List of rental properties with access to the NBN in Adelaide

Properties to buy with the NBN

Properties for rent with the NBN

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The rental properties listed are all within the NBN network footprint, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the properties already have NBN equipment installed. You should check with the agent, property owner and nbn™ to see if NBN has been installed and if not, to ask if there are any special permissions required to complete the installation. The property lists are up to date as of 17/06/2015.

If you see any areas missing or would like to provide feedback, please contact us!

AddressProperty TypeWeekly Rent^SuburbPostcodeStateBedroomsBathroomsParking
4 Thomas Streethouse115Aldinga Beach5173SA420
2 East Streethouse125Port Willunga5173SA312
7 High Streethouse145Willunga5172SA610
16 Palmer Streethouse150Aldinga Beach5173SA322
6 / 14 Percy Streetunit230Prospect5082SA211
4/4-6 Stuart Rdunit230Prospect5082SA111
5 / 14 Percy Streetunit230Prospect5082SA211
18/31 Post Paradeunit232St Clair5011SA110
4 Crewe Streettownhouse236Munno Para West5115SA322
Unit 2/12 Ratcliffe Roadunit240Aldinga Beach5173SA211
4/82 Churchill Roadunit240Prospect5082SA210
22 Mindarie Streethouse240Port Willunga5173SA312
1 Havan Lanetownhouse241Munno Para West5115SA322
63a Nolan Placetownhouse241Munno Para West5115SA322
7a Havan Lanetownhouse242Munno Para West5115SA322
41 Elder Paradehouse250Port Willunga5173SA311
1/5a Quinliven Roadunit250Port Willunga5173SA211
10 Seaview Streethouse250Aldinga Beach5173SA210
28 Torrens Streethouse255Andrews Farm5114SA322
75 Aldinga Roadflat260Willunga5172SA211
4/75 Churchill Rdunit260Prospect5082SA211
3/5 Churchill Rdunit260Ovingham5082SA111
123 Petherton Roadhouse260Andrews Farm5114SA321
6/69 Bosanquet Avenueunit265Prospect5082SA211
14a Wigham Roadhouse265Aldinga Beach5173SA311
Unit 4/34 Tyne Streetunit265Gilberton5081SA211
2/10 Collingrove Avenueunit265Broadview5083SA211
2/152 Churchill Roadunit270Prospect5082SA211
27 Bosuns Wayhouse270Seaford Rise5169SA312
1/2 Blacker Roadhouse270Aldinga Beach5173SA311
10 Leaker Avenuehouse270Aldinga Beach5173SA416
15 / 19 Smart Roadtownhouse270Modbury5092SA211
4/14 Jellicoe Streetunit270Broadview5083SA211
2/1113-1115 Grand Junction Roadunit270Hope Valley5090SA211
20 / 19 Smart Roadtownhouse270Modbury5092SA211
8/10 Prospect Roadflat270Fitzroy5082SA111
8 Mataro Avenuehouse275McLaren Vale5171SA211
88 Butterworth Roadhouse275Aldinga Beach5173SA313
1/2 Barbados Drivehouse275Seaford Rise5169SA312
2/93 Butterworth Roadhouse275Aldinga Beach5173SA211
12 Bayvista Avehouse280Maslin Beach5170SA211
1/79 Devonport Terraceunit280Prospect5082SA211
2/69 Bosanquet Avenueunit280Prospect5082SA211
54 Barbados Drivehouse280Seaford Rise5169SA313
4/4 Thomas Streetunit280Nailsworth5083SA211
4a Evans Streethouse280Aldinga Beach5173SA212
9 Bayside Avenuehouse280Aldinga Beach5173SA324
24 Pridham Boulevardhouse280Aldinga Beach5173SA321
1 Pebble Courthouse280Aldinga Beach5173SA311
7 Greenlees Paradehouse280Aldinga Beach5173SA314
1/39 Gilbert Streetunit285Ovingham5082SA211
2/25 Fitzroy Terraceunit285Fitzroy5082SA211
5 Torrens Streethouse285Andrews Farm5114SA321
24 Seabreeze Crescenthouse285Maslin Beach5170SA311
436 Regency Roadhouse285Prospect5082SA310
38 Biarritz Streethouse285Munno Para West5115SA321
118 Quinliven Roadhouse285Aldinga Beach5173SA321
4 Symonds Streethouse285Aldinga Beach5173SA311
12 Pointon Streethouse285Aldinga Beach5173SA211
Multiple Apartments At 1 Trunnel Courtapartment285Seaford Meadows5169SA211
23 Gorman Streethouse290Modbury5092SA311
1/9 Vista Streethouse290Moana5169SA211
10/1 Island Wayhouse290Seaford5169SA311
202/2-14 Seventh Streetapartment292Bowden5007SA211
