NBN Rollout Update March 2016: ACT and NT miss out

Kenneth Tsang 15 March 2016

NBN construction work2

70 new areas will begin construction this month.

The company responsible for building the National Broadband Network, nbn, has updated its rollout maps to show the latest areas to have entered the build phase.

We've crunched the numbers and found that a total of 70 new brownfields (built up areas) have entered into the build phase around Australia this month. An additional 38 fixed wireless towers, designed to service homes in the outer metropolitan fringes, have also started construction.  You can read more about the different NBN technologies in our detailed guide.

Notably, the two Australian mainland territories (Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory) have missed out this month - with all other states gaining a few extra rollout areas.

To find out if you're in the rollout plan and to see when you can expect services to become available, search for your address on finder.com.au's NBN tracker and subscribe to get notified as soon as your address is active.

More info

The monthly NBN map update provides a list of rollout areas where construction work had commenced the previous month (in this case, February 2016).  If you've seen NBN construction start in your area, it may take up to a month before it's announced publicly.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to our rollout updates to get notified as soon as your area becomes ready for service.

Brownfields (Multi-Technology Mix) Rollout Update

Build has now commenced in these areas

Construction work has commenced for an additional 20 brownfields (built-up areas) rollout regions in New South Wales.  These areas will primarily use Fibre to the Node technology, with some limited use of Fibre to the Premises and Fibre to the Basement technologies.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
2ALB-04Albury, North AlburyBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2AVA-02AvalonBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2COR-09Fairy Meadow, Mount Ousley, Mount Pleasant, BalgowBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
2COR-10Towradgi, Fairy MeadowBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
2ERN-01Erina, Erina Heights, Holgate, Matcham, SpringfieldBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2ERN-02Erina, TerrigalBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2MAI-01Windella, RutherfordBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
2MDG-01MudgeeBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2MDG-03MudgeeBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2ORG-06OrangeBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
2PKE-01FigtreeBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
2ROU-02Rouse HillBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
2ROU-03Beaumont HillsBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
2SHH-01Shell Cove, Shellharbour, DunmoreBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
2SHH-05Blackbutt, Mount Warrigal, Oak Flats, ShellharbourBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
2TAH-02Buxton, Tahmoor, ThirlmereBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2WAG-01EstellaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2WAG-02Wagga WaggaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2WAG-03Turvey Park, Wagga WaggaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2WAG-05East Wagga Wagga, Forest Hill,Kooringal, Wagga WaggaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)

Fixed Wireless Rollout Update

Build has now commenced on these towers

Construction work has begun for an additional 9 fixed wireless towers to service outer metropolitan fringes in New South Wales.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
2BEG-51-05-JELLJellat Jellat HillBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2BOM-51-03-MTDEMt DelegateBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2COM-51-04-MTGLMt GladstoneBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2CTM-51-01-CTMTCootamundraBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2GRN-51-16-KANCKangaroo CreekBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2GUL-51-07-EURUEurundereeBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2HAR-51-07-MITCMitchells IslandBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2LIS-51-12-MODAModanvilleBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
2WDB-51-09-URABUralbaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)

Brownfields (Multi-Technology Mix) Rollout Update

Build has now commenced in these areas

Construction work has commenced for an additional 15 brownfields (built-up areas) rollout regions in Victoria.  These areas will primarily use Fibre to the Node technology, with some limited use of Fibre to the Premises and Fibre to the Basement technologies.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
3BBR-01Bannockburn (VIC)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3COL-02Colac & ElliminytBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3CRB-08Mickleham, CraigieburnBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
3CRB-09Somerton, CraigieburnBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
3GAR-01Bunyip, Garfield (VIC) & LongwarryBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3KGP-01St Albans (VIC)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3KGP-09Burnside Heights & DelaheyBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3MBN-01Mirboo NorthBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3OCG-07Point LonsdaleBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
3TAG-02TraralgonBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3TAG-06TraralgonBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3WAN-03Wangaratta, WaldaraBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
3WIN-01WinchelseaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3WON-01Dalyston, North Wonthaggi & WonthaggiBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3WON-02Cape Paterson & WonthaggiBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)

