Nokia 1: Pricing, specs and availability

Nokia's new low-cost Android handset will be the first in Australia using Android Oreo Go edition.

Nokia 1 at a glance

When does the Nokia 1 come out? Due to be released in Australia in May 2018
What’s new about the Nokia 1 Android Oreo Go, two-tone design
How much will the Nokia 1 cost? $149 outright.

What is the Nokia 1?

Nokia has been reborn as a mobile phone brand, courtesy of HMD Global, the current rights holders for the Nokia name in relation to handsets. And the focus is on the budget market. That includes a range of straight feature phones, such as the Nokia 3310 3G, as well as low-cost Android handsets.

For 2018, Nokia's lowest-cost Android handset will be the Nokia 1. Given that every other Nokia handset running Android has had a numeric suffix, it doesn't take a genius to discern that the Nokia 1 is going to be quite basic.

However, what Nokia has done with the Nokia 1 is quite smart, because it's one of the first handsets to be using Android Oreo Go edition. Android Oreo Go is Google's highly optimised version of its Android operating system, designed for low-cost phones with low specifications. With Android Oreo Go, you get optimised versions of your favourite apps that should make the best of their meagre resources. Given Nokia's track record of not bloating out their phones with unwanted apps, it's a good match, at least in theory.

It also does rather predictably mean that while the Nokia 1 benefits from Nokia's attention to design detail, it's a much lower specification phone in real terms, with a Mediatek MT6737M processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and a simple 480x854, 4.5 inch display. Nothing fancy, in other words, even though the exterior design might suggest otherwise.

Does the Nokia 1 have a good camera?

Not particularly, but then that's par for the course with budget phones. The rear camera is a single lens 5MP sensor, while the front selfie camera weighs in at just 2MP. Although megapixel count isn't the only metric by which you should judge a smartphone, our own early tests with the Nokia 1 very much point to it being an ordinary device.

Is the Nokia 1 water resistant?

The Nokia 1 has no stated water resistance, so you'd want to be very careful with it around water. Its plastic frame may help it float a little, but even though it's low-cost, you'd still be very unwise to submerge it.

When will the Nokia 1 be available in Australia?

HMD Global has indicated that it intends to bring the Nokia 1 to the Australian market in May 2018.

How much will the Nokia 1 cost?

The Nokia 1 will cost $149 outright. At that price point, don't expect to see it offered on contract by any carrier, although it's quite feasible that it could end up being offered by them as a prepaid phone.

Nokia 1 Specifications

Nokia 1 Specifications

Product Name
Nokia 1
Display Size
4.5 inches
Mediatek MT6737M
Operating System
Android 8 Go Edition
Front camera
Rear camera
133.6 x 67.8 x 9.5 mm

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