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How much does pet insurance cost for dogs? Whether you have a popular Aussie dog breed like a labrador, or a more exotic pedigree like a Lhasa Apso, we've found out the average cost of insuring your furry friend.

The breed and age of your dog can affect the cost of your premiums, so we researched the cost for every possible breed. Just pop in your dog's breed below, and see how much you might pay for comprehensive cover, and how much pet insurance costs for different breeds. Curious to know how we got the numbers? Read more about our methodology below.

Compare pet insurance premiums by dog breed

Dog BreedAverage Accident Policy Cost (Annual)Average Illness Policy Cost (Annual)Average Comprehensive Policy Cost (Annual)Cost compared to other breeds
Hygen Hound Cross$497$1,161$1,221Significantly above average
French Bulldog$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Yorkshire Terrier$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Neopolitan Mastiff$558$1,067$1,135Significantly above average
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen$384$1,158$1,230Significantly above average
Formosan Mountain Dog$497$1,161$1,221Significantly above average
Newfoundland$558$1,067$1,135Significantly above average
Unknown Dog Breed$612$1,110$1,168Significantly above average
Australian Bulldog Miniature$491$1,106$1,190Significantly above average
Airedale Terrier$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Basset Hound$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Bullmastiff$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Great Dane$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Rottweiler$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Weimaraner$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Bull Terrier$504$1,039$1,110Significantly above average
Italian Cane Corso$497$1,161$1,221Significantly above average
Australian Bulldog Miniature Cross$491$1,106$1,190Significantly above average
Drever$491$1,106$1,190Significantly above average
Alaskan Malamute$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
American Akita$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Australian Bulldog$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Bedlington Terrier$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Boxer$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
British Bulldog$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Dogue De Bordeaux$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Drever Cross$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Hygen Hound$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Irish Setter$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Irish Wolfhound$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Mastiff$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Miniature Doberman$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Miniature Pinscher$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Pekingese$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Poodle - Standard$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Shar-Pei$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
St Bernard$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Welsh Corgi - Cardigan$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Welsh Corgi - Pembroke$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Wire-Haired Terrier$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Akita Inu$561$1,092$1,162Significantly above average
Alaskan Klee Kai$486$1,101$1,155Significantly above average
Bernese Mountain Dog$567$1,118$1,189Significantly above average
Welsh Corgi - Pembroke Cross$429$808$885Above average
British Bulldog Cross$429$808$885Above average
Corgi$522$869$945Above average
Weimaraner Cross$429$808$885Above average
Miniature Pinscher Cross$429$808$885Above average
Pinscher$416$746$836Above average
Bull Terrier Cross$414$792$869Above average
Akita Inu Cross$429$808$885Above average
American Bulldog$429$808$885Above average
Australian Bulldog Cross$429$808$885Above average
Bedlington Terrier Cross$429$808$885Above average
Bernese Mountain Dog Cross$429$808$885Above average
Boxer Cross$429$808$885Above average
Chow Chow$429$808$885Above average
Dobermann$429$808$885Above average
Labrador Retriever$429$808$885Above average
Mastiff Cross$429$808$885Above average
Newfoundland Cross$429$808$885Above average
Pekingese Cross$429$808$885Above average
Poodle - Standard Cross$429$808$885Above average
St Bernard Cross$429$808$885Above average
Welsh Corgi - Cardigan Cross$429$808$885Above average
King Charles Spaniel$414$792$869Above average
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Cross$322$823$903Above average
Alaskan Malamute Cross$435$833$913Above average
Irish Wolfhound Cross$435$833$913Above average
Rottweiler Cross$435$833$913Above average
Airedale Terrier Cross$429$808$885Above average
American Akita Cross$429$808$885Above average
American Cocker Spaniel$429$808$885Above average
Basset Hound Cross$429$808$885Above average
Bullmastiff Cross$429$808$885Above average
Dachshund Cross$429$808$885Above average
Doberman Pinscher$429$808$885Above average
Dogue De Bordeaux Cross$429$808$885Above average
English Pointer$429$808$885Above average
French Bulldog Cross$429$808$885Above average
German Short Haired Pointer Cross$429$808$885Above average
Great Dane Cross$429$808$885Above average
Irish Setter Cross$429$808$885Above average
Labrador$429$808$885Above average
Miniature Doberman Cross$429$808$885Above average
Miniature Poodle$429$808$885Above average
Old English Sheepdog$429$808$885Above average
Papillon Cross$429$808$885Above average
Polish Lowland Sheepdog$429$808$885Above average
Rhodesian Ridgeback Cross$429$808$885Above average
Samoyed$429$808$885Above average
Shar-Pei Cross$429$808$885Above average
Rhodesian Ridgeback$425$783$858Above average
Australian Cattle Dog$381$691$767Below average
Italian Greyhound$381$691$767Below average
Neopolitan Mastiff Cross$429$808$885Above average
Wire-Haired Terrier Cross$389$819$885Above average
Wolfhound Cross$429$808$885Above average
Yorkshire Terrier Cross$429$808$885Above average
Corgi Cross$383$809$900Above average
Fox Hound$347$707$771Below average
Wolfhound$444$770$846Above average
Dalmatian$429$808$885Above average
Pinscher Cross$408$731$808Above average
Staffordshire Bull Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Yugoslavian Mountain Hound$381$691$767Below average
German Spitz$384$716$795Below average
Australian Cobberdog Miniature Cross$291$708$787Below average
Hovawart Cross$291$708$787Below average
Hungarian Kuvasz Cross$291$708$787Below average
Hungarian Puli Cross$291$708$787Below average
Huntaway Cross$291$708$787Below average
Irish Red and White Setter Cross$291$708$787Below average
Italian Greyhound Cross$291$708$787Below average
Lagotto Rom Cross$291$708$787Below average
Lakeland Terrier Cross$291$708$787Below average
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Cross$291$708$787Below average
Manchester Terrier Cross$291$708$787Below average
Mexican Hairless Cross$291$708$787Below average
Munsterlander - Large Cross$291$708$787Below average
New Zealand Huntaway Cross$291$708$787Below average
Norfolk Terrier Cross$291$708$787Below average
Norwegian Elk Hound Cross$291$708$787Below average
Norwich Terrier Cross$291$708$787Below average
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Cross$291$708$787Below average
Parson Jack Russell Terrier Cross$291$708$787Below average
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Cross$291$708$787Below average
Pharaoh Hound Cross$291$708$787Below average
Portuguese Water Dog Cross$291$708$787Below average
Schnauzer Giant Cross$291$708$787Below average
Skye Terrier Cross$291$708$787Below average
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Cross$291$708$787Below average
Spitz Mittel Cross$291$708$787Below average
Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs Cross$291$708$787Below average
Swiss Shepherd Cross$291$708$787Below average
Tibetan Mastiff Cross$291$708$787Below average
Turkish Kangal Cross$291$708$787Below average
Welsh Terrier Cross$291$708$787Below average
Italian Pointer Cross$343$689$779Below average
Italian Sheepdog Cross$343$689$779Below average
Italian Spinone Cross$343$689$779Below average
Japanese Akita Cross$343$689$779Below average
Japanese Chin Cross$343$689$779Below average
Komondor Cross$343$689$779Below average
Kuvasz Cross$343$689$779Below average
Labradoodle Cross$343$689$779Below average
Lurcher Cross$343$689$779Below average
Maltalier Cross$343$689$779Below average
Miniature Bull Terrier Cross$343$689$779Below average
Miniature Dachshund - Smooth Haired Cross$343$689$779Below average
Miniature Dachshund - Wire Haired Cross$343$689$779Below average
Miniature Dachshund Cross Cross$343$689$779Below average
Miniature Dachshund- Long Haired Cross$343$689$779Below average
Miniature Toy Pom Cross$343$689$779Below average
Munster Cross$343$689$779Below average
German Hunting Terrier$347$707$771Below average
Australian Kelpie Sheepdog Cross$381$691$767Below average
Australian Koolie$381$691$767Below average
Basset Fauve De Bretagne$381$691$767Below average
Bull Arab Cross$381$691$767Below average
Cane Corso$381$691$767Below average
Dachshund$381$691$767Below average
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
English Springer Spaniel$381$691$767Below average
Flat Coated Retriever$381$691$767Below average
German Pinscher$381$691$767Below average
Irish Red and White Setter$381$691$767Below average
Lakeland Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Dachshund Cross$381$691$767Below average
Sarplaninac$381$691$767Below average
Scottish Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Spanador$381$691$767Below average
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Sussex Spaniel Cross$381$691$767Below average
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Cross$381$691$767Below average
Alaskan Husky$384$716$795Below average
Patterdale Terrier$291$708$787Below average
Rat Terrior$291$708$787Below average
Cocker Spaniel$395$708$784Below average
Australian Cobberdog$343$689$779Below average
Belgian Shepherd$343$689$779Below average
Coton De Tulear$343$689$779Below average
Japanese Akita$343$689$779Below average
New Guinea Singing Dog Cross$343$689$779Below average
Puli Cross$343$689$779Below average
Saluki Cross$343$689$779Below average
Sarplaninac Cross$343$689$779Below average
Spanador Cross$343$689$779Below average
Springer Spaniel$343$689$779Below average
Swiss Mountain Dog Cross$343$689$779Below average
Swiss Mountain Dog Cross$343$689$779Below average
Alsatian Cross$381$691$767Below average
American Eskimo Cross$381$691$767Below average
American Pit Bull Terrier$381$691$767Below average
American Water Spaniel$381$691$767Below average
Anatolian Karabosh Cross$381$691$767Below average
Antartic Husky Cross$381$691$767Below average
Australian Heeler$381$691$767Below average
Australian Shepherd Cross$381$691$767Below average
Australian Silky Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Australian Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Laekenois/Groenendael$381$691$767Below average
Black and Tan Coonhound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Bloodhound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Boerboel Cross$381$691$767Below average
Bordeaux Mastiff Cross$381$691$767Below average
Borzoi Cross$381$691$767Below average
Bouvier Des Flandres$381$691$767Below average
Brittany Spaniel Cross$381$691$767Below average
Cairn Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Cardigan Corgi Cross$381$691$767Below average
Central Asian Shepherd$381$691$767Below average
Clumber Spaniel Cross$381$691$767Below average
Collie (Rough/Smooth) Cross$381$691$767Below average
Dachshund - Long Haired Cross$381$691$767Below average
Dachshund Wire Haired$381$691$767Below average
Dalmatian Cross$381$691$767Below average
Egyptian Pharoah Hound$381$691$767Below average
Elkhound$381$691$767Below average
Elkhound Cross$381$691$767Below average
English Mastiff$381$691$767Below average
English Toy terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Estrela$381$691$767Below average
Field Spaniel Cross$381$691$767Below average
Flat Coated Retriever Cross$381$691$767Below average
Gazelle Hound Cross$381$691$767Below average
German Koolie$381$691$767Below average
German Shepherd$381$691$767Below average
German Spitz Cross$381$691$767Below average
German Wire Haired Pointer$381$691$767Below average
Golden Retriever$381$691$767Below average
Great Pyrenean$381$691$767Below average
Greyhound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Griffon Brabancon$381$691$767Below average
Griffon Bruxellois Cross$381$691$767Below average
Havanese Cross$381$691$767Below average
Hungarian Puli$381$691$767Below average
Ibizan Hound$381$691$767Below average
Irish Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Irish Water Spaniel$381$691$767Below average
Italian Sheepdog$381$691$767Below average
Italian Spinone$381$691$767Below average
Kelpie$381$691$767Below average
Labradoodle$381$691$767Below average
Lurcher$381$691$767Below average
Malinois Shephard Cross$381$691$767Below average
Manchester Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Dachshund - Smooth Haired$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Maltese Cross$381$691$767Below average
New Guinea Singing Dog$381$691$767Below average
Norwegian Hound$381$691$767Below average
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever$381$691$767Below average
Otterhound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Papillon$381$691$767Below average
Parson Jack Russell Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen$381$691$767Below average
Pug Cross$381$691$767Below average
Pyrenean Mountain Dog Cross$381$691$767Below average
Saluki$381$691$767Below average
Schipperke$381$691$767Below average
Schnauzer Giant$381$691$767Below average
Sealyham Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Shetland Sheepdog Cross$381$691$767Below average
Shiloh shepherd$381$691$767Below average
Siberian Husky$381$691$767Below average
Spanish Water Dog$381$691$767Below average
Staghound$381$691$767Below average
Tibetan Mastiff$381$691$767Below average
Tibetan Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Tosa Inu Cross$381$691$767Below average
Welsh Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Golden Doodle (Groodle)$291$708$787Below average
Dachshund Wire Haired Cross$343$689$779Below average
Gordon Setter Cross$343$689$779Below average
Kangal Cross$343$689$779Below average
Afghan Hound$347$707$771Below average
Kerry Blue Cross$347$707$771Below average
Sealyham Terrier Cross$347$707$771Below average
Shiba Inu Cross$347$707$771Below average
Timber Shepherd Cross$347$707$771Below average
Yugoslavian Mountain Hound Cross$347$707$771Below average
Australian Koolie Cross$381$691$767Below average
Basset Fauve De Bretagne Cross$381$691$767Below average
Black and Tan Coonhound$381$691$767Below average
Central Asian Ovtcharka$381$691$767Below average
Collie - Rough$381$691$767Below average
Dachshund - Long Haired$381$691$767Below average
Deerhound Cross$381$691$767Below average
English Mastiff Cross$381$691$767Below average
English Pointer Cross$381$691$767Below average
Field Spaniel$381$691$767Below average
Finnish Spitz$381$691$767Below average
Finnish Spitz Cross$381$691$767Below average
HamiltonStovare$381$691$767Below average
Italian Lagotto Ramgnolo Cross$381$691$767Below average
Japanese Spitz Cross$381$691$767Below average
Leonberger$381$691$767Below average
Lhasa Apso$381$691$767Below average
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog$381$691$767Below average
Lowchen Cross$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Poodle Cross$381$691$767Below average
Plott Hound$381$691$767Below average