Fixed Wireless Rollout Update

Build has now commenced on these towers

Construction work has begun for an additional 10 fixed wireless towers to service outer metropolitan fringes in Victoria.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
3BAI-51-16-SWARSwan ReachBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3COL-51-08-FORRForrestBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3GAR-51-06-POOWPoowong CentralBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3NAT-51-01-BARZBarmahBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3ORB-51-17-BENABenambraBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3REF-51-12-REDCRed Cliffs EastBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3REF-51-13-REDLRed Cliffs SouthBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3ROL-51-02-ROBIRobinvaleBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3WGU-51-11-WAGNWagnersBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
3WGU-51-13-WARUWarragul WestBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)

Brownfields (Multi-Technology Mix) Rollout Update

Build has now commenced in these areas

Construction work has commenced for an additional 13 brownfields (built-up areas) rollout regions in Queensland.  These areas will primarily use Fibre to the Node technology, with some limited use of Fibre to the Premises and Fibre to the Basement technologies.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
4ATH-01Atherton, YungaburraBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4ATH-02Atherton, TolgaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4EDG-07Earlville, Mooroobool, Bayview HeightsBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
4EDG-08Kanimbla, Whitfield, BrinsmeadBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
4FRV-01Norman GardensBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4JBB-02Cedar Grove, Cedar ValeBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4JBB-03Jimboomba, MundoolunBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4MYD-01MaroochydoreBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4NEW-04Torrington, Wilsonton, GlenvaleBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
4NEW-07Toowoomba City, NewtownBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
4NEW-09Drayton, Harristown, Darling HeightsBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
4SHF-01Trinity Beach, Trinity Park, Kewarra BeachBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
4WUR-07Mooloolaba, Alexandra HeadlandBuild CommencedBuild Preparation

Fixed Wireless Rollout Update

Build has now commenced on these towers

Construction work has begun for an additional 10 fixed wireless towers to service outer metropolitan fringes in Queensland.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
4BIL-51-07-BANABananaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4GLS-51-08-MIRIMiriam ValeBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4GLS-51-12-MOULMount LarcomBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4GYM-51-25-DAVDDavid CootharabaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4GYM-51-32-SCHRSchreibersBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4IGH-51-08-TAYLTaylor BeachBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4KRA-51-01-KOWRKowrowaBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4LAM-51-13-CAWACawarralBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4MBO-51-08-TIARTiaroBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
4SAR-51-13-CLAIClairviewBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)

Brownfields (Multi-Technology Mix) Rollout Update

Build has now commenced in these areas

Construction work has commenced for an additional 5 brownfields (built-up areas) rollout regions in South Australia.  These areas will primarily use Fibre to the Node technology, with some limited use of Fibre to the Premises and Fibre to the Basement technologies.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
5GPC-03Clearview,Enfield (SA) & NorthfieldBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
5GPC-04Dry Creek (SA), Gepps Cross, Mawson Lakes & WingfieldBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
5MNN-01Mannum & Port MannumBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
5REL-05O'Halloran Hill, Reynella East, Happy ValleyBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
5REL-06Reynella East, Old ReynellaBuild CommencedBuild Preparation

Fixed Wireless Rollout Update

Build has now commenced on these towers

Construction work has begun for an additional 3 fixed wireless towers to service outer metropolitan fringes in South Australia.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
5GLW-51-05-LANGLanghorne CreekBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
5PIR-51-09-WIRRWirrabaraBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
5YKL-51-12-KICEKingscote CentralBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)

Brownfields (Multi-Technology Mix) Rollout Update

Build has now commenced in these areas

Construction work has commenced for an additional 8 brownfields (built-up areas) rollout regions in Western Australia.  These areas will primarily use Fibre to the Node technology, with some limited use of Fibre to the Premises and Fibre to the Basement technologies.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
6BNB-01BunburyBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
6BUS-01Busselton & West BusseltonBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
6KLB-01KalbarriBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
6QIN-03ClarksonBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
6RKH-01Rockingham (WA) & Safety BayBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
6RKH-04Cooloongup, Rockingham (WA) & Safety BayBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
6RKH-05Cooloongup & WaikikiBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
6RKH-07Safety Bay, ShoalwaterBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)

