Overwatch League Weekend Results: Every map and match detailed

Posted: 15 January 2018 2:00 pm


Catch up on every Overwatch League match you missed over the weekend with our play-for-play recap.

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Overwatch League Day 3 recap

Here are all the results and recaps from Saturday's Overwatch League matches.

Los Angeles Valiant vs Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel needed to get a win here, after losing to Dynasty on the first day, Fuel will be desperate to take away some points. Valiant on the other hand will be riding the high from their first win against San Francisco Shock, dominating them 4-0.


Map One: Junkertown

Valiant was on the attack first, using the classic Pirate Ship combo on the payload. Widowmakers on both sides were keeping the teams staying tight and behind shields. The first point was an easy job, but some intense team fights slowed down Valiant on the second point. Valiant was able to get the upper hand and move forward towards the final area, capturing Junkertown will full points.

Dallas was able to beat out Dynasty on Junkertown in its first match but seemed to be having a harder time today against Valiant. Coming out of spawn Dallas was using a Pirate Ship, only to come face to face with Valiant’s own defensive Pirate Ship. However, Valiant was unable to hold back Taimou (Roadhog) who hooked Soon (Bastion) out of safety and disassembled Valiant’s defence. Harryhook’s Bastion was daring and aggressive, achieving an almost entire team kill single-handedly. Dallas rolled through Junkertown without any issues, tying up the map and pushing Junkertown into a tiebreaker.

With far less time on the clock, Valiant was aggressive from the start, riding the payload during overtime for as long as possible. Even though Valiant was forced to remain touching the cart at all times now, it still managed to beat out Dallas in team fights. In an outstanding feat of strength, Valiant was able to ride the payload all the way to the finish line, swatting away all incoming attacks from Dallas and scoring another 3 points.

Dallas had a lot more time to work with, having hit the first checkpoint on the first attack run in record time. While it could have taken its time, Dallas was just as aggressive as Valiant out of spawn, but was knocked off the payload in the second straight. Dallas was able to regroup thanks to some composition alterations and tie up the match once more.
With Valiant on the attack once more Dallas attempted to ambush the payload and knock Valiant off the cart. With no time in the bank, Valiant was on overtime from the get-go, once again sticking to the payload like glue. Valiant was able to carry through for another 2 points, for a total of 8.

Dallas was on point with Taimou (Roadhog) picking off Valiant left and right. This was short lived however as Valiant unleashed a torrent of ultimates onto the cart, pushing Dallas off in overtime and earning them the map victory.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Valiant pulled out a dive composition on Horizon, leaping over Dallas defences and taking the fight to the first point. Clearing out Dallas. Valiant captured the first point and rushed towards the second. With pinpoint accuracy and excellent teamwork, Valiant destroyed Dallas on the final point, pressuring the supports and DPS to gain a real advantage.

The teams switched sides, with Dallas on the attack using a quad-tank composition. Rushing the left Dallas avoided Valiant’s defence, capturing the point during the team fight. Dallas rushed the final point in a similar fashion, using their ultimates to disperse the Valiant side as they left the spawn room.

Once again the map goes into a tiebreaker. Valiant struggled initially against Dallas on the attack, but after Dallas failed to make anything of Effect’s (Zarya) Gravity Bomb ultimate, Valiant was able to take the first point. Dallas held out as long as they could on the final point, with Taimou (Mei) and Custa (Zenyatta) buying their team as much time as possible, though Dallas' efforts didn't amount to much as Valiant managed to take the point.

It seemed to be a repeat of Junkertown as Dallas readied up for their second attack. Pulling out the quad- tank composition once more Dallas was unstoppable, storming through the first point without a single loss. Valiant was able to hold off their attack on the second point, but Dallas back captured the point in a sneaky play while Valiant was distracted in a team fight.

Dallas was able to capture the first point but fell short of the final point. Taking advantage of this, Valiant was aggressive in their attack, pushing hard to get those two points and win the match. Unfortunately, they could not reach the end, missing out on taking the point. After three tries on both sides, the map was declared a draw and halftime was announced.

Map Three: Ilios

First up was Lighthouse and both teams were using dive compositions, using mobility to stay afloat near the dangerous map edges. Valiant was first to win the fight for the point, charging deep to keep Dallas off the point as best they could. Lighthouse goes to Valiant with an easy capture.

