Overwatch League Week 2, Day 2 results

Posted: 22 January 2018 10:45 am


The second day brings some surprising results for the Overwatch League

Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws

Dallas Fuel and Houston Outlaws have both had a rocky start to the season, losing some early matches that they should have won. Now faced against one another, one of the two teams will be able to take away a much needed win and turn this season around.

Map One: Junkertown

Fuel was up first, using the classic Pirate Ship composition that has been proven effective on this map before. Half way through the first area the teams clashed, with the fight dragging out due to the supports keeping everyone in play. Kills were exchanged constantly, but both Mercies were resurrecting players left and right. The fight was finally brought to an end with Linkzr on Widowmaker finding three clean headshots. Dallas regrouped and pushed back hard, setting their Bastion back up on the payload with not much left on the clock. Time was not on their side as the Outlaws' defence proved to be too much for Fuel, being held back from the first point and denied a single point.

Switching sides Outlaws was also using a Pirate Ship composition, backing it up with a Junkrat for a dangerous pick of damage from the Outlaws side. Bastion and Junkrat ripped through the Dallas defence, advancing the payload with ease through the map and across the first point. Outlaws take the first map and an early lead.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

When attacking on Horizon a dive composition is the way to go; the map has such high zones that the defence can use them to keep the offensive team back. Jake (Junkrat) was using this height to his advantage, spamming the attacking Fuel side with grenades and getting some kills early on. Fuel readjusted and overthrew the defence with some well timed ultimates, taking point A.

Pushing hard through to point B Houston was ready for its attack and forced them back, using Jake’s RIP-Tire to control the open space of the point. Dallas was unable to find a counter for Jake’s Junkrat and failed to win any big fights on the final point, running out of time before capturing a single tick.

Houston started their attack with one support down, switching Rawkus to Sombra for that all important EMP ultimate that is able to shutdown an entire team. Linkzr was connecting some headshots from the offensive side as Widowmaker, targeting Fuel’s supports and breaking down its defence. Outlaws pushed on the weakened Fuel team, taking the first point with no loses.

Now Houston had over 6 minutes for the second point, but they wouldn’t need it as Linkzr landed a perfect shot on Fuel’s Mercy straight away. Without the main healer Fuel’s defence fell apart, causing them to be overwhelmed by the Outlaws. The second map went to the Outlaws, giving them a big lead over Fuel.

dallas fuel

Map Three: Oasis

Surprisingly Jake switched off his beloved Junkrat in favour of picking Genji. In response, Fuel let Seagull switch to Junkrat and give Jake a taste of his own medicine. It seemed to work well as Fuel was the first on the point, taking it without much issue against the Outlaws. Fighting back, the Outlaws were quick to target Fuel’s Mercy, cutting them off from the all important heals in the fight. Following this team fight, Houston controlled the point up to 100% and took the first round.

On the second point, both teams were using the same heroes, choosing to stick with what worked before. Fuel seemed to be strong right off the back in the fight, taking an early lead but thanks to a Dragonblade by Jake their victory was cut short. Dallas tried to regroup and retaliate but was unable to deal with the Outlaws on the point. Houston held the point straight through once again, taking the third map for an overall victory.

Map Four: Eichenwalde

Fuel was up to attack first, subbing in Taimou for this map and the last round of the day. This was a great decision as he was on top of his game, getting some big kills against the Outlaw’s defence. In order to counter Taimou the Outlaws had Jake switch to Junkrat and halt Fuel’s attack. Thanks to some impressive shots from Linkzr (McCree) Outlaws was able to bring Fuel’s attack to an end, running down the clock and giving itself a close target.

The final round came down to the ultimates. With Outlaws losing the first fight, it had to use its ultimates in the second fight in order to take the payload. Fuel was using an aggressive defence, clashing with the Outlaws on the cart in some brutal attacks. This seemed to work for a while but was unable to hold the Outlaws back completely. Houston was able to use their ultimates successfully once again, securing the payload and crossing the finish line. Thanks to this final push Outlaws ended the day with a 4-0 win against Dallas Fuel.



Dallas has had some unlucky line ups so far, going against some of the best teams in the competition early in the season. They are a good team but have been experiencing some real communication issues with coordinating their attacks and defence. If Dallas can get its coordination back and sync up those team fights it will be able to take some of the more difficult matches this season.

