Overwatch League Week 3 Day 1 full recap: Every match and map detailed

Posted: 25 January 2018 11:43 pm


The third week gets off to a fiery start with three huge matches.

Take a look below for full recaps of each match on the first day of week 3.

San Francisco Shock vs London Spitfire

Last week, Shock had a tremendous win against Boston, taking the game in the fifth and final map. However, Shock seemed to be on equal ground with other teams like Boston and Fusion, teams that London have beaten in 4-0 sweeps. If Shock was going to win here they would need to clean up their play, leaving no gaps for the London side to expose.

Map One: Eichenwalde

For the first time in the Overwatch League, Eichenwalde was the first map chosen. Usually, Eichenwalde would be chosen as a fourth map but today the usual map rotation was changed. A rule change has been implemented due to the number of matches running long in the first map, with fans demanding that Blizzard switch it up and not let the gameplay become too stale. The hybrid maps, Eichenwalde and Numbani, are now first on the roster, with the Payload maps, Junkertown and Dorado in the fourth position.

Shock started out on the offence, moving forward quickly to the point and set about fighting the London defence. It seemed like they were going to capture the point when the new London DPS Hooreg (Pharah) brought them to an end. Hooreg held onto his point until the perfect moment, taking out most of Shock on their second push, sending them back to the start again. Shock tried to rush the point one more time with Nomy (Winston) popping his Primal Rage to reach the cart, but he wasn’t able to reach it in time. London was able to completely edge out Shock and block them from getting a single tick.

London only needed to get a 50% capture on the first point to beat Shock, after holding them back so well on the defence. Shock looked good at first, holding out in the first fight, but they could not stop Birdring (Tracer) from flanking them in the back. As Birdring caused confusion and acted as a distraction, Hooreg unleashed his Barrage from above, allowing London to take Eichenwalde and the first match point.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

London set up their defence high above the point but was forced to the point when Sleepy (Sombra) sneaked his way around the side. Shock tried to follow through Sleepy’s attack but was met with London’s aggressive defence each time. Fury (Roadhog) and Birdring (Widowmaker) were taking down Shock members with ease and held point A until the timer ran out.

On the attack, London proved to be on their game, going toe to toe with the Shock defence and sending them back to spawn. San Francisco did their best to fight back and stay in the fight but was unable to hold back London. The first point was captured by London, earning them a second match point and an early lead.


Map Three: Oasis

University was the first control point, with both sides running a Dive composition. This meant that both teams had a Winston and D.Va at the core of the team, using their abilities to leap over walls and players to "dive" on the point or enemy. London was first on the point, but Shock flipped possession in a quick fight, wiping out the London team. The two sides continued to clash, swapping control of the point each time until London finally came out on top.

City Centre proved to be a better round for Shock, who reached 99% on the control in under 2 minutes. Before Shock could win the point though, London leapt into the centre, catching up to Shock's percentage. In a final push, Shock jumped onto the point, putting the round into overtime and stealing the point from London to tie up the map.

The third control point was Gardens, where both teams were counting on their Pharah player to win the point. BABYBAY did not let his team down, landing some excellent direct hits on London and dealing huge amounts of damage. With BABYBAY controlling the skies, Shock was able to get a match point and stay in the running.

Map Four: Junkertown

Junkertown was still in the mix, having been switched with Eichenwalde to be the final map of the match. This seemed to shake up the Overwatch League, with teams having to be more confident from the start on a different map and objective.

On the payload, Shock was running a Pirate Ship composition, with two snipers to cover the slower heroes. They did not get far before London brought their attack to a halt. On Horizon and Eichenwalde London had been able to end each match on the first point, crushing their opponents into the concrete. However, London was unable to stop Shock from reaching the second zone, with BABYBAY (Widowmaker) getting some deadly shots off on the London defence. The payload was again stalled, but the game was paused for an unknown reason. Earlier, a player on London’s side was having technical issues with the PC, so we can only assume that was the cause again. The game resumed with seconds left on the clock and London in control of the cart.

