Mortgage House Home Loan Prime – Early Bird Rate Cut Special

If you want a very low and flexible home loan, the Mortgage House Home Loan Prime – Early Bird Rate Cut Special could be for you.

Mortgage House's Home Loan Prime – Early Bird Rate Cut Special has one of the lower rates on the market, requires a 20% deposit and is only available for homebuyers (new or refinancing from other lenders.

This product is no longer on the market

This product is no longer available. Information on this page is not up to date and may not reflect accurate product information. You can find Mortgage House's current mortgage offers here.

What do I need to know about this loan?

This loan has a principal-and-interest variable rate and a maximum insured LVR of 80%, meaning it requires a 20% deposit.

Mortgage House says this rate will stay low whether the RBA lowers the cash rate or not, effectively allowing you to get a lower rate sooner rather than later.

What are the features and benefits of the Mortgage House Home Loan Prime – Early Bird Rate Cut Special?

  • Competitive rate. The loan comes with a very low rate.
  • Loan amount. You can borrow up to $150,000,000 with this loan.
  • Purpose. This product is only for owner-occupiers buying a home to live in.
  • Repayment flexibility. You can repay this loan monthly, weekly or fortnightly. You can also make extra repayments.
  • Deposit size. You can borrow up to 80% of your property's value.
  • Refinance cashback. If you're refinancing from another lender you can get cashback depending on how long you've held the loan. Mortgage House will give you at least the $600 back from your application fee, plus up to $600 if you've held your loan for 1–5 years, or $900 if it's more than 5 years.

What fees and charges come with this loan?

The Mortgage House Home Loan Prime – Early Bird Rate Cut Special only has a few fees to worry about. There are no application or settlement fees.

  • Application fee: $600 (refundable for refinancers). This fee is refunded if you refinance from another lender.
  • Legal fee: $395. This fee covers the lender's legal costs.
  • Settlement fee: $445. This fee covers settlement costs.
  • Discharge fee: $500. The discharge fee applies when you end the home loan, either by repaying it or refinancing to another lender.
  • Valuation fee: Up to $300 free. Mortgage House will cover up to $300 of the cost of getting your property valued.

How do I apply for this loan?

To apply for this product or to get more information, click the green "Enquire now" button and leave your details. A Mortgage House lending specialist will get in touch and talk you through eligibility requirements, answer any questions you have and help you with the application.

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