Overwatch League Day 2, Week 1 results: Every match and map detailed

Posted: 12 January 2018 5:05 pm

overwatch league

The second batch of teams start their season in the Overwatch League.

The second day of the season kicked off today, with the Atlantic teams facing off in their first matches.

Fans can tune in to catch all the action on Twitch.tv, MLG.com and the MLG app (available on both iOS and Android), OverwatchLeague.com and the Overwatch League companion app. The Overwatch League companion app launched on Monday for both iOS and Android and a new Overwatch League tab has been added to the Blizzard Battle.net Desktop App for quick access to the broadcast sites.

London Spitfire vs Florida Mayhem

London Spitfire (Cloud9) and Florida Mayhem (Misfits) were well matched. London is a team comprised of two Korean teams: Cloud C9 and Kongdoo Panthera, filling up a 12-man roster and the biggest team in the league. On the other hand, Florida has the smallest roster in the league, with only six players in total. This tight-knit group would need to be flexible against the pool of talent on London’s roster.

London was the team picked to win in a clean sweep by the desk and the fans were there to cheer them on in multitudes.

Map One: Dorado

London came out with a classic combo of Pharah and Mercy, clearing out Mayhem from the high ground. Even with this firepower and healing, they found it difficult to get past the first bridge. Mayhem was holding the choke point with a solid defence, Cwoosh keeping London off the point with his Winston. Mayhem was able to run down a majority of the clock here until Spitfire’s Genji Profit cut through the defence with his ultimate. This momentum carried them up to the second point but the clock ran out and they fell just short.

Florida had a short goal now as London’s defence was broken through and destroyed. Thanks to Mayhem’s TviQ Widowmaker picking off the fleshy DPS and support characters, they cruised through the map and took an easy lead.


Map Two: Temple of Anubis

London needed to win Anubis now to get back in the match, and rolling with the punches, they stormed through the first and second point in record time. Mayhem players were falling like flies, failing to land hits, overcome by London's sheer power and determination.

Mayhem was not ready to lose their lead, rushing the first point and attempting to do the same on the final point. Mayhem's Genji (Logix) was ready to destroy London’s defence with his Dragonblade but was cut down by Profit’s Dragonblade before he had the chance. Mayhem was only able to capture the point up to ⅔ before being wiped out. Florida was unable to return to the point and London tied up the score, 1-1.

Map Three: Oasis

Pulling out an anti-dive formation, Florida countered London on the first map perfectly, using Roadhog to pull down Birdring’s Pharah. In response, London pulled out a three-tank setup, turning the momentum of the match and allowing London to catch up in possession and take the first point.

Pulling back to just two tanks, London was having a hard time dealing with Florida’s DPS duo. Logix was packing a punch with his McCree, taking out London’s Mercy every chance he got. London was forced to turn their attention to Logix, only after running him down were they able to take the point and catch up on possession again.

Florida was not done, pulling out TviQ as Junkrat to rain down some damage. In response, Birdring was reflecting every shot back as Genji, hitting a flashbang back at Florida, allowing London to finish their capture.


Map Four: Numani

Numbani was not a strong map for Florida, showcased by them pulling out a 2-2-2 defence for the first time in the match. This weak composition was brought down by London, with Birdring getting some precise kills as Soldier 76 and keeping his team healed during the team fights.

London was in their element here, brushing off Florida and riding the payload to the finish line.

Florida was panicking now, relying on Logix for the majority of the kills. London was ready for this, denying Logix the high ground as Widowmaker and targeting Florida’s healers. Thanks to Profit continuously picking off Florida’s support as Tracer, the first point was defended until the last second, securing London’s first victory.


Logix was forced to carry a lot of the weight on his team but was still able to create some great plays. However, up against a team like London, he never had a chance. While his flexibility as a DPS and Widowmaker scored his team some points when they really needed it, Florida needed to back him up and play a stronger match.

London’s DPS was great all match, with Birdring and Profit running rings around Florida consistently. Targeting those supports and flanking deep into the spawn was key to London’s victory, especially on Numbani. Players like Birdring and Profit were the unsung heroes of London’s team and hopefully, they'll get more exposure in the coming weeks.

Philadelphia Fusion vs Houston Outlaws

Philadelphia Fusion (Comcast Spectacor) and Houston Outlaws (OpTic Gaming) were the second matches of the day. While Fusion was down a member before the season began their team is still full of some impressive talent. The Outlaws have had an easy pre-season compared to Fusion, who have had travel issues all pre-season, and are considered the second favourite team, behind Dallas Fuel in the League.

Both teams could walk away with a win here, but hopefully, Outlaws will be able to take advantage of Fusion missing their main Tank and steal an early win.

Map One: Dorado

Houston and Fusion were ready to start off the day and season. With no warm-ups needed, both teams were on fire out the gate. Jake on Soldier 76 from Houston was quick to take down half of Fusion’s team, but Carpe and Shadowburn fought back with their Tracer/Genji combination, regrouping and biding time for their team to claim 2 points.

