Oppo Find X: Pricing, specifications and availability

The Oppo Find X is a premium smartphone with a truly unique design, especially given its pop-up camera array.

Oppo Find X at a glance

When does the Oppo Find X come out? European availability August 2018, Australian availability TBC
What’s new about the Oppo Find X? Pop-up camera, no front screen notch, O-Face unlock, Omoji avatars
How much will the Oppo Find X cost? EUR€999, roughly AUD$1,570 expected

What is the Oppo Find X?

Oppo's history is in providing budget and mid-range phones that challenge the premium space, but without those kinds of price points.

The Oppo Find X represents a new type of Oppo phone because it's sporting the kinds of features and a likely price point much closer to those of its premium rivals. Indeed, depending on the price it launches for in Australia, it could be above all but the priciest premium handsets.

At its core, the Oppo Find X has a lot of the components you'll find in 2018's premium flagship phones, including the Snapdragon 845 SoC, 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. That lurks behind a 6.4-inch display, although it's only a 1080p model rather than the 2K or 4K screens we've seen on some premium handsets.

The Oppo Find X is an Android 8.1 ("Oreo") handset, but it's substantially reskinned, as Oppo's phones always are, with its "ColorOS" overlay. Oppo's targeting for ColorOS is rather specific, with an iOS look and feel that should make it easier for consumers wanting to switch over from iPhones to Oppo's own handsets.

The similarities for the Oppo Find X go a little further than previous models have done, however. Like the Apple iPhone X, you won't find a fingerprint sensor on board the Oppo Find X. Instead, it uses facial recognition for unlocking and authentication, a software feature that Oppo calls "O-face", controlled by the Oppo Find X's unusual front-facing camera. Oppo also uses the same unusual camera to create its take on Animoji, rather predictably dubbed "O-Moji".

The Oppo Find X's camera is unusual in that while so many premium 2018 flagships use a notched display, Oppo instead hides it underneath a motorised pop-up array that means that the Oppo Find X is almost all screen at the front. Specifically, it boasts a screen-to-body ratio of 93.8%, thanks to giving no screen space at all to front facing cameras.

However, it's not just the front facing camera that pops up. Flip the Oppo Find X around, and you'll find no evident camera on the back either. That's because it's in the same motorised array as the front facing camera. That means that there's also no rear camera bump on the Oppo Find X at all because why would you need one?

If style is important to you, there will also be a limited edition Atomobili Lamborghini edition of the Oppo Find X, with a carbon fibre rear casing and Lamborghini styling. However, it does cost quite a bit more than the standard Find X, and it's not clear if we'll see it locally in any case.

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Will the Oppo Find X have a good camera?

Oppo certainly thinks it's onto a winner with its motorised pop-up camera, although it does raise questions around quite how fast you'll be able to take shots while you wait for it to spring into life. In technical terms, the Oppo Find X should be a solid competitor, with dual lenses (16 MP f/2.0 with OIS/20 MP f/2.2) at the rear and an impressive 25MP f/2.0 sensor. Megapixel counts aren't everything, but that's especially high for a selfie camera. We'll have to wait and see just how well the Oppo Find X compares to the premium pack, but previous Oppo models have tended to work a little better than you'd expect in the mid-range space, so there's plenty of potential.

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Will the Oppo Find X have a good battery?

The Oppo Find X features a sealed 3730mAh battery, which is a solid size. Like Oppo's previous phones, it uses Oppo's own fast charging capabilities to rapidly recharge its power, although that does rely on a specific phone charger.

The Oppo Find X does not support wireless charging, however.

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Is the Oppo Find X water resistant?

While it's quite a common feature for flagship premium phones, the Oppo Find X is not water resistant. That's no doubt a factor of that pop-up camera system, but it means that Find X owners should avoid anything outside very light moisture.

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When will the Oppo Find X be available in Australia?

Oppo Australia has made it clear that it intends to launch the Oppo Find X in Australia, but not when we might see it. It's available in China now with a European release set for August, which means we should at least see import models around that time.

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How much will the Oppo Find X cost?

This is also a rather open question. European pricing is set at EUR€999, which would equate to around AUD$1,570 after currency conversion. That's a much higher price than any Oppo phone has previously cost locally. Indeed, it's higher than the cost of any two handsets it has offered previously.

However, Oppo Australia has stated that "the device will be priced appropriately for the Australian market and not based on the EU pricing", without stating an actual cost price. Hopefully that means we'll see it a little cheaper Down Under, although that does bring with it the prospect of some kind of drop in storage or other specifications.

Oppo has managed to place previous handsets with carriers, most notably Woolworths Mobile, although the likely higher price of the Oppo Find X could be a challenge to what is otherwise a budget brand.

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Oppo Find X Specifications

Product Name
Oppo Find X
Display Size
6.4 inches
Snapdragon 845
Operating System
Android 8.1
Front camera
Rear camera
Dual 16/20MP
156.7 x 74.2 x 9.6 mm
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