Shock was keen to keep London from even touching the cart on the attack, needing to tie the map and go into a tiebreaker to have a chance at winning. Meanwhile, London only needed to reach the second zone to take the win and was not going to let Shock keep them from victory. Profit (Genji) was playing a stealthy game, hiding in the Shock defence and picking players off.

Profit was the key to victory for London, keeping the Shock defence low on health and unable to stop London from winning the match. London was aggressive on the attack, rushing past the payload and taking down Shock before moving the cart and cementing their victory. This continues London’s streak of being undefeated, matched only by Seoul Dynasty.



As always, Profit was playing a great game for London, but the standout player this week for Spitfire was the substitute DPS on the roster Hooreg, who showcased his mastery of Pharah on Eichenwalde. The one character in which Hooreg outshines everyone else as is Pharah and today he showed us just how good he is.

Over on the Shock side, BABYBAY and SLEEPY were trying their hardest today. Both players worked really well together, playing Pharah and Mercy on Oasis and earning their team a point on the board. Their combo play was impressive, but not enough to bring down the Spitfire today.

Shanghai Dragons vs Seoul Dynasty

The outcome of this match was always going to end up with Seoul on top. The difference between these teams is immense, with Seoul sitting on the top of the ladder undefeated and Shanghai yet to win a single match.

Shanghai had really improved last week, seeming to find some of their fire against Florida Mayhem, but lost in the end. Seoul also fought against Florida Mayhem last week, struggling in a few fights against the Mayhem side, beating them 4-0 in the end. With Shanghai unable to make a real stand against Mayhem, taking a match from Seoul was an impossible feat.

Map One: Numbani

Shanghai was on the attack first, clashing with Seoul’s defence on the first point immediately. DIYA (Genji) on Shanghai was playing extra aggressively, rushing in and getting some kills on his own. However, one star player is not enough to rattle Dynasty, who turned their attention to DIYA and singled him out. Dynasty refused to give Shanghai an inch, chasing down the retreating Shanghai side and eliminating them. In overtime Shanghai was holding on by a thread, only just managing to get the point by the skin of their teeth.

On Numbani the attacking side had a big advantage once they captured the first point, as the other team’s spawn was moved all the way to the final point. The attacking side gained so much time thanks to this, while the defending team was forced to walk all the way across the map to reach the payload. Shanghai was quick to capitalise on this, moving the payload as far as possible during this break and eliminating Dynasty members when they popped up. Shanghai continued to move to the final point, trying to stay on the payload as long as possible. Only in overtime was Shanghai brought undone, taken down by the Dynasty defence.

Dynasty’s one big weakness is their defence, they have often found it difficult to hold back weaker teams and shut down attacks. Alternatively, Dynasty’s attack is outstanding, one of the strongest attacking sides in the competition. The ferocious Dynasty attack was on point today, never retreating from a fight and continuously fighting their way through the map. Shanghai put up an aggressive front against the Dynasty side, getting some important kills in the team fights. Thankfully, Dynasty was able to recover each time due to their support ultimates, bringing the Dynasty players back into play and continuing the assault. With 30 seconds to go Dynasty lost control of the payload, only metres from the end. It seemed that Shanghai was going to do the impossible and take the first point from Dynasty, but was overwhelmed by Dynasty in the final fight.


Map Two: Anubis

The evolution of Shanghai is fascinating; an inconsistent team stepping up to the competition. Perhaps Shanghai's ability to adapt and match their competition in the actual matches will pay off.

Shanghai had a big opportunity on Anubis to catch up to Dynasty, being first on the attack they set the pace of the map and the goal. Players like Undead and DIYA are the core of Shanghai, with the team really relying on them to get the kills. Roshan (Winston) was there to back them up in the fights, allowing them to clear point A and capture it.

Dynasty tightened its defence on point B, using its built-up ultimates to disperse the attacking Shanghai team. A pause brought the game to a halt, with both teams having their momentum broken due to an unknown technical error. On the other side of the pause, Shanghai did not have a lot of time left and was unable to reach the point before time ran out.

