15 Netflix shows to watch this weekend (instead of socialising)

Friends bailed on you? Looking for an excuse to pass up on a family BBQ? Here are the top 15 ways to better spend your precious weekend.

With so many people living for the weekend, deciding how to spend the precious hours between Saturday and Sunday can often be a decision fraught with deliberation and negotiation. Here at, we like to make the tough decisions so you don’t have to. That is why we’ve planned out your weekends for you with our Top 15 TV Shows on Netflix Australia.

1. Gossip Girl (IMDb rating: 8.0)

Download it on: iTunes

Laugh all you like, for all it’s trite dialogue, contrived storylines and thoroughly unenjoyable characters, Gossip Girl provides a good foil to compare your friend circle to if you’re ever feeling down about your social life.

From betrayals and backstabbing to straight up murder, the Upper East Side gang are probably the worst friends anyone could ask for. Gossip Girl is cheap, nasty and endlessly pleasing, essentially making it the fast food option of the Netflix variety.

Gossip Girl

2. Lost (IMDb rating: 7.4)

Download it on: iTunes

Devious, noble, delusional and prophetic. The passengers aboard Oceanic Flight 815 are a fun-bag of crazy. You think you’re friends are erratic? They don’t hold a candle to the Lost gang, who could be, in one moment, saving a baby’s life, and in the next stroke, physically abusing an innocent party just to get a hit of crack.

It’s been over five years since Lost’s infamous conclusion and many of us never stuck it out to see what all the fuss was about. Was it all a dream? What was with that Polar Bear? Did Jack manage to smile before the end of the sixth season? Cancel your date with Grandma (if this were Lost, she’d only be plotting to kill you anyway) this weekend and spend some time ] tying off Lost ends.

Gossip Girl

3. Orphan Black (IMDb rating: 8.5)

Download it on: iTunes

‘Be your own best friend’, this is the kind of inspirational quote you often find plastered against some idyllic scenery or a picture of a sombre-looking baby gorilla. These words of wisdom might be slightly cryptic, but they are all saying pretty much the same thing, ‘You don’t need a friend to block all incoming calls and binge Netflix all weekend’. This couldn’t be truer for Sarah Manning, the small-time crook who discovers multiple clones of herself and protagonist for sci-fi thriller, Orphan Black. Sarah is wanted by the police and her clones or “sisters” become the target of a fanatical organisation’s assassination plan.


So, this weekend ditch your sisters and spend some QT with you and yourself watching this fast-paced BBC series.

4. How I Met Your Mother (IMDb rating: 8.5)

Download it on: iTunes

Ted, Robin and the rest of the Maclaren’s crew are the friends you’ve always wanted. You’ve got Lily and Marshall, the couple who you can always depend on for a couch to crash on, Barney Stinson, the zany, ladies man who always has an excellent story to tell and a Ted or Robin for your constant on again/off again love interest. Sounds awesome, right?

What the hell are you waiting for? Opt out of that Facebook event and spend some time learning about Ted dating nearly every available person in New York before meeting the mother of his children.

How I Met Your Mother

5. Brooklyn 99 (IMDb rating: 8.5)

Download it on: iTunes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine makes police-work, possibly one of the toughest jobs in the world, seem like a riot. From desk chair races to crime solving leaderboards, Peralta, Santiago and the rest of the crew at 99th precinct Brooklyn don’t let the daily grind of genitalia tagging and pickpockets ruin their fun.

While it might take a few episodes to get into this offbeat comedy, the perfect blend of Lonely Islander Andy Samberg, the stoic captain Andy Braugher and Terry Crews’ skittish sergeant will have you in stitches faster than you can have your Miranda rights read.

Brooklyn 99

6. Firefly (IMDb rating: 8.3)

Download it on: iTunes

Weekends, a time to get out of the house, stretch those withering legs and discover something new and exciting. Not any more. It’s cold out and there’s nothing interesting in your neighborhood that you haven’t already seen before. No, hiking is the old school way of adventuring, now you can explore GALAXIES from the comfort of your couch.

Climb aboard the Serenity and meet the team, headed by the Han Solo of our generation, Captain Mal. You’ll soon forget that the clothes need to be hung out and the smell from that the KFC box beneath the couch will become a distant memory.


7. Fullmetal Alchemist (IMDb rating: 9.2)

Download it on: iTunes

Fullmetal Alchemist is story of the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, and their quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone. After committing the ‘ultimate taboo’ in alchemy (attempting to resurrect the dead), the brothers are left disfigured. One brother loses an arm and a leg and the other, his entire body, leaving his spirit contained to a suit of armour. In their search for the Philosopher's Stone, the brothers battle a number of beasts and abominations with their transmutation abilities (which allows them to transform just about anything into a weapon or shield).

Fullmetal Alchemist is crazy Japanese anime at it’s very best– complete with wacky, OTT facial expressions and some seriously dark themes. And, there’s over 60 episodes available to binge on Netflix right now.
Fullmetal Alchemist

8. Danger 5 (IMDb rating: 8.7)

This hidden Australian gem is an alternate history comedy with traces of the Thunderbirds and the production values of a public school performance. The result is a brilliant cacophony of cheap sets, bad dubs and dumb satire.

