearowBrompton, Ridleyton, Woodville Gardens (rare), Rosewater, Modbury Civic Park, , Rundle Mall, Rundle Street, University of Adelaide (rare)NormalFlying50 Spearow Candy
#023EkansBlackwood, Clovelly Park, Panorama,, Woodville, Brompton, Richmond, Marleston, Hilton, Underdale, Adelaide Airport, Hove/Brighton, Enfield, Parafield Gardens, Windsor Gardens, Salisbury, Elizabeth Downs, Munno Para West, Magill, Mitcham, Campbelltown, Felixstowe, CBD, Norwood (common)PoisonHatches from 5km egg
#024ArbokBlackwood, Marion,, Fulham Gardens, Hilton, Semaphore (Corner of Esplanade & Semphore Rd), Woodville Gardens (Liberty Grove), Salisbury (+ train station), Norwood, Rundle MallPoison50 Ekans Candy
#025PikachuPort Noarlunga South, Seaford Esplanade, Largs Bay, along the Torrens near South Rd, West Lakes Mall, Semaphore (Corner of Esplanade & Semphore Rd), Salisbury (rare), Hope Valley (near Heysen Ave), Gawler (Big W, Foodland), Malvern, Central Markets, South Terrace, North Terrace Convention Centre, Rundle MallElectricHatches from 2km egg
#026RaichuNorth Adelaide (near North Gate of Adelaide Oval), , King William Road near Creswell Gardens (rare)Electric50 Pikachu Candy
#027SandshrewGlengowrie, Mitchell Park, Warradale, Mitcham, St Marys, Clovelly Park, Aberfoyle Park, Panorama, Seacombe Gardens, Brompton, Richmond, HIlton, Semaphore (Corner of Esplanade & Semphore Rd), Underdale, Torrensville, Enfield, Parafield Gardens, Windsor Gardens, Salisbury, Broadview, Campbeltown, Norwood, Dulwich, EverywhereGroundHatches from 5km egg and 10km egg
#028SandslashAberfoyle Park, Underdale, Torrensville, Enfield, Salisbury, , Rundle StreetGround50 Sandshrew Candy
#029Nidoran♀Blackwood, Aldinga Beach, St Marys, Aberfoyle Park, Panorama, Richmond, Belair, Woodville Gardens, Gawler, , Rundle MallPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#030NidorinaSt Marys, Aberfoyle Park, Richmond, Port Road (Near Krispy Kreme), Gawler (Pioneer Park),, ,Poison25 Nidoran (F) Candy
#031NidoqueenHighburyPoisonGround100 Nidoran (F) Candy
#032Nidoran♂Blackwood, Panorama, Rundle Mall, Aldinga Beach, St Marys, Belair, Woodville Gardens, Gawler, Everywhere in CBDPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#033NidorinoGawler (Pioneer Park)Poison25 Nidoran (M) Candy
#034NidokingPanorama,PoisonGround100 Nidoran (M) Candy
#035ClefairyBlackwood, St Marys, Aberfoyle Park, Seacliff, Panorama, Flagstaff Hill, Richmond, Greenwith, Gawler, , Rundle Mall and nearby areasNormalHatches from 2km egg
#036ClefableReynella, Adelaide Uni Ovals (CBD), Adelaide Railway StationNormal50 Clefairy Candy
#037VulpixSt Marys, Bedford Park, Woodville, Richmond, Semaphore (Corner of Esplanade & Semphore Rd), Woodville Gardens (sometimes), Parafield Gardens, Salisbury, Gawler, Valley View, , Rundle Mall luresFireHatches from 5km egg
#038NinetalesMorphett Vale, Port Adelaide, West Lakes, , , Oval, Currie stFire50 Vulpix Candy
#039JigglypuffBlackwood, Bedford Park, Aberfoyle Park, Panorama, Mile End, Gawler East, Elizabeth North, , Rundle MallNormalHatches from 2km egg
#040WigglytuffSemaphore, Near Corner or North & West TerraceNormal50 Jigglypuff Candy