Fixed Wireless Rollout Update

Build has now commenced on these towers

Construction work has begun for an additional 3 fixed wireless towers to service outer metropolitan fringes in Western Australia.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
6BUS-51-06-YGELYallingup EastBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
6DBG-51-06-YGPLYallingupBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
6TOO-51-09-GITOGingin TownBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)

Brownfields (Multi-Technology Mix) Rollout Update

Build has now commenced in these areas

Construction work has commenced for an additional 9 brownfields (built-up areas) rollout regions in Tasmania.  These areas will primarily use Fibre to the Node technology, with some limited use of Fibre to the Premises and Fibre to the Basement technologies.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
7BIC-01BichenoBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
7BUI-01Burnie, Havenview, South Burnie, WivenhoeBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
7BUI-04Burnie, MontelloBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
7DER-04Don, Stony Rise, DevonportBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
7DSF-01Dodges Ferry, Forcett, Lewisham, Primrose Sands, CarltonBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
7ETD-01Ambleside, East DevonportBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
7HOB-10Sandy BayBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
7NOL-01Magra, New Norfolk, LawittaBuild CommencedBuild Preparation
7SHL-07Hadspen, Travellers Rest, CarrickBuild CommencedBuild Preparation

Fixed Wireless Rollout Update

Build has now commenced on these towers

Construction work has begun for an additional 3 fixed wireless towers to service outer metropolitan fringes in Tasmania.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
7CYE-51-09-DOVEDoverBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
7GEW-51-05-LOWELower Turners MarshBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
7NOL-51-24-MANLMangaloreBuild CommencedN/A (new in Mar)

New Developments Rollout Update

Build preparation has commenced in these new developments

Preparatory construction work has commenced in 79 new developments around Australia.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
AYCA-1NIJ2MParkView (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1PEG1LParc Vue Development (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1U0WLNLot 2001 Two Rocks Road, Two Rocks (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1UJS0YAlgona Road (Stage 2 & 3)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1VRID8Mountview Estate (Stage 9D)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1W60Z8Augustine Heights Extension (Stage 17)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1W6121Augustine Heights Extension (Stage 18)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1WB9W5Emerald Hill Estate (Stage 13B)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1WBDS0Emerald Hill Estate (Stage 14A)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1XSAQCHeritage Parc (Stage 5)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-22UQTJ75 Sawtell Road, Toormina 2452 (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-23P2ZAHighgrove Estate (Stage 7)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-26NHOSHighgrove Estate (Stage 8)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2D3XYCKearneys Dr (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2DSDPB3 Glenfield Road, Glenfield (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2E0DQO33 Hopetoun St (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2I7XOPNew Henbury School (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2IYG3T180 Glenlyon Road, Brunswick East (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2JD6OWAmy Street Community Title Development (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2N1G3VThe Grange (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2N35RBSwan Development (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2OFTUZ7 Avion Place Westmeadows (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2ON0NJLot 45 Wright Road Piara Waters (Stage 3A)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2POM8E266 Bulmans Road, Melton West (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2Q7AAGLand and Housing Penrith (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2QBFZJWoolworths Mandurah (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2QCMU69 West Court, Airport West (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2R5LFY2 Birch Ave, Tullamarine (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2THNCCVE - Bridge St Units (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2V8JY7290 Humffray Street North, Brown Hill (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2VBEHE247 Williamstown Road, Yarraville (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2VNHJKAlbans Road, Schofields (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2VS36BFINDON VILLAGE (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2XG6JMIM - Lot 209 88 Gladstone Road (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-MNJDXPlantation Palms (Stage 3C1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-N50QASpring Farm (Stage 303)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-N50UXSpring Farm (Stage 202)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-N874ZThe Heartlands (Stage 2)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-NHGBHBlacks Beach Cove (Stage 11)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-NLVHAGlenfield West (Stage 2A)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-NLVL4Osprey Subdivision (Stage 2A)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-NLVNWOsprey Subdivision (Stage 2B)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-NS3YVThe Catalina (Stage WAPC 583-12)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-NWOODPEEL RIVER ESTATE (Stage 6)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-OC9QECliftleigh Residential Estate (Stage 6)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-OJDZLKoombana Estate South Hedland (Stage 2 & 3)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-PA7KQMira Flores (Stage 6)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-PA7QVMira Flores (Stage 7)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-PJBZ5Lucas Gardens (Stage 3B)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-PYBH9Woodlands (Stage 8)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-R2DZVWoodlands (Stage 7)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-R6SK6Burbidge Drive Subdivision (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-R89MWCormiston Upper (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-R8A12Cormiston Upper (Stage 2)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-RDOMHGardens (Stage Gardens 2C Arbour & 2D Parc)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-RNF0FRIVERSTONE RISE (Stage 4A)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-RVQKARiverside (Stage 6)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-RW3N7Cormiston Lower (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-S1FYNDwyer Street, Kalkallo (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-T73ZYDiscovery Point (Stage Buildings 8,9&10)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-TBR12Shoal Point Bay Development (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-TCB1DAndergrove Lakes (Stage 501)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-TTYRPGOOLWA NORTH (Stage ONE)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-V1VZBMt Holden Estate (Stage 4)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-VWD5BVarsity Park (Stage 4B)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-WWCG5Sugar Valley Lifestyle Estate (Stage 8B)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-XC501Harvest Views Estate (Stage 2A)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-XC91YHarvest Views Estate (Stage 2B)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-XE87URegatta Waters Whitsunday (Stage 2C & 2D)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-XGZCFFrench Street Werrington (Stage 1&2)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-XHC5XColamba Street, Miles (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-XLKAFRichmond Hills Estate (Stage 4)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-XQKZD265 Berwick Cranbourne Road (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-XQX7R265 Berwick Cranbourne Road (Stage 2)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-XWYA8ATELIER (Stage 1)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-Y0JHHRIVERSTONE RISE (Stage 5A)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-Y0JPARIVERSTONE RISE (Stage 5B)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-ZRAKLNorthlakes Estate (Stage 42A)Build PreparationN/A (new in Mar)

