List of rental properties with access to the NBN in Launceston

Properties to buy with the NBN

Properties for rent with the NBN

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The rental properties listed are all within the NBN network footprint, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the properties already have NBN equipment installed. You should check with the agent, property owner and nbn™ to see if NBN has been installed and if not, to ask if there are any special permissions required to complete the installation. The property lists are up-to-date as of 17/06/2015.

If you see any areas missing or would like to provide feedback, please contact us!

AddressProperty TypeWeekly Rent^SuburbPostcodeStateBedroomsBathroomsParking
3/17 Hillside Crescent, West Launcestonhouse115West Launceston7250TAS111
35 Pioneer Parade, Ravenswoodhouse160Ravenswood7250TAS310
6/14 Erina Street, East Launcestonunit160East Launceston7250TAS111
26 Pioneer Parade, Ravenswoodhouse175Ravenswood7250TAS312
2/5a Campbell Street, Newsteadunit175Newstead7250TAS111
5/11 Balaka Place, Newsteadunit180Newstead7250TAS211
6/60 Upton Street, West Launcestonunit180West Launceston7250TAS111
1/9 Bifrons Court, Launcestonunit180Launceston7250TAS111
1/202 George Street, Launcestonunit180Launceston7250TAS211
87b Wildor Crescent, Ravenswoodunit185Ravenswood7250TAS210
43 Warring Street, Ravenswoodhouse190Ravenswood7250TAS310
1/8 Rocher Street, Launcestonunit190Launceston7250TAS111
2/21 Balfour Street, Launcestonunit195Launceston7250TAS110
3 Blyth Street, Ravenswoodhouse195Ravenswood7250TAS312
2/15 Upton Street, West Launcestonunit195West Launceston7250TAS221
2/88 Elphin Road, Newsteadunit200Newstead7250TAS211
30 Hazelwood Parade, Ravenswoodhouse200Ravenswood7250TAS312
55a Connaught Crescent, West Launcestonunit200West Launceston7250TAS210
6 Lambert Street, Ravenswoodhouse200Ravenswood7250TAS311
4 Indigo Court, Ravenswoodhouse210Ravenswood7250TAS311
1/49 Orana Street, Riversideunit210Riverside7250TAS212
3/39 Lawrence Street, Launcestontownhouse210Launceston7250TAS210
5/65 High Street, East Launcestonunit210East Launceston7250TAS211
2/51 Mckellar Road, Newsteadhouse210Newstead7250TAS211
B/63 Elphin Road, Launcestonunit210Launceston7250TAS111
1/61 Elphin Road, Newsteadunit215Newstead7250TAS210
3/1a Brisbane Street, Launcestonhouse215Launceston7250TAS211
5/88 Elphin Road, Newsteadapartment220Newstead7250TAS311
1/66 David Street, Newsteadunit220Newstead7250TAS211
11/167a Punchbowl Road, Newsteadunit220Newstead7250TAS211
1/15 Jamison Street, West Launcestonunit220West Launceston7250TAS211
8/1a Brisbane Street, Launcestonunit230Launceston7250TAS210
1/507 West Tamar Highway, Riversideunit230Riverside7250TAS211
1/393 West Tamar Road, Riversidehouse240Riverside7250TAS222
2/12 Clementina Street, Newsteadunit245Newstead7250TAS212
5/31 Welman Street, Launcestonunit250Launceston7250TAS110
1/105 York Street, Launcestonhouse250Launceston7250TAS210
5/7 St Georges Square, Launcestonapartment250Launceston7250TAS110
53 Ann Street, East Launcestonhouse250East Launceston7250TAS212
2/7 St Georges Square, Launcestonapartment250Launceston7250TAS110
7/7 St Georges Square, Launcestonapartment250Launceston7250TAS110
3/7 St Georges Square, Launcestonhouse250Launceston7250TAS110
2/29 Pomona Road, Riversideunit250Riverside7250TAS211
3/61 Elphin Road, East Launcestonapartment260East Launceston7250TAS212
26 Balfour Street, Launcestonhouse260Launceston7250TAS310
5/50 Upton Street, Launcestontownhouse260Launceston7250TAS221
259 Upper York Street, West Launcestonhouse275West Launceston7250TAS212
2/77 Granville Street, West Launcestonunit280West Launceston7250TAS311
36 Walden Street, Newsteadhouse280Newstead7250TAS313
49a Amy Road, Newsteadhouse280Newstead7250TAS212
13 Lanoma Street, East Launcestonhouse290East Launceston7250TAS211
8 Elphin Road, Launcestonhouse290Launceston7250TAS320
13 Lanoma Street, East Launcestonhouse290East Launceston7250TAS211
D/2 Welman Street, Launcestonunit290Launceston7250TAS110
68a Pomona Road, Riversidehouse290Riverside7250TAS312
3 Everest Place, Newsteadhouse290Newstead7250TAS211
6 Gladman Street, East Launcestonhouse290East Launceston7250TAS211
6/1 High Street, Launcestonunit290Launceston7250TAS211
16 Margaret Street, Launcestonhouse295Launceston7250TAS312
1/47 Mary Street, East Launcestonapartment300East Launceston7250TAS211
20 Church Street, Launcestonhouse300Launceston7250TAS413
1/7 St Georges Square, East Launcestonapartment300East Launceston7250TAS110
48 Neika, West Launcestongranny flat/house300West Launceston7250TAS323
6/7 St Georges Square, Launcestonapartment300Launceston7250TAS110
4/61 Cameron Street, Launcestontownhouse300Launceston7250TAS220