#041ZubatMitchell Park, Panorama, Pasadena, Blackwood, Henley Beach, Richmond, North Haven, Woodville Gardens, Munno Para West, Dulwich, CBDPoisonFlyingHatches from 2km egg
#042GolbatAldinga Beach, Bedford Park, Semaphore Shorefront, Woodville Gardens, Gawler (Pioneer Park) Anstey's Hill (Near Newman's Nursery Ruins), , Rundle Mall, Grenfell/Currie St, near King William St,PoisonFlying50 Zubat Candy
#043OddishBlackwood, Aberfoyle Park, Semaphore Shorefront, Grange, Mawson Lakes, Gawler South, , Rymill ParkGrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#044GloomSemaphoreGrassPoison25 Oddish Candy
#045VileplumeSemaphoreGrassPoison100 Oddish Candy
#046ParasBlackwood, Aberfoyle Park, Flagstaff Hill, Noarlunga Centre, Mile End, Largs Bay, Richmond, Port Noarlunga, Grange, Hindmarsh, Gawler (Pioneer Park, Whitelaw Avenue), Morialta, CBD, Rundle MallBugGrassHatches from 5km egg
#047ParasectBotanical Gardens, Victoria Square, Hindmarsh Square, UoA rundle STBugGrass50 Paras Candy
#048VenonatBlackwood, Clovelly Park, Aberfoyle Park, Flagstaff Hill, Richmond, Hindmarsh, Gawler, , Hindmarsh Square, Waymouth Street, Victoria Square, Montefiore HillBugPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#049VenomothHappy Valley, Semaphore Shorefront, Tee Tree Plaza, Gawler (Foodland Carpark), , West Tce (near Adelaide High School), Victoria SquareBugPoison50 Venonat Candy
#050DiglettSt Marys, Noarlunga (Challenge Park), Semaphore Shorefront, Woodville Gardens, , Salisbury, Salisbury Downs (Hollywood Plaza), Tusmore, Norwood, Halifax CafeGroundHatches from 5km egg
#051DugtrioGawler (Deadmans Pass, RARE), Felixstow Maccas, Torrens near ZooGround50 Diglett Candy
#052MeowthMarion, Bedford Park, Brompton, Flinders Park, Richmond, Woodville Gardens, Parafield Gardens, Hindmarsh, Ingle Farm, Salisbury, Gawler, Norwood, CBDNormal
#053PersianMarion (Shopping Centre), Semaphore, Gawler East, Hillbank, , PaynehamNormal50 Meowth Candy
#054PsyduckGlenelg North (Wigley Reserve), Grange Beach, Largs Bay, Semaphore, Hope Valley Foodland, Mawson Lakes, Mitcham, Plentiful - Park bordered by Brougham Place, King William Road and Frome RdWaterHatches from 5km egg
#055GolduckUniversity of Adelaide (hub), Adelaide Zoo (rare)Water50 Psyduck Candy
#056MankeyMitchell Park, Warradale, Clovelly, Flinders Park, Richmond, Hilton, Woodville Gardens, Parafield Gardens, Salisbury, Gawler, Munno Para West, Mitcham, Norwood, CBDFightingHatches from 5km egg
#057PrimeapeFlinders University, Semaphore (Corner of Esplanade & Semphore Rd), Woodville Gardens (sometimes), Gawler (Pioneer Park, UNCOMMON), Rose Park Primary School, City CrossFighting50 Mankey Candy
#058GrowlitheMarion (Shopping Centre), Warradale, Unley (Unley Library), Fulham, Underdale, Adelaide Airport, Woodville Gardens, Salisbury (everywhere), Gawler East, Munno Para West, Malvern, Norwood, Campbelltown, CBDFireHatches from 5km egg
#059ArcanineSeaford, Brompton/Bowden, Woodville, Richmond, Semaphore, Woodville Gardens, Salisbury, North Gate (Foster Road), , Near CasinoFire50 Growlithe Candy
#060PoliwagBlackwood, Aberfoyle Park, Robe, Flagstaff Hill, Grange Beach, Semaphore Beach, Ridgehaven (Ashley Avenue Reserve), , Mitcham, Adelaide Uni ovalsWaterHatches from 5km egg