The Outlaws started this season slowly, but has really found its stride now, beating out one of the biggest teams in the competition so far. Linkzr and Jake were outstanding today, working hard to keep the Dallas team down a few members in every fight. Outlaw’s supports also managed to keep the team alive during some heavy matches and were key to their victory today.

New York Excelsior vs Los Angeles Valiant

New York and Valiant are both teams I am becoming increasingly fond of, though no one is expecting these to win. New York and Valiant have been playing some excellent matches so far and aren’t slowing down any time soon.

Map One: Junkertown

One support down New York was gambling on the well known Pirate Ship composition, switching support main Jjonak on Bastion and Libero on Hanzo. A sniper is commonly chosen to back up the Orisa/Bastion combo. This composition seemed to work as they stormed through the first point, stopped only just short of the second by Agilities (Junkrat) RIP-Tire. Now in overtime, New York was sticking to the payload like glue, swapping to a Dive composition to stay as close to the cart as possible. With limited time New York was dominating the fights in the third area, hungry for the final point.

Thanks to some great coordination New York completed the map in overtime.

Switching sides Valiant also picked the Pirate Ship composition, but with Envy as McCree and KariV as Widowmaker. Envy is usually the second Tank and KariV the team Mercy, so running this double sniper composition was a real risk. It showed, as the first point was a real struggle for Valiant, only managing to capture by the skin of its teeth with an ultimate from Bastion (Soon).

Sticking with what worked, Valiant continued their Bastion/Orisa combo well into the second area. While Soon was trying his best to deal out the heavy damage as Bastion, New York was usingits shields to get close and break down Valiant’s attack. Valiant continued to try and push the cart but was shut down by Meko (D.Va) each time. New York kept up the offensive attack on Valiant until the time ran out, granting them the first map.


Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Occasionally teams have been pulling out the Quad Tank composition here on Horizon, with the team choosing four tanks and one support (Moira). Against a normal defence this is highly effective, as New York rolled through the first point with ease. However, this did not carry through to the second point, as Valiant was able to regroup and hold off the attack with some smart Ultimates. New York found itself unable to land their own Ultimates and was unable to take the second point in overtime.

Now on the attack Valiant only had to capture the two points to take away a win and tie up the score. However, they were unable to capitalise on this as New York was holding the first point tightly. This was due to Meko (D.Va) who was just unstoppable, launching himself into the Valiant’s attack and picking off the weaker players with startling accuracy. Meko was able to stop the Valiant side’s pushes before they even started, allowing them to run down the clock and take Horizon with a stellar defence.

Map Three: Oasis

As is want of New York on every control point, Pine came out of the shadows ready to control the round for his team. However even with Pine on the roster Oasis proved to be the biggest map of the match, with both sides eager to take a win.

New York was able to take the first map with ease, thanks to Pine controlling the flow of the match with his Dead Eye making Valiant run for cover over and over again. City Center was an easy capture for New York, but the following maps were much more difficult for them to win.

On Gardens it seemed like everything was going New York’s way, until Valiant gained the upper hand during a team fight on the point, turning the tide on the match. Valiant had figured out how to handle the New York side, countering their anti-dive composition and bringing the fight to the point, finally bringing the match to a tie in overtime.

University was the perfect map for Pine, with the tightness of the corners forcing Valiant to fight in close quarters and get caught in his stun grenades. This was crucial to New York’s domination on the final point, capturing the middle zone with ease. Excelsior was relying on its support ultimates now, with the smaller map giving the support ultimates more range on the control point. It was thanks to these support ultimates and thanks to Pine just slaughtering the opposition that New York was able to take the third round and win the match overall.


Map Four: Numbani

On defence Valiant was sticking close together, using its shields to minimize the damage from Libero (Pharah) and Saebyeoble (McCree). Unfortunately, its shields were unable to hold out against these long range heroes and they were pushed off the first point. New York was only able to move a few meters forward before being taken out as Valiant was targeting the New York supports with deadly precision.

Burning some ultimates paid off for New York, gaining the payload and second point in a single push. Separating the Valiant Tanks destroyed the flimsy defence on the final point as New York captured the map.

