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If you're looking for a cheap, no-nonsense phone that's simple to use, Doro might just be the brand for you.

Updated June 18th, 2019
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240 x 320px

  • Display

    2.8 inches 240 x 320
  • Rear camera

  • Battery size

    800 mAh



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Fast Doro phone facts

  • Doro distinguishes itself from other smartphone manufacturers by targeting older phone users and those looking for a simple handset rather than one packed with complicated features.
  • Along with its smartphones, Doro manufactures security and health products like fall sensors and emergency notification wristbands designed to help the elderly continue to live independently in their own home.

What to consider when choosing a Doro phone

Doro phones are quite unlike your typical modern smartphone, and shopping for one requires a different perspective from the one needed when weighing up the latest iPhone. You need to be prepared for compromise in exchange for simplicity, especially in the following key areas:

Which Doro phone is best?

Categorising any particular phone as "the best" is typically a fool's errand, since the features that make a phone "the best" are inevitably going to differ from person to person. Knowing this, we here at finder prefer instead to highlight our top picks based on our many years of experience reviewing smartphones in Australia. We take the broadest view possible when selecting our top handsets, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily right for you, so make sure to adjust our recommendations according to your own situation.

finder's pick

Doro 6520

Simply simple

The Doro 6520 does away with the finicky touch screens and innumerable apps of modern smartphones in favour of no-nonsense functionality that is accessible to all phone users.


By virtue of being one of the only Doro handsets currently available in Australia, the 6520 almost takes our top pick slot by default. Fortunately, availability isn't the only thing it has going for it as the clamshell handset represents a smart balance of simplicity and functionality that lends itself well to those tired of the complexities of modern technology. The basic processor, limited storage and 3G-only network connectivity are more than adequate for standard calling and texting, and the built-in web browser makes light Internet surfing a possibility, too. At the reasonable price of around $100, the 6520 is a welcoming alternative to the increasingly confusing world of high-tech smartphones.

Looking for a Doro Phone on a plan?

Because of Doro's low-cost nature, it doesn't really make sense to pair the phone with a mobile contract plan. Instead, you can pick it up cheaply and pair it with one of these prepaid mobile plans under $20 per month.

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