Ruins was the second map on the control match. Seagull (Genji) was flanking deep into the Valiant territory and causing mayhem to the fleshier players. This allowed Dallas to get a lead on the capture percentage, reclaiming the point back from Valiant each time and keeping a steady lead. It seemed to be going Dallas’s way, but Valiant was able to take back the point with some excellent gameplay by Silkthread (Tracer), dealing exuberant amounts of damage to Dallas’s heroes.
Valiant takes Ilios in a decisive 2-0 victory, bringing the score to 2-0 Valiant’s way.

Map Four: Numbani

At this point Dallas had no chance of taking the match, trailing behind Valiant by 2 points the best they could do was keep Valiant at bay and walk away with a point to its name. Even still, in the Overwatch League, the final map still goes ahead.

It was Valiant on the attack first, playing a more relaxed game now with the match under its belt. Valiant was able to push through the first point and carry the payload with ease, as Dallas made mistake after mistake. With a full team, Valiant was able to dominate Dallas on the final point, finishing the map with a full score.

Dallas was trading blows with Valiant on the first point. It seemed that maybe Effect (Genji) was going to make a big move but was cut down before he had the chance. Silkthread (Soldier 76) held off wave after wave of Dallas attacks, keeping them at bay. Running down the clock Valiant took the map, finishing the match 3-0.


Dallas was off today. While it started off strong on Junkertown, Dallas was unable to keep up such a high level of play across all four maps. The team's energy seemed to just drop with each point that Valiant scored, almost crumbling by Numbai.

This is not the end for Dallas, it's just been an unlucky few draws so far, going up against two of the biggest teams in the league straight away. Once Dallas is matched up with some of the lower-ranked teams, it will start to accumulate some points and climb the ladder.

Silkthread was the right choice for Valiant to put in. While Agilities is a far superior Genji, Silkthread has a bigger hero pool and is adept at hitscan heroes. You can put Silkthread on any map or match and he will be able to make some big plays and carries his team through to victory each time.

Valiant was not a team I was expecting to be so good. This is thanks to just how deep their roster is, with a unique spread of abilities across its players it seems they can take on any challenge and team this year has to offer. Keep a close eye on Valiant as the league progresses these next few months.

Florida Mayhem vs Boston Uprising


Florida and Boston put in some big efforts in their first matches but walked away licking their wounds. Mayhem and Boston both started their matches strong, but failed to carry through the momentum in the long run and were beaten in the late game.

This match could go either way, with the desk and casters split right down the middle with their predictions.

Map One: Dorado

Mayhem was up first, diving on the Boston defence. Logix (Tracer) was flanking forward and targeting Boston’s supports and DPS. Mayhem was able to make it through the first choke point without issue, riding the payload to the first point. Boston was slow to regroup and defend on the second stretch, allowing Mayhem to comfortably cruise forward, but Boston was not done and pushed back Mayhem to the first point area.

Not to be outdone by Logix (Tracer), Striker (Tracer) was on fire. He was flanking and taking out Mayhem heroes left and right. Even still, Striker is one player against the whole of Mayhem, who continue their push through Dorado. Dreamkazper (Genji) was on his game today, stepping up to match Striker kill for kill. Both DPS were held back Mayhem just metres from the last point.

On the attack, Boston rushed out of spawn and took Mayhem to the count. The first point was an easy capture for Boston, as Gamsu (Winston) hunted down Mayhem’s supports and wearing down their defence. This momentum carried on throughout Dorado, giving Boston their first point of the day and the map.

Map Two: Anubis

Anubis has been an important map in the League so far, with matches stretching on in overtime and deciding points with tiebreakers. Mayhem was up first, diving through the choke point and being sent immediately back to spawn by Boston. Their second attempt was more successful, as Mayhem rushes through the first point and unleashes their ultimates on the second. Boston was ready for them though, using shields to survive and drive back Mayhem again. Dreamkazper pulled out a Reaper on defence that ripped through Mayhem’s tanks. While Boston held out as long as they could, Mayhem had the numbers to keep Boston down and capture the point.

With Boston on the attack, it was quick to single out Logix (Tracer) and shutdown Mayhem’s defence. In no time Boston had captured point A and was onto B. While Boston tried to carry their momentum through, Mayhem denied their attack with a fast recovery. Not to be outdone Boston continued to attack, regrouping and finding their footing in the team fights. Boston took the point and tied up the match.

