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OnePlus might be a recent addition to the Australian smartphone market, but it has plenty to offer savvy phone buyers looking for premium performance.

Updated February 18th, 2019
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Fast OnePlus phone facts

  • OnePlus was formed by the former vice president of smartphone manufacturer Oppo with the goal of creating premium smartphones at a lower price than the competition.
  • Despite beginning operations in 2013, OnePlus only recently expanded to Australia with the launch of the OnePlus 5 in late 2017.

What to consider when choosing a OnePlus phone

OnePlus is a relatively recent contender in the smartphone space, especially here in Australia. Its range of available handsets is considerably smaller than most of the competition, and they are almost exclusively targeted at the high-end smartphone crowd. However, because OnePlus takes a more affordable approach to premium design, its handsets come with a few caveats that you'll want to be mindful of before committing to any purchase. We've laid these out along with other important factors to consider below.

Which OnePlus phone is best?

While OnePlus has so far taken a relatively linear approach to its smartphone line, upgrading technology and adding new features with each iteration, picking a single "best" handset isn't as simple as pointing to the latest model. Price drops and the wildly disparate ways in which we use our phones make it practically impossible to declare a single phone the ideal match for each and every person on the planet, which is why we here at Finder prefer to select our favourite handset instead.

We don't claim that this handset is "the best", but as long-time reviewers of smartphones in Australia, we believe that it represents top value for the average person looking for a OnePlus handset. Just remember that your personal budget or specific needs may mean our pick won't be ideal for you.

finder's pick

OnePlus 5T

Premium performance at a killer price

The OnePlus 5T delivers all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a premium smartphone for hundreds of dollars less than the competition.


If you're looking for an outstanding example of the OnePlus design ethos, the OnePlus 5T is it. Not only does it pack as much raw power as top-tier handsets like the Google Pixel 2 XL and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a crisp and capable dual-lens camera and a sleek 18:9 display, it clocks in at several hundred dollars cheaper than the high-end smartphones it's stacked up against. If you're looking for all the trimmings of a premium smartphone without the four-figure price tag, the OnePlus 5T is an excellent choice.

Read our full review of the OnePlus 5T here

Looking for a OnePlus Phone on a plan?

OnePlus has only recently made its handsets officially available in Australia, but that doesn't include getting a phone on a mobile contract. Instead, you can get the phone outright and partner it with a SIM-only plan, like the plans below:

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