Carpe and Shadowburn were everywhere at once, taking down Houston’s heroes and chipping away at their health. Jake switched to Pharah in order to deal somewhat with the DPS duo, but it only caused Carpe to change to Widowmaker and take him out. A last minute change to Genji from Jake seemed to be working, as Houston moved through to the third area, but suffered a detrimental loss by Poko’s Self Destruct on the point. This put Fusions ahead 1 - 0, leaving the Outlaws to play catch up.


Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Fusion carried their momentum through to the next map, capturing the first point early. Poko was on fire all match, playing D.Va for Fusion and playing fearlessly. His playstyle seemed to allow his team to move with ease through the map, as Poko overextended into the enemy’s territory and kept Houston busy. Shadowburn was able to push Houston back in their spawn, camping out their one door to the point. However, they ran out of time and did not capture the point.

On Houston’s attack, Linkzr changed from his usual DPS to Sombra, unloading an EMP that allowed them to wipe Fusion off the first point and move through the map quickly. With their full team alive and well, Houston stormed the final point, pushing Fusion back into their spawn and capturing the final point to take the map, leaving the score now 1-1.

Map Three: Oasis

Oasis was clearly a favourite of Fusion as they showcased their dominance, smashing through Houston’s defence and taking both objectives easily. This was thanks to Carpe, who was terrorising Houston’s support and flanking every chance he had. When it wasn’t Carpe cleaning up the match it was Shadowburn dealing heavy damage from above on Pharah. This map was so quick and undisputed, it showed us a side of Fusion we weren’t aware of or expecting from a team that had only been formed a few days previous.

Map Four: Eichenwalde

Houston was fighting tooth and nail on the defence and attack for this map, with a win here the only way to form any kind of comeback. Fusion was ready to cap off the match and take home a win in the first week.

With the first two points taken quickly, it was all or nothing in every team fight on the payload. Fusion needed a break as Houston was fast to regroup on the point. Fusion’s Carpe and Shadowburn were cleaning up kills faster than Houston could resurrect. Rawkus and Bani held out and kept Houston healed as best they could with Fusion’s DPS targeting and picking them off. Fusion’s DPS held out and they managed to roll into the finish line.

The Outlaws, interestingly, didn't go for a Dive composition to avoid the first choke point, instead, Linkzr’s McCree cleaned up Fusion’s DPS and support with some impressive headshots and rolls. Outlaw’s D.Va Coolmatt finished the few Fusion left on the cart and Houston took the payload, starting their descent up to the castle.

Zenyatta’s Transcendence was a big contributor to Fusion holding the final point, managing to hold back Jake’s Junkrat. Houston Outlaws were waiting for their chance, building their ultimates to begin a final attack that forced Fusion off the payload and allowed them to take the map.

Houston was first on the attack to decide the map, diving through the first straight and jumping Fusion, taking the fight to the point. The fight was over in seconds as the Outlaws systematically took down Fusion’s defence.


Map Five: Lijiang Tower

Tied 2-2 we entered into a fifth map, Lijiang Tower. There were some interesting hero choices on both sides, with a Zarya on both teams and Houston trying out Moira as a second support instead of Zenyatta. Both teams were looking to capitalize on their Zarya Ultimates to secure the point and some much-needed team kills. Rawkus’s Moira was able to penetrate Fusion’s Reinhardt shield but Fusion was able to use their Gravity Bomb to wipe out Houston and take the first point.

Jake was in his element here, leaping across the map as Junkrat, finishing off a fair few Fusion members. Even still, Fusion was aided by their DPS duo once more, pushing Houston off the point for the first possession. An impressive battle Mercy from Fusion kept its team on the point for a few extra seconds, but Houston finished off the few Fusion left on the point. In retaliation, Shadowburn (as Genji) jumped into the fray with his ultimate and gained some crucial picks for Fusion. Fusion was now relying on their ultimates to finish off the team fights, managing to take back the point in a dominating team fight. Houston pushed for overtime, desperately trying to touch the point, but was unable to finish the fight they started.

Fusion took the final point and won the match 3-2.


The stars of the day were Fusion’s DPS combo of Shadowburn and Carpe who were constantly on the attack and causing huge amounts of damage. Their playstyles complimented each other so well; as Carpe flanked as Tracer and Shadowburn was aggressive with his Genji and Pharah. Shadowburn was even impressive with Zyaria.

For Houston, the support was the backbone of the team, holding their team during crucial moments and keeping everyone fighting to the last. Rawkus and Boink were on fire, saving their ultimates for the right moments.

Boston Uprising vs New York Excelsior

Boston Uprising (Kraft Group) vs New York Excelsior (Jeff Wilpon and SterlingVC) was the final match of the day and a close call. Both teams were newly built and were still finding their footing after the preseason matches.

