Nokia 7 Plus: Pricing, specs and availability

Nokia's 7 Plus will combine refined style and a large screen display as well as rapid Android OS upgrades.

Nokia 7 Plus at a glance

When does the Nokia 7 Plus come out? Set to be released in Australia in May 2018
What’s new about the Nokia 7 Plus Android One, 6-inch Full HD display, dual camera
How much will the Nokia 7 Plus cost? $749 outright.

What is the Nokia 7 Plus?

The Nokia 7 Plus is HMD Global's latest Nokia-branded device, and it's a clear play towards the "phablet" market that favours buyers who like large-screened phones. As the name suggests, this is a large device running Android 8.0 with a 6-inch, full HD display.

In line with the rest of Nokia/HMD Global's premium 2018 Nokia Android phones (essentially excluding the Nokia 1 and Nokia 8810), the Nokia 7 Plus will be an Android One device, which means that it'll come with very little additional software beyond what Google mandates. Updates, both for security and major OS upgrades should flow through more smoothly on Android One devices, although Google's own Pixel phones are still likely to be the first adopters for new Android versions.

As per Nokia's claims, the Nokia 7 Plus will also have solid two-day real world battery life, thanks to the use of the mid-range Snapdragon 660 SoC and a hefty 3800mAh battery.

Does the Nokia 7 Plus have a good camera?

Nokia's pitch for the Nokia 7 Plus is that the use of dual 12MP sensors, one of which is a 2x optical zoom model that should place it very competitively in the mid-range space, or possibly even into the lower tier of premium handsets. Around the front, you'll find a 16MP f/2.0 sensor for selfie purposes.

The Nokia 7 Plus will also adopt a facial unlocking mode à la the Apple iPhone X, but Nokia stresses that this is just using simple image recognition rather than any strict biometric measurements, so it's a matter of convenience rather than strong security.

Is the Nokia 7 Plus water resistant?

Not particularly. Like most smartphones, a small splash of water or drop of sweat shouldn't fuss it, but without water resistance full immersion is not advised.

When will the Nokia 7 Plus be available in Australia?

The Nokia 7 Plus will launch in Australia in May 2018.

How much will the Nokia 7 Plus cost?

The Nokia 7 Plus is expected to go on sale for $749 outright. That's slightly more than its European price, although that could change by the time it actually launches in Australia.

So far, we haven't seen any sign of any Australian telcos picking up the Nokia 7 Plus for contract sales, but that kind of information is more likely to emerge closer to launch.

Nokia 7 Plus specifications

Product Name
Nokia 7 Plus
Display Size
6.0 inches
Snapdragon 660
Operating System
Android 8.0
Front camera
16MP f/2.0
Rear camera
12MP dual (f/1.75, f/2.6 2x optical zoom)

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