Plott Hound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Poodle - Toy$381$691$767Below average
Pug$381$691$767Below average
Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs$381$691$767Below average
Swiss Mountain Dog$381$691$767Below average
Tosa Inu$381$691$767Below average
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon$381$691$767Below average
Wolf/ Wolf Hybrid$381$691$767Below average
Bordeaux Mastiff$343$689$779Below average
Cao De Serra De Aires$343$689$779Below average
Cardigan Corgi$343$689$779Below average
Egyptian Pharoah Hound Cross$343$689$779Below average
English Setter Cross$343$689$779Below average
English Springer Spaniel Cross$343$689$779Below average
German Pinscher Cross$343$689$779Below average
Griffon Brabancon Cross$343$689$779Below average
HamiltonStovare Cross$343$689$779Below average
Irish Water Spaniel Cross$343$689$779Below average
Mexican Hairless$343$689$779Below average
Canaan Cross$347$707$771Below average
Danish-Swedish Farm Dog Cross$347$707$771Below average
Prague Ratter$347$707$771Below average
Smithfield Cross$347$707$771Below average
Spanish Water Dog Cross$347$707$771Below average
Aberdeen Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Affenpinscher$381$691$767Below average
Alaskan Husky Cross$381$691$767Below average
Alsatian$381$691$767Below average
American Bulldog Cross$381$691$767Below average
American Cocker Spaniel Cross$381$691$767Below average
American Eskimo$381$691$767Below average
American Foxhound$381$691$767Below average
American Foxhound Cross$381$691$767Below average
American Pit Bull Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
American Staffordshire Terrier$381$691$767Below average
American Staffordshire Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
American Water Spaniel Cross$381$691$767Below average
Anatolian Karabash$381$691$767Below average
Anatolian Shepherd Dog$381$691$767Below average
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Cross$381$691$767Below average
Antartic Husky$381$691$767Below average
Australian Cattle Dog Cross$381$691$767Below average
Australian Cobberdog Cross$381$691$767Below average
Australian Cobberdog Miniature$381$691$767Below average
Australian Kelpie Sheepdog$381$691$767Below average
Australian Silky Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Australian Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Basenji$381$691$767Below average
Basenji Cross$381$691$767Below average
Beagle$381$691$767Below average
Bearded Collie Cross$381$691$767Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Malinois$381$691$767Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Malinois Cross$381$691$767Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Tervueren$381$691$767Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Tervueren Cross$381$691$767Below average
Belgian Shepherd Cross$381$691$767Below average
Bichon Frise$381$691$767Below average
Black Russian Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Black Russian Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Bloodhound$381$691$767Below average
Blue tick Coonhound$381$691$767Below average
Blue tick Coonhound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Boerboel$381$691$767Below average
Border Collie$381$691$767Below average
Border Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Borzoi$381$691$767Below average
Boston Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Boston Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Bouvier Des Flandres Cross$381$691$767Below average
Briard$381$691$767Below average
Briard Cross$381$691$767Below average
Brittany Spaniel$381$691$767Below average
Bull Arab$381$691$767Below average
Cane Corso Cross$381$691$767Below average
Cao De Serra De Aires Cross$381$691$767Below average
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel$381$691$767Below average
Central Asian Ovtcharka Cross$381$691$767Below average
Central Asian Shepherd Cross$381$691$767Below average
Cesky Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Cesky Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Cheasapeake Bay Retriever$381$691$767Below average
Cheasapeake Bay Retriever Cross$381$691$767Below average
Chinese Crested Dog$381$691$767Below average
Chinese Crested Dog Cross$381$691$767Below average
Chow Chow Cross$381$691$767Below average
Clumber Spaniel$381$691$767Below average
Cocker Spaniel Cross$381$691$767Below average
Collie - Rough Cross$381$691$767Below average
Collie - Smooth$381$691$767Below average
Collie - Smooth Cross$381$691$767Below average
Coton De Tulear Cross$381$691$767Below average
Curly Coated Retriever Cross$381$691$767Below average
Dachshund - Smooth Haired$381$691$767Below average
Dachshund - Smooth Haired Cross$381$691$767Below average
Dandie Dinmont Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Danish-Swedish Farm Dog$381$691$767Below average
Deerhound$381$691$767Below average
Dingo$381$691$767Below average
Dingo Cross$381$691$767Below average
Doberman Pinscher Cross$381$691$767Below average
Dobermann Cross$381$691$767Below average
Dutch Shepherd$381$691$767Below average
Dutch Shepherd Cross$381$691$767Below average
English Setter$381$691$767Below average
English Toy terrier$381$691$767Below average
Estrela Cross$381$691$767Below average
Finnish Lapphund$381$691$767Below average
Finnish Lapphund Cross$381$691$767Below average
Fox Hound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Fox Terrier Wire$381$691$767Below average
Fox Terrier Wire Cross$381$691$767Below average
French Poodle$381$691$767Below average
French Poodle Cross$381$691$767Below average
Gazelle Hound$381$691$767Below average
German Koolie Cross$381$691$767Below average
German Schnauzer$381$691$767Below average
German Schnauzer Cross$381$691$767Below average
German Shepherd Cross$381$691$767Below average
German Short Haired Pointer$381$691$767Below average
German Wire Haired Pointer Cross$381$691$767Below average
Golden Retriever Cross$381$691$767Below average
Gordon Setter$381$691$767Below average
Great Pyrenean Cross$381$691$767Below average
Greek Harehound$381$691$767Below average
Greek Harehound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Greyhound$381$691$767Below average
Griffon$381$691$767Below average
Griffon Bruxellois$381$691$767Below average
Griffon Cross$381$691$767Below average
Harrier$381$691$767Below average
Harrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Havanese$381$691$767Below average
Hovawart$381$691$767Below average
Hungarian Kuvasz$381$691$767Below average
Hungarian Vizsla$381$691$767Below average
Hungarian Vizsla Cross$381$691$767Below average
Huntaway$381$691$767Below average
Ibizan Hound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Irish Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Italian Lagotto Ramgnolo$381$691$767Below average
Italian Pointer$381$691$767Below average
Japanese Chin$381$691$767Below average
Kangal$381$691$767Below average
Keeshond$381$691$767Below average
Keeshond Cross$381$691$767Below average
Kerry Blue$381$691$767Below average
Komondor$381$691$767Below average
Kuvasz$381$691$767Below average
Labrador Cross$381$691$767Below average
Labrador Retriever Cross$381$691$767Below average
Lagotto Rom$381$691$767Below average
Leonberger Cross$381$691$767Below average
Malinois Shephard$381$691$767Below average
Maltalier$381$691$767Below average
Maltese$381$691$767Below average
Maremma Sheepdog Cross$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Bull Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Dachshund$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Dachshund - Wire Haired$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Dachshund- Long Haired$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Maltese$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Schnauzer$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Schnauzer Cross$381$691$767Below average
Miniature Toy Pom$381$691$767Below average
Munster$381$691$767Below average
Munsterlander - Large$381$691$767Below average
