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gotravelsim provides a local Australian mobile service aimed at international travellers working or studying Down Under.

After building a successful business around providing jet-setting Aussies with affordable international SIM cards, local telco TravelSIM has expanded its operations to serve international travellers coming to Australia, too. Thus was born gotravelsim. Targeted primarily at long-term visitors Down Under like international students and contract workers, gotravelsim offers prepaid SIM-only plans on the Optus 4G network that combine sizeable data caps with unlimited national calls and text plus international credit for calling friends and family back home.

gotravelsim SIM-only mobile plans

gotravelsim offers six core SIM-only mobile plans, half of which are available on a no-lock-in, month-to-month basis while the other half require signing up for a 12-month contract. All six plans include unlimited national calls and SMS within Australia and are priced as follows:

Month to month plans

  • Bilby 6GB which includes 6GB of data and $50 of international credit for $30 a month
  • Wallaby 10GB which includes 10GB of data and $300 of international credit for $40 a month
  • Kangaroo 15GB which includes 15GB of data and $500 of international credit for $50 a month

12-month plans

  • Bilby 10GB which includes 10GB of data and $50 of international credit for $30 a month
  • Wallaby 18GB which includes 18GB of data and $300 of international credit for $40 a month
  • Kangaroo 23GB which includes 23GB of data and $500 of international credit for $50 a month

Using more than your monthly data quota will see gotravelsim charge you at an excess usage rate of $10 per 1GB up to a maximum of 150GB extra data for a single month.

gotravelsim will also charge you if you sign up to a 12-month plan and cancel your service before the year is up. This charge is calculated as the monthly cost of your plan multiplied by the number of months remaining in your contract.

How does gotravelsim compare?

gotravelsim has plenty of competition in the SIM-only space. While it markets itself as a service for overseas residents working or studying here in Australia, it operates much the same as any other local SIM-only telco and thus opens itself up for direct comparison.

How do gotravelsim's month-to-month plans compare?

At the more affordable end of the month-to-month SIM-only space, gotravelsim's Bilby plan stacks up respectably against the competition. It offers roughly the same value as similarly priced plans from providers like OVO and Kogan, although you can score yourself a better deal from Spintel or TPG. Just keep in mind that TPG uses its own relatively young network rather than an established one like Optus or Telstra, so coverage can be limited.

gotravelsim doesn't fare quite as well at higher price points. Its 10GB Wallaby plan, for instance, costs a fair bit more than Kogan's larger Medium plan, while Jeenee and Moose will sell you the same amount of data at a much cheaper price.

The gap between local telcos and gotravelsim widens even further when comparing the 15GB Kangaroo plan. By shopping around, you can snag more than 20GB of data for the same or less per month. Even the $500 of international credit gotravelsim bundles in with the plan is matched by many competing providers, making it tough to recommend.

How do gotravelsim's 12-month plans compare?

Fewer Aussie telcos offer 12-month SIM-only plans these days, but there are still enough companies incentivising long-term commitment with extra value that gotravelsim finds itself slightly outmatched.

Exetel, for example, offers a near-identical plan for quite a bit cheaper per month, while Think Mobile will give you twice as much data for the same price:

gotravelsim faces even stiffer competition against its 18GB Wallaby plan. Here, it's not only Exetel offering better value, but providers like iPrimus, Southern Phone and Moose Mobile.

Packing 23GB into its Kangaroo plan isn't enough to distinguish gotravelsim from its rivals, either. Think Mobile, Moose Mobile and iPrimus all offer more data at a cheaper monthly rate, with Think Mobile's Ultimate 40GB plan especially attractive for those who spend a lot of time browsing the web on the go.

Why should you consider gotravelsim?

The pitch behind gotravelsim is solid: a cheap and simple mobile service for travellers coming to Australia. In reality, though, gotravelsim doesn't offer any notable advantage over purchasing a SIM card from a regular SIM-only telco. In fact, its higher-tier plans are a fair bit more expensive than many of its rivals, making it a poor choice for those with heavy data needs.

On the flip side, gotravelsim's entry-level Bilby plans hold their own against the top SIM-only plans at their respective price points. The inclusion of international credit makes them particularly appealing for travellers wanting to phone friends and family back home, although you'll want to check gotravelsim's international call rates to see how much talk time that credit actually translates to.

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