Overwatch League Week 2, Day 1 results: Every match and map recapped

Posted: 19 January 2018 12:41 pm News


The second week of the Overwatch League gets underway.

Week 2 began today, with the teams who underperformed last week eager to make up the points this week and not fall too far behind. Those who did take away points were confident in their abilities and strolled into battle with their heads held high.

San Francisco Shock vs Philadelphia Fusion

When I considered this line up I realised these two teams were sitting about even in terms of strength and ability. Both teams had one loss and one win under their belt after week one, sitting equal at the moment and eager to edge each other out.

Neither team is a standout in the league so far; facing their equal in standings is the best chance to steal the spotlight and prove themselves.

Map One: Dorado

Dorado was a strange map to watch, with Shock up to defend first, a battle of attrition seemed to unfold. On defence Shock was an immovable wall but was strangely unable to pick the Fusion side off, instead holding off every attack and causing enough damage to keep them at bay here and there. Babybay (McCree) and Danteh (Genji) weren’t stacking up their usual kills as the DPS, instead wasting their ultimates on pushes without getting big kills. However, their defence held out, keeping Fusion back from the second point with time to spare.

Switching sides it did not look good for Shock, after failing to get any real kills on defence it seemed like an attack from their team would be hard to manage. Danteh switched to Junkrat, feeling far more confident in his hero choice and causing some real mayhem to the Fusion defence. Even still, Fusion was able to hold Shock off the second point taking the first map with ease.

Map Two: Anubis

Following the long fought out match that was Dorado, Anubis was determined to be just as long. While Shock stormed out of the gates to attack, capturing point A in only 30 seconds the second point proved to be more of a challenge. Half of their team was immediately wiped out upon leaving the first point, forcing them to stop and keep away from the high ground that Fusion was utilising. Around every corner Fusion was picking off Shock, punishing any hero who peaked too far.


Wasting his Dragonblade Babybay (Genji) seemed to be completely off his usual game, being mobbed down by Fusion and taken out. Fusion was keen to monitor the entire area, putting their Widowmaker on high to take down Shock far before they reached the point. With an unbreakable defence Fusion held back Shock, keeping them from the last point until the time finally ran out.

However, Shock was not about to be outdone, and with its superior defensive team sent Fusion’s attacks back, keeping Fusion behind the choke. Carpe (Genji) tried his hardest to pull something out for his team, rushing in with his Dragonblade but was caught in a Junkrat trap and killed. Fusion still managed to take the first point, despite the strong defence of Shock today, wiping them up and allowing Shadowburn to overwhelm Shock on the final point. Fusion rushed the point B, taking advantage of Shock trying to reassemble their defence and taking the map.

Map Three: Oasis

City Center was the first map from the Oasis pool, with teams picking heroes to take advantage of the long sights and high ceilings. ShaDowBurn switched to Pharah, hoping to stay away from Danteh (Tracer) and cause some serious damage to Shock. It seemed to be working until an unlucky Pulse Bomb by Carpe (Tracer) failed to do any damage and Shock took the point. Fighting back Fusion were quick to reclaim the point, keeping Shock from claiming the first map unopposed. While ShaDowBurn was keeping the kills coming, it was not enough and Fusion did take City Center.

The second map up for control was Gardens, where a Pharah showdown was the center of attention. Babybay and ShaDowBurn were trading kills and rockets, looking to take the other out and control the flow of the battle from above. A lucky direct hit by ShaDowBurn eliminated Babybay, allowing Fusion to take the point. Shock did try to come back here, looking to land a team fight on the point, but was held off easily. Philadelphia took Oasis to tie up the map.

The final control map for Oasis was University, a map which is very tight and small compared to the other two. This caused a real shake up in the team’s hero picks, with the tight corridors and higher zones being big influencers on the heroes chosen. New hero Moira was brought out by Dhak, looking to provide some heals and damage for the Shock side. This allowed it to take the point first but wase taken down by ShaDowBurn’s (Zarya) Graviton Surge combined with Poko (DiVa) self destructing on top of them. A strong defense allowed Fusion to hold on to the point well into overtime, before finally shaking Shock off the point.

Map Four: Eichenwalde

Eichenwalde started with Fusion on defence and Shock ready to retaliate on attack. Shock was quick to gather on the payload, using a dive composition to jump the buildings and Fusion’s defence. A fast capture on the first point put it in a good position to take the map but was slowed down somewhat by Fusion on the high ground. It seemed that Shock was going to be stopped just before the first payload checkpoint on the bridge, but thanks to some amazing shots by Babybay (Widowmaker) they made it across and through to the final point without much resistance.