#061PoliwhirlRobe, Grange Beach, Semaphore Beach, Glenelg BeachWater25 Poliwag Candy
#062PoliwrathWaterFighting100 Poliwag Candy
#063AbraReynella, Seaford Meadows, Flinders Park, Richmond, Woodville Gardens, Hindmarsh, Salisbury, Gawler (Whitelaw Terrace, Common), , Victoria Square, Hindmarsh Square, West Tce, Rundle Mall, Adelaide OvalPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#064KadabraSeaford, Ridleyton, Croydon, Gawler (Whitelaw Terrace, UNCOMMON), , Rundle Mall, Adelaide OvalPsychic25 Abra Candy
#065AlakazamSeaford, Glenelg, , Gawler (Whitelaw Terrace, RARE) , , CBD King William St,ChinatownPsychic100 Abra Candy
#066MachopClovelly Park, Bedford Park, Lonsdale, Hallett Cove, Richmond, Underdale, Torrensville, Woodville Gardens, Hove/Brighton, Parafield Gardens, Greenacres, Enfield, Windsor Gardens, Salisbury, Paradise Interchange, Gawler East, Mitcham, Broadview, Everywhere (sparse), Adelaide Zoo south side near Frome Rd,FightingHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#067MachokeFlinders Park, Hove/Brighton, Klemzig, Parafield Gardens, Salisbury, Gawler (Whitelaw Avenue), Malvern, Melbourne St (rare)Fighting25 Machop Candy
#068MachampUnley, Wakefield St (Rare), Adelaide Zoo South Side, near Frome Rd (Rare)Fighting100 Machop Candy
#069BellsproutBlackwood, Aberfoyle Park, Marleston, Gawler (Deadmans Pass), , Victoria Square(Rare)GrassPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#070WeepinbellRobe, Semaphore (Lure War Memorial)GrassPoison25 Bellsprout Candy
#071VictreebelGrassPoison100 Bellsprout Candy
#072TentacoolAberfoyle Park, Semaphore,Largs Bay, Glenelg, Grange, Parafield Gardens, Fairview Park, ,WaterPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#073TentacruelSemaphoreWaterPoison50 Tentacool Candy
#074GeodudeSeacliff Park, Clovelly Park, Mitchell Park, Unley, Flagstaff Hill, Richmond, HIlton, Marleston, Underdale, Torrensville, Woodville Gardens (common), Hove/Brighton, Parafield Gardens, Windsor Gardens, Enfield, Salisbury, Gawler (Murray St), Mitcham, Dulwich, Tusmore, Malvern, Norwood, CBD, Fullarton Road (Victoria Park)RockGroundHatches from 2km egg
#075GravelerUnderdale, Thebarton, Woodville Gardens, Parafield Gardens, Salisbury, Gawler (Whitelaw Avenue), Mitcham, CBD Rundle Mall, Fullarton road (Victoria Park, uncommon)RockGround25 Geodude Candy
#076GolemSemaphore, Munno Para West, , Rundle MallRockGround100 Geodude Candy
#077PonytaMitchell Park, Clovelly Park, Westbourne Park, Aldinga, Flinders Park, Richmond, Semaphore (Corner of Esplanade & Semphore Rd), Underdale, Torrensville, Woodville Gardens, Hove/Brighton, Hindmarsh, Enfield, Salisbury North, Salisbury, Gawler, Tusmore, Norwood, Campbelltown, Felixstowe, EverywhereFireHatches from 5km egg
#078RapidashUnderdale, Ovingham, Salisbury Downs (Hollywood Plaza), Lyndoch, Norwood,Fire50 Ponyta Candy
#079SlowpokeBedford Park, Semaphore, Largs Bay, Victoria Square (Fountain)WaterPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#080SlowbroBrighton, SemaphoreWaterPsychic50 Slowpoke Candy
#081MagnemiteSemaphore Shorefront, Woodville Gardens, Elizabeth Shopping Centre (Cinema Side Carpark), Burnside,ElectricSteelHatches from 2km and 5km eggs