9 Hornsey Avenue, East Launcestonhouse300East Launceston7250TAS311
61 Frederick Street, Launcestonstudio310Launceston7250TAS110
44 Orana Place, Riversidehouse315Riverside7250TAS423
66 Margaret Street, Launcestonunit315Launceston7250TAS221
6 St John Court, Launcestonunit320Launceston7250TAS211
14 Duke Street, West Launcestonhouse320West Launceston7250TAS110
14/39 Lawrence Street, Launcestonunit320Launceston7250TAS211
62 Wentworth Street, Newsteadhouse320Newstead7250TAS311
37a Elphin Road, Launcestonunit325Launceston7250TAS221
3 Edmund Street, Launcestonhouse325Launceston7250TAS312
156 Abbott Street, Newsteadhouse325Newstead7250TAS210
30 Landsborough Avenue, Newsteadapartment325Newstead7250TAS111
12 Law Street, Launcestonunit325Launceston7250TAS211
36 Balfour Street, Launcestonhouse330Launceston7250TAS210
4/43 Elizabeth Street, Launcestonunit330Launceston7250TAS211
3/66-76 Charles Street, Launcestonapartment330Launceston7250TAS111
3/66-76 Charles Street, Launcestonhouse330Launceston7250TAS111
231 George Street, Launcestonhouse335Launceston7250TAS312
10/39 Lawrence Street, Launcestontownhouse340Launceston7250TAS211
11 Rocklynn Place, West Launcestonhouse340West Launceston7250TAS311
28 Ann Street, East Launcestonhouse340East Launceston7250TAS211
3/43 Elizabeth Street, Launcestonapartment340Launceston7250TAS212
3/106 Tamar, Launcestonhouse350Launceston7250TAS210
2/2 Berean Street, East Launcestonunit350East Launceston7250TAS323
1 Tulloch Street, Newsteadhouse350Newstead7250TAS322
2/26b Elphin Road, Launcestonhouse350Launceston7250TAS211
4/7 St Georges Square, East Launcestonhouse350East Launceston7250TAS210
18 Rintala Street, Newsteadhouse350Newstead7250TAS312
1/2 Paterson, Launcestonhouse360Launceston7250TAS211
6/135 Paterson Street, Launcestonapartment360Launceston7250TAS211
6/61 Elphin, Launcestonunit370Launceston7250TAS211
1 Neika Avenue, West Launcestonhouse370West Launceston7250TAS310
6 Welman Street, Launcestonhouse370Launceston7250TAS221
4/247a Charles Street, Launcestonhouse370Launceston7250TAS211
6/181 George Street, Launcestonunit370Launceston7250TAS312
4/2 High Street, East Launcestonunit370East Launceston7250TAS211
88 Elizabeth Street, Launcestonapartment375Launceston7250TAS212
97 Arthur St, East Launcestonapartment380East Launceston7250TAS211
85 Brougham Street, West Launcestonhouse380West Launceston7250TAS425
5 Lanoma Street, East Launcestonhouse390East Launceston7250TAS421
8 Douglas Street, Newsteadhouse395Newstead7250TAS313
67 High Street, East Launcestonhouse395East Launceston7250TAS323
3/47 Mary Street, East Launcestonapartment400East Launceston7250TAS210
230 Charles Street, Launcestonhouse400Launceston7250TAS424
6 Campbell Street, Newsteadhouse405Newstead7250TAS424
92 Margaret Street, Launcestonhouse420Launceston7250TAS210
29 Lawrence Street, Launcestonhouse420Launceston7250TAS211
203 George Street, Launcestontownhouse420Launceston7250TAS211
62 Arthur Street, East Launcestonhouse425East Launceston7250TAS422
5/47 Mary Street, East Launcestonhouse430East Launceston7250TAS310
11 Flowers Court, Newsteadhouse430Newstead7250TAS524
2/222 Charles Street, Launcestontownhouse450Launceston7250TAS211
66 York St, Launcestonapartment450Launceston7250TAS320
37 French Street, Launcestonhouse450Launceston7250TAS211
29 Lyttleton, East Launcestonhouse450East Launceston7250TAS212
6 Cypress Street, Newsteadhouse450Newstead7250TAS433
5 St John Street, Launcestonhouse450Launceston7250TAS211
3/204 George Street, Launcestonapartment450Launceston7250TAS211
3 Heritage Rise, Riversidehouse450Riverside7250TAS432
2/45 Cameron Street, Launcestonhouse500Launceston7250TAS210
5/7 St James Close, Newsteadhouse500Newstead7250TAS211
L2/68 York Street, Launcestonapartment500Launceston7250TAS221
100a Cameron Street, Launcestonhouse500Launceston7250TAS222
52 Cimitiere Street, Launcestonhouse500Launceston7250TAS311
2/28 Landsborough Avenue, Newsteadtownhouse500Newstead7250TAS221
68 Margaret Street, Launcestonhouse500Launceston7250TAS221
32 Cimitiere Street, Launcestonhouse550Launceston7250TAS411
6/16 Hart Street, Newsteadhouse550Newstead7250TAS321
11 Sussex, East Launcestonhouse595East Launceston7250TAS320
1 Park Street, Launcestonhouse600Launceston7250TAS321
187 St John, Launcestontownhouse600Launceston7250TAS421
49 New Ecclestone Road, Riversidehouse1500Riverside7250TAS432

Kenneth Tsang

Kenneth is finder's resident data wizard. Currently studying Geospatial Engineering at UNSW, Ken is the brains behind some of finder's most ingenious tools, like our NBN tracker and our Netflix TV shows lists. He happily identifies as a bit of an NBN geek.

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