Switching sides Fusion was ferocious in their attack, descending on the defending Shock forces and wiping them off the point. Again the first point was taken before the timer reached 5 minutes, giving Fusion a good amount of time to reach the final checkpoint and tie up the map.

In just over a minute Fusion pushed the cart to the top of the hill and across the bridge, holding off Shock as they trickled out of the castle. Inside Shock tried to halt the momentum with a Rip-Tire from Babybay, but it was destroyed by Carpe’s Dead Eye and Fusion moved across the final stretch to tie the map.

The map was now tied up, placing the match in overtime as Fusion was put on the offence to settle the score. However it seemed all the fire from its previous attack was now gone as it was brought down by Shock’s defence and held back until time ran out. This brings the final score 1-2, Philadelphia Fusion’s way.


This was a match of the DPS mains, with both teams trading blows and kills at an alarming pace. However it seemed that Shock’s DPS were off the mark from the start, as Dante and Babybay were off their game. Both players seemed to be slower and less accurate today, missing many of their opportunities to turn the match in Shock’s favor.

Over on Fusion ShaDowBurn and Carpe had a good set of maps, each coming away with a fair amount of kills each. It was thanks to these two that Fusion was able to overwhelm Shock during the crucial team fights and take away the win today.

Florida Mayhem vs Seoul Dynasty

It was a rough start for week 2 of the Overwatch League for Mayhem, after losing both matches last week they needed to start off this week better. However, it seemed to be asking for a bit too much with Dynasty as their first opponent.

Dynasty on the other hand is cruising through the competition, in a great spot this week against lower tier teams to take some easy points and continue its dominating lead.

Map One: Dorado

Mayhem was the first on attack, taking advantage of Dynasty’s weakness toward defending. A small push had Dynasty running back to the choke, hoping to catch Mayhem in the first tunnel but leaping over the left side solved this issue, letting Mayhem take the first point. Dynasty was quick to change up their composition, letting Fleta switch to Widowmaker and start its counter-attack. Fleta quickly put Mayhem’s run to an end, picking off Mayhem’s Mercy and DPS with impressive headshots and keeping them off the payload until the time ran out.

Having only reached the halfway point on its attack Mayhem was forced to defend hard or face losing the first map. Dynasty’s strength lies in its attack, with Munchkin pulling out his Genji to disperse the enemies' defence and keep his team moving across the map. Fleta was initially on Pharah for the first push, but fell back to Widowmaker to get more kills. Munchkin was savage in his flanking, targeting the supports with his Dragonblade. In a last ditch effort Mayhem risked it all, throwing itself on the cart to hold out in overtime but was sent flying by Dynasty. The first map was an easy win for Dynasty.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Pulling out a dive composition Mayhem was keen to bring the fight onto the point, dismantling Dynasty’s formation and taking out its heroes one by one. While Mayhem would have liked to rush point B, Dynasty rose to meet them in the middle, getting the advantage in the fight and sending Mayhem back to spawn to regroup. TVQI (Sombra) was holding onto that EMP a bit too long, letting Dynasty unload their ultimates and winning the team fight on point B.


Fleta (Junkrat) was holding Mayhem back with a barrage of grenades from above, letting his team follow through with the kills. The fights continued, with Mayhem getting a few picks here and there, but ultimately Dynasty dominated the point. With some impressive defense Dynasty ran the time down, holding the second point and giving itself a clear goal on the attack. If Dynasty could now take both point A and B they would take the second map, putting them 2 points ahead of Mayhem.

An interesting pick on the defence by Mayhem was using a Roadhog and Orisa as the tanks instead of a D.Va. On the other side Dynasty was using Moira on the attack, hoping for some extra offense and power. Seoul was slower and cautious in its approach, flanking far wide on the left side to attack the vulnerable back line of Mayhem. On the second attempt, Seoul managed to turn the match to its favour but was low on time for pushing the second point. Rushing the last point it seemed that Mayhem had the upper hand, but as their ultimates failed to land any real damage, Dynasty won the fight and took the second map.