Mayhem was pushed to its limits on the attack, with much less time in its bank for this overtime attempt. Boston knew this and was there to take Mayhem down, successfully keeping Mayhem off the first point. Up to attack Boston had just short of three minutes to get the first point and secure another match point, which is exactly what happened. Boston takes a 2-0 lead.

Map Three: Oasis

Right off the bat, Boston stormed out of spawn and onto the point, with Dreamkazper (Roadhog) hooking Mayhem left and right. Mayhem retaliated with a perfect Rip Tire ultimate, mobbing the surviving members of Boston. Both sides continued to fight on the point, trading kills and picks evenly. Boston managed to hold out and capture the first control point.
On the second map, Boston was aggressive, moving as a unit around the map and hunting down Mayhem one by one. Mayhem was unable to find any ground during the team fights, getting beaten down by Boston. Capturing the point Boston moves the score up 3-0.

Map Four: Eichenwalde

Mayhem had no chance to stay in the running here, with the only hope getting a point on the scoreboard. Boston could relax a bit more, as their victory was secure. First on defence was Boston, ready with an anti-dive composition. Mayhem had chosen a dive comp, aggressively picking apart Boston’s defence. Regrouping Boston halted Mayhem’s progress on the bridge, bringing Mayhem’s attack to an end.

With a classic dive comp Boston, took the payload with minimal effort, Dreamkazper making short work of Mayhem’s defence. With ease, Boston ran the payload up and across the bridge, moving up to Mayhem’s mark and surpassing it for a 4-0 win.


The DPS duo Striker (Tracer) and Dreamkazper (Genji/Widowmaker/Reaper) were in sync today, playing perfectly and with deadly precision. It was their combined efforts that really made the difference in today’s match, thanks in part to Dreamkazper’s multiple heroes used. His ability to play a wide range of heroes, including tanks, gave Boston the upper hand in most situations.

Boston’s ability to shut down Logix was key to controlling the flow of the match, keeping their biggest DPS player out of the play and out of the crucial battles. Mayhem was once again relying on Logix for the big plays and kills, once again being their major error.

San Fransisco Shock vs Shanghai Dragons


Shock and Shanghai are coming off some big losses yesterday, both failing to make a real mark in their first matches. These teams will be looking to redeem themselves today and make some real points on the leaderboard.

Map One: Junkertown

The double sniper and Pirate Ship composition were out once again. Shock pushed through Junkertown with relative ease, with Sleepy (Zenyatta) picking off a fair amount of Shanghai’s defence. Shanghai was able to hold out on the final point, running the clock down to overtime. Clearing the defence off the point with a D.Va ultimate Shock was a second too slow on the cart and lost inches from a 3 point lead.

The same comp was pulled out by Shanghai on the attack, staying behind the Orisa (Roshan) shield to avoid BabyBay (Widowmaker) on Shock’s side. Only halfway through the first area Shock manages to knock Shanghai off the payload, keeping the Bastion and Orisa combo unseated from the cart. Some close team fights ran the clock down, keeping Shanghai on overtime through the first point. Shock seemed to be down, but some clutch ultimates from their team managed to knock Shanghai off the payload before the second point, clinching the map.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Shock was first on the attack again, with Danteh (Tracer) flanking deep behind the Shanghai defence. Danteh rushing to the point during the team fight and back capturing a third of the point. Undead (Widowmaker) kept Shock at bay, sniping any Shock heroes who poked their head out. A successful defence for Shanghai and an easy goal to achieve on the attack.

Now Shanghai only needed to capture half of the first point, winning the map and tieing up the series. Undead (Sombra) pulling Shock’s defence back to the point by sneaking around and standing on the point, allowing his team to jump on Shock and start a team fight. Shanghai wins the fight and the point, taking the map and tying the score 1-1.

Map Three: Ilios

Lighthouse is the first control map, with Shock rushing the point for an early possession and positioning. Babybay (Pharah) laid down some suppressive fire on Shanghai, with Nevix (D.Va) chasing down the Shanghai supports. Shanghai was on the attack, taking Shock off the point and counter capturing the point. Once in position Undead (McCree) was dealing some massive damage, keeping Babybay out of the air and zoning Shock off the point. A lucky play by Nevix (D.Va) allowed Shock to take the point and grab the first map.