Build has now commenced in these new developments

Construction work has commenced in 192 new developments around Australia.

Rollout RegionLocalityMar 2016 StatusFeb 2016 Status
AYCA-11QM7ODiscovery Point (Stage Building 3 & 5 SP - 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-11TKOBVue (Stage SP1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-12B8BFBushland Grove (Stage 10)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-13H190Harrison Reserve (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-13XD1OEdmondson Park South P4 (Stage 6)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-16M1OAThe Orchard (Stage 6 & 8)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-181VFHBanbury Village (Stage MD3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-18HFVYWestralia Gardens (Stage 1 & 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-18LE7LSpring Farm (Stage 401)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-18LGEJSpring Farm (Stage 403)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-18LGOWSpring Farm (Stage 404)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-194QJHThe Village at Wellard (Stage 26)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-196087Enclave (Stage 3B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-19AACGEnclave (Stage 3C)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-19K85J91 Cooper st (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-19M7J5Plenty River Views (Stage 16)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-19QYGJBernly Gardens Estate (Stage 13)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1AUHJAGoogong Township (Stage NH1A - 4B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1AVGTESienna Wood (Stage Riverbend Stage 4)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1AVLB7Sienna Wood (Stage Riverbend Stage 3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1B7F1QSeabreeze Apartments (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1CHY34Springtime Xavier (Stage 7)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1CS90DAppletree Grove Estate (Stage 4)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1DL4Q7101-105 TRAM ROAD DONCASTER (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1DNXOORiverwalk Estate (Stage 10)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1DTXLZWarner Lakes The Reserve (Stage 5B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1EB4JVHighgrange Estate (Stage 3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1FCYZZThe Reserve 2 (Stage 6)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1FLYL6Freeway Business Park (Stage 2 North)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1FMEECBarlow Estate (Stage 3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1FSO0RAdresse (Stage 4)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1FUDNB4-6 Tara road, Blacktown (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1G0NWJSippy Downs Drive (Stage Building 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1GD054Highgrange Estate (Stage 4 & 10)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1GF9E3Ravenswood Green (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1GREIYArlington Rise (Stage 4)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1GREOPArlington Rise (Stage 5)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1H13E5Elements Estate (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1H5AGNEttaro (Stage SP2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1HQY22Peregian Breeze (Stage 6)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1HQY57Peregian Breeze (Stage 7)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1I8WCZ152B Mill Point Road (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1J6ZU9Southlakes Estate (Stage CC11)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1JNUAKAmber Apartments Carine (Stage Lot 3 & 4)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1JV319148 BRUNSWICK ROAD, BRUNSWICK (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1K16F8Lawson South (Stage 1C1 & 1C2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1KFYCNWallis Creek (Stage 5)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1KISYRFAIRVIEW ESTATE (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1L6CI5Champion Star P/L (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1L7FDABaldivis East (Stage 4)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1LFEPMVale (Stage 10B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1N6V1WLOT 1005 LORD STREET, CAVERSHAM (Stage 6)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1NGRB5Brindalee Estate, (Stage 5)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1NWC5SGordons Road (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1NY1FCLot 100 Wanneroo Road, Madeley (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1O7JICSpring Mountain (Stage 11B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1OEDGASeaford Heights (Stage 1D)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1OMQLGMcMillan St Apartments (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1OU0LWParklands (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1P3SELCoomera 2 Estate (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1P4OV3Perry Lakes, Floreat (Stage lot 230)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1P8U1EGoogong Township (Stage NH1A Stage 6D1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1PFDR1Newhaven (Stage 9F- stage 5 - pt1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1PGSGUPort