23 Apalie Drivehouse295Modbury5092SA311
48 Fremantle Roadhouse295Port Noarlunga South5167SA311
4 Crozier Avehouse295Modbury5092SA311
26b Roberts Rdhouse295Smithfield Plains5114SA424
29 Oakridge Circuithouse299Golden Grove5125SA311
44 Whinnerah Avenuehouse300Aldinga Beach5173SA313
Unit 5/8 Harrison Avehouse300Modbury5092SA213
137a Rowley Roadhouse300Aldinga Beach5173SA324
26 Biturro Streetunit300Largs North5016SA211
143 Commercial Roadhouse300Port Noarlunga South5167SA310
3/36 Compass Driveunit300Seaford5169SA312
1 Oceanview Avenuehouse300Maslin Beach5170SA421
49a Croser Avenuehouse300Aldinga Beach5173SA322
3/23 Azalea Streetunit300Prospect5082SA211
42 Valiant Roadvilla300Munno Para West5115SA421
13/129 Smart Rdtownhouse300Modbury5092SA211
90 Emerald Boulevardhouse300Aldinga Beach5173SA322
14 Vale Avenuehouse300Holden Hill5088SA312
14 Falcon Streethouse300Port Willunga5173SA313
297 Esplanadehouse300Aldinga Beach5173SA422
1/2 Monarch Wayhouse300Munno Para5115SA324
37a Irving Roadhouse300Aldinga Beach5173SA320
Unit 3, 10 Tangelo Courthouse305Direk5110SA321
42 Wyatt Roadhouse305Burton5110SA311
2/187 Prospect Roadhouse305Prospect5082SA212
4/12 Collingrove Aveunit305Broadview5083SA211
5 Venice Avenuehouse310Aldinga Beach5173SA322
22 Bayside Avenuehouse310Aldinga Beach5173SA315
16 Biarritz Roadhouse310Munno Para West5115SA422
22 Anchor Roadhouse310Seaford Meadows5169SA311
20 Ormond Avenuehouse310Munno Para West5115SA322
3/23 Collingrove Avehouse310Broadview5083SA211
3/198-202 Churchill Roadapartment315Prospect5082SA211
3/2-6 Aldinga Beach Roadtownhouse315Aldinga Beach5173SA332
187 Esplanadegranny flat/house315Aldinga Beach5173SA422
Lot 18 Cherry Drivehouse315Direk5110SA322
5/1 Julia Courtunit315Collinswood5081SA222
5a Plimsoll Roadhouse320Seaford5169SA311
6/198-202 Churchill Roadapartment320Prospect5082SA211
7/200 Churchill Roadunit320Prospect5082SA211
28 Bayside Avenuehouse320Aldinga Beach5173SA322
5/198 Churchillapartment320Prospect5082SA211
7/221 Prospect Roadtownhouse320Prospect5082SA211
14a Domain Streettownhouse320Moana5169SA321
36 Livingstone Avehouse320Prospect5082SA312
5/760 Grand Boulevardapartment320Seaford5169SA220
9 Trim Crescenthouse320Old Noarlunga5168SA312
11/9 Queen Streethouse320Walkerville5081SA211
200 Churchill Roadapartment320Prospect5082SA211
2/198 Churchill Roadapartment320Prospect5082SA211
235 Devonport Terracehouse320Prospect5082SA310
23/49 St Clair Avenuetownhouse325St Clair5011SA311
2 Kings Avenuehouse325Blair Athol5084SA313
5 / 21 Myponga Terraceunit325Broadview5083SA211
94 Pulsford Rdhouse325Prospect5082SA316
2 St Nicholas Avenuehouse325Port Willunga5173SA321
504 Main South Roadhouse330Old Noarlunga5168SA420
5/9 Queen Streetapartment330Walkerville5081SA211
49 Greenlees Paradehouse330Aldinga Beach5173SA322
15 Sonar Courthouse330Seaford Rise5169SA321
51 Beatrice Streethouse330Prospect5082SA314
1/10 Cherry Avenuehouse330Direk5110SA311
28 Kwinana Crescenthouse330Port Noarlunga South5167SA311
18 Miranda Placehouse330Seaford Meadows5169SA321
14/31 Post Paradeapartment330St Clair5011SA211
13 Harbour Drivehouse330Seaford Rise5169SA321
64 Kelly Roadhouse330Modbury5092SA310
37 Markham Avehouse330Enfield5085SA312
8 Ashford Courthouse330Moana5169SA313
44 Lynton Terracehouse335Seaford5169SA321
5 Durham Streethouse335Seaford Meadows5169SA321
19 Kings Avenuehouse335Blair Athol5084SA312
27 Barmera Avenuehouse340Hope Valley5090SA313
Level 5/510 / 2 - 14 Seventh Streetunit340Bowden5007SA211
824 Grand Boulevardhouse340Seaford Meadows5169SA322
2/1063 Grand Junction Roadvilla340Holden Hill5088SA322
19 Oakridge Circuithouse340Golden Grove5125SA311
32 Church Streethouse340Port Willunga5173SA322
9 Knoll Avenuehouse340Aldinga Beach5173SA322
61 Albert Streethouse340Prospect5082SA310