On Ruins both teams were fast to dive into the centre point, with Widowmakers duelling it out around the side columns. Shock was holding strong on the point, targeting each attacking Shanghai hero as a team. Danteh (Tracer) was pushing deep into the Shanghai spawn to stall out their attack, running down the clock. Pulling back, Danteh was able to clear the point and take Ilios for Shock, bringing the total score 1-2, Shock’s way.

Map Four: Numbani

Shock was up to attack first, with Shanghai defending. With a dive composition, Shock came close to wiping out Shanghai in its first team fight but were undone by Shanghai and forced to regroup. The second attempt was more successful, pushing Shanghai back to the choke. With Shanghai’s spawn so far away here they needed to be careful but Shock descended on them, making time to breathe and push the payload.

Babybay (Soldier 76) tried to flank ahead on the final point but was punished by Shanghai for overextending. With some difficulty, Shock was finally able to push onto the final point, with 1:06 left in the bank.

Shanghai needed to tie up the game here in order to have a shot at winning. The whole team flanked left, using the high ground to beat down Shock, with Undead (Soldier 76) in the lead. Shock was quick to regroup, using the corners to ambush Shanghai. Nevix (D.Va) absorbing most of the damage for Shock, while Roshan (Winston) on Shanghai was doing the same. In a lucky fight Shanghai was able to overwhelm Shock, reaching the first payload point, but immediately losing the advantage thanks to Danteh (Tracer) Pulse Bombing half the Shanghai side. Shanghai tried to regroup and take back the payload and push the final point, but Shock was not going to let them. Shock held off Shanghai, winning the final map and the match overall, bringing the score to 3-1.


Babybay was a big player for Shock, leading the plays and using his pool of heroes to adapt and overcome situations. Danteh was also up there during the match, creating some real chances for his team to win the match.
Shock played a great match, with top performances all around. Even before the pre-season, this team was a great side to watch, with some top gameplay shown today as well. Moving forward this team should come out of its shell more, and maybe climb the ladder.

Undead was the hero of the match, clearly the backbone of Shanghai. His Widowmaker and McCree were deadly in their precision, his ability to switch and control a closed space as Junkrat was also important for their defence.
Shanghai was playing much better than it did earlier in the week against the Gladiators, moving as a unit and communicating as a team. When you take a long look at the replays you can see just how much this team is in sync, targeting and shielding with some great coordination. Once Shanghai finds its groove we should start to see a big improvement from this team.

Overwatch League Day 4 recap

Here are all the results and recaps of Sunday's Overwatch matches.

London Spitfire vs Philadelphia Fusion


London was confident in their victory on Friday, unlike Fusion who only just scraped their win from Houston in the final match.

Map One: Junkertown

London was the first to attack on Junkertown, surprisingly not using the Pirate Ship composition, instead having Gesture (Reinhardt) ride the cart. Flanking as a team, forcing Fusion back to regroup, London was unstoppable through the first two points. Around the last corner, Fusion found its footing, fighting back against London and landing some important picks. Shadowburn (Genji) was trying to hold off London, single-handedly attacking London’s supports. Even with Fusion defending as best it could, some big kills from Fury (D.Va) allowed London to cross the line and capture the point.

Fusion was on the attack now, using the Reinhardt on the cart and Widowmakers on both sides punishing anyone who peaked out beyond their shields. Carpe (Widowmaker) continued to pick off many of Spitfires heroes, while Poko (D.Va) seemed to connect his ultimate each time, forcing London back into shelter. At this rate, Fusion seemed to be in a good position to take the third point and tie the map, but Profit (Genji) was not going down without a fight. Profit was playing a risky attack, chipping away at Fusion and building up his Dragonblade. Diving into the fray, Profit decimated Fusion’s push and brought their attack to a stop.

Spitfire wins Junkertown 3-2, scoring the first match point.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Taking a big risk London tried to rally behind its Reinhardt (Gesture), flanking far left and trying to pull Fusion off the point with them. This did not work, as London was pushed onto point B prematurely; backed into a wall and eliminated, London was forced to regroup. On its second attack, it was sent back again, only managing to find the point on its third attempt. In a tight team fight in overtime, London took point A.