Map Three: Oasis

Mayhem gets the early capture, picking two of Dynasty’s members quickly and forcing them to regroup. McCree (Logix) is ready for Fleta (Pharah) on the point, but the was unable to hold back the barrage of rockets that Fleta rained down from above. Taking the point Dynasty was unstoppable, holding onto the capture till 99% before falling back. Mayhem put up a great fight, reaching 86% before Seoul recaptured the point and took Gardens.

The next control map was University, a more confined map than Gardens, giving Mayhem the advantage with its dive composition. Pushing behind their Reinhardt (Cwoosh) Mayhem tried to absorb Dynasty’s attack. It seemed to work well, as Mayhem reached 70% first, causing Dynasty to catch up and banish Mayhem from the point. Dynasty used its ultimates to take out the remaining Mayhem players, giving it the third map and the match.

Map Four: Eichenwalde

Down but not out, Mayhem dived over the left side, moving carefully as a unit and seeking out lonesome Dynasty members. From above the defence Mayhem was dealing out damage, but the main fight was between TVQI and Fleta as Pharah. Once one of them killed the other they were free to pick off the other side without issue. TVQI came out victorious when Fleta’s Mercy was taken out. This allowed Mayhem to take the payload and start their climb. Dynasty had the high ground, with Zenyatta (Ryujehong) and Widowmaker (Fleta) keeping Mayhem behind the gate walls.

Thanks to some flanking by TVQI (Genji) and Logix (Tracer) Mayhem reach the bridge, but were sent back to their spawn before the checkpoint. Fleta was caught out of position, allowing Mayhem a hard and final push and gain entrance to the castle. Dynasty fought back hard, managing to separate Mayhem from the cart and running the clock down.


Ready to finish the match for good, Dynasty pulled out a dive composition to gain some ground quickly. Mayhem were ready for this, using a McCree (Logix) and Roadhog ( Manneten) to bring down Fleta (Pharah). Without the damage from Fleta, Dynasty was hesitant to attack, with Mayhem’s defence working well. A successful dive was key to Dynasty getting the first point, with Kuki (Winston) using his Primal Rage to beat back the Mayhem defence and pummel them into the concrete.

Climbing up the hill Munchkin (Tracer) was able to finish off Mayhem who were harnessing to build a defence, allowing Dynasty to cross the bridge and defeat Mayhem in the subsequent team fight. Thanks to an impressive headshot by Fleta through the gap in Mayhem’s shields, Logix was taken down before the final fight began, giving Dynasty the advantage and the win. Dynasty take the final map and bring the final score to 4-0.


It was not Fleta who was the biggest player this match, instead the best Ana in the world showed us his stuff, pulling out every support hero over the course of the day and keeping his team healthy. While he may be considered a flex player, he is the rock of Dynasty, pumping out the damage while healing just as much for his team.

It was nice to see Mayhem not relying just on Logix for a change, with Manneten and TVQI pulling out some excellent gameplay. Both TVQI and Manneten were on their game here, playing more comfortably and even occasionally on par with Seoul. If Mayhem can continue this level of play they will be able to take some matches in the next few weeks.

Houston Outlaws vs Shanghai Dragons

Outlaws has so much talent, with some of the best players in the Western region on the roster, but against the very best from China can they stand up? Shanghai was hungry for their first win, as was Outlaw who is sitting pretty low on the standings.
With such big rosters and big name players the match will come down to the substitutions as both teams try and get the upper hand over the other.

Map One: Junkertown

Outlaws was up to attack first, pulling out the classic double sniper and pirate ship composition. Shanghai seemed to know this was coming, forming around their Roadhog (MG) and hooking the Bastion (Rawkus) off the payload. With Rawkus on Bastion, Outlaws was down a support player, missing some of the crucial healing they needed to stand against Shanghai. Thankfully Outlaws seemed undisturbed by this, with Jake on Junkrat peppering Shanghai with grenades and mines, forcing Shanghai to pull back to the final point. Shanghai was dominated by Outlaws here, really setting a bad precedent for the rest of the match.

Switching sides Shanghai were running a similar composition, but keeping MG on Roadhog to pull those attacking Bastion (Freefeel). Rawkus (Roadhog) was going to that important pull on Freefeel, needing to get Bastion off the payload and end its momentum. Outlaws were able to unseat the Bastion from the cart, cutting the Dragon’s attack down.