3/55 Churchill Roadduplex/semi-detached340Prospect5082SA313
15 Mizzen Court (formally 3 Gold Lane)house340Seaford Meadows5169SA322
83 Lynton Terracehouse340Seaford5169SA322
20 Williams Streethouse340Prospect5082SA314
81 Olive Sthouse345Prospect5082SA311
7 Albany Avenuehouse345Port Noarlunga South5167SA412
1049 Lower North East Roadhouse345Highbury5089SA313
Rented1st Open Glebe Avetownhouse345Seaford Meadows5169SA322
104/2-14 Seventh Streetapartment345Bowden5007SA211
1 Simcoe Avenuehouse350Seaford Meadows5169SA322
8 Parrell Streethouse350Seaford Meadows5169SA322
10 Manordale Courthouse350Seaford Meadows5169SA322
11 Miranda Plhouse350Seaford Meadows5169SA322
11/8 Grange Courttownhouse350Seaford5169SA312
11/2 Todville Streetapartment350Woodville West5011SA211
12 Whistlers Avenuehouse350Aldinga Beach5173SA422
77 Oxford Streethouse350Port Noarlunga South5167SA312
2/53 Collingrove Avenueunit350Broadview5083SA212
38 Buller Streethouse350Prospect5082SA212
17 Whistlers Avenuehouse350Aldinga Beach5173SA422
1/2 Totness Streetunit350Prospect5082SA211
6 Whinham Streethouse350Fitzroy5082SA210
34/1-15 Tulloch Drivetownhouse350St Clair5011SA211
48 Kym Streethouse355Port Noarlunga South5167SA311
47 Dalkeith Roadhouse358Seaford Rise5169SA320
33a Leron Avenuehouse360Enfield5085SA320
2/264 Main Roadhouse360McLaren Vale5171SA421
63a Gordon Roadvilla360Prospect5082SA211
6 Chapman Avenuehouse360McLaren Vale5171SA311
9 Babbacombe Drivehouse365Moana5169SA323
42 The Crescenthouse365Blair Athol5084SA312
62 Navigation Streethouse365Seaford Meadows5169SA422
6 Moore Stgranny flat/house365Prospect5082SA310
29 Namatjira Avehouse365Hope Valley5090SA423
29 Pinkgum Avehouse370Aldinga Beach5173SA424
12 Apollo Streethouse370Woodcroft5162SA322
9/9 Queen Streettownhouse370Walkerville5081SA211
6/2 May Avenueunit370Modbury5092SA321
45 Telegraph Roadhouse370Seaford Meadows5169SA322
397 Regency Roadhouse370Prospect5082SA312
1 Jellicoe Sthouse370Broadview5083SA312
33a Lynton Terracehouse375Seaford5169SA424
38a Leader Streettownhouse375Kilburn5084SA320
24 Princes Avehouse375Prospect5082SA422
8 Lacy Coral Avenuehouse375Aldinga Beach5173SA524
33 Telford Streethouse375Ovingham5082SA312
14 Yarr Crescenthouse375Seaford Meadows5169SA324
34 Aldersey Streethouse380McLaren Vale5171SA322
3 Vernon Crescenthouse380Port Noarlunga South5167SA422
5 Hotham Streettownhouse380Hope Valley5090SA322
4 Lacy Coral Drivehouse380Aldinga Beach5173SA422
7 Nolan Placehouse380Munno Para West5115SA422
2/20 Tyne Streetunit380Gilberton5081SA211
65 Gordon Streethouse380Aldinga Beach5173SA322
14 Durham Streethouse380Seaford Meadows5169SA422
6 Griffiths Drivehouse380Moana5169SA414
9 Coast Guard Roadhouse390Seaford Meadows5169SA422
42 Victoria Streethouse390Prospect5082SA313
1b Horley Terracehouse390Kilburn5084SA312
79 Myrtle Streethouse390Prospect5082SA311
12 Naval Roadhouse390Seaford Meadows5169SA422
54 Aldinga Beach Roadhouse395Aldinga Beach5173SA422
21 Kingston Circuithouse395Seaford Rise5169SA422
7 Clifford Streethouse395Prospect5082SA315
6 Watcombe Streethouse395Moana5169SA322
16 Bollard Avenuehouse395Seaford Meadows5169SA322
21 Coast Guard Roadhouse395Seaford Meadows5169SA422
39 Byron Bay Boulevardhouse400Seaford Rise5169SA422
23 Grand Boulevardhouse400Seaford Rise5169SA424
6 Dutton Terracehouse405Medindie5081SA310
41 Bushtail Avenuehouse405Aldinga Beach5173SA410
7 Quadrant Terracehouse410Seaford5169SA424
210/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment410Adelaide5000SA210
110/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment410Adelaide5000SA210
38 Wentworth Streethouse410Moana5169SA424
5a The Paradehouse415Blair Athol5084SA322
311/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment415Adelaide5000SA210