With some ultimates saved up, Fusion was able to hold London off, winning the first team fight on the point. For an unknown reason, the match was paused here, as the commentators scrambled to cover but the game was resumed fairly quickly. When the game resumed, Spitfire leapt to the point and took the final capture with ease, having composed themselves in the break.

Fusion was having a difficult time on attack, being peppered by Junkrat (Profit) in the choke. From behind Gesture’s (Orisa) shield, Profit was able to do some big damage to Fusion, causing them to hesitate and were unable to really push past the choke. Fusion was unable to even touch the first point, as Fury (Roadhog) and Profit kept them in check, beating them down on each attempt until time ran out.

London took Horizon 2-0, matching the total score of 2-0 London’s way.

Map Three: Ilios

Both teams were keen to take the third map, with London aiming to secure its victory and Fusion trying to get back in the running. The first map was Well with Fusion picking a Lucio to use the hole in the middle during team fights to their advantage.

Spitfire players found themselves down the well a few times but Birdring (McCree) keeping the pressure on Fusion. Shadowburn (Pharah) seemed to be raining down damage but Birdring brought him down before he could use his ultimate. Spitfire was able to take the point with a combined attack, using all of its built-up ultimates.

At Ruins London was quick to gain possession of the point, pushing against Fusion’s attacks deep into their spawn. Fusion was trying to dive onto the point and bring the fight to the point, but Birdring (Widowmaker) was having none of it, picking off Fusion with some precise headshots and running down the clock.
London Spitfire ran down the clock and take Ilios 2-0, securing their victory at 3-0.

Map Four: Numbani

Fusion pulled out a Doomfist (Carpe) on the defence, trying to cause as much damage as possible on London’s tanks. This was a good counter for London’s dive composition, but they could not hold off Gesture’s (Winston) Primal Rage. London captured the payload and was pushing it through the second zone with ease.

Spitfire was able to use their ultimates to force Fusion back to spawn, taking the second point and rushing into the third. Fusion was unable to regroup fast enough, being overwhelmed by London who was dominating the fights over and over again. Fusion was unable to make any ground and London cruised into the finish line.

On attack now Fusion was desperate to get a point on the board but found it difficult to even reach the first point. London was aided by their Mercy (NUS) who was keeping his entire team healed during every fight. Fragi (Winston) tried to replicate London’s Primal Rage push from the first round, but failed to cause enough damage and was taken down quickly. London controlled the point for the whole round, staying hidden around the corner and ambushing Fusion’s attack.

This brought the match to an end, with London taking an easy 4-0 win.


London has had an excellent first week, winning its matches in big shows of power. While Profit and Fury were on top of their game today, the whole team worked well. The combination of plays and targeting lead London to a key victory, putting them in a great position at the end of the first week.

On Team Fusion Carpe, Shadowburn and BoomBox all played well, making a few key plays during the match that gave Fusion the advantage. It seemed that Shadowburn was taking a few risky moves today, overextending and attempting to salvage the game.

Fusion is a better team than how they played today, with a great DPS combo and strong supports they should have been able to come out with a point or two. Perhaps today was just a bad matchup, London is a strong team and is well practised.

Going forward Fusion may improve, or they may fall to teams like London again.

New York Excelsior vs Houston Outlaws


New York is coming off a great win against Boston on Friday, while Houston was beaten out in the last map by Fusion. In this matchup Houston is the clear underdog, needing to get their first win against New York or face ending the first week without any points.

Excelsior was riding high off its win against Boston Uprising, seeming confident in their lineup and composition right off the bat.

Map One: Junkertown

On Junkertown, New York was storming through the map with a strong dive composition. Initially, Houston managed to stagger its players, but thanks to Saebyeolbe (Tracer) coming in with some key picks, New York was able to win the team fight. Jake (Junkrat) on Houston was doing a great job of cleaning the cart, using his Rip Tire to zone out New York and halt the attack in front of the second point.

With limited time Saebyeolbe (McCree) was determined to get his team across the line, going on a kill spree in the final moments. Unfortunately, this was not enough as Houston unleashes their ultimates on New York and end the attack.

