Nokia 8110 4G: Pricing, specs and availability

Nokia's reborn 8110 combines the classic "banana phone" curved shape along with the speed of 4G connectivity.

Nokia 8110 4G at a glance

When does the Nokia 8110 4G come out? General availability in May 2018, no announced Australian date yet
What’s new about the Nokia 8110 4G 4G connectivity, new design, Facebook apps
How much will the Nokia 8110 4G cost? 79 Euro, or around $115.

What is the Nokia 8110 4G?

Once upon a time, if you bought a mobile phone the chances were very good that it was a Nokia. This was in the era of the feature phone, where Nokia's robust build quality and the allure of playing Snake on a monochrome screen were dual punches that few other manufacturers could match.

Nokia's fortunes in the mobile space took a serious nosedive in the smartphone era, but it has now re-emerged as a serious player in the budget and mid-range Android market. Strictly speaking, it's not "classic" Nokia, but instead a company comprised of ex-Nokia employees trading as HMD Global with rights to the Nokia name for branding purposes.

Alongside its range of Nokia-branded Android devices, HMD Global has also released a range of Nokia-branded feature phones, including models based on classic Nokia designs. 2017 saw the release of the Nokia 3310, at first in a 2G-only build before appearing as the Nokia 3310 3G later that year.

The Nokia 8110 4G is 2018's "throwback" Nokia feature phone, based on the classic curved design alternately described as the "banana phone", or the "Matrix phone" depending on your frame of reference. It's a feature phone built on the KaiOS platform using Qualcomm's low-cost Snapdragon 205 processor alongside 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

Those are all quite moderate specifications, but then this is a feature phone that pitches itself more to users who desire a simpler smartphone experience over any other feature. Given that Nokia's own low-cost Android handsets can be had for less than the asking price of the Nokia 8110, it's clearly one for the feature phone true believers.

Does the Nokia 8110 4G have a good camera?

Not really, no. You're limited to a single rear 2MP camera, and while we could only check its quality on the 8110's limited 240x320 pixel display during our brief review of the phone, it wasn't great.

That's again in line with its target market, which isn't entirely the type to fuss with camera optics. It would take photos in a pinch if you had to, but don't expect them to be great in anything less than ideal conditions.

Is the Nokia 8110 4G water resistant?

Not at all. Bananas may well float, but the Nokia 8110 4G has no specified water resistance, so it's likely to both sink and die if you submerge it in water. Like most phones, a very small splash may not be catastrophic if you're lucky.

When will the Nokia 8110 4G be available in Australia?

HMD Global has announced that the Nokia 8110 4G will go on sale in a variety of European markets in May 2018, but it had not announced a time frame for Australian availability.

The same was true of the original remade model of the Nokia 3310, but then that was a 2G-only phone, which meant that it wasn't going to be suitable for Australian networks. The new Nokia 8110 4G is (as the name explicitly states) 4G-capable, so there should be no barrier there if you opted to import one.

How much will the Nokia 8110 4G cost?

HMD Global's list price for the Nokia 8110 4G is 79 Euro, which converts out to around $115 at current exchange rates. There's no sign of a local release for the Nokia 8110 4G, and it's always possible that this price won't include taxes. As such, it could well cost around $130 or thereabouts if it does emerge locally.

Can't wait for the Nokia 8110 4G? Here's what you'll pay for the Nokia 6 or Nokia 8 on contract in Australia right now!

Nokia 8110 4G Specifications

Product Name
Nokia 8110 4G
Display Size
2.45 inches
Snapdragon 205
Operating System
Front camera
Rear camera
133.5 x 49.3 x 14.9 mm
79 Euro

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