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Vet Options pet insurance

Receive up to 100% of your money back on claims made with Vet Select pet insurance, up to $25,000 a year.


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Vet Options knows just how important your beloved pet is to you and offers two different plans to help you protect them. It provides equal cover whether you have a cat or a dog, and with its Vet Select plan, you can get all of your money back on a huge range of treatments, including expensive procedures for dental problems and cruciate ligament injuries.

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What policies are offered by Vet Options?

This provides just the basics of protection for your cat or dog, offering cover for certain accidents and illnesses your pet may get. It includes a 30-day waiting period for illnesses and promises lifetime cover if you keep up with premiums. Benefit percentages for your pet drop from 90% to 65% after your pet's eighth birthday.

Vet Select covers accidental injury and illness treatment for your beloved cat or dog, plus treatment benefits for a wide variety of conditions like cruciate ligaments, arthritis, pancreatitis and many more. It can also cover hospitalisation and emergency boarding costs. Benefit percentages for your pet drop from 100% to 65% after your pet's eighth birthday, but Vet Select can provide lifetime coverage.

How do the policies compare?

FeatureVet BasicVet Select
Annual policy limit$6,000$25,000
Annual condition limit$1,000Depends on the condition
Benefit percentages 90% / 65%100% / 65%
Consultation fees
Pre-existing conditions
Accidental injury
Annual emergency boarding limit$1,000Per condition
Surgical procedures
Medicine and drugs
Cancer treatment
Behavioural and anxiety conditions
Alternative and complementary treatments
Dental illness treatment
Waiting periods30 days for illnesses20 days for illnesses, behavioural conditions and alternative treatments

6 months for dental illness and cruciate ligament injuries

Vet Options level of cover

  • Accidental injury. Accidental injuries must be caused by motor vehicle accidents, a burn or an allergic reaction to an insect. Alternatively, the accident can result in a bone fracture, traumatic ligament/tendon injury, bite wound or laceration of tissue.
  • Surgical procedures/hospitalisation/medicine. All of these features might cover bills related to a covered condition up to that condition's maximum benefit. For example, if your dog were being treated for pancreatitis, these might pay for admission to hospital, surgery and painkillers for your pet.
  • Behavioural and anxiety conditions. If your pet suffers from one of these conditions, this benefit could pay for medication, pheromone products or sessions with a veterinary behaviour specialist to treat it.
  • Alternative treatments. Just like humans, pets aren't always treated by mainstream methods. This can give cover for pet acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.
  • Dental illnesses. This may provide cover for common dental issues like gingivitis, abscesses or necessary removal of teeth.

Why choose Vet Select?

Vet Options' Vet Select cat and dog policy has a number of features that set it apart from other pet insurance plans:

  • More covered treatments. Vet Select includes cover for treatments like behavioural therapy, dental illness and even prescription diets.
  • Short waiting periods. You can get cover for your pet fast after taking out your policy, with a 20-day waiting period for most treatments and a 6-month period for complex procedures like cruciate ligament and dental illness.
  • High annual limit. You can claim up to $25,000 per year for your pet. That covers a whole lot of accidents and illnesses.
  • No excess and 100% benefit limit. When you make a claim before your pet's eighth birthday, you can receive every dollar back.

What exclusions are there?

Regardless of the cover you end up buying, there are always situations where your pet or its treatment won't be covered. The claim for your pet won't be paid by Vet Options in the following situations:

  • It involves a pre-existing condition.
  • It's for consultation fees or any fee charged by your vet to investigate your pet.
  • It involves an excluded procedure like chemical castration, preventative procedures such as vaccinations, accessories like collars or certain other treatments and conditions.
  • It's for ambulance fees, chromosome testing or non-approved boarding or transport expenses.
  • It involves an elective procedure like declawing.
  • You aren't taking the proper steps to protect your pet.

Making a claim with Vet Options

Sometimes, your veterinarian will be able to lodge a claim for you at the time of your visit. If this isn't the case and you have to file it yourself, you can do it in two ways:

  • Online. By using Vet Online's PetPortal, you can upload all the necessary documentation after filling out the online claim form.
  • By mail. You will need to fill out a claim form downloaded from Vet Online's website and mail it in with the proper accompanying documentation. You will need your vet to fill in certain sections of the form if applying by post.

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