Going into its attack, Houston attempted to use a Pirate Ship through the first zone, moving off the payload in the second area to set up an ambush. Jake (Hanzo/Junkrat) was causing some massive damage to New York, using both ultimates to zone out and keep New York at bay. It seemed he always had a Rip Tire, constantly raining down grenades and bombs onto the New York defence. It was thanks to Jake that Houston moved so quickly through the first two halves of the map, rolling into the final point with time to spare. Linkzr (Widowmaker) was hitting every shot and wearing down New York, assisted by some impressive support by Rawkus (Zenyatta). Houston was easily able to take the final point and take the map, putting it in the lead.

Map Two: Anubis

New York was not going to be playing catch up all match, coming out of spawn much more coordinated and focused than before. Libero (Genji) was running rings around Houston’s defence, allowing Saebyeolbe (Tracer) to get some kills off early and take the first point. This momentum continued on the second point, as New York found an advantage in the team fight due to Houston having no ultimates banked.

On defence Saebyeolbe was relentless, flanking out beyond the safe limits of his team and targeting the supports. Houston was constantly without its support players in the team fights, losing out due to the lack of healing. Even during a clutch Resurrection by Bani, Saebyeolbe was able to take out both supports with a well-timed Pulse Bomb. Meko (Mei) also played well on the point, stalling and grinding out some kills to keep Houston from taking the final point. New York’s defence held out and time ran out for Houston, with New York taking their first win of the match.

Map Three: Ilios

New York was ready to take this map, switching in Pine (McCree) like it did against Boston. With Pine on the offensive New York was cleaning up on the point, taking out Houston left and right. New York seems to know that they can capitalize on offence by subbing in Pine, especially on control maps. Houston was unable to counter Pine in any situation, falling to his headshots and Dead Eye. Excelsior dominated Well and took the first point with ease.

On Ruins Houston came out hard, with Linkzr as Widowmaker attempting to focus on Pine. It soon became a Widowmaker duel as Pine and Linkzr faced off the majority of the map. However, Pine was clearly the better sniper and got the better of Linkzr more often, clearing the point for his team to capture and take Ilios 2-0.

Map Four: Numbani

Pine was put back on the bench again, with Libero (Pharah) being brought in for the payload map. This seemed to be the right choice and Libero was able to clear Houston’s defence off the payload and capture it in record time. This continued well into the third point, with New York stalling Houston in every fight, keeping Houston unable to fight back.


Players like Pine and Saebyeolbe are the core reason New York has these wins under their belt, seemingly carrying the team. Having an ace up their sleeve in Pine is ultimately New York’s biggest strength. No one on Houston was able to counter him and his deadly precision turned the game in his team’s favour, showing everyone he could not be beaten. New York will be a side to beat going forward.
Houston has had some difficult matches, going against two big teams straight up. They are a strong team but seem to slow down as the match goes on. Jake and Rawkus were really doing most of the damage and kills for their team, with the rest of the team not stepping up to the bat today. If Houston can get in sync and coordinate more they can be a great team.

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Seoul Dynasty


Two of the biggest teams in the league so far will be going head to head. Both have demonstrated their strengths in their first match, flexing their strengths. Dynasty destroyed the American favourites Dallas Fuel on the first day, while Gladiators did the same to the Shanghai Dragons.

Map One: Junkertown

Starting strong, the Gladiators were ready to face the top team in the league. With Dynasty on the offence, the two forces clashed on the first point, with Ryujehong on Mei blocking out some of the Gladiators damage. Wiping Seoul off the point, the Gladiators seemed to be holding out until Fleta (Widowmaker) began flanking them. Thanks to Fleta, Seoul pushed through the first two points, only being stalled by the Gladiators a few times and taking the final point with 13 seconds to spare.

Switching sides Dynasty was not expecting the Gladiators to completely flank them, lead by Asher (Tracer) and picking off Dynasty immediately. Shaz (Zenyatta) was cleaning up with his headshots, leading the kills for his team. Thanks to that he had an early Transcendence built up for the first point, allowing them to survive and take the first point. Asher was flanking deep, searching for Fleta and Ryujehong, keeping them out of the fights. While Asher was flanking, Hydration kept Seoul at bay, pushing the payload through for three points.