#082MagnetonSemaphore (Left hand side of the Palais, looking at the ocean)ElectricSteel50 Magnemite Candy
#083Farfetch'dNormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#084DoduoFlagstaff Hill, Christies Beach, Clovelly Park, Aberfoyle Park, Richmond, Underdale, Torrensville, Woodville Gardens, Hove/Brighton, Modbury (TTP) Salisbury North, Norwood, EverywhereNormalFlyingHatches from 5km egg
#085DodrioChristies Beach, Aberfoyle Park, Woodville Gardens, Modbury (TTP), Elizabeth, , Victoria SquareNormalFlying50 Doduo Candy
#086SeelRobe, Semaphore, Glenelg, Torrens Lake (Between King William and Frome Rd)WaterHatches from 5km egg
#087DewgongSt Kilda (Jetty)WaterIce50 Seel Candy
#088Grimersemaphore, North East Road Across from the St Agnes Shopping Centre (Rare)PoisonHatches from 5km egg
#089MukAdelaide AirportPoison50 Grimer Candy
#090ShellderRobe, Semaphore,Largs Bay, Gawler East, Linear Park (along the river, between OG road and Lochiel), Elder Park, Festival CentreWaterHatches from 5km egg
#091CloysterWaterIce50 Shellder Candy
#092GastlyAberfoyle Park, Flagstaff Hill, Glenelg, Semaphore, Gawler (Gawler Anglican Cemetery, Lyndoch Road), , Torrens Lake (between Weir and Morphett St bridge, uncommon), Victoria SquareGhostPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#093HaunterMount CompassGhostPoison25 Ghastly Candy
#094GengarLargs Bay, Golden Grove (RARE)GhostPoison100 Ghastly Candy
#095OnixRoyal Park, Woodville (near QEH), Marleston, Underdale, Woodville Gardens (Liberty Grove sometimes), Rosewater (RARE), Gawler South, Mitcham, Norwood, Victoria Square (uncommon), North Adelaide (uncommon)RockGroundHatches from 10km egg
#096DrowzeeSemaphore, Gawler (Whitelaw Avenue), , North Adelaide, Park corner of Sir Edwin Smith Ave and Kermode St, War Memorial Drive, Jolley's Boathouse (cnr. King William St/Victoria Dve)PsychicHatches from 5km egg
#097HypnoPsychic50 Drowzee Candy
#098KrabbyBlackwood, Aberfoyle Park. Flagstaff Hill, Semaphore, Henley Beach, Brahma Lodge, Fairview Park (near blue gums, gym & shops), Mitcham, Adelaide BridgeWaterHatches from 5km egg
#099KinglerSemaphoreWater50 Krabby Candy
#100VoltorbMorphettville, Semaphore, North Haven, Woodville Gardens, Elizabeth (AMF Bowling), Elizabeth North, , Rundle Mall, Torrens Lake (Between Morphett St Bridge and Weir)ElectricHatches from 5km egg
#101ElectrodeSemaphoreElectric50 Voltorb Candy
#102ExeggcuteSeaford Rise, Aberfoyle Park, North Haven, Underdale, Tee Tree Plaza, Hove/Brighton, Redwood Park Primary School, Modbury, Tea Tree Plaza, Mawson Lakes, Fairview Park (near blue gums, gym & shops), Mitcham, Lochiel (inner Campbelltown), Botanical Gardens North Terrace EntranceGrassPsychicHatches from 5km egg
#103ExeggutorGrassPsychic50 Exeggcute Candy
#104CuboneClovelly Park, Richmond, Underdale, Torrensville, Woodville Gardens, Enfield, Salisbury North, Gawler East, Greenacres, Mitcham, Norwood, Campbelltown, Felixstowe, CBD, Light SquareGroundHatches from 5km egg
#105MarowakGlenelg, Norwood, Smithfield Plains, La Boca Bar and GrillGround50 Cubone Candy
#106HitmonleeMarino, Seaton, Woodville Gardens (uncommon), Near Woolies by Mawson Lakes UniSA, Gawler East, , Rundle Mall (rare), Grenfell St (rare)FightingHatches from 10km egg