New Zealand Huntaway$381$691$767Below average
Norfolk Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Norwegian Elk Hound$381$691$767Below average
Norwegian Hound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Norwich Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Old English Sheepdog Cross$381$691$767Below average
Otterhound$381$691$767Below average
Pharaoh Hound$381$691$767Below average
Portuguese Water Dog$381$691$767Below average
Puli$381$691$767Below average
Pyrenean Mountain Dog$381$691$767Below average
Samoyed Cross$381$691$767Below average
Schipperke Cross$381$691$767Below average
Schnauzer Standard$381$691$767Below average
Schnauzer Standard Cross$381$691$767Below average
Scotch Collie$381$691$767Below average
Scotch Collie Cross$381$691$767Below average
Scottish Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Shiba Inu$381$691$767Below average
Shih Tzu$381$691$767Below average
Shih Tzu Cross$381$691$767Below average
Shiloh shepherd Cross$381$691$767Below average
Siberian Husky Cross$381$691$767Below average
Skye Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Spitz Mittel$381$691$767Below average
Springer Spaniel Cross$381$691$767Below average
Staghound Cross$381$691$767Below average
Sussex Spaniel$381$691$767Below average
Swedish Vallhund$381$691$767Below average
Swedish Vallhund Cross$381$691$767Below average
Swiss Shepherd$381$691$767Below average
Tenterfield Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Tibetan Terrier Cross$381$691$767Below average
Timber Shepherd$381$691$767Below average
Turkish Kangal$381$691$767Below average
Welsh Springer Spaniel$381$691$767Below average
Welsh Springer Spaniel Cross$381$691$767Below average
West Highland White Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Whippet$381$691$767Below average
Brazilian Mastiff$401$652$708Below average
Brazilian Mastiff Cross$401$652$708Below average
Dogo Argentino$401$652$708Below average
Dogo Argentino Cross$401$652$708Below average
Fila Brasileiro$401$652$708Below average
Fila Brasileiro Cross$401$652$708Below average
Pressa Canario$401$652$708Below average
Pressa Canario Cross$401$652$708Below average
Aberdeen Terrier$381$691$767Below average
Spoodle Cross$317$662$752Below average
Schnoodle Cross$296$640$727Below average
King Charles Spaniel Cross$359$663$739Below average
Bearded Collie$381$691$767Below average
Greyhound Racing Dog$486$700$710Below average
Whippet Cross$298$531$610Below average
Cavoodle$383$638$717Below average
Beagle Cross$298$531$610Below average
Border Terrier$298$531$610Below average
Chihuahua$298$531$610Below average
Japanese Spitz$298$531$610Below average
Lowchen$298$531$610Below average
Miniature Fox Terrier$298$531$610Below average
Pomeranian Cross$298$531$610Below average
Schnoodle$298$531$610Below average
Shetland Sheepdog$298$531$610Below average
Spoodle/Cockapoo$298$531$610Below average
Tenterfield Terrier Cross$298$531$610Below average
Bichon Frise Cross$316$550$631Below average
Australian Heeler Cross$298$531$610Below average
Australian Shepherd$298$531$610Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Laekenois/Groenendael Cross$298$531$610Below average
Border Collie Cross$298$531$610Below average
Cairn Terrier$298$531$610Below average
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross$298$531$610Below average
Chihuahua Cross$298$531$610Below average
Curly Coated Retriever$298$531$610Below average
Jack Russell Terrier$298$531$610Below average
Jack Russell Terrier Cross$298$531$610Below average
Kelpie Cross$298$531$610Below average
Lhasa Apso Cross$298$531$610Below average
Maltese Cross$298$531$610Below average
Maremma Sheepdog$298$531$610Below average
Miniature Fox Terrier Cross$298$531$610Below average
Pomeranian$298$531$610Below average
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier$298$531$610Below average
Tibetan Spaniel$298$531$610Below average
Tibetan Spaniel Cross$298$531$610Below average
West Highland White Terrier Cross$298$531$610Below average
Fox Terrier Smooth$298$531$610Below average
Fox Terrier Smooth Cross$298$531$610Below average
Poodle - Toy Cross$298$531$610Below average
Dog BreedAverage Accident Policy Cost (Annual)Average Illness Policy Cost (Annual)Average Comprehensive Policy Cost (Annual)Cost compared to other breeds
Hygen Hound Cross$334$1,397$1,456Significantly above average
French Bulldog$334$1,397$1,456Significantly above average
Yorkshire Terrier$334$1,397$1,456Significantly above average
Neopolitan Mastiff$334$1,397$1,456Significantly above average
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen$484$1,397$1,437Significantly above average
Formosan Mountain Dog$484$1,387$1,437Significantly above average
Newfoundland$484$1,387$1,437Significantly above average
Unknown Dog Breed$536$1,394$1,420Significantly above average
Australian Bulldog Miniature$466$1,336$1,411Significantly above average
Airedale Terrier$466$1,336$1,411Significantly above average
Basset Hound$466$1,336$1,411Significantly above average
Bullmastiff$466$1,336$1,411Significantly above average
Great Dane$466$1,336$1,411Significantly above average
Rottweiler$466$1,336$1,411Significantly above average
Weimaraner$466$1,336$1,411Significantly above average
Bull Terrier$466$1,336$1,411Significantly above average
Italian Cane Corso$569$1,387$1,403Significantly above average
Australian Bulldog Miniature Cross$569$1,336$1,403Significantly above average
Drever$569$1,336$1,403Significantly above average
Alaskan Malamute$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
American Akita$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Australian Bulldog$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Bedlington Terrier$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Boxer$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
British Bulldog$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Dogue De Bordeaux$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Drever Cross$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Hygen Hound$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Irish Setter$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Irish Wolfhound$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Mastiff$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Miniature Doberman$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Miniature Pinscher$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Pekingese$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Poodle - Standard$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Shar-Pei$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
St Bernard$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Welsh Corgi - Cardigan$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Welsh Corgi - Pembroke$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Wire-Haired Terrier$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Akita Inu$569$1,338$1,403Significantly above average
Alaskan Klee Kai$569$1,387$1,403Significantly above average
Bernese Mountain Dog$560$1,264$1,327Significantly above average
Welsh Corgi - Pembroke Cross$323$1,018$1,089Above average
British Bulldog Cross$397$998$1,082Above average
Corgi$450$974$1,059Above average
Weimaraner Cross$449$979$1,051Above average
Miniature Pinscher Cross$401$991$1,050Above average
Pinscher$537$884$1,039Above average
Bull Terrier Cross$438$965$1,037Above average
Akita Inu Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
American Bulldog$390$938$1,023Above average
Australian Bulldog Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
Bedlington Terrier Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
Bernese Mountain Dog Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
Boxer Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
Chow Chow$390$938$1,023Above average
Dobermann$390$938$1,023Above average
Labrador Retriever$390$938$1,023Above average
Mastiff Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
Newfoundland Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