Map One: Junkertown

With Widowmakers on both sides, Boston and New York were constantly taking shots at each other, trading blows and kills rapidly. Boston was using the classic Pirate Ship composition, with New York using their own Orisa to try and survive the Bastion’s damage. Thanks to Neko’s accurate Bastion playstyle, Boston moved through the first point and halfway to the second point without issue.

New York held Boston off the payload there, but three ultimates from Boston’s side tore into New York’s defence and allowed them to continue. With all of New York down, Boston’s D.Va pushed deep into the enemy territory, keeping them at bay. Boston was able to get some picks here and gain the upper hand, forcing New York to regroup at the spawn room and switch up their heroes. Saeyeolbe’s Widowmaker on New York was keeping Boston low on health and afraid to peak their heads around corners. This continued well into overtime as Boston was denied the final point.

New York pulled out their own Pirate Ship combo on the cart, aided by Meko as Roadhog pulling Boston’s weaker heroes through the Orisa shield, wiping them out. Saebyeolbe was getting the choice picks, pushing forward into the enemy area, while Meko’s Whole Hog forced Boston into a corner, as his team cleaned up and pushed the cart through the finish line.


Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Dreamkazper and Striker are another Genji/Tracer duo to keep an eye on, flanking the first point and wiping out New York’s defence easily. Boston tried to carry this momentum through onto the last point but over extended their DPS and was punished by JJONAK as Zenyatta and sent back to spawn to regroup. It was Striker (as Tracer) who tore through the New York defence, picking off one hero after another. In record time Boston captured both points and switched to defence.

New York put a Sombra and Moria on attack, looking to break down Boston’s defence by controlling the health packs in the area and blocking out Boston’s abilities. New York was able to beat out Boston in the first team fight, allowing them to take the first point and rush the second, but was halted by Boston’s Striker and Neko. Both teams now have multiples of ultimates banked up. New York needed to use their EMP quickly to get the upper hand here to halt Boston’s ultimates. Unfortunately, the fight did not go New York’s way and they were forced to regroup and change up their composition. New York’s Tanks, Meko (D.Va) and Mano (Winston), were key to the team's gameplay here. Capturing the last point, the map went into a tiebreaker.

New York was first on the attack but was well behind in time banked for their second attack. Moving as fast as possible they mobbed the first point and took it in seconds. Using the EMP on the second point, New York should have pulled ahead but failed to make anything of it. Dreamkazper was cleaning up New York, again and again, running down the time for New York and keeping them at bay.

An impressive defence from New York at the turn of the match, with Boston attempting to dive on New York’s heads. Thanks to their increased time Boston were able to pick off New York and take both points, tieing up the match 1 - 1.

Map Three: Ilios

In the pre-season, New York lost to Boston on a control map and their lack of consistent control showed. Teams were trading possession every minute, with neither team gaining a big lead over the other. Pine was subbed in for New York, a DPS flex that New York desperately needed to keep Boston off the point. As McCree, Pine kept Boston hiding in buildings with his Dead Eye, giving his team the chance to capture the point and take the first map.

Pine dominated the match, playing an aggressive McCree that destroyed the Boston side. While using his Dead Eye to zone out Boston and pick off the other side Pine was single-handedly giving his team a win, dealing 35% of the team's damage. Boston was unable to touch the point on the second round, being completely shut down by Pine.


Map Four: Numbani

For reasons I cannot comprehend, New York subbed Pine out after his dominating round on Ilios, bringing in Libero as Junkrat on defence. An anti-dive composition was a good choice for New York as Boston was aiming to dive and flank onto the point. While New York had the better composition against Boston they were taken out as Boston take the payload and started to move through Numbani. Reforming their defence New York caught Boston in the choke point. Saebyeolbe, not to be outdone by Pine, pulled out an impressive McCree and focused on keeping Boston’s Mercy out of the game. Boston was unable to regroup and fell just short of the mark.

New York was ferocious on the attack, keen to get the cart to that end line and take the match. They were able to drive Boston off the first point, targeting Striker and keeping the Tracer from wearing them down. Following through, New York showcased their flexibility and adaptability here and pushed the payload across the line for their first win of the season.


The moment New York pulled Pine off the bench and into the match, everything changed. Pine was able to completely alter the momentum of the match. While in the first half of the match Saebyeolbe was the DPS leader for New York, Pine immediately stole that title away. His zoning, precision and control were a level above everyone else today.

Boston had a few key players that worked well on the day, but above all Striker was outstanding. His Tracer was the biggest damage dealer on the team and was critical to the few wins they had today.

Next Matches

The Overwatch League resumes tomorrow, Sunday and then again next week at the same time, with matches being held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon in AUS/NZ. Tomorrow the Los Angeles Valiants vs Dallas Fuel, Florida Mayhem vs Boston Uprising and San Francisco Shock go up against Shanghai Dragons.

The teams and matchups for next week are all on the overwatch website, as well as match statistics and team information. Stay tuned for more news on the Overwatch League on our esports hub.

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