Coogee (Stage 3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1PLHB7Catalina (Stage 15)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1PN3UCDunsborough Lakes (Stage Lot 1A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1PQPDGBrighton Lakes (NBGC) (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1PRMMNBrindalee Estate, (Stage 6)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1PTEJQ6 Gamble Street, Brunswick East (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1PV6JJCambooy Ridge Estate (Stage 2)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-1Q2KVLQuarters (Stage 15)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1Q66A6127 Flynn Circuit (Stage B1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1Q9ZU1Seabreeze Estate (Stage 17)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1QFLR1Bellevue Estate (Stage 9)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1QPXQOThe Meadows (Stage 7A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1QV0ONHarold Park (Stage Tramsheds)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1RFNH0Basedow Rd Subdivision (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1RH9F4127 Flynn Circuit (Stage B2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1SC493The Meadows (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1SC7E7Plenty River Estate (Stage 18)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1SCRCVInfinity Estate (Stage N8)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1SIXC2Equis Lake (Stage 5)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1SR85SMoncrieff Residential Estate (Stage 3 (East))Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1SX6SD42/44 Hugh Street (Stage 1ABC)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1T2TSIBlackwood Park at Craigburn Farm (Stage 13 & 14)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1U7V0TThe Village at Wellard (Stage VCS3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1UARGLAugustine Heights Extension (Stage 13A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1UHRU4The Meadows (Stage 10)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1UHVL8The Meadows (Stage 7B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1USC5HVale (Stage 35)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1V2G2LGrange Meadows (Stage 5)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1VD08DArise (Stage 4A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1VPPO8Solis (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1VXW3OSKYE APPARTMENTS (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1W1PBUAriella (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1W20X5Pipers Crest Strathalbyn (Stage 3B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1W5ZSYAugustine Heights Extension (Stage 15)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1W6K0PSanctum (Stage 22A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1W7KBGBradley St, Southern River (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WA1CXBells Reach Estate (Stage 25)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WBK2EPelican Waters Heart (Stage 2Bi)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WCPC8Ormeau Ridge (Stage 18)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WCT0POrmeau Ridge (Stage 27)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WFUT0On Horizons (Stage 3B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WIC1SThe Sanctuary (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WKUIJAlex Avenue Precinct 3 Schofields (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WQ93C41-51 Hughes Road Dakabin (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WSX9PUltima Harbourside (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WT3JOSTORYLAND GARDENS (Stage 2A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WT3MDSilkyoak Place (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WU3YHStonehill Development (Stage 8)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1WV4T367 Kooyong Road Two Storey Apartments (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1X5RUXRawson Homes - The Ponds (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1X9EJLGeorges Fair New Policy (Stage 4C2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1XCP3F3-5 Barker Ave Como (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1XDJF0Builton Beachlife Spearwood (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1XELAOVincent Road, Sinagra (Stage 8A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1XHHMASunset Beach Estate Geraldton (Stage 4)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1XIWXULot 14, Munno Para (Stage 1B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1XKX0RWhiteman Edge (Stage 20)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1XN4VHBerry Lane Estate (Stage 5B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1XXV7QKilora - 335 Grices Road (Stage 7)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1YHJX7Cambridge Rise Estate (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1Z64V9Lonsdale Golf Club Point Lonsdale (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1Z8FS6Gungahlin Market Place Stage 3 (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1ZDLSDBayshore Beachside Estate, Singleton (Stage 6)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-1ZNFRJCalleya (Stage 20)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-20A042Stonehill Development (Stage 9)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-20PHXKCoplex