Netflix swaps stars for thumb ratings

Alex Kidman 6 April 2017 NEWS


Will users give the change a thumbs up?

We’ve known for a while that Netflix was internally beta testing a change from its five star user rating system over to a simpler thumbs up or down acceptance rating, and today it has rolled out the feature for users to more rapidly judge the shows that they stream.

The ratings change means that you’ll only have a yes/no metric to judge titles on, although it’s not the only statistic that you’ll see when browsing the Netflix library, with a percentage match next to each title to indicate how likely it is that Netflix thinks you’ll like a particular title.

If you’ve already heavily used the star rating system to fine tune your Netflix selections, the company claims that those ratings will still be taken into effect when presenting you with a watchlist of titles you might like. Equally, if you’re browsing Netflix on an older device that no longer receives Netflix app updates, the older star rating system will remain in effect, but those stars will not be saved to your account or Netflix’s global database. If you use such devices and still want to rate Netflix content, Netflix advises that you’ll need to use the mobile or web app to do so.

The move comes after Netflix made offline playback available for Windows 10 users through its dedicated app. Thumbs up or down isn't the only way you can judge a Netflix series. If you're keen on Netflix's Marvel series but unsure where to start, check out our guide to the best and worst Netflix Marvel series.

If you’re keen to see what Netflix has upcoming in April, you can check out our comprehensive guide to everything new in Australian streaming services in April here.

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