Hive Mobile mobile plans compared

Not only is Hive Mobile one of Australia's youngest telcos, it's also one of the cheapest.

Hive Mobile is one of the newest telecommunication providers to enter the Australian mobile market. Powered by the popular Optus 4G and 3G networks, the nascent telco offers SIM-only mobile plans priced at the budget end of the spectrum.

Hive Mobile SIM-only mobile plans

There are currently five SIM-only plans in Hive Mobile's catalogue. Four operate on the Optus 4G network, while the largest is restricted to the slower Optus 3G network. All five plans are offered on a no-lock-in contract and include unlimited standard national calls and texts.

Hive Mobile 4G plans

  • $9.80/month plan: 1GB of data
  • $18.80/month plan: 2.5GB of data
  • $28.80/month plan: 10GB of data
  • $39.80/month plan: 18GB of data

Hive Mobile 3G plans

  • $73.80 plan: 90GB of data for $73.80 a month

Hive's SIM-only plans don't attract set-up or cancellation fees, but you need to be mindful of potential excess data charges should you go over your monthly data cap. Additional data is charged at 1.5c per 1MB, which equates to $15 per 1GB and is steeper than the industry-standard $10 per 1GB.

How does Hive Mobile stack up?

Competition is fierce in the Australian SIM-only market, and any new entrant has to offer serious value to stand out from the pack. Hive Mobile manages to do this by undercutting even the most aggressively-priced telcos, making its plans well worth considering if you're on a budget.

How does Hive Mobile's 1GB plan compare?

Hive makes a strong first impression with its 1GB plan. While plenty of other telcos offer budget SIM-only plans for under $10 a month, the vast majority only include a limited quota of calls and texts. Hive's plan comes with unlimited standard calls and texts, a benefit matched only by Belong Mobile at this price point. Belong's plan does have the advantage of operating on the Telstra 4G network which covers a larger area of Australia than the Optus 4G network, so bear that in mind if mobile coverage is a concern.

How does Hive Mobile's 2.5GB plan compare?

Due to Increased competition at the sub-$20 pricepoint, Hive Mobile falls slightly behind its rivals at this level. For example, Spintel offers an extra 500MB of data at a cheaper price with its 3GB plan, while both TPG and Dodo serve up a hefty 4GB of data for just a smidge more per month than Hive. Depending on your data needs, these options may represent a better deal.

How does Hive Mobile's 10GB plan compare?

Few telcos offer more than 10GB of data for less than $30 a month, putting Hive Mobile at a distinct advantage if $30 is your target pricepoint. Spintel does offer a cheaper alternative with its 10GB plan, and both Dodo and TPG bundle in international call inclusions, which may be a better bet if you have friends or family overseas.

How does Hive Mobile's 18GB plan compare?

Hive Mobile stacks up relatively well with its 18GB plan, though the competition offers quite a few compelling alternatives. For instance, Catch Connect and TPG have cheaper 15GB plans for those with more humble data needs; while TPG's 20GB plan along with Moose Mobile's 18GB plan represent higher overall value than Hive Mobile thanks to the inclusion of international credit.

How does Hive Mobile's 90GB plan compare?

3G-only plans aren't so common these days, thanks largely to the steady increase of data caps on faster 4G plans. However, if speed is less important to you than big GBs, Hive's 90GB plan is a top option. Similar plans from providers such as Jeenee Mobile, Moose and Exetel all clock in at a higher monthly rate and offer no advantages to set them apart.

Why should I consider Hive Mobile?

Purely from a price perspective, there is plenty of reason to consider Hive Mobile's SIM-only mobile plans. They are currently among the cheapest you'll find at their respective data caps and represent excellent value for money across the board. This is especially true of Hive's 1GB plan, which is a compelling option if you have relatively low data needs and want to save money on your mobile bill.

Hive also has a lot to offer heavier data users. Its larger plans boast some of the lowest monthly rates on the market, and their simple structure ensures there are no hidden fees or complexities to worry about. Best of all, since Hive's plans operate on a month-to-month, no-lock-in basis, you can give them a go without making any long-term commitments or investment.

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