Pekingese Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
Poodle - Standard Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
St Bernard Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
Welsh Corgi - Cardigan Cross$390$938$1,023Above average
King Charles Spaniel$390$938$1,023Above average
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Cross$314$943$1,016Above average
Alaskan Malamute Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Irish Wolfhound Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Rottweiler Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Airedale Terrier Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
American Akita Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
American Cocker Spaniel$443$929$1,002Above average
Basset Hound Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Bullmastiff Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Dachshund Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Doberman Pinscher$443$929$1,002Above average
Dogue De Bordeaux Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
English Pointer$443$929$1,002Above average
French Bulldog Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
German Short Haired Pointer Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Great Dane Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Irish Setter Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Labrador$443$929$1,002Above average
Miniature Doberman Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Miniature Poodle$443$929$1,002Above average
Old English Sheepdog$443$929$1,002Above average
Papillon Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Polish Lowland Sheepdog$443$929$1,002Above average
Rhodesian Ridgeback Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Samoyed$443$929$1,002Above average
Shar-Pei Cross$443$929$1,002Above average
Rhodesian Ridgeback$443$929$1,002Above average
Australian Cattle Dog$364$903$996Above average
Italian Greyhound$364$903$996Above average
Neopolitan Mastiff Cross$393$931$991Above average
Wire-Haired Terrier Cross$393$931$991Above average
Wolfhound Cross$393$931$991Above average
Yorkshire Terrier Cross$393$931$991Above average
Corgi Cross$432$938$988Above average
Fox Hound$367$915$982Above average
Wolfhound$475$903$981Above average
Dalmatian$440$905$974Above average
Pinscher Cross$424$855$932Below average
Staffordshire Bull Terrier$360$855$924Below average
Yugoslavian Mountain Hound$360$855$924Below average
German Spitz$404$837$916Below average
Australian Cobberdog Miniature Cross$285$832$911Below average
Hovawart Cross$285$832$911Below average
Hungarian Kuvasz Cross$285$832$911Below average
Hungarian Puli Cross$285$832$911Below average
Huntaway Cross$285$832$911Below average
Irish Red and White Setter Cross$285$832$911Below average
Italian Greyhound Cross$285$832$911Below average
Lagotto Rom Cross$285$832$911Below average
Lakeland Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Cross$285$832$911Below average
Manchester Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Mexican Hairless Cross$285$832$911Below average
Munsterlander - Large Cross$285$832$911Below average
New Zealand Huntaway Cross$285$832$911Below average
Norfolk Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Norwegian Elk Hound Cross$285$832$911Below average
Norwich Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Cross$285$832$911Below average
Parson Jack Russell Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Cross$285$832$911Below average
Pharaoh Hound Cross$285$832$911Below average
Portuguese Water Dog Cross$285$832$911Below average
Schnauzer Giant Cross$285$832$911Below average
Skye Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Spitz Mittel Cross$285$832$911Below average
Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs Cross$285$832$911Below average
Swiss Shepherd Cross$285$832$911Below average
Tibetan Mastiff Cross$285$832$911Below average
Turkish Kangal Cross$285$832$911Below average
Welsh Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Italian Pointer Cross$285$832$911Below average
Italian Sheepdog Cross$285$832$911Below average
Italian Spinone Cross$285$832$911Below average
Japanese Akita Cross$285$832$911Below average
Japanese Chin Cross$285$832$911Below average
Komondor Cross$285$832$911Below average
Kuvasz Cross$285$832$911Below average
Labradoodle Cross$285$832$911Below average
Lurcher Cross$285$832$911Below average
Maltalier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Miniature Bull Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Miniature Dachshund - Smooth Haired Cross$285$832$911Below average
Miniature Dachshund - Wire Haired Cross$285$832$911Below average
Miniature Dachshund Cross Cross$285$832$911Below average
Miniature Dachshund- Long Haired Cross$285$832$911Below average
Miniature Toy Pom Cross$285$832$911Below average
Munster Cross$285$832$911Below average
German Hunting Terrier$285$832$911Below average
Australian Kelpie Sheepdog Cross$285$832$911Below average
Australian Koolie$285$832$911Below average
Basset Fauve De Bretagne$285$832$911Below average
Bull Arab Cross$285$832$911Below average
Cane Corso$285$832$911Below average
Dachshund$285$832$911Below average
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
English Springer Spaniel$285$832$911Below average
Flat Coated Retriever$285$832$911Below average
German Pinscher$285$832$911Below average
Irish Red and White Setter$285$832$911Below average
Lakeland Terrier$285$832$911Below average
Miniature Dachshund Cross$285$832$911Below average
Sarplaninac$285$832$911Below average
Scottish Terrier$285$832$911Below average
Spanador$285$832$911Below average
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross$285$832$911Below average
Sussex Spaniel Cross$285$832$911Below average
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Cross$285$832$911Below average
Alaskan Husky$353$815$905Below average
Patterdale Terrier$353$832$905Below average
Rat Terrior$353$832$905Below average
Cocker Spaniel$353$815$905Below average
Australian Cobberdog$353$815$905Below average
Belgian Shepherd$353$815$905Below average
Coton De Tulear$353$815$905Below average
Japanese Akita$353$815$905Below average
New Guinea Singing Dog Cross$353$815$905Below average
Puli Cross$353$815$905Below average
Saluki Cross$353$815$905Below average
Sarplaninac Cross$353$815$905Below average
Spanador Cross$353$815$905Below average
Springer Spaniel$353$815$905Below average
Swiss Mountain Dog Cross$353$815$905Below average
Swiss Mountain Dog Cross$353$815$905Below average
Alsatian Cross$353$815$905Below average
American Eskimo Cross$353$815$905Below average
American Pit Bull Terrier$353$815$905Below average
American Water Spaniel$353$815$905Below average
Anatolian Karabosh Cross$353$815$905Below average
Antartic Husky Cross$353$815$905Below average
Australian Heeler$353$815$905Below average
Australian Shepherd Cross$353$815$905Below average
Australian Silky Terrier Cross$353$815$905Below average
Australian Terrier$353$815$905Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Laekenois/Groenendael$353$815$905Below average
Black and Tan Coonhound Cross$353$815$905Below average
Bloodhound Cross$353$815$905Below average
Boerboel Cross$353$815$905Below average
Bordeaux Mastiff Cross$353$815$905Below average
Borzoi Cross$353$815$905Below average
Bouvier Des Flandres$353$815$905Below average
Brittany Spaniel Cross$353$815$905Below average
Cairn Terrier Cross$353$815$905Below average
Cardigan Corgi Cross$353$815$905Below average
Central Asian Shepherd$353$815$905Below average
Clumber Spaniel Cross$353$815$905Below average
Collie (Rough/Smooth) Cross$353$815$905Below average
Dachshund - Long Haired Cross$353$815$905Below average
Dachshund Wire Haired$353$815$905Below average
Dalmatian Cross$353$815$905Below average
Egyptian Pharoah Hound$353$815$905Below average
Elkhound$353$815$905Below average
Elkhound Cross$353$815$905Below average
English Mastiff$353$815$905Below average