With Shanghai having captured point A, Dynasty only needed to get both points to win the map. On defence, Shanghai was running an unusual tactic, using a dive composition to engage Dynasty in a fight in the choke, instead of hiding behind shields. This tactic proved to be ineffective against Dynasty, as the Shanghai side was sent flying. Dynasty captured the first point and rushed to the second, but was countered by Shanghai.

Wekeed (Genji) was looking for his chance, dashing into the Shanghai side and picking off the Shanghai supports. Dynasty followed Wekeed in, clearing the rest of Shanghai and taking the final point in one push.

Map Three: Oasis

University was the first control point, bringing the two teams into a close combat round. Some interesting tank picks from both sides, with the Dragons bringing out Orisa and Roadhog, while Dynasty was sticking to their D.Va and Winston tanks. These new tank heroes worked well for Shanghai, getting them the point first and reaching 99% before Dynasty was able to wrestle the point off Shanghai. Seoul had to invest all of their ultimates to get the point from Shanghai, leaving them vulnerable to the counter-attack and losing the first point to the Dragons in overtime.

Seoul brought out its Pharah on Gardens, a control zone known for its high ceiling and small corridors. Wekeed (Pharah) captured the first point for his team, chasing the Shanghai back to spawn before Shanghai were able to take him down. With Wekeed respawning Shanghai spent some time on the point, until Wekeed came back and forced them off once again. Dynasty withheld the Shanghai attack and tied up Oasis.

Oasis was brought to a tiebreaker, with City Centre as the final control point. Dynasty ran a Dive composition, taking the point first and putting pressure on the Shanghai side. Even with Dynasty controlling the map Shanghai tried to hold out, using their ultimates as much as possible but was unable to dethrone Dynasty from the point. Ultimately Dynasty reached 100% and put an end to Shanghai’s run.


Map Four: Dorado

The map changeup may have initially caused an upset with Dynasty, but once Dorado came around Dynasty were done losing ground to Shanghai. On the defence Dynasty was a solid wall, with Shanghai throwing themselves at Seoul over and over again to no avail. Ryujehong (Zenyatta) was unleashing immense amounts of damage to the Shanghai side until he was taken down in a final push from Shanghai in overtime.

Undead (McCree) was single-handedly moving his team forward, getting them through the second zone with his ultimate taking out Dynasty’s Mercy (Altering) early in a fight. This continued in the final area, with Shanghai putting the pressure on Dynasty. On the final turn Wekeed (Genji) wiped out the remaining Shanghai side on the cart and ending their attack.

Switching sides for the last time put Dynasty on the attack. They pushed through the first half of the map without any issue, shrugging off the Shanghai defence each time. Dynasty was only brought to a stop in the second zone, where Undead (Widowmaker) was able to pick off the Dynasty players before each fight. Wekeed (Genji) chased down Undead, while his team reclaimed the payload. However, it was all for nought, as Shanghai broke down the Dynasty attack just inches from the second point.


What a match for the Shanghai Dragons, pulling out an exceptional game against the top team, despite being at the bottom of the ladder. It seemed that Shanghai wanted to take down the top dogs as their first win. While they weren’t able to take down Dynasty, they did manage to take a point from them, something only Dallas Fuel was able to do in the first week.

Usually, either Undead or DIYA are playing really well, but today it was due to both of them playing exceptionally that we saw such an improvement to the Dragons, especially on the final map with Undead earning them a match point on Dorado.

It wasn’t that Dynasty was playing badly today, something was just off. The core players like Ryujehong and Wekeed were still playing really well. It just seemed that Dynasty’s weak defence was taken advantage of by Shanghai. If Dynasty wants to continue this undefeated run they will need to fix this issue before a team like London take them down.

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Los Angeles Valiant

This is a match that I was excited to see, as two top tier teams went head to head. Both with the home field advantage in the Burbank venue, it was the battle for Los Angeles.

The Gladiators and Valiant are 2-2, looking to get a third win and separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Last week Valiant suffered two losses, while the Gladiators were the unsung heroes of week 2, with the reverse sweep against Philadelphia Fusion stealing the show.