109/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment420Adelaide5000SA210
35 Hepburn Streethouse420Broadview5083SA331
208/271 - 281 Gouger Streetapartment420Adelaide5000SA210
108/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment420Adelaide5000SA210
52a Robin Streethouse420Port Noarlunga South5167SA422
2 Robertson Roadhouse420Moana5169SA424
38a Albany Avenuetownhouse420Port Noarlunga South5167SA321
18a Rheims Sthouse425Broadview5083SA322
Has Solar -753 Grand Blvdhouse425Seaford Meadows5169SA422
5 Prospect Terracetownhouse425Prospect5082SA312
3/300 Prospect Roadtownhouse430Prospect5082SA322
256 Seaford Roadhouse430Seaford5169SA424
507/2-14 Seventh Streetapartment430Bowden5007SA221
36 California Streethouse430Nailsworth5083SA321
203/271 Gouger Streetapartment440Adelaide5000SA210
41 & 43 Wilson Street (adjacent Thorngate)house450Prospect5082SA423
157 Devonport Terracehouse450Prospect5082SA420
204/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment450Adelaide5000SA211
604/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment470Adelaide5000SA211
112/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment470Adelaide5000SA220
6/82 Walkerville Terracetownhouse470Walkerville5081SA222
302/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment475Adelaide5000SA211
107/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment480Adelaide5000SA211
303/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment480Adelaide5000SA211
60 Park Terracetownhouse490Gilberton5081SA221
31 Warwick Streethouse490Walkerville5081SA212
802/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment490Adelaide5000SA211
1/135 Esplanadehouse495Aldinga Beach5173SA422
27b Commercial Roadhouse495Port Noarlunga South5167SA322
136b Esplanadetownhouse495Aldinga Beach5173SA422
27b Commercial Roadhouse495Port Noarlunga South5167SA322
4 Thomas Streethouse500Aldinga Beach5173SA421
104 Second Avenuehouse500Moana5169SA333
17 Apprentice Streethouse500St Clair5011SA322
64 Park Terraceterrace540Gilberton5081SA321
58 Park Terraceterrace540Gilberton5081SA321
57 Park Terraceterrace550Gilberton5081SA321
806/271-281 Gouger Streetapartment580Adelaide5000SA221
6 Esplanadehouse600Port Willunga5173SA433
6 Arthur Streethouse625Medindie5081SA423
15 Avenue Roadhouse650Prospect5082SA321
68 Milner Streethouse650Prospect5082SA321
213 Esplanadegranny flat/house660Port Noarlunga South5167SA532
27 Avenel Gardens Roadhouse675Medindie5081SA432
14 Richman Avenuehouse680Prospect5082SA422
907/33 Warwick Street 'the Watson'unit750Walkerville5081SA222
4 Briar Avenuehouse920Medindie5081SA432

Kenneth Tsang

Kenneth is finder's resident data wizard. Currently studying Geospatial Engineering at UNSW, Ken is the brains behind some of finder's most ingenious tools, like our NBN tracker and our Netflix TV shows lists. He happily identifies as a bit of an NBN geek.

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  1. Default Gravatar
    DanAugust 11, 2015

    Do you have the same programs as Foxtel?

    • finder Customer Care
      BrodieAugust 12, 2015Staff

      Hi Dan,

      You’ve come through to We’re an online comparison service and do not represent Foxtel, Netflix or any other streaming video-on-demand service. If you’d like to compare content, please check out our TV show and movie comparisons.



  2. Default Gravatar
    TonyMay 2, 2015

    This is a great idea but I hope you will be able to show which properties are in the fibre footprint and which ones are using copper or co-ax. There’s a huge difference between a property with the potential for multiple gigabit connections and properties with a single ‘up to 25Mbps’ connection, especially for shared houses or people working from home.

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