2016 Personalised Diaries

A new year means a fresh diary, but this year opt for one with a twist like a personalised diary.

In today's frenzied world and fast-paced life, it is difficult to keep track of activities such as appointments, birthdays, meetings, anniversaries and all personal information. In order to keep up with your busy lifestyle, a personalised diary can help you record all your thoughts and schedules.

One of the most important considerations in buying a personalised diary is portability. Its handiness becomes significant because a useful diary can be accessed easily anywhere and anytime to record important personal events.

A good personalised diary should have a reflection of your personality. This can be done through your choice of style and design on the diary’s cover. When buying personalised diary, you should also consider the price in which you are more comfortable.

Best personalised diaries for 2016

Vistaprint - Butterfly Design
Vistaprint - Beach Notebook
Vistaprint - Notebooks
Vistaprint - Photo Notebooks

Personalised diaries for businesses

Vistaprint - Company Notebook
Vistaprint - High End Notebook
Vistaprint - Notebook

Best places to make your personalised diary.

Currently only Vistaprint are offering a range of personalised diaries. Find out more by visiting their web site.

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Choosing the best diary system.

One of the most embarrassing situations is being late to business meetings or social gatherings. This gives you the impression of being unprofessional or having a poor time management. There is an easy and practical solution for this problem and this is by using a calendar system which will help you manage your schedule.
In selecting the best calendar system, we suggest that you follow these tips;

  • Give importance to your personality. One of the considerations that you will give emphasis in selecting a calendar system is to fit to your personality and work style. If you select a calendar system that feels unnatural to your lifestyle, there is a great possibility that you will not use it.
  • Assess your calendar system’s usage. Some people use offices and homes as the main locations for setting appointments. There are cases where scheduling of meetings may happen in restaurant where you suddenly bump a colleague or friend. You have to determine what type of situations you make most of your appointments and this will give you clear idea on whether you will buy a stationary calendar or a portable one.
  • Select a list of features for your calendar system. Put the top priority of the main purpose of your calendar system. You may prefer some features over the other, but essential ones should not be sacrificed. Reminders are great features for you to remember that a significant date or meeting is coming up. This will not only give you time to prepare for it, but also getting in conflict with other schedule. A note section will provide you spaces for you to record some miscellaneous information. It will also offer you to make visual reminders. A task lists will allow you to monitor your projects for the day, week or month. These can also provide responsibility and inspiration as you reach specific goals.
  • Search for options. Calendars are made in many sizes and formats. Check your list of favoured features and compare them to the calendar systems offered to you. There are some few features which you can choose.
Wall calendarsAre placed in a single location and will give you a swift overview of the forthcoming month.
Daily plannersCan be left at home or brought to work. They will provide a more detailed view of each day’s activities and will allow you to monitor.
Mobile devicesAre not only portable, but they also allow you to enter repetitive events. These devices are best to remind you that an appointment is forthcoming.
Printable calendarsCan be downloaded, personalised and printed. They can also be saved to your computer and sent via email to other persons.
Online calendarsAre accessible from anywhere and will allow you to share your calendars with others.

Staying organised for 2016

You should be visualising what would be their New Year’s resolution in 2016. A great way to stay organised is to use your electronic calendar, not just a date keeper, but as a smart electronic calendar.
When you are using a mobile smart calendar innovatively, you can maintain an organised set-up of your commitments, from bill payments to time management. By creatively using the extra and main features of your mobile smart calendar, you can surprise your clients and friends in fulfilling your commitments. There are some suggested ways that your mobile smart gadget can provide you with a calendar app for staying organised in 2016.

  • Record your monthly frequent appointment and payment of bills in the calendar. This set up will enable you to pay on time and will never miss your payment.
  • Generate an online shared family calendar which includes all school and work holidays. Subsequently set reminders to caution you when to book time off work and arrange vacation care around school holidays.
  • If your app has a meeting scheduler, use it to block off proposed meeting times and send notifications to easily synchronise attendee’s schedules from your phone.
  • Block times on your calendar to furnish you the capacity to achieve your goals. For example, if you wish to go to the gym or go for a run five to six times a week, enter it on your calendar. If spending more time with family and friends is your New Year’s Resolution, maximise your time by inviting a friend to work out with you. You will hit two goals in the same amount of time.
  • For business, use the ‘Notes’ field in your calendar to record information about the people you will meet and the proposed agenda. This will enable you to stay on track during meetings%

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