Wayman (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-218NSXAston Development (Stage 22)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-21YXJ2Urban on Cambridge (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-227OJUMerrifield Residential (Stage 9)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-22F14GSandyhill Apartments (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-22IZ93Paramount Apartments (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-231HAXPalm Beach Heights (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-235DEXRivergreen Villas (Stage 11)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-23I06VBannockburn Road (Stage 3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-23TEQFThe Reserve 2 (Stage 7)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-240ENCBaldivis East (Stage 4A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-240PS9RAAF Darwin (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-24KGUI69 Gardiner Road, Holmview (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-24MDE2Amberton (Stage 24)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-250LGVKalynda Chase Estate (Stage 12C1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-250T0JKalynda Chase Estate (Stage 12C2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-250TIUOld Blunder Road & Falkland St Heathwood (Stage 3 & 4)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-25A35ADempster Terraces (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-25IPM3Oyster Harbour (Stage 2DB)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-26AIB1Pineview (Stage 3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-26BPJKPeartree Estate (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-26HDY188 (Stage 1 & 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-26K1QAPlenty River Estate (Stage 20)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-27L64ILot 9000 Hesketh Av Seville Grove (Stage 5)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-27MWL0Treendale Grand Entrance (Stage 10C)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-292UPG70 Falkland Street Heathwood (Stage 1 & 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-293EL7Evelyn Estate (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2AIHXY212 Kooyong RD, Rivervale (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2B482IAlma Terraces (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2B7YNDBig Sky (Stage 9A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2BDS3CNorth Lakes Specialist Medical Centre (Stage 1)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2BYX3M5-7 Montrose Street, Hawthorn East (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2CTBXUAspire at Evanston South (Stage 3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2CUG1K210 Kooyong (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2CXSNULots 81 & 82 Cooper Street, Madeley (Stage 2A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2D1J5RAttamurra Heights (Stage 5A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2DIIYMThe Dunes (Stage 4)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2DULCY170 Haig Road (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2F7MXGPavillions Stage 10 - 19 (Stage 13 & 15)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2FWSZLParklakes at Bli Bli (Stage 13)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2G8TLDParamount Apartments (Stage Townhouses)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2GRWRUHezlett Road (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2GZD8AEllenbrook District Centre (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2H3P3KWisteria Place Calamvale (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2JDGNREverstyle (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2L7HKA79 Market Street, South Melbourne (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2LMY8845 Park Terrace (Stage 1B North)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2LNCW7The Lodge Estate (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2LO5QKLots 136 & 137 Armstrong Road Wilson WA (Stage 1)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2M3VASGriffin Estate (Stage 3)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-2MYIMHLot 1750 (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2N9J1475 Cranbourne Road, Langwarrin (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2OOQEEPaech Road Residential Subdivision (Stage 3)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2OYJS6Luminaire Apartments (Stage 2)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2P2OA6Newhaven (Stage Pad Sites)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2P4BZWBH Developments (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2Q20JR45 Park Terrace (Stage 2B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-2YHF6V1OAK (Stage SP-2)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-EOUA4Hidden Valley Northern Paddock (Stage 2A)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-PDI71Forest Springs (Stage 4)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-TTYEM198 Durlacher St, Geraldton (Stage 1)Build CommencedN/A (new in Mar)
AYCA-UI5BQCardinal Freeman Village (Stage 1)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-WW9UFSugar Valley Lifestyle Estate (Stage 7B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation
AYCA-ZVM8TARMSTRONG WATERS ESTATE (Stage 1B)Build CommencedBuild Preparation

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