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Updated February 18th, 2019
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Fast Konka phone facts

  • Konka is a Chinese firm that makes a whole lot more than phones, including digital signage, TVs and refrigerators for its local domestic market.
  • Konka's phones in the Australian market all sit in the budget price space, with some very low-cost models available.

What to consider when choosing a Konka phone

Konka – a trading name of the Konka Group and originally Shenzhen Konka Electronic Group Co – has a history that goes back some 30 years. In the Australian market it's a very small player pitching directly at the affordable end of the budget spectrum.

Which is to say that Konka's phones are quite cheap, and deliberately so. Within that kind of thinking it's common to see compromises across the board to meet a price point, but it's well worth knowing what those compromises mean for your usage of a device.

Everyone's needs are different and one budget phone that features a better camera than another may mean nothing to you, while another that uses a flip format for feature phone differentiation could become a must-buy prospect. We've run through Konka's offerings and what they'll mean for you to make your comparison more meaningful.

Looking for a Konka phone on a plan?

It's becoming increasingly rare to see budget phones on contract terms and that makes sense both for telcos and you, the end consumer. There's not much point tying yourself to a 2 year contract for a sub-$100 phone, after all. You're much better off grabbing the Konka handset of your choice and matching it up with a SIM-only prepaid plan.

By way of example, here's what you can get for $30 per month or less on a prepaid plan:

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