#107HitmonchanMarino, Bellevue Heights, Woodville Gardens (uncommon), Brompton, Gawler (Whitelaw Terrace), , Rundle Mall (rare), Topham MallFightingHatches from 10km egg
#108LickitungBedford Park, Novar Gardens, West Terrace, Elizabeth South, Gawler (Deadmans Pass, COMMON), Fairview Park (near blue gums, gym & shops), ,NormalHatches from 5km egg
#109KoffingWoodville South, Welland, Gawler East, , Hindley StreetPoisonHatches from 5km egg
#110WeezingHindley StreetPoison50 Koffing Candy
#111RhyhornOld Noarlunga, Mitchell Park (lots), Warradale, Flagstaff Hill, Richmond, Hove/Brighton, Glenelg North, Underdale, Torrensville, Woodville Gardens, Enfield, Parafield Gardens, Salisbury North, Gawler, Mitcham, Malvern, Norwood, Campbelltown, Felixstowe, Rundle Mall, Victoria SquareGroundRockHatches from 5km egg
#112RhydonGlenelg North (perimeter of golf course), , Parafield Gardens, Gawler (Murray St, RARE), ,GroundRock50 Ryhorn Candy
#113ChanseyRichmond, Elizabeth Shopping Centre (Around Coles), Munno Para West, , Rundle MallNormalHatches from 10km egg
#114TangelaAberfoyle Park, Hilton, Surrey Downs, Gawler (Whitelaw Terrace), , Light SquareGrassHatches from 5km egg
#115KangaskhanGlenelg, McDonalds Cross Road carpark, Flinders Park, Torrens Road (suburb unconfirmed), Enfield, Gawler South, Blakes Crossing, Munno Para West, Elizabeth North, , Rundle Mall, Hindmarsh SquareNormalHatches from 5km egg
#116HorseaBlackwood, Aberfoyle Park, Semaphore, Cnr Hackney rd North tce, Torrens Lake (between Frome Rd and King William, uncommon)WaterHatches from 5km egg
#117SeadraSemaphore, North Terrace (National Wine Centre, RARE), ,Water50 Horsea Candy
#118GoldeenBlackwood, Aberfoyle Park, Semaphore, Mawson Lakes, Mitcham,WaterHatches from 5km egg
#119SeakingSemaphore JettyWater50 Goldeen Candy
#120StaryuAberfoyle Park, Blackwood, Henley Beach, Hilton near library viaduct,Largs Bay, Walkerville, Gawler (Pioneer Park), Morialta, Botanic Gardens, Light SquareWaterHatches from 5km egg
#121StarmieLight Square (rare)WaterPsychic50 Staryu Candy
#122Mr. MimePsychicHatches from 5km egg
#123ScytherAberfoyle Park, , Munno Para West, Unley (Fuller Street Park), Victoria SquareBugFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#124JynxSeaford Meadows, SemaphoreIcePsychicHatches from 10km egg
#125Electabuzz, Largs Bay (esplanade), Woodville Gardens, Gawler East (RARE), Stonyfell,Electric
#126MagmarSeaford, Glenelg (Wiggly Reserve), Woodville near QEH, Ferryden Park (Liberty Grove), Woodville Gardens, Oakden, Harbour Town, Elizabeth North, Broadmeadows Train Station, Tusmore (Tusmore Park), China Town, Rundle MallFireHatches from 10km egg
#127PinsirBlackwood, Aberfoyle Park, Flinders Park, Hilton, Underdale, Torrensville, Hove/Brighton, Salisbury North, , Victoria Square, Light SquareBugHatches from 10km egg
#128TaurosNormalHatches from 2km egg
#129MagikarpGlenelg, Henley Beach, Semaphore, Gawler (Whitelaw Terrace, RARE), Morialta, Torrens LakeWaterHatches from 2km egg
#130GyaradosSemaphore, Mawson LakesWaterFlying400 Magikarp Candy
#131LaprasMawson LakesWaterIceHatches from 10km egg
#132DittoLOURDES, AdelaideNormalHatches from 2km egg