Set in a bizarro 1960s, the Danger 5 squad (essentially a live-action interpretation of Team America) endeavor to topple Hitler’s plans of world domination (now with his own Nazi dinosaurs). While your squad are hitting the town this weekend, set yourself up for a dangerous weekend with the manliest show around, Danger 5.

Danger 5

9. The IT Crowd (IMDb rating: 8.5)

Download it on: iTunes

Have you spent all week in the office dealing with bothersome requests and clueless customers? Then spend some time venting with the laziest tech support team in London. Set in the dank confines of a corporate building basement, The IT Crowd follows the antics and general buggery of Roy and Moss (computer technicians at the mysterious Reynholm Industries).

The series begins with newcomer and self-titled ‘relationship manager’, Jen, beginning work with the crew, despite being tech-illiterate. Jen makes it her mission to bridge the gaping divide between the embittered and indifferent tech support team and the rest of the company– spoiler, she fails wonderfully.

The IT Crowd

10. Extras (IMDb rating: 8.6)

Download it on: iTunes

The characters of Extras deal with their status as underling in a similar way to The IT Crowd– through moaning and failed attempts to insert themselves into higher profile social circles.

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s ‘infamous second album’ casts Rick as Andy Millman, an aspiring actor who can only land work as a film extra, thanks to his incompetent ‘manager’ Darren Lamb (Merchant). Throughout the series, Andy and his best friend, Maggie, meet a slew of A-List celebrities, like Kate Winslet, Daniel Radcliffe and Orlando Bloom, often in awkward and cringeworthy situations.


11. Wild China (IMDb rating: 8.5)

Download it on: iTunes

Have your friends been watching too much Jersey Shore? Then take a weekend off from the grind of fake tan, protein powder and horribly repetitive music and expand your worldly knowledge with this quality documentary series. Each episode of this beautifully shot series focuses on the natural history of a different region in China.

Shot over 16 months on 57 separate filming trips, Wild China offers rare glimpses of wildlife in some of the most remote (and protected) areas in China. To top it all off, the series was filmed in brilliant high definition with a number of special techniques and equipment such as high speed camera, infrared and thermal imaging. A truly marvelous experience.

Wild China

12. Daredevil (IMDb rating: 8.6)

Download it on: iTunes

Avoiding going out because you think your city has problems? It doesn’t hold a candle to Hell’s Kitchen, where murder, kidnappings and corruption are on the rise. Unlike your city, though, Hell’s Kitchen as a watchful protector determined to make things right. Condemned by the media, the ‘Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’ is blind, lawyer and trained pugilist, Matt Murdoch.

When Murdoch catches wind of a conspiracy that involves the highest branches of local power, he works within the law and outside of it to make things right.

Featuring standout performances by Charlie Cox, playing the titular character, and Vincent D'onofrio as the unnerving, but oddly charming villain, Wilson Fisk, Daredevil is one Netflix exclusive that will keep you glued to the screen.


13. House of Cards (IMDb rating: 8.6)

Download it on: iTunes

Another stellar Netflix exclusive, House of Cards has been on a roll since it became the first ‘online-only’ series to receive major Emmy nominations. This U.S adaptation of a British classic stars Kevin Spacey as ruthless U.S. Congressman, Francis Underwood and Robin Wright as his equally deceptive wife, Claire.

When Frank is passed over for the position of Secretary of State (a position he sees as rightfully his), he and his wife plan a lengthy and callous plot to help Frank climb the ranks of Washington D.C.

It’s a grim insight to the going-ons of (an obviously fictional) U.S government. And what better way to forget about real world problems, than spending a weekend, butt firmly planted in couch.

House of Cards

14. Freaks and Geeks (IMDb rating: 9.1)

Download it on: iTunes

Imagine growing up with some of the funniest people in comedy, like Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jason Segel, as your crew. When her grandma dies, a-level student, Lindsay Weir (Linda Cardellini) sets out to do just that. Surprisingly, it’s not always as gut-wrenchingly hilarious as you’d imagine (though it certainly has its moments).

Filmed in the 90s and set in the 80s, Freaks and Geeks is a heartfelt and sensible take on high school drama helmed by the man who would go on to make just about every popular comedy of the new millennium, Judd Apatow.

If you grew up through the 90s, it’s possible you caught this excellent series when it aired on SBS, but if you did miss out you can now stream the series (that was cancelled before its time) in its entirety on Netflix.

Freaks and Geeks

15. Arrested Development (IMDb rating: 9.0)

Download it on: iTunes

Yet another cult hit that was cancelled before it had a chance to shine, Mitch Hurwitz’ lauded series Arrested Development features the most gloriously dysfunctional family on television, the Bluths. If you’ve ever made lame excuses to catch up with your family just to sit on your couch, entire double bacon cheeseburger pizza, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for your kin after watching this way-too-clever comedy.

After their patriarch, George Sr, is abruptly imprisoned on fraud charges, it’s up to the oldest son Michael (Jason Bateman) to take control of the family empire. His first decision as CEO has him stripping his spongy siblings and their conniving mother of the free handouts they’ve had the pleasure of reaping for so long – this, of course, doesn’t bode well with the other family members and their already shaky bonds collapse under their chaotic struggle to remain needlessly affluent.

Unlike Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development was eventually revived by Netflix for a fourth season. Get up to date with the Bluths now before the fifth season eventually airs.

Arrested Development

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