Map One: Eichenwalde

Gladiators were first to attack, with an interesting composition from the purple side, teasing the audience with their hero picks before the game began. This cheeky tone carried through to the match, as the two teams clashed in a friendly match. Surefour and Agilities were duking it out in the sky as Pharah, with the Valiants gaining the upper hand in the first few fights. It wasn’t until Surefour used his ultimate that the Gladiators sent the Agilities defence packing.

With the Gladiators climbing the hill, Surefour (Widowmaker) was pulling forward, getting some kills on the Valiant defence. In retaliation SOON (Tracer) was running rings around the payload, slowing down the Gladiators. Asher (Tracer) was able to outplay SOON in a duel and move the payload across the bridge. Valiant dived on the payload an inch before the second point, halting the payload for some time, but were unable to hold out. BigGoose (Lucio) was able to ride the payload through to the final point and get it across the point.

When the two switched sides the first point played out in the exact same way, with Valiant taking some long shots until their ultimates were ready to take the payload. It was thanks to Agilities (Pharah) outplaying Surefour (Pharah) and using his ultimate on the point that gave Valiant the upper hand. In the second zone, the Gladiators were jumping the cart, stalling it out and flanking the Valiant side with Asher (Tracer). The Gladiators also halted the cart on the second point, doing what the Valiants could not and stopping the Valiant on the bridge.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

The Gladiators pulled out a quad tank composition, with two supports to keep them alive. With so much health the Gladiators steamrolled the Valiant defence on the first point. The Gladiators used their momentum and ultimates to try and take the second point but were cut down by Valiant.

Without a Mercy on the Gladiator’s side, they were overwhelmed when Valiant resurrected two of their players in the fight. In response, the Gladiators switched their heroes and started to work on pushing the second point, with plenty of time in the bank. It was thanks to Hydration’s (Junkrat) RIP-tire clearing the point and sending the Valiant side running for cover that the Gladiators were able to take the final point.

The Valiant’s attack was far less successful, as they found it difficult to stay on the point. Surefour (Sombra) hacked the Mercy (Kariv) on Valiant’s side, stopping him from being able to escape and resurrect his team. Without these heals the Gladiators held out in overtime, dominating its hold on point A. This put the Gladiators 2-0 ahead of the Valiant.


Map Three: Ilios

The first capture point was on Ruins, which meant the Widowmakers were key to gaining the point. With such long sights, both teams needed to get those headshots or kills early and cut down the enemy attack before it began with a Widowmaker. Asher and SOON were the Widowmakers on each side, with SOON getting the headshot on Asher first, giving Valiant the first possession. SOON dominated the point, holding off the Gladiators with three consecutive kills and allowed his team to finish the capture.

Valiant was still on the attack on Well, with Silkthread switching to Pharah in order to control the zone with heavy damage. The Gladiators had a similar idea, as Hydration stepped up as Pharah to take on Silkthread. The teams exchanged rockets and kills, as the Gladiators held out against the Valiant side. Using all their Ultimates allowed Valiant to gain control of the point for a bit until the Gladiators counter-attacked and brought the map to a tie.

Lighthouse was the tiebreaker, with the map point resting on this control point. Valiant had the advantage first, getting some early kills and taking control of the map first. They were able to draw out their hold on the point, reaching 83% before the Gladiators gained control. Hydration (Pharah) unleashed his ultimate on the point, taking down the Valiant side, but was unable to stop them from retaking the point. In overtime, the Gladiators forced Valiant off the point with a Self Destruct. A ferocious team fight for the point in overtime was extremely close, with the Valiants only able to win due to Silkthread (Pharah) using his Ultimate to clear the point.

Map Four: Junkertown

The Gladiators ran a Pirate Ship composition, with Asher on Widowmaker to pick the Valiant members focusing on Bastion. The Valiants were ready for this composition though, using Roadhog (Envy) to dethrone Bastion (Shaz) and take advantage of the Gladiators being a support down. Valiant stalled the payload, leaving the Gladiators dancing on the cart in overtime. In a tight fight, the Gladiators grouped up on top of the payload, desperately claiming the first point.