English Toy terrier Cross$353$815$905Below average
Estrela$353$815$905Below average
Field Spaniel Cross$353$815$905Below average
Flat Coated Retriever Cross$353$815$905Below average
Gazelle Hound Cross$353$815$905Below average
German Koolie$353$815$905Below average
German Shepherd$353$815$905Below average
German Spitz Cross$353$815$905Below average
German Wire Haired Pointer$353$815$905Below average
Golden Retriever$353$815$905Below average
Great Pyrenean$353$815$905Below average
Greyhound Cross$353$815$905Below average
Griffon Brabancon$353$815$905Below average
Griffon Bruxellois Cross$353$815$905Below average
Havanese Cross$353$815$905Below average
Hungarian Puli$353$815$905Below average
Ibizan Hound$353$815$905Below average
Irish Terrier Cross$353$815$905Below average
Irish Water Spaniel$353$815$905Below average
Italian Sheepdog$353$815$905Below average
Italian Spinone$353$815$905Below average
Kelpie$353$815$905Below average
Labradoodle$353$815$905Below average
Lurcher$353$815$905Below average
Malinois Shephard Cross$353$815$905Below average
Manchester Terrier$353$815$905Below average
Miniature Dachshund - Smooth Haired$353$815$905Below average
Miniature Maltese Cross$353$815$905Below average
New Guinea Singing Dog$353$815$905Below average
Norwegian Hound$353$815$905Below average
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever$353$815$905Below average
Otterhound Cross$353$815$905Below average
Papillon$353$815$905Below average
Parson Jack Russell Terrier$353$815$905Below average
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen$353$815$905Below average
Pug Cross$353$815$905Below average
Pyrenean Mountain Dog Cross$353$815$905Below average
Saluki$353$815$905Below average
Schipperke$353$815$905Below average
Schnauzer Giant$353$815$905Below average
Sealyham Terrier$353$815$905Below average
Shetland Sheepdog Cross$353$815$905Below average
Shiloh shepherd$353$815$905Below average
Siberian Husky$353$815$905Below average
Spanish Water Dog$353$815$905Below average
Staghound$353$815$905Below average
Tibetan Mastiff$353$815$905Below average
Tibetan Terrier$353$815$905Below average
Tosa Inu Cross$353$815$905Below average
Welsh Terrier$353$815$905Below average
Golden Doodle (Groodle)$356$832$891Below average
Dachshund Wire Haired Cross$356$832$891Below average
Gordon Setter Cross$356$832$891Below average
Kangal Cross$356$832$891Below average
Afghan Hound$356$826$891Below average
Kerry Blue Cross$356$826$891Below average
Sealyham Terrier Cross$356$826$891Below average
Shiba Inu Cross$356$826$891Below average
Timber Shepherd Cross$356$826$891Below average
Yugoslavian Mountain Hound Cross$356$826$891Below average
Australian Koolie Cross$356$826$891Below average
Basset Fauve De Bretagne Cross$356$826$891Below average
Black and Tan Coonhound$356$826$891Below average
Central Asian Ovtcharka$356$826$891Below average
Collie - Rough$356$826$891Below average
Dachshund - Long Haired$356$826$891Below average
Deerhound Cross$356$826$891Below average
English Mastiff Cross$356$826$891Below average
English Pointer Cross$356$826$891Below average
Field Spaniel$356$826$891Below average
Finnish Spitz$356$826$891Below average
Finnish Spitz Cross$356$826$891Below average
HamiltonStovare$356$826$891Below average
Italian Lagotto Ramgnolo Cross$356$826$891Below average
Japanese Spitz Cross$356$826$891Below average
Leonberger$356$826$891Below average
Lhasa Apso$356$826$891Below average
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog$356$826$891Below average
Lowchen Cross$356$826$891Below average
Miniature Poodle Cross$356$826$891Below average
Plott Hound$356$826$891Below average
Plott Hound Cross$356$826$891Below average
Poodle - Toy$356$826$891Below average
Pug$356$826$891Below average
Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs$356$826$891Below average
Swiss Mountain Dog$356$826$891Below average
Tosa Inu$356$826$891Below average
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon$356$826$891Below average
Wolf/ Wolf Hybrid$356$826$891Below average
Bordeaux Mastiff$401$815$889Below average
Cao De Serra De Aires$401$815$889Below average
Cardigan Corgi$401$815$889Below average
Egyptian Pharoah Hound Cross$401$815$889Below average
English Setter Cross$401$815$889Below average
English Springer Spaniel Cross$401$815$889Below average
German Pinscher Cross$401$815$889Below average
Griffon Brabancon Cross$401$815$889Below average
HamiltonStovare Cross$401$815$889Below average
Irish Water Spaniel Cross$401$815$889Below average
Mexican Hairless$401$815$889Below average
Canaan Cross$401$826$889Below average
Danish-Swedish Farm Dog Cross$401$826$889Below average
Prague Ratter$401$826$889Below average
Smithfield Cross$401$826$889Below average
Spanish Water Dog Cross$401$826$889Below average
Aberdeen Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
Affenpinscher$401$812$889Below average
Alaskan Husky Cross$401$812$889Below average
Alsatian$401$812$889Below average
American Bulldog Cross$401$812$889Below average
American Cocker Spaniel Cross$401$812$889Below average
American Eskimo$401$812$889Below average
American Foxhound$401$812$889Below average
American Foxhound Cross$401$812$889Below average
American Pit Bull Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
American Staffordshire Terrier$401$812$889Below average
American Staffordshire Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
American Water Spaniel Cross$401$812$889Below average
Anatolian Karabash$401$812$889Below average
Anatolian Shepherd Dog$401$812$889Below average
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Cross$401$812$889Below average
Antartic Husky$401$812$889Below average
Australian Cattle Dog Cross$401$812$889Below average
Australian Cobberdog Cross$401$812$889Below average
Australian Cobberdog Miniature$401$812$889Below average
Australian Kelpie Sheepdog$401$812$889Below average
Australian Silky Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Australian Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
Basenji$401$812$889Below average
Basenji Cross$401$812$889Below average
Beagle$401$812$889Below average
Bearded Collie Cross$401$812$889Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Malinois$401$812$889Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Malinois Cross$401$812$889Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Tervueren$401$812$889Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Tervueren Cross$401$812$889Below average
Belgian Shepherd Cross$401$812$889Below average
Bichon Frise$401$812$889Below average
Black Russian Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Black Russian Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
Bloodhound$401$812$889Below average
Blue tick Coonhound$401$812$889Below average
Blue tick Coonhound Cross$401$812$889Below average
Boerboel$401$812$889Below average
Border Collie$401$812$889Below average
Border Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
Borzoi$401$812$889Below average
Boston Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Boston Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
Bouvier Des Flandres Cross$401$812$889Below average
Briard$401$812$889Below average
Briard Cross$401$812$889Below average
Brittany Spaniel$401$812$889Below average
Bull Arab$401$812$889Below average
Cane Corso Cross$401$812$889Below average
Cao De Serra De Aires Cross$401$812$889Below average
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel$401$812$889Below average
Central Asian Ovtcharka Cross$401$812$889Below average
Central Asian Shepherd Cross$401$812$889Below average
Cesky Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Cesky Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
Cheasapeake Bay Retriever$401$812$889Below average
Cheasapeake Bay Retriever Cross$401$812$889Below average
Chinese Crested Dog$401$812$889Below average
Chinese Crested Dog Cross$401$812$889Below average
Chow Chow Cross$401$812$889Below average
Clumber Spaniel$401$812$889Below average
Cocker Spaniel Cross$401$812$889Below average