Jake was quick to punish Shanghai for falling back, raining down the damage as Junkrat once more, keeping Shanghai in their spawn. In response to being held back in spawn Shanghai changed up their heros, opting for a dive composition to reach the payload before time ran out. However Outlaws was unrelenting in its counter-attack, keeping Shanghai from scoring even one point.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Shanghai was desperate now to hold down Outlaws and keep the score low to better their chances at catching up. Undead (Widowmaker) was feeling the pressure, as his team was relying on him to get the picks and keep Outlaws off the point. However Undead was not playing his best today, as the Outlaws captured point A, flanking the Shanghai defence. On the final point it seemed that Shanghai was stalling for time, just trying to touch the point as Houston eliminated Shanghai as soon as it left the spawn. Jake (Soldier 76) was in his element, cleaning up the team and cementing the Outlaws taking point B.

As a defensive side Outlaws was much stronger, taking an offensive stand against the incoming Shanghai side. The resulting team fights were fairly equal, with the Outlaws winning the first but falling during the second push.


Peaking the second point Undead (Widowmaker) was looking for some heads to shoot, but was unable to connect many shots. The Outlaws were confident in their defensive line up, not changing once forced back to the final point and defending a wider area. It seemed to work out well for the American side as Jake (Junkrat) continued to put the pressure on Shanghai.

Map Three: Oasis

Oasis brings out the Pharahs every time, with both teams duking it out in the air to get the overhead advantage. Jake was a bit rusty on Pharah compared to his other heroes and was brought down by Diya as Pharah on Shanghai. Diya had been trying to match Jake all match as the main DPS player; they were finally able to get the upper hand as Pharah and allowed his team to take control of the first point from the Outlaws. However, Linkzr (Tracer) was not to be outdone by his teammate Jake causing some extreme damage on the point and allowed his team to take the first control point.

University was the second map, as both teams changed out their composition for the different map to get around the corners with Junkrat. Now Jake was back in the action, aggressively attacking the Shanghai spawn with his grenades and ultimate. Boink (Mercy) was on top of the Outlaw’s healing, picking up his teammates at all the right moments.

Wasting some ultimates was a big issue for Houston, as Shanghai were able to capitalise on the lack of ultimates banked and pushing hard with their own to take the point away from the Outlaws. Houston was quick to recover though, with Linkzr (Tracer) attacking the point from behind while his team unleashed their attacks on the front. This push was very successful, allowing them to capture the point and take Oasis.


Map Four: Numbani

At this point Houston had cemented its win of the match, but were keen to go 4-0 against the Chinese side. Alternatively Shanghai needed to keep up its spirits, fight and score a point in this fight, to go down swinging. Right off the bat the round was tense, with both teams dancing around one another on the first point until Houston finally took the point. From there the payload moved quickly across the map, with Shanghai being swatted off the point each time.

Unsettled Shanghai was unable to recover their defence and were found floundering on the final point. Houston dispelled their flimsy defence and walked the payload over the finish line in the fastest time of the day.

Now on the offense the Dragons were hungry to get some points on the board, but were sent back to reset straight away. Houston was stretching deep into the Shanghai territory, keeping the attacking team off the point and beating down a push before it could gain traction.

Thanks to some good kills by Diya (Pharah) Shanghai was able to take the first point and start moving towards the end line. With only 2 minutes left on the clock to reach the first payload checkpoint Shanghai were taking some real risks in trying to keep Houston off the payload. Regrouping the outlaws was able to halt Shanghai’s assault inches from the first checkpoint and take the match in a clean 4-0 match, the first win for the Outlaws.


While Jake may have the biggest kill count of both teams, the MVP in my eyes was Coolmatt (D.Va) who was a consistent player in every fight. Jake was getting the final shots on many, but it was Coolmatt who was in the face of every Shanghai player and push. Zoning out Shanghai with his ultimate, absorbing incoming damage and finding some kills every now and then really helped his team take this win. Tanks don’t often get the recognition they deserve, but today Coolmatt gets mine.

The Shanghai defence seems to come down to one key player: Undead as Widowmaker, or sometimes McCree. Its entire strategy relies on him being able to find those headshots and take out the heroes with less heroes in one shot, breaking up formations and weakening the foes' pushing power.

Today we witnessed what happens when that key player, Undead, is unable to make those shots and be overwhelmed by an attacking side. On Saturday Shanghai goes up against Florida Mayhem, the only other team to have lost three matches so far, and they might be able to steal their first win then.

Next Matches

The action resumes tomorrow with the second day of matches, continuing through to Sunday morning. For the full schedule and standings head over to overwatchleague.com, or over to our esports hub for the full coverage of each day.

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