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5 ways accidental injury insurance can benefit your sports event business


If you run a sports organisation where customers pay to participate, offering reliable protection can help you stand out from the crowd.

Flip Insurance logoSponsored by Flip Insurance. When you're planning your next adventure, why not get cover with Flip? With on-demand accidental injury coverage, no-lock-in contracts and easy claims, it helps you get prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Not everyone is aware of the potential of group accidental injury insurance. But if you're a business owner, you might want to consider digging a bit deeper into the benefits.

👋 Hey there! We've partnered with Flip Insurance for this article, so we'll be using its product as an example throughout. However, you should also do your own research to determine which insurance product is right for you. You should read the product disclosure statement (PDS) and target market determination (TMD) before signing up for any insurance product.

You might be pleasantly surprised at the difference it can make. Leveraging the benefits of group accidental injury insurance could bring about a serious competitive edge.

1. Offer more value to customers

On the most fundamental level, group accidental injury insurance adds value to your customers. They get to participate in the activity they enjoy, while having peace of mind that they'll be compensated if they experience an accidental injury.

Through Flip Insurance, Spartan Race has integrated group accidental injury insurance into its standard offering as a way of strengthening its value proposition.

"Group insurance has allowed us to better protect participants, all while bolstering our commitment to adding value for our customers," says organiser Chris.

All Spartan Race participants are covered by Flip Insurance, an on-demand injury insurance brand that is part of the HCF Group. Depending on the severity of the injury, customers can claim up to $50,000.

For example, an injury that requires an x-ray pays $100 while an injury that requires surgery in a hospital pays $2,000. These benefits are stacked, so if a customer gets an x-ray and surgery, they'd receive $2,100.

Learn more about Flip Group Active

2. Provide a slicker customer experience

When you build protection into your business, you're not only pre-empting customer concerns; you're providing a ready-made solution.

It creates a streamlined experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers – customers like Matt who have used accidental injury insurance directly.

Matt is just one of thousands who have participated in a Spartan Race. Group accidental injury cover was provided by Flip Insurance, as part of the entry fee.

"When I hurt my ankle during the race, I was stoked because I had cover without having to think about it," he said. "I was surprised how smooth and fast it all was. Submitting a claim was straightforward, and I got $200 cash within a day or two. It helped cover everyday expenses while I got back on my feet."

3. Build brand trust and reputation

Ensuring your customers are well-protected is a powerful way to communicate that you care about their wellbeing and see them as more than just a paycheck.

Even in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, ethical business practices like these are highly desired by consumers and many will actively seek out responsible brands.

Finder research indicated 65% of respondents think a company's social efforts are important when purchasing their product or service.*

So offering group accidental injury insurance is an opportunity to connect with these socially-conscious customers, strengthen your brand and be seen as an organisation your community can trust.

4. Save money

Invest some time in comparing group accidental injury insurance providers and you could find one that saves your organisation significant money.

For example, with Flip Insurance, cover can start from as little as $2 per person, per day.

This toggle-on-toggle-off capability means small business owners can offer a premium perk to their customers, without paying a premium price.

5. Stay out of the weeds

Importantly, business owners don't have to take on swathes of additional paperwork or admin responsibilities if they offer their customers group accidental injury protection.

"In the unfortunate cases that participants have been injured, they've been able to claim with ease, with almost no support required from our team," says Spartan Race organiser Chris.

Spartan Race competitors deal directly with the insurance provider (in this case Flip Insurance), so business owners can focus on day-to-day operations rather than getting caught in the weeds.

If you've never considered group accidental injury insurance for your organisation, here's your sign to give it a closer look. Not only could it add value to your customer base, but it could also put you ahead of the competition.

Flip Insurance logoSponsored by Flip Insurance. When you're planning your next adventure, why not get cover with Flip? With on-demand accidental injury coverage, no-lock-in contracts and easy claims, it helps you get prepared for whatever life throws your way.

*Source: Finder's Consumer Sentiment Tracker, May 2023 - May 2024

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