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From parts and peripherals to custom system assembly, PC Case Gear has a lot to offer savvy computer users.

Since its founding back in 2000, PC Case Gear has provided Australian computer enthusiasts with parts, accessories and complete PC systems at prices far below the recommended retail price (RRP) charged by many larger, non-specialist stores. Though it operates out of a single physical location in Melbourne, Victoria, PC Case Gear serves customers across the country through its online storefront.

What does PC Case Gear sell?

Unsurprisingly, PC Case Gear deals primarily in PC components and peripherals. These run the gamut from basic graphics cards and motherboards to high-end liquid CPU coolers and ultra-wide curved monitors. The range is quite extensive, numbering in the thousands of products and even encompassing pre-built computer systems and branded laptops.

Some of the core product categories covered by PC Case Gear are:

  • CPUs
  • Motherboards
  • Graphics cards
  • Monitors
  • Gaming peripherals
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Networking solutions
  • Pre-built PCs and laptops
  • Headphones and audio
  • PC Cases
  • Cables and accessories

Along with its regular products, PC Case Gear offers a custom PC assembly service. This lets you pick out each individual component of your new PC and have PC Case Gear build, test and package it for you. In addition, systems assembled by PC Case Gear come with a 2-year return-to-base warranty on top of the warranties for each component.

Key purchasing information

Does PC Case Gear have a physical store I can visit?

Yes, but you can't make any purchases over the counter. Located at 46-48 Glenvale Crescent in Mulgrave, VIC 3170, PC Case Gear's physical outlet is only for picking up orders made online. As such, the outlet doesn't feature a showroom of any kind.

PC Case Gears also operates a warranty service centre just down the road from its pick-up outlet for instances where your purchase doesn't work as expected.

What payment methods does PC Case Gear accept?

PC Case Gear supports separate payment options depending on whether you're ordering for delivery or for local pick-up. Delivery orders can be paid for using PayPal, credit card or ZipMoney, while pick-up orders must be paid for using EFTPOS, credit card or debit card.

Shipping and returns

Products ordered from PC Case Gear are shipped through either Australia Post or StarTrack couriers. The choice of which to use is typically up to you, though some orders may be limited to Australia Post since StarTrack doesn't deliver to PO boxes or certain rural addresses.

How much does PC Case Gear charge for delivery?

Delivery costs vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and weight of your order, where you live and your chosen delivery method. A small package might only cost around $12-$14 for metro shipping via Australia Post and $16 express shipping via StarTrack. A large PC case, on the other hand, could set you back upwards of $25 depending on where you live.

How long does PC Case Gear take to deliver?

Like costs, delivery times are dictated by a range of conditions and don't always obey any hard and fast rules. In general, though, standard delivery typically takes between 2 and 5 business days for metro addresses. Express delivery cuts that down to between 1 and 2 business days. Deliveries to regional or rural addresses, as well as larger and more complex orders, may take longer.

Does PC Case Gear offer in-store pickup?

Yes. If you'd prefer to pick up your order from PC Case Gear's Mulgrave store, you can choose to do so when checking out online. Pick-up orders must be paid for in-store rather than online, and you'll receive a confirmation email notifying you once your order is ready to collect. Just be aware that PC Case Gear only holds onto pick-up orders for 24 business hours after they're ready for collection.

PC Case Gear's Mulgrave store is open for pick-up from 10am-5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am-2pm on Saturdays.

What is PC Case Gear's return policy?

Faulty items purchased from PC Case Gear can be returned so long as the fault was not caused through mishandling or misuse by the customer. Assuming the fault stems from the product itself, you can apply for a warranty return by logging into your PC Case Gear account and completing the "Apply for Warranty" form. You'll then receive further information on how to send your faulty product back and how long a repair, replacement or refund will take to process.

Can I return a product if I change my mind?

PC Case Gear does accept returns for functioning items when you change your mind, but there are a couple of caveats. First, the item must still be factory-sealed. Second, you'll have to pay 15% of the item's price to cover the cost of restocking.

To apply for a change of mind return, you'll need to log into your PC Case Gear account and complete the "Return an Item" form.

Does PC Case Gear ship internationally?

No, PC Case Gear only ships within Australia.

PC Case Gear review round-up

With so many online retailers out there these days, deciding which ones are worth your money can be tricky. Price isn't the only consideration. Service, reliability and customer support are all just as important when purchasing PC components and peripherals, especially when they're being shipped across a country as rugged as Australia.

To help you gauge the reputability of PC Case Gear, we've pulled together user review scores from well-known review sites like Product Review, Trustpilot and Google. These scores aren't a perfect representation of PC Case Gear's service by any stretch – review sites tend to attract only the very positive and very negative experiences customers have rather than a true snapshot of the whole shopping experience. Nonetheless, the ratings below are useful for getting a rough idea of what other Aussies think about PC Case Gear.

Product Review

Average rating: 4.4
Number of reviews: 1082

Google Reviews

Average rating: 4.5
Number of reviews: 1205


Average rating: 4.53
Number of reviews: 164

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