Collie - Rough Cross$401$812$889Below average
Collie - Smooth$401$812$889Below average
Collie - Smooth Cross$401$812$889Below average
Coton De Tulear Cross$401$812$889Below average
Curly Coated Retriever Cross$401$812$889Below average
Dachshund - Smooth Haired$401$812$889Below average
Dachshund - Smooth Haired Cross$401$812$889Below average
Dandie Dinmont Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Danish-Swedish Farm Dog$401$812$889Below average
Deerhound$401$812$889Below average
Dingo$401$812$889Below average
Dingo Cross$401$812$889Below average
Doberman Pinscher Cross$401$812$889Below average
Dobermann Cross$401$812$889Below average
Dutch Shepherd$401$812$889Below average
Dutch Shepherd Cross$401$812$889Below average
English Setter$401$812$889Below average
English Toy terrier$401$812$889Below average
Estrela Cross$401$812$889Below average
Finnish Lapphund$401$812$889Below average
Finnish Lapphund Cross$401$812$889Below average
Fox Hound Cross$401$812$889Below average
Fox Terrier Wire$401$812$889Below average
Fox Terrier Wire Cross$401$812$889Below average
French Poodle$401$812$889Below average
French Poodle Cross$401$812$889Below average
Gazelle Hound$401$812$889Below average
German Koolie Cross$401$812$889Below average
German Schnauzer$401$812$889Below average
German Schnauzer Cross$401$812$889Below average
German Shepherd Cross$401$812$889Below average
German Short Haired Pointer$401$812$889Below average
German Wire Haired Pointer Cross$401$812$889Below average
Golden Retriever Cross$401$812$889Below average
Gordon Setter$401$812$889Below average
Great Pyrenean Cross$401$812$889Below average
Greek Harehound$401$812$889Below average
Greek Harehound Cross$401$812$889Below average
Greyhound$401$812$889Below average
Griffon$401$812$889Below average
Griffon Bruxellois$401$812$889Below average
Griffon Cross$401$812$889Below average
Harrier$401$812$889Below average
Harrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
Havanese$401$812$889Below average
Hovawart$401$812$889Below average
Hungarian Kuvasz$401$812$889Below average
Hungarian Vizsla$401$812$889Below average
Hungarian Vizsla Cross$401$812$889Below average
Huntaway$401$812$889Below average
Ibizan Hound Cross$401$812$889Below average
Irish Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Italian Lagotto Ramgnolo$401$812$889Below average
Italian Pointer$401$812$889Below average
Japanese Chin$401$812$889Below average
Kangal$401$812$889Below average
Keeshond$401$812$889Below average
Keeshond Cross$401$812$889Below average
Kerry Blue$401$812$889Below average
Komondor$401$812$889Below average
Kuvasz$401$812$889Below average
Labrador Cross$401$812$889Below average
Labrador Retriever Cross$401$812$889Below average
Lagotto Rom$401$812$889Below average
Leonberger Cross$401$812$889Below average
Malinois Shephard$401$812$889Below average
Maltalier$401$812$889Below average
Maltese$401$812$889Below average
Maremma Sheepdog Cross$401$812$889Below average
Miniature Bull Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Miniature Dachshund$401$812$889Below average
Miniature Dachshund - Wire Haired$401$812$889Below average
Miniature Dachshund- Long Haired$401$812$889Below average
Miniature Maltese$401$812$889Below average
Miniature Schnauzer$401$812$889Below average
Miniature Schnauzer Cross$401$812$889Below average
Miniature Toy Pom$401$812$889Below average
Munster$401$812$889Below average
Munsterlander - Large$401$812$889Below average
New Zealand Huntaway$401$812$889Below average
Norfolk Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Norwegian Elk Hound$401$812$889Below average
Norwegian Hound Cross$401$812$889Below average
Norwich Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Old English Sheepdog Cross$401$812$889Below average
Otterhound$401$812$889Below average
Pharaoh Hound$401$812$889Below average
Portuguese Water Dog$401$812$889Below average
Puli$401$812$889Below average
Pyrenean Mountain Dog$401$812$889Below average
Samoyed Cross$401$812$889Below average
Schipperke Cross$401$812$889Below average
Schnauzer Standard$401$812$889Below average
Schnauzer Standard Cross$401$812$889Below average
Scotch Collie$401$812$889Below average
Scotch Collie Cross$401$812$889Below average
Scottish Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
Shiba Inu$401$812$889Below average
Shih Tzu$401$812$889Below average
Shih Tzu Cross$401$812$889Below average
Shiloh shepherd Cross$401$812$889Below average
Siberian Husky Cross$401$812$889Below average
Skye Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Spitz Mittel$401$812$889Below average
Springer Spaniel Cross$401$812$889Below average
Staghound Cross$401$812$889Below average
Sussex Spaniel$401$812$889Below average
Swedish Vallhund$401$812$889Below average
Swedish Vallhund Cross$401$812$889Below average
Swiss Shepherd$401$812$889Below average
Tenterfield Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Tibetan Terrier Cross$401$812$889Below average
Timber Shepherd$401$812$889Below average
Turkish Kangal$401$812$889Below average
Welsh Springer Spaniel$401$887$889Below average
Welsh Springer Spaniel Cross$401$812$889Below average
West Highland White Terrier$401$812$889Below average
Whippet$401$812$889Below average
Brazilian Mastiff$401$793$886Below average
Brazilian Mastiff Cross$401$793$886Below average
Dogo Argentino$401$793$886Below average
Dogo Argentino Cross$401$793$886Below average
Fila Brasileiro$401$793$886Below average
Fila Brasileiro Cross$401$793$886Below average
Pressa Canario$401$793$886Below average
Pressa Canario Cross$401$793$886Below average
Aberdeen Terrier$445$823$881Below average
Spoodle Cross$328$782$872Below average
Schnoodle Cross$328$782$872Below average
King Charles Spaniel Cross$379$784$861Below average
Bearded Collie$383$780$853Below average
Greyhound Racing Dog$521$821$848Below average
Whippet Cross$306$672$767Below average
Cavoodle$285$634$724Below average
Beagle Cross$285$634$724Below average
Border Terrier$285$634$724Below average
Chihuahua$285$634$724Below average
Japanese Spitz$285$634$724Below average
Lowchen$285$634$724Below average
Miniature Fox Terrier$285$634$724Below average
Pomeranian Cross$285$634$724Below average
Schnoodle$285$634$724Below average
Shetland Sheepdog$285$634$724Below average
Spoodle/Cockapoo$285$634$724Below average
Tenterfield Terrier Cross$285$634$724Below average
Bichon Frise Cross$322$634$710Below average
Australian Heeler Cross$322$634$710Below average
Australian Shepherd$322$634$710Below average
Belgian Shepherd - Laekenois/Groenendael Cross$322$634$710Below average
Border Collie Cross$322$634$710Below average
Cairn Terrier$322$634$710Below average
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross$322$634$710Below average
Chihuahua Cross$322$634$710Below average
Curly Coated Retriever$322$634$710Below average
Jack Russell Terrier$322$634$710Below average
Jack Russell Terrier Cross$322$634$710Below average
Kelpie Cross$322$634$710Below average
Lhasa Apso Cross$322$634$710Below average
Maltese Cross$322$634$710Below average
Maremma Sheepdog$322$634$710Below average
Miniature Fox Terrier Cross$322$634$710Below average
Pomeranian$322$634$710Below average
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier$322$666$710Below average
Tibetan Spaniel$322$634$710Below average
Tibetan Spaniel Cross$322$634$710Below average
West Highland White Terrier Cross$322$634$710Below average
Fox Terrier Smooth$287$644$709Below average
Fox Terrier Smooth Cross$287$644$709Below average
Poodle - Toy Cross$287$644$709Below average
Methodology: We averaged out the cost from 6 Australian pet insurance providers for accident, accident and medical and comprehensive plans with zero excess. Quotes were taken in June 2017 for a male, desexed dog that was born on 13/2/2012 for the 5-year-old dog and 13/2/2016 for the 1-year-old dog. The owner was 24 years old at the time, residing in the 2010 postcode. The ranking was based on average cost for a comprehensive pet insurance policy.