On the attack Valiant was held back, finding it difficult to get past the first choke. It was doing everything right but New York was just better, beating them to the punch in each fight and forcing Valiant to regroup. Not taking any risks, Valiant dived again and again, building their ultimates and finally dispersing the New York defence, taking the first point with seconds to spare.

Silkthread was on fire now, raining down destruction on the New York side as Pharah, finding his targets with killer accuracy. Soon (Tracer) was pushing deep into the New York spawn, causing damage and confusion to the New York defence, splitting them up and giving his team the chance to push. A close fight on the payload decided the match, as Valiant gained the advantage and overwhelmed New York to tie up the map.

Valiant was on the defence once more, with Soon (Tracer) not ready to hand the match over to New York and holding off the left side single handedly. Thanks to KariV (Mercy) working overtime and keeping his side healed, Valiant was able to deny New York the final map and finished up on a draw. The match score for the day ended at 3-0, New York’s way.


Saebyeoble and Libero are an amazing DPS combination, working almost in tandem on every kill. The two work seamlessly off one another, keeping the enemy team low on health and getting those important picks.

Over on the Valiant side, Soon (Tracer) was outstanding all day. Boosted by KariV (Mercy) who was always ready to resurrect Soon, the two kept up an offensive defence against the New York side.

Philadelphia Fusion vs Los Angeles Gladiators

Fusion is coming off a big win yesterday against the San Francisco Shock side, while this is the first match of the week for the Gladiators. If Fusion is able to win here they will be up on the leaderboard with the top teams. On the other hand, the Gladiators are looking to gain a win here after only taking one in the first week.

Map One: Junkertown

In an interesting choice Fusion decided to not use the Pirate Ship on their attack, pulling out Carpe on Widowmaker and ShaDowBurn on Junkrat instead. Carpe was doing well, until he walked himself off the cliff face, landing some headshots in Hydration (Genji). Everyone on the Fusion offence was pulling their weight, moving as a unit across the first point. The Gladiators were running a dive composition on the defence, trying to leap over Fusion’s tanks and get the all important eliminations.

Deep into the second area, the Gladiators were able to turn it around. Going into Overtime Fusion gained the more favourable positioning in the team fight, winning back the payload and the second point. Now with little time on the clock Fusion were desperate to gain some ground, with Fragi (Winston) and Carpe (Tracer) getting the kills they needed. ShaDowBurn was ready to follow through with a Dragonblade, taking down the Gladiators tanks. However, the Gladiators were able to get the two tanks back up with some resurrections and beat down the Fusion side in overtime.

The Gladiators were also opting not to use a Pirate Ship, instead selecting a dive composition against the Fusion defence. Initially, Asher was trying to flank the Fusion side as Widowmaker but was forced to change to Tracer after being denied a couple of headshots. The Gladiators were able to take the first point without much issue, but found Fusion ready to fight on the other side. Thanks to a strong shield by Orisa (Fragi) Fusion was holding out a big advantage over the Gladiators. In overtime the Gladiators were desperate to touch the payload, with Asher (Tracer) and Hydration (Genji) dancing around the cart but unable to deflect Fusion’s defence.

Map Two: Anubis

The Gladiators were on the defence first, substituting Hydration out for SureFour. This gave them some more DPS heroes to use. This change did not seem to make much of a difference though, as Fusion rushed the first point, beating down the Gladiator’s defence and taking point A.

Fusion did want to continue this momentum on the second point, but were brought down by SureFour (Junkrat) and Bischu (D.Va) ready on the defence. Carpe (Tracer) was running circles around the Gladiators' defence, distracting them and causing confusion. Even still, SureFour cleared the point with his RIP-Tire. Patience paid off for Fusion, who waited until the right time to unleash their ultimates and capture the final point.

On the defence now Fusion was aggressive and tried to control the flow of the match by beating the Gladiators down consistently. While it seemed to be working, the Gladiators pulled out some support ultimates and survived the Fusion attack, managing to take the first point by a hair’s breathe. Moving through to the second point Fusion was ready for the Gladiators, as ShaDowburn used his Dragonblade to eliminate the Gladiators single handedly. Boombox (Zenyatta) was finding the picks, keeping his team alive thanks to his Transcendance ultimate.

In a show of brute force the Gladiators came back swinging, as SureFour pulled out his Reaper to get some massive damage on Fusion’s tanks and ShaDowBurn. A powerful Death Blossom brought down the Fusion defence as the Gladiators tied up the map.