With the map tied Seoul was up to attack again, getting to the first point before being pushed off in overtime. Now the Gladiators had more time to reach just past the first point, but Seoul was not going to make it easy for them, with Fleta (Widowmaker) taking heads at an alarming rate. While the Gladiators had a great chance to take a map from Dynasty, Fleta was too good and stopped them short of the first point.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

The Gladiators then switched out Asher for Surefour, hoping to use some hitscan DPS to reign in Fleta and Ryujehong. However, it didn’t seem to work as Dynasty was warmed up now, dominating the first round, taking point A in seconds. The Gladiators were unable to even respawn before Seoul was on top of them, punishing the Gladiators and capturing the point with 6 minutes in the bank.

Not to be outdone the Gladiators hit back strongly, using a quad-tank composition with a Moira to keep them healthy. With the combined strength of Zarya, Roadhog, D.Va and Reinhardt the Gladiators tore through Seoul. Dynasty had only gone with one tank on the defence, an Orisa, and their team was ripped apart by the Gladiators sheer health and power. Thanks to this tactic and dominating playstyle the Gladiators tied up the round once more.
In the third round, the Gladiators faltered on their defence, with Fleta switching to Sombra and pulling apart their formation. Los Angeles wasted too many ultimates just trying to zone out Seoul, allowing them to cause some real damage on the Gladiators and take the first tick, winning the map.

Map Three: Ilios

Unsurprisingly Dynasty used Fleta as Widowmaker on Ruins, confident that he could get those kills and control the point from afar. In retaliation, SureFour was also pressured to pick Widowmaker and counter Fleta. However, SureFour is no match for a sniper of Fleta’s calibre, losing out in most battles and allowing Seoul to command the point. Any hold the Gladiators had on Ruins was taken by Dynasty, as Seoul took the first round.

Lighthouse was a map Seoul capitalized on: the gaps it had found in the Gladiators, their superiority and ability to overwhelm their opponents was showcased in this map. Fleta on (Pharah) and Bunny (Tracer) distracting and taking out Gladiators together. On control maps a strong offence can be the best defence, allowing Dynasty to completely dominate the point and keep the Gladiators desperate to even reach the point as the clock ran down. While SureFour was desperately trying to recapture the point and bring his team back into the running, Fleta cut him down with a direct hit with his rocket, letting Seoul take the point and the map.

Map Four: Numbani

With the score 3-0, Numbani was the last chance for the Gladiators to gain a point. Subbing out Asher for Hydration on the Gladiators, and Wekeed for Bunny on Dynasty, the match got underway. Seoul was on the attack first, rushing the first point with a dive composition, lead by Kuki (Winston). Fleta (Pharah) was in his element now, connecting his shots and causing colossal damage to the Gladiators defence. Dynasty was slowed down on their advance before the second point, as the Gladiators mobbed Tobi (Mercy) and forced Dynasty back to recover. However, thanks to a Transcendence by Ryujehong (Zenyatta) Seoul pushed the payload across the line.

Hydration was leading the charge on the Gladiator’s attack, managing to get the first tick on the point before Dynasty came back swinging. Another attack by the Gladiators earned them a second tick on the point, before again being wiped out. This was as far as the Los Angeles side came to scoring a point on Numbani, with the clock running out before it could successfully dive again. The final score 4-0 Seoul’s way.


I had hoped for more from the Gladiators, but seeing as Dallas Fuel had struggled against Dynasty it is understandable that it lost. Dynasty is a strong contender, maybe even the best team in the competition, and they seem to be more confident as a team than previously. Going forward it may just be too hard for other teams to beat Dynasty. It will be interesting to see who will be the first to take them down.

Fleta, Ryujehong and Bunny were the big players on the Korean side today, but Fleta was the MVP by far. His Widowmaker and Pharah were at the centre of every match, causing overwhelming damage and control in every fight.

Shaz, Asher and Hydration tried their hardest against Dynasty. Time and time again these three kept up the kills and continued attacking regardless of the losses it suffered. While it needed to keep up this level of gameplay throughout the match, it did slow down in the latter half and this contributed to the Gladiators not being able to score any points on the last two maps. Against other teams, the Gladiators will shine, but against Dynasty, it was beaten into the concrete and shown its place.

Next Matches

That wraps things up for the first week of the Overwatch League, with the next matches set to start again on Thursday morning. For the whole list of standings and times visit overwatchleague.com and stay up to date with the latest news on our esports hub.

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