Compare pet insurance options for your dog

How pet insurance works

Pet insurance typically pays out for the total vet fees involves in treating specific conditions. Cancer, for example, might call for different treatments depending on the dog, and the type of cancer. The vet will prescribe a treatment course, and you can then take that information to the pet insurance provider to make a claim.

If it's a reasonable treatment course, for a health issue that's covered by your policy, the insurer can cover the costs up to any applicable limits.

This means dog health insurance premiums are based on the expected vet fees, which is affected by the likelihood of different health issues, and how much vets in your area will typically charge for these.

Are you paying too much for pet insurance?

If you're paying more to cover your dog than the prices listed on this page, it means you might be paying too much. These are average prices for a no-excess, high-limits comprehensive dog insurance plan, which means you can most likely find equivalent cover cheaper, depending on your dog's age and some other factors.

What factors impact my pet insurance premiums?

Some of the main factors insurers consider when determining your premiums are:

  • Age: Premiums typically increase considerably with age, especially for illness cover. Not only are dogs more at risk of health issues, but veterinary care can also get more expensive.
  • Breed: Different breeds have very different risk levels. Large dogs, for example, are typically more at risk of cruciate ligament injuries, while some breeds might be more susceptible to medication allergies, and likely to require special medication or equipment if they undergo surgery. Pedigree breeds in particular are often more susceptible to congenital health issues.
  • Gender: Different genders, of different breeds, are more susceptible to different health risks.
  • Whether your dog is desexed: Generally desexing your dog can significantly lower your premiums. This can reduce their risk of common serious illnesses, such as cancer, as well as reduce the likelihood of risky behaviour, like escaping or aggression towards other dogs.
  • Your location: This can affect how likely your dog is to experience injuries, such as being hit by a car, as well as the typical vet fees you're likely to run into. Unlike medicine for people, there's generally little regulation around how much vets can charge for their services, so you might find very different expenses in different places.

While veterinary fees are largely unregulated, the insurance industry is not. Your premiums are a reflection of the actual risk levels, so higher premiums generally means you're more likely to get use out of your pet insurance. But there are still plenty of ways to find cheaper pet insurance.

How can I lower my pet insurance premiums?

If these premiums see expensive, it's worth noting that you can almost certainly find comprehensive cover that's cheaper.

  • Raise your excess: The premiums above are for a no-excess policy. By choosing a higher pet insurance excess, you are likely to find lower premiums than the averages listed on this page.
  • Pick a different type of cover: Accident-only cover is typically the cheapest dog insurance, while cover for accidents and illness is generally the most expensive dog insurance. You can also select different policy limits. These limits are the most your pet insurance will pay out in a 12 month period, so they can affect your costs significantly. This page shows the average cost of pet insurance for comprehensive policies with the highest available limits.
  • Shop around: These are the average premiums from six different insurers, which means that at least one of them is offering cheaper prices than these. However, different insurers might assess dogs differently based on their breed and age, so the cheapest option for one person is not necessarily the cheapest for another. It can be worth shopping around to find better value for money dog insurance.

How to find cheaper pet insurance

What's the most expensive dog to insure?

Different breeds are more and less expensive to insure under different cover types. Generally, larger dogs and pedigree breeds are more expensive to insure. Depending on which type of cover type you choose, you'll find different premiums. For example:

  • Italian Cane Corso: As a large, energetic and fairly dominant breed, even in later ages, the Italian Cane Corso is also relatively accident prone, and attracts some of the highest accident-only pet insurance premiums in Australia
  • French bulldog: At younger ages this breed is one of the most expensive to insure for accident only cover. It is especially likely to experience separation anxiety, especially at younger ages, and may be more likely to injure itself. This pedigree breed is also prone to a range of health issues, and suffers from an exceptionally poor ability to regulate body heat. At older ages, the potential for congenital health issues means it remains one of the more expensive breeds to insure against illness too.

There are a lot of factors are involved, and it's largely down to you and your dog's specific situations. Compare dog insurance policies and get quotes to see how much it might cost you to get covered. Shop around to make sure that this is true for your particular situation, as prices may vary considerably based on several factors, including the age and breed of your pet.

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