Once again Fusion was on the attack, with Carpe (Widowmaker) and ShaDowBurn (Genji) were cleaning up the Gladiators' defence, capturing the point in record time and taking the second map.


Map Three: Ilios

Ilios was a fight on two fronts, with the ground being controlled by Asher (Tracer) and the air being dominated by Hydration (Pharah). These two were working in perfect tandem, knocking the Fusion side into the Well. Boombox (Mercy) was trying his best to keep his team alive against the Gladiator’s attack, being forced to use his resurrections early in the fights. Asher was everywhere at once, causing immense damage to the retreating Fusion side. The Los Angeles team was able to capture the point, giving it the first point on control.

Next up was Lighthouse, as Asher continued his domination of Fusion. Hydration was close behind Asher to clean up the kills and carry his team. While it seemed that the Gladiators were going to take the map unopposed Fusion unleashed their ultimates to take control of the point, with ShaDowBurn (Pharah) seemingly unable to miss a shot. Thanks to Poko (D.Va) and ShaDowBurn, Fusion was able to catch up and take lighthouse, tieing up the map.

On the third and final map Ruins, the Widowmakers were out in form with Carpe on Fusion and Asher on the Gladiators' side. The two were constantly taking shots at each other, edging the other out with impressive headshots and split second decisions. Thanks to Asher the Gladiators were able to take the point first, with Hydration as Roadhog sending the Fusion side flying. Going into overtime Hydration flanked the Fusion side from behind, finishing them off and taking their first map of the day.

Map Four: Numbani

Having clawed their way back into the running the Gladiators needed to win this map, running an anti-dive composition against the Fusion’s dive composition. Hydration (Pharah) and BigGoose (Mercy) were dominating the point from above, keeping Fusion off the payload. The Gladiators seemed to believe the best defence is a strong offence but were outmatched by the Fusion’s offence and Fusion takes the first point.

Carpe (Tracer) and ShaDowBurn (Genji) were on fire, with Boombox (Zenyatta) backing them up, moving through to the second point without issue. However, before they could capture, the Gladiators fought back, stalling Fusion for a short time. Fusion did get the point though, moving forward to the final point. Both teams were trading kills now, with the Gladiators able to force a reset for Fusion with less than a minute left. The Gladiators were able to stop Fusion just short of the final point, giving them a big chance to even up the score.

On the attack all eyes were on Hydration (Pharah) as the Gladiators were ready to tie up the match. Right off the bat the Gladiators were all over Fusion, winning every team kill with ease. Switching heroes quickly and picking off the Fusion supports allowed Gladiators to work its way through the map without issue. The round was over in a flash as the Gladiators tie up the match, bringing the game to a 5th map to decide a winner.


Map Five: Lijang Tower

Gladiators take the first map, even with Fusion desperately fighting back. ShaDowBurn (Pharah) was trying to control the Tower, pushing the Gladiators into the buildings and zoning them off the point. However he could not keep the whole team down as the Gladiators turned their full attention on him, grounding him and taking the point. Carpe was putting the pressure on the Gladiators as Widowmaker, but he could not compete with Hydration as Roadhog was dominating the point.

On the second map, it seemed that Fusion were going to come back and bring the map to a third round, but the Gladiators managed to recapture the point. Using a Doomfist (Hydration) to edge out the Fusion tanks on the point, the Gladiators pushing them off the point and allowing them to gain the final capture.


Poko is easily becoming one of the best tanks/D.Vas in the competition. He has the highest amount on kills per ultimate with other teams starting to take notice. Poko is able to dive into an enemy team, cause some big damage and get out with losing his mech. His ability to stay alive in team fights, building his ultimate and absorbing enemy ultimates makes him a crucial player for Fusion and today’s true MVP.

Hydration was having a great day; with BigGoose pocket healing him there was no stopping him as Pharah. On Illios and Numbani he was key to the Gladiators' comeback, finding Fusion and bringing it down with some well timed rockets. With his large pool of heroes, from Genji to Roadhog, Hydration is a core player in the Gladiators' roster.

Next Matches

The action resumes tomorrow with the third day of matches, followed by the last matches of the week on Sunday morning. For the full schedule and standings head over to overwatchleague.com or over to our esports hub for the full coverage of each day.

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