#133EeveeBlackwood, Happy Valley, Aberfoyle Park, Colonnades, Panorama, Seaford, Hilton, Glenelg (Around triple poke-stop), Waterfall Gulley to Mt Lofty Summit Trail, Hindmarsh, Gawler (COMMON), Mitcham, Norwood, Rundle Mall, CBD, Adelaide Oval (farm)NormalHatches from 10km egg
#134VaporeonWater25 Eevee Candy
#135JolteonEdwardstown Station, Newport, Gawler (Whitelaw Terrace, RARE), Norwood, Rundle MallElectric25 Eevee Candy
#136FlareonHenley beach, Brighton Road, Gawler East (RARE), Thorndon Park, St. Peters (RARE), , Rundle Mall, Bank StreetFire25 Eevee Candy
#137PorygonMarion (San Churros), Semaphore Shorefront, Woodville Gardens (rare), UofANormalHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#138OmanyteGlenelg, Brighton, Glenelg (Jetty), Brighton (Jetty), Seacliff (Esplanade), Underdale (near the Torrens), Henley Beach, Norwood, Tea Tree Plaza, Civic Park, Elizabeth Downs Shops (Hamblynn Road), Gawler East, , Fountain Wall, Henley Square, University of Adelaide (pond near Confucius Institute), Torrens LakeRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#139OmastarO'Sullivan Beach, Semaphore, Elizabeth East (Wetlands, Midway Road), University of Adelaide (pond near Confucius Institute), Elder ParkRockWater50 Omanyte Candy
#140KabutoMitchell Park (Sturt River), Glenelg, Port Noarlunga South, Port Adelaide, Henley Beach, Grange, Norwood, Salisbury North, Gawler East, Campbelltown (rare), Henley SquareRockWaterHatches from 10km egg
#141KabutopsChristies beach (rsl), Semaphore, ParadiseRockWater50 Kabuto Candy
#142AerodactylBlackwood (roundabout), Morphett Vale (Flaxmill ambulance station), Bowden (across from Entertainment Centre), Norwood, Tea Tree Plaza, Frewville, Brougham Gardens (rare)RockFlyingHatches from 10km egg
#143SnorlaxNorthern Expressway, Bunnings Port Road/Cheltenham, , Adelaide Law School, Gouger StNormalHatches from 10km egg
#144ArticunoIceFlyingTeam Mystic
#145ZapdosElectricFlyingTeam Instinct
#146MoltresFireFlyingTeam Valor
#147DratiniNorth Haven,Largs Bay, Thebarton, Semaphore north, Victoria Square, Western ParklandsDragonHatches from 5km and 10km eggs
#148DragonairGlenelgDragon25 Dratini Candy
#149DragonitePasadena, Bellevue Heights, Semaphore, Rundle MallDragonFlying100 Dratini Candy

Where to find Pikachu in Adelaide

The current locations we have for Pikachu in Adelaide are Port Noarlunga South, Seaford Esplanade, Largs Bay, along the Torrens near South Rd, West Lakes Mall, Salisbury (rare), Hope Valley (near Heysen Ave), Gawler (Big W, Foodland) and Malvern. Good luck, and stay safe!

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One Response to Pokemon Go: Pokemon locations around Adelaide

  1. Default Gravatar
    Kirsty | September 8, 2016

    Pokemon found in the adelaide botanical gardens:
    7 Jynx, 3 Magmar, 2 squirtles, 2 Psyduck, ekans, rhyhorn,

    Pokemon found at mawson lakes:
    5 Kabuto, 2 Kabutops, 2 starmie, 2 tentacool, krabby

    Pokemon found at semaphore:
    4 Dratini, 6 Magnemite and 2 Magneton,7 Voltorb, 4 Tentacool, 12 Magikarp, Krabby and Bellsprout

    3 Scythers found out front of EB games Gawler on diff occasions

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