Thanks to the Valiant side overcommitting to stopping the Gladiators on the first point, they were unable to recover and set up defences in the second zone. The Gladiators cruised through the area and onto the final zone. The Valiant couldn’t stop the Gladiators now, jumping in to stall and force the Gladiators to regroup in a desperate last attempt. The Gladiators recovered, going for the payload and used every ultimate in the bank. It was Bicchu (D.Va) and Hydration (Genji) who brought the Valiant defence to an end and capture the final point.

Valiant was desperate to tie up Junkertown, blazing through the first zone and ripping through the Gladiators defences. It was only after the first gate that the Gladiators were able to bring the payload to a stop. Fighting back, the big kills were coming from the Valiant’s tanks. Envy on Roadhog was still creating big openings for his team to proceed.

Moving into the third zone the Valiant side was still using the Pirate Ship, with Agilities (Junkrat) running around and causing chaos around the Gladiators' spawn. It was Envy and Agilities tearing through the Gladiators' defence that kept the payload moving so fast. A lucky Self Destruct from Bicchu helped to clear the payload and give the Gladiators a moment to breathe. Valiant still had plenty of time on the clock, taking their time to build up their ultimates and pick at the Gladiators' defence. With one final push, the Valiant pushed the payload across the line, tying up the map.

In the tiebreaker, Valiant had almost 2 minutes in the bank, while the Gladiators had only a minute. This gave Valiant a big advantage on the defence, needing only to run the clock down and knock off the Gladiators. By the skin of their teeth, the Gladiators jumped on the payload in overtime but were unable to move it before being wiped out. Valiant now had twice the amount of time to get the payload across. Even with so much extra time, they stormed the payload, riding it across the line and bringing the match to an even draw with ease.


Map Five: Lijiang Tower

At this point the match could have gone either way, these teams are so close in ability and skill that it should be no surprise it came down to a fifth match. The Valiants were first on the point, taking shelter inside to avoid the barrage of rockets from Hydration (Pharah). The Gladiators attempted to take the point, but Valiant continued to hold out until 99%. With the Valiant split between flanking and defending, the Gladiators were able to take the point thanks to their three DPS roster, with SureFour, Hydration and Asher all in the game. But without another Tank, the Gladiators lost control of the point, with Valiant getting the first control point.

The two teams clashed on the second control, with Valiant gaining the first possession after a short team fight. Both teams were using Zarya, hoping to get a team kill with her ultimate. To counter this Reinhardt held up his shield whenever possible. The Gladiators turned it around at the last second, trying hard to stay in the running. A Graviton Surge from the Gladiators stopped the Valiant one more time, as they continued to build up possession and take the second map.

A final control point to settle the match was loaded up, with both teams storming out of the spawn and clashing in conflict. Valiant was able to take the point first again, but the Gladiators flipped the point from behind the Valiant team. Thanks to Agilities, (Genji) the Gladiators were sent flying from the point, with the Valiant reaching 99% first. In overtime, the Gladiators tried to flip the point one more time but were unable to take the point from Valiant. Valiant was able to do the ultimate come back, overtaking the Gladiators' lead and winning the match in the back end.


The Gladiators switching SureFour off the bench and onto the starting line up was a big influence on today’s match, as he was on top for the majority of the match. Switching Hydration and Asher in proved to be a better setup for the DPS on the Gladiators' side, using those two in their elements and strengths to hold against the Valiant.

Over on the Valiant team, players like SOON, Envy and Fate were playing some strong rounds, going head to head with the Gladiators in each fight. These three players fought with everything they had to earn their team the points they could. It was Agilities who got them across the line in the end, helping them to pull off the reverse sweep and claim the win.

Next Matches:

The action resumes tomorrow with the second day of matches, followed by two days of matches over the weekend. For the full schedule and standings head over to overwatchleague.com, or over to our esports hub for the full coverage of each day.

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