Samsung Galaxy Note9: Specifications, pricing and availability

Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is now available for pre-order, and will deliver the largest battery in a Samsung device to date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at a glance

When does the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 come out? Pre-order from 10 August 2018 with availability from 24 August 2018
What’s new about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Bluetooth-based S-Pen, bigger battery, improved AI camera software
How much will the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cost? 128GB from $1,499; 512GB from $1,799

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note9

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note9 from Samsung

Pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 before 24 August to receive a free upgrade from the 128GB model to the 512GB model.

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Updated 10/08/2018 with official Note9 details.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung has two "flagship" phone lines, with the Galaxy S class phones covering the style and fashion market earlier in the year, followed up by its more productivity-centric Galaxy Note lines that typically surface in the second half of the year.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 was announced in New York on 9 August 2018 (10 August 2018 here in Australia). It was heavily rumoured that Samsung would look to get a serious march on Apple by pushing the Note 9's launch timeframe significantly forward, and that's exactly what happened.

Trademark verification of the name emerged back in March, albeit only in Colombia.

The Note9 has built on the framework of the Galaxy S9 and especially the Galaxy S9+, which means both Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810 variants, with the latter the version landing on Australian shores.

There are two versions of the Note9, with storage and RAM differences between the two models. The 128GB variant will come with 6GB RAM on board, while the larger 512GB model will boost RAM to 8GB.

It was rumoured that Samsung's work in AI would be incorporating a neural processing unit (NPU) into the Note 9. This AI functionality is used to drive intelligent image processing, for real-time scene detection for up to 20 different types of scenes, and flaw detection notifying you should the lens be smudged, or if your subject blinks.

The landmark feature of the Note series is Samsung's clever S-Pen stylus, and Samsung has beefed up its performance by adding Bluetooth capabilities for remote control of the phone.

Users will be able to scroll through slides while presenting, cycle through photo galleries and even take selfies with a remote shutter functionality.

Samsung has also opened up the S-Pen's SDK, so the functionalities will expand over time as apps are enabled to use the S-Pen.

The Note9 has also beefed up Samsung's DeX functionality, bringing it all into the body of the phone, activated by plugging in a USB-C to HDMI adapter. There's no longer any need for a dock, and while Samsung will offer its own adapters, it should also work with third-party accessories as well.

What's more, DeX has been improved to allow you to not only use your phone for desktop control but also use your phone simultaneously to send messages or take notes.

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Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have a good camera?

In a word, yes, although from a specs-perspective there is no difference between the Note9's camera and that of the Galaxy S9+.

Where the Note9 has been improved on the camera front is in the software. Intelligent camera mode can identify 20 types of photography subjects and automatically adjusts the settings to deliver a premium photograph.

This experience is exceptionally useful when it comes to the flaw detection functionality, that will let you know if there's a smudge on your lens, or if your subject blinks.

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Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have a good battery?

Batteries and Note phones have been something of a sore point with Samsung ever since the disastrous Galaxy Note 7. That has tended to steer it towards moderate battery sizes, but this time Samsung is using the larger frame of the Galaxy Note 9 to pack in more battery power again, all the way up to 4,000mAh.

Wireless charging across both the Qi and PMA standards is included as well.

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Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 be water resistant?

Definitely. Both the Note9 phone and the embedded S-Pen have an IP68 water resistance rating.

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When will the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 be available in Australia?

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note9 is available to pre-order from 10 August, with the device going on sale from 24 August. It will be available outright from Samsung and leading retailers, as well as on contract from Vodafone, Optus and Telstra.

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How much will the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cost?

It won't be cheap, but then the Note series has always attracted premium prices. The top end of the Galaxy S9+ family retails officially for $1,499, and that's just the starting price point for the Galaxy Note 9 on an outright basis.

The 128GB version of the Note9 will sell outright for $1,499, while the 512GB version will cost $1,799.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 specifications

OS Android 8
Display size (inches) 6.4
Display resolution (pixels) 2960 x 1440
Pixels per inch (PPI) 516
Processor Exynos 9810
Height (mm) 161.9
Width (mm) 76.4
Depth (mm) 8.8
Weight (g) 201
Battery size (mAh) 4,000
Wireless charging Qi
Internal storage 128GB
MicroSD expansion 512GB
Fingerprint scanner Yes
Water resistance IP68
Rear camera (1) resolution 12
Rear camera (1) aperture f/1.5
Rear camera (2) resolution 12
Rear camera (2) aperture f/2.4
Rear camera (3) resolution
Rear camera (3) aperture
Front camera (1) resolution 8
Front camera (1) aperture f/1.7
Front camera (2) resolution
Front camera (2) aperture
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Network